2-Yr-Old Girl Improves, Now On Children’s Ward

August 20, 2013

The 2-year-old girl who was involved in the near drowning this weekend has been moved out of the Intensive Care Unit and is now resting comfortably on the children’s ward.

On Saturday [Aug 18] Police and first responders attended a report of a near drowning that took place around 4:12pm in the waters around Shelly Bay.

The Police said it appears that the 2 year old “was in the water supervised when her guardian took their eyes off of her for just a few seconds. It was then noticed that the little girl was in the water in a non-responsive state.”

She was rushed to the hospital where she was initially listed in critical condition in the ICU, however her condition has continued to improve since that time.

This morning [Aug 20] Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said he was happy to note that the little girl is now “resting comfortably” on the children’s ward.

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  1. tricks are for kids says:

    Great news!!

  2. Ride says:

    This is great news! We should take this time to give thanks to the knowledgeable citizens and first responders that assisted her, the dedicated learned medical staff on the hospital wards, and the scientist and engineers that researched and designed the technologies and methods utilised to save this little girl’s life.

    Many thanks to you all.


  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Ride…stop baiting the Christians that live here! I know you’re looking for a reaction.

    • Ride says:

      Oh, I didn’t realise I was being inciteful; actually I still don’t. I’m no more goading the religious-types with my credible factually-based thanks than they are goading the realist-types with their questionable faith-based thanks.

      I say apply your thanks were you believe it is due and be tolerant of other’s differences in allocation. The real story here is that the little girl is on the mend (due to modern science and technology ;-) ).


      • I think the family would not want fools making mockery of their plight and hardship that they had to endure and the recovery period that it will take to come to grips with the whole matter.

        I will say unless you have been in this position,you don’t have a clue to what it is you are talking about. I had my son die 13 years ago at k.E.M.H and it was due to congenital heart failure and he was only 18 days old.

        The quick thinking of one of the nursing staff and Dr. Bente Lundh is partially the reason why he is here today, medical science and the professional Doctors at Boston’s Childrens hospital had to go in and do three major heart surgeries to my son and he made history when it came to one of his open heart surgeries.

        My son had to be air lifted out of Bermuda but Bermuda was experiencing a hurricane and no air ambulance could fly in, so they sent a Falcon jet from the U.S. coast guard, that got him there in enough time to save him, what is the just of what I am saying, I will never forget the professionalism that went into saving my sons life and the staff at both K.E.M.H and Boston’s Children hospital and I give credit were it is due.

        For you to come on here with stupidity is offensive to many and especially to this family, as soon as I read about this near drowning the day it happen, I immediately dropped to my knees and I cried out to God and here is exactly what I said.

        Lord here is this child and here is her family, I present them to you by and in the name of your son Jesus Christ, Father saved this girls life from destruction, I come against the spirit of death and command it to leave. Lord give the doctors and the medical technicians the wisdom and the knowledge to make decisions that will rescue this child from death, have mercy on this child, give her greater then what you gave to my own son.

        let this miracle be from you to this family and show them your mercy and your grace, I asked that this child have a full recovery and that no brain damage of any sort will come to this child, that there be no defects of any sort, cover this child in the precious blood of Jesus Christ and it is in Jesus name only I pray Amen.

        So to hear of this recovery it is nothing short of a miracle and a blessing from the hand of God because I am sure that I was not the only person praying and I am sure there were and are family members that are and have been praying harder then I did. so to the family take comfort in knowing that God used people to help with the medical side of things but it was His divine plan for this child’s life that kept this child going and all because you as a family and friends prayed.

        Anyone who think’s different is just plain ignorant to say the lease, my son lives today because of the power of prayer.

        • Ride says:

          @Duane P Santucci

          Your interpretation of my thanks to the staff and well doers is inciteful and saddening. As I said previously, apply your thanks where you believe it is due and be tolerant of other’s differences in allocation.

          I’ve never derided or decried any person’s thanks to their god or gods. It causes me no harm when they thank them. People’s beliefs should be respected. My thanks to tangible contributions to this little girl’s well being should respected as much as any others thanks to what they perceive as intangible contributors to the same.

          So much anger for a simple thank you to those that made a difference. Get a hold of yourself.


          • Let’s not make this a tit for tat, just review your comments and reconize that you did not show any respect for the family involved here and your blog is more about who you think should be thanked and what saved her.

            What about showing compassion toward the family and moral support to up lift them at such a difficult time, if things would have went the other way would you shown some hateful remark and blame the family for their mishap, or maybe you blame them for what did happen, so there you have it. those comments are just as empty as the ones you originally made and that is the point of saying it to get your attention of how stupid your comments sound.

            Now on the other hand if you meant well and did not express your self fully that is understandable and there was enough going back and forth for you to clarify, but instead you choose to address the two of us that has taken you to task and still don’t have any regard for the family, so the family may not say it and wont have time to be on the blogs if they are with their loved one.

            So I will say this is not about who you thank or what you believe, it is about your insensitivity to where the family is concern and they are what is most important, the hospital staff do what they do for a living and get paid well for it and most enjoy their job their so it is also a part of their personality and their calling in life.

            I don’t like responding to people like you but do it only for readers that may need further clarification of what I meant or why I say some of the things I do, my advice to you, is when it comes to peoples pain don’t be so ready to give your damn dialogue that adds up to nothing and write what you will I will not come back for your tit for tat, again to the family let me apologize if this has gone to far, and to the first responders and all who assisted with this precious childs recovery, thank you and you are appreciated very much.

            • Ride says:

              @Duane P Santucci

              You live within your own bubble and will see what you wish to see.

              Good day to you.


  4. Prepared says:

    So happy to hear this little sweety will make it through a tough time. The family as well. Thank God for good people, science and technology!