Bermudian Sentenced To Five Years In Trinidad

September 8, 2013

[Updated: Bermuda Police confirm arrest] Bermudian Che Pennyman was recently arrested in Trinidad after being found with 2.1 kilograms of drugs concealed in a laptop bag according to a Trinidad Express news report.

Law enforcement officers at the Piarco International Airport acting on a tip-off apprehended Mr Pennyman after searching his belongings and finding the hidden drug packages.

After appearing in front of a local Magistrate, the Bermudian plead guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison. It is understood the man was booked on a British Airways flight to St Lucia.

Update 10.52am: Name spelling has been corrected after confirming error in the overseas report.

Update 8.47pm: A Police spokesperson said: “The Bermuda Police Service can confirm a 42 year old Bermudian male was arrested in Trinidad for a drug related offense and we are working with the relevant agencies within that jurisdiction”.

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  1. only in Bermuda says:

    These guys don’t get it. You do the crime expect to do th time.
    I can assure you it’s no Westgate. SAD best of luck to you mate!

    • Hmmm says:

      The misery, destroyed children and too high to care parenting caused by these drugs is devastating. Scum of the earth, scum of the earth. We should have zero tolernace for drugs….death penalties please, as what they do is worse than death.

      • Andre says:

        Um……you mean the people who know perils of drug use but still decide to use them. They should be met with the death penatly?

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          I believe he’s talking about professional drug traffickers.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        If I chose to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol as an adult it would be highly ignorant of me to blame the sellers or importers if I got cancer, liver damage or neglected my kids cause I was always in a drunken stupor.

        The biggest problem of illegal drugs is the prohibition of them which makes them more lucrative to sell, easier for children to get their hands on, harder for those addicted to get help & provide a false justification for violence & stealing.

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          So, using your logic, anyone importing and selling guns and bullets to thugs and gangsters would be completely imnnocent.

          • Tommy Chong says:

            Comparing firearms to drugs is absolutely absurd. Firearms have only one use & that’s to kill others. Someone may use drugs to take their life but they have many more uses besides a rope or high building could do the same should we ban these. I would never condone the importation of firearms as I & anyone with common sense knows the only thing they are for.

            The only true connection to firearms & drugs is prohibition. Prohibition laws have spawned the gang wars here & everywhere else. Just the same as Al Capone shot at other gangsters for control of illegal alcohol modern gangsters do the same for todays illegal drugs. Prohibition is the problem not the solution.

  2. I'm a Trini says:

    Trinidad prison are Hell nothing like the free hotel in the west in Bermuda, good luck buddy

  3. Judge & Jury says:

    The life of a drug mule, Bermuda, UK, USA now Trinidad! Che can lay in the cot there, – one less we need to worry about here until he is deported back home.

  4. Soldier says:

    Trinidad prison !!!!!!!! Oh well, definately no Westgate townhome.

  5. mike says:

    pennymon keep your head up and stay strong you have done time before so use your time wisely

    • Sheldon Says says:


    • Um Um Like says:

      Yeah, like learning how not to get caught next time!

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Apparently he has some idiot friends here.

      • White BOY! says:

        Why are his friends idiots. I am a friend of his and I am educated and productive. He has had challenges and he must pay for his crime but to say that his friends are idiots reveals alot about the mindset that you have Sandy. Your blogs are often laced with the same invective. You need an enema!

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          I didn’t say all his friends are idiots, but I am now beginning to wonder, White Boy. I was just referring to the idiotic ‘keep ypur head up’ sh1t.

    • Albert says:

      Mike what a tool..

  6. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Trinidad Prison is NOT Westgate Hilton

  7. Kim Smith says:

    I wonder what this guys ties to Bermuda are.

  8. swing voter says:

    too bad he didn’t learn….I hate this saying but’a hard head makes a soft azz’….stay safe hansome Trinni prison are equal to pig sty

  9. Honestly says:

    Sounds as if he has a history with this negative lifestyle. Now he has choices to make! Is it worth it? Or do I make a positive name/life for himself? It gets old! Grow up and be responsible!

  10. mr g says:

    Maybe we might see him on Lockup Abroad!!!!

  11. smiley says:

    Yeah! Che has a lllooooonnngggg negative history on island. If since he was 15yrs, he has not figured out how not to get caught by police he should be 40yrs by now, then let him relax in Triny making new friends and fining new bad ideas to bring to Bermuda.

  12. Sigh Of Relief says:

    you gone learn today that you r responsible for your own stupidity joke books out pls don’t drop soap or its free excess

  13. Hurricane says:

    @Kim Smith, he is Bermudian, is that not enough for you? What, depending on his ties, are you going to try do something for him? Pokey goat!

  14. Just One says:

    Good thing he only got 5 years… I can’t believe the risk is ever worth it, but I’m sure drug mules have gotten away with it before, so why not try again; gambling with your freedom, not me!

    I will say it before and I will say it again, if people stop using illegal drugs, the elusive suppliers will have no market to sell to, and these silly drug mules would not get taken advantage of in this manner! Easy to catch the mule, but what about the big boss? They will just find another mule!

    By NOT using illegal drugs, we the community have the power to stop this madness! Is your life so dull without drugs in it? Come back to reality and deal with the real! Running away from your problems is a race you will NEVER win!

    • Whistling Frog says:

      Narcotics Wasn’t always illegal… The white man found a way to get even richer by making them illegal. These same drugs were sold on the streets since biblical days and transported worldwide. Its all about taxation and taking money from the working class.
      You people should be worrying more about what’s in your food than anything else, Continue eating the poisons sprayed on your food. Some of them are worst than the drugs you’re all worrying about, then you you go crying to your doctor for drugs because you’ve got a belly ache. Jails are not just for killers anymore, they are also for people who believe in free trade…

    • nuffsaid says:

      I totally agree. We need better drug programs that work not band-aid ones.The ones in place are not working because they keep staff employed when they have these repeaters,revolving door operations. An intense lock down program is what’s needed. But the crazy powers that be say, “Oh we can’t take away peoples rights or make the enter a program if you don’t want to.” But they will lock them up against their will up the West-Side Hotel when they get caught.

    • bermyguy says:

      you sound like a a$$, u come bac to reality.

    • Plato says:

      Your delusional, drugs have been used by a certain phenotype of human since our inception, they are a commodity there will always be a market for drugs and the regulations determine if they are legal or illegal, therefore all of the social issues surrounding them will be determined by those regulations.

  15. reddasfoxx says:

    well if we stop the war on drugs we can use the money on poverity and stop making cartels rich ..but low people in high places get the last say..we as a people are too ready to bash one another Down…just a fact ..every three min a person dies from pharmacy drug dealers..

  16. He who is without sin cast the first stone :-/ says:

    What if he was clean and just didn’t have any money? 15,000£ is good cash luv. And yes his his’tory is the length of Reid street and so are some if yours! GetF’d!

    We all make stupid choices in as much as taking the wrong turn and there are consequences. Stop downing people when you only read what’s heard to be printed. You all don’t know your own families who do things and most of you do know! Until they get caught then you don’t comment at all… In fact you lay low so no one can see you.

    Your opinion and right to speak YES, but you don’t know him nor his story just a story on the Internet!
    Shoe size 2-14… #unisex!

    • nuffsaid says:

      Yes…What if?!?!?!
      Than what? He should get a real job.
      It just looks like he just didn’t learn from his past mistakes. I hope that this time he will. It’s worth the effort for Che.

  17. EDWIN says:

    @mike, you are telling him to keep his head up and stay strong been prison before you should be telling him to put his head between his legs and call him an A-HOLE, no lesson learnt.

  18. buzz says:

    i dont know him but I bet he will never try that again,,

  19. mike says:

    Edwin u sound like a real a-hole yourself don’t talk shiiiiiiiiit if u don’t know che pennymon he is still someone son\brother\nephew\friend etc we all make mistakes in life u live and learn

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      He’s a career criminal. They can keep him. Useless trash.

  20. Topp Shotta says:

    “All U self righteous ma’****az out there ready to crucify a dude U don’t kno **** bout,other than wat U read or hear,n U ready to cast judgement.”Che is my fren n Will be to de end,’So **** wat U idiotz think..”I jus hope none of YOU live in glass houses”…

  21. EDWIN says:

    @mike yes, we are entitled to make mistakes but why keep repeating them, anything after that he is an A-HOLE and he hasn’t learned YET how many mistakes are YOU going to let him make before you realize he is an A-HOLE. By the way if that was any of my brothers I would still feel the same way.

  22. mike says:

    yes again Edwin u are the a-hole so just keep your big mouth closed and leave my fam alone thank u

    • Some kind of family says:

      Did you “Family” try to help him before he got his a$$ so deep in the $hit? Probably not, so you shut your mouth..

    • nuffsaid says:

      Mike, maybe if you’d have put ya foot down with him when he was 4 he wouldn’t be in this mess again.
      Stop defending him and help him get his life on track.

  23. Str8 says:

    Keep ya head up cuzzy betta days to come!

  24. Xman says:

    This guy needs to give up his foolishness and outright dumbness.
    All of his criminal acts over the years have failed.

  25. BermudaGirl says:

    Once is a mistake. Twice, you are dumb. Three times you are a life criminal, by your own choosing. See, that is not so hard, is it!?