Coopers Sponsors Miss Bermuda’s Wardrobe

July 17, 2013

Recently crowned Miss Bermuda Katherine Arnfield visited Coopers today [July 17], with the local store sponsoring Miss Arnfield’s wardrobe for the Miss World competition in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Cooper’s Managing Director Somers Cooper said, “For the 3rd year in a row A,S. Cooper’s is happy to assist Miss Bermuda, Katherine Arnfield, with the wardrobe she will need during her trip to the Miss World contest in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“Our fashion experts will work directly with Miss Arnfield to make sure she has a beautiful selection of clothing that will compliment her natural beauty and sophisticated sense of style. I think Katherine will represent Bermuda extremely well and am sure that she will make us all proud at the contest in September.”

2013 Miss Bermuda Pageant Highlights:

Miss Arnfield was crowned 2013 Miss Bermuda on June 23 beating out six other competitors for the title.

The 17-year-old will be heading to Indonesia soon to represent the island in the Miss World Pageant. The international pageant is scheduled to have representatives from over 100 nations with the finals taking place on September 28th.

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Comments (23)

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  1. Robert says:

    She is absolutely beautiful, but coopers, salvation army needs a sponsor, just saying !!!

    • Kathy says:

      Really Robert….Thank you Cooper’s.

    • Somers Cooper says:

      We have helped the Salvation Army this year also. In fact twice.

  2. Robert says:

    Drop some dollars

  3. Robert says:

    Lol..wait i just looked at the pics, money well spented. Lmao !!

  4. Lizzy says:

    She’s really pretty!

  5. Kiskadee says:

    Thank you Coopers —–money well spent. She’s a gorgeous girl.

  6. Ex Mea Sententia says:

    The Calypso Group should have sponsored her. Coopers is in desperate need of a new buyer.

    • Ride says:

      @Ex Mea Sententia

      I hate to admit that I’d rather have seen her in some sponsored by the Calypso group instead of Coopers. If you’re going for the 50-something’s “classic” look then you’ve made the right choice.

      But perhaps I’m not giving Coopers enough credit. Perhaps with Ms Arnfield in tow they’ll be able to improve on the perception that only trendy grannies shop there. It could work out well if she doesn’t end up looking like she’s dressed for walking the promenade of a retirement village … while blending in.


      • Kathy says:

        Well Ride, there are a lot of fashionable ladies wearing AS Cooper’s apparel,and not only grannies.My, my, my here store steps up to donate outfits to help her and do Bermuda proud,I’m amazed that people can be so shallow and negative and post such comments.A thank you is all that is necessary.Dont shoot Coopers for doing something good,and by the way I’m 34 yrs old and I love Coopers clothes.

        • Ride says:


          Like it or not there is a perception that Coopers is not a trendy establishment. Nothing to do with shallowness or negativity. If the perception is there then it is there.

          In any case, as I said above, this is a great opportunity for Coopers to address that view and I do hope they are successful.

          Don’t get your doily all in a bunch. Geezzz, you’re so sensitive.


          • Kathy says:

            Just defending local shops thats all and I try to live by if I have nothing nice to say say nothing at all.

            • Ride says:


              Then you shouldn’t have said anything about my post. LOL!!

      • Kathy says:

        I was hopeful in your reply until you added in the last line.Oh well I guess you are a fashion guru who does not shop at Cooper’s you are missing out.My experience has been somewhat different than yours.

    • Kathy says:

      Well I guess the early the early bird caught the worm,well done Coopers for putting yourself out front.

  7. Kindley says:

    Lovely and classic. Will be cheering for her in the Miss World pagent.

  8. craig cannon says:

    does coopers traditionally do this for ms bermuda?

    • @Craig Cannon says:

      Read before you start profiling..

      “Cooper’s Managing Director Somers Cooper said, “For the 3rd year in a row A,S. Cooper’s is happy to assist Miss Bermuda”

  9. Tired says:

    I used to think the same way about Coopers, but went there a couple of months ago, and was pleasantly surprised. They have some awesome clothes now.(for all ages of women). I am just a little upset that The pageant organisers do not have the money to oufit these ladies when they win. The outfits for Ms. Bermuda should be a part of their budget.
    Good Going Coopers.

    • K.T.B. says:

      Frankly I’m “tired” of people’s asinine comments,why are you upset that a local company is willing to outfit Katie for the Miss World competition? Most pageants around the world are heavily sponsored so how is this show of genorosity a reflection of poor budgeting by the Miss Bermuda Pageant? Furthermore why are you so emotionally invested in how the pageant organizers allocate their money?
      Does it offend you that companies such as HSBC and Digicel choose to use their resources to sponser local sporting events and fashion shows?
      Thank you Coopers and all the business big and small for supporting Miss Bermuda.