30-Year-Old Man Charged With Sexual Assault

July 16, 2013

A 30-year-old man — who cannot be named for legal reasons — appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [July 16] where he was charged with serious sexual assault.

Because the charge is indictable and can only be dealt with in Supreme Court, he did not have to enter a plea. After a lengthy bail argument, Senior Magistrate Archie Warner remanded the man into custody until 23rd July 2013.

The charge stemmed from an alleged attack on a 51-year-old woman in the environs of the Hamilton Bus Terminal last month.

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  1. craig cannhair says:

    If guilty, These rapist and sex assult people need to be named for the safety of the public…. is that to much to as oba? Quick to protect a rapist but even quicker to lock up our youth for marijuana and put their whole future on pause for a few spliffs but your giving all these rights to rapist and gays .f.o.h

    • Um Um Like says:

      It was too much to ask of the plp!

      Homosexuals deserve more respect than rapists, and rapists deserve more respect than you!

    • Hi my name is says:

      ain’t got nothing to do with d OBA ya dumba$$, it’s de courts problems and d judges. f.o.h

      • Inspector Gadget says:

        ^^^^^^^^^^^^ LIKE! We have such ignorant people on this island I tell you (-__-)

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Even though poster craig cannhair has gone off the plot with part of their comment they are correct about oba. OBA is the current government & the government can put forth votes to create new laws or amend existing ones. The courts can only enforce the laws governments past & present have made. Not that I believe the courts do their best to enforce the laws by giving the sexually deviant extremely light sentences but the government could vote on an increase in minimum sentencing for sex crimes also.

    • sounds legit says:

      gays??? what do gays have to do with this?? just because you are too narrow minded to accept them it does not put them on the same level as criminals… Guess what THEY ARE JUST LIKE YOU!!!! They breathe the same air, bleed the same colour and have the same feelings as you! They also aparently have more respect for their fellow humans.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        So if a person doesn’t like Broccoli does that make them narrow minded? If a person doesn’t like cats, does that make them narrow minded? If a person doesn’t like any other person, does that make them narrow minded? What special position do you think is held for gays to be liked by everyone? If craig cannhair doesn’t like rapist & gays then that’s a choice that is open for the making. Who are you to tell someone what moral grounds should be acceptable to them as long as they aren’t breaking the law?

        That same breath of air, that same color of blood & feelings you mention are all shared by everyone under the sun. However it’s the actions of each individual that are the determining factor if they are or aren’t liked by someone else. It’s not the air they breathe or the color of blood they shed & as for being fellow human beings, so are murderers, rapists, etc. so your argument is very flawed for an individual to be accepted merely on the grounds you mention.

        Contrary to the boogeyman syndrome thrown on anyone who dares speak out against a certain personal lifestyle, there are many who are far from narrow minded who choose not to accept it. The childish name calling that is thrown around against anyone who doesn’t agree with such lifestyle makes it hard to take that lifestyle seriously. It seems like the lifestyle is being forced into acceptance rather then earning its way there. If you stand up against it you’re labeled & ridiculed, if you so happen to be a business owner or person in the public eye who speaks up then you’re slandered or threatened to have your business boycotted, etc.

        For many years I have been an on the fence type person when it concerned this topic. They don’t bother me, I don’t bother them in a sort of you live your life as you choose & I’ll live mines as I choose. However in recent years with my travel I have been able to first hand see in person as well as in the various media outlets from around the world the bullying tactics used by this group as a whole. This has tainted my personal view of the movement by merit of tactics used but I still judge an individual as an individual & not by the collective group they are a part of.

        After seeing the circus act of a parade that was put into public display in NYC recently I really don’t know how those antics can be considered normal or acceptable (yes, I know not all behave in this manner, please read on). If a straight person was to prance around in the sexual manner in the very same lewd outfits worn out in the streets by members of this lifestyle they would be arrested without a 2nd thought. However this certain group are exempt from being held to the same standards it would seem & after over hearing plus taking part in a couple conversations on the topic from people from NYC. There are many who seem to think the same way but seem to also have the helpless “But what can you do?” attitude on the matter. That said I to this day still have friends that are of that lifestyle & I have no issue with them or their personal life choices (as long as they keep their personal life personal, they know & respect this). I have had this very conversation with two of them & it seems that they too don’t like how the situation is handled at times but also feel they should be judged as the person & not the lifestyle. So by this they put themselves forward by what they have to offer the world as a person rather then pushing themselves onto the world by merit of their sexuality. This is something I can respect & accept.

        Vinegar makes enemies, honey makes friends, stop serving vinegar if you want to be friends.

    • WhoJahBless says:

      Big comment bro/sis! I need not say no more!

      • bermyfootball says:

        Its the truth

        • bun out says:

          kno dat. i agree wit d second part, still aink got nuttin to do wit d oba tho

  2. RME says:

    Bernews since this does not involve a minor victim, do you have any idea what “legal reasons” they have for not naming the perpetrator?

  3. nok says:

    Well said time will tell.

  4. I Love My Life !! says:

    It is very sad that you CANNOT name this guy for legal reasons but you can EXPOSE a guy in todays paper for 0.02 grams of weed! You called his name , his age and his address FOR 0.02 grams of WEED! If you dont see a problem with that you are a FOOL!!