‘Orange Ocean’ Diverts To Island Due To Injury

May 4, 2015

A ship carrying refrigerated orange juice diverted to Bermuda yesterday [May 3] in order to land a 43-year-old crew member who had sustained an injury to his thumb.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre [BMOC] spokesperson said, “On Saturday, May 2 at 4.25pm, Meyer Shipping contacted Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre reporting they represented the refrigerated orange juice carrying ship Orange Ocean, which was diverting to Bermuda to land a 43-year-old Ukrainian officer with a thumb injury.

“The ship was enroute from Newark, New Jersey to Santos, Brazil, when the man sustained an injury which required surgery to correct. The man was landed at about 4.45pm on Sunday, May 3 via the Pilot Cutter St. David at Ordnance Island to an awaiting KEMH ambulance, and admitted later for corrective surgery.

“The ship continued enroute Brazil.”

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