Videos: Emancipation Celebration Performances

August 6, 2013

The Department of Community and Cultural Affairs hosted a night of celebration last Sunday to commemorate Emancipation Day.

The event honoured Community Heroes, [PDF list here] bringing attention to those people who have contributed significantly to the development of their respective communities.

The event, held at the Berkeley Institute, included dance performances, musical selections as well as an appearance by the Warwick Gombeys. You can view a photo gallery of the event here, and videos below.

Jarrico Dance perform “My Time Has Come”:

Lloyd Holder’s rendition of “Lift Every Voice And Sing”:

Larrita Adderly performs “Can’t Give Up”:

Jarrico Dance performs “Def i”

Warwick Gombeys:

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  1. T.G.A.O.T.U. says:

    Let us also recognize that slavery still exists today in many parts of the world. So for millions, this battle is still not over or won. We must always keep in our prayers the slaves and child slaves that persist in Africa to this day, the European sex slave trade that is rampant in numerous Islamic nations, and the asian slave trade that is also sadly rampant. Also let us remember in our prayers the child sex slaves of India, numbering in the millions in that nation alone.

    The world is not fully emancipated yet, even thought some countries have in their lawbooks. We are lucky to be born in our bodies in our families in our nation of Bermuda. If we were born in one of these others, we may have been born into slavery and a pre-determined death as is promised to almost all modern slaves.

    God bless all you who are still suffering, there are some people who are aware and care and pray for you!

    In Africa, there are millions of child slaves, worked to death by fellow Africans in mines. In Asia, young women are stolen and shipped in containers to serve as sexual slaves to business men in China and other countries. In Africa and Islamic nations the white slave trade is flourishing and is actually the largest slave trade of modern times. Millions of white women are stolen and forced into lives of depraved sexual enslavement, usually murdered when they are finished being used.

    The world has far to go.