Pregnant Girlfriend Asks To Drop Assault Charge

September 9, 2013

Mikhail Butterfield, 23, pleaded not guilty when he appeared in Magistrates Court today [Sept 9], to unlawfully assaulting his girlfriend who his seven months pregnant with twins.

He also pleaded not guilty to uttering threatening words and using threatening behaviour to her by saying: “If you leave me, I will f***ing kill you.” Both allegations are said to have occurred on 4th September.

Butterfield’s girlfriend was present in Court and asked to address the Magistrate. She told the Magistrate that she was seven months pregnant with twins and that she wanted to ‘drop the charges’ against Butterfield. She said that she and Butterfield lived together at their Southampton residence.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner told her that: “You are entitled to protection. Police have a duty to respond when called. The Department of Public Prosecutions makes the decision to proceed or not proceed with any case. It is not possible to easily drop charges.”

Magistrate Warner discussed the matter with Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Cindy Clarke who then said that because of potential witness difficulties, the Crown would offer a ‘nolle prosequi’ which meant that proceedings would be stayed but could be re-activated within twelve months.

Butterfield did plead guilty to a third charge of unlawfully damaging a bathroom window at the couple’s residence. The evidence read in was that this had been done in anger after Butterfield’s girlfriend had told him to leave the residence.

For this act, Butterfield was remanded into custody until 10th September when he is expected to re-appear for Mention and matters relating to a Probation Order that is currently in place on Butterfield will be investigated.

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  1. Amazed says:

    Listen “Miss girlfriend”, Mr. Butterfield does not respect you – this is very clear. If he allegedly assaulted you once, he will assault you again and possibly the kids. Please try to stay away from this roach. He is not good for you. Set high standards for yourself. Leave this roach on the ground where he belongs.

    • sonso says:

      apparently not as they are both living together in their southampton residence!

      • Freedom says:

        This man is obviously extremely dangerous and abused women are conditioned to believe that they deserve the abuse and out of fear believe that there is no way out. Unfortunately the violence will continue, one can only hope she finds the strength to leave this man.

        To the woman I would say this; it’s not as difficult as you think and the only thing holding you back is your own mind. This man is a coward, and you should not put your children through a life of witnessing this abuse. It will disturb them for the rest of their lives. Once you find your strength, it’s easier then you think, he will soon crumble and you will see him for what he really is; a weak, pathetic parasite. Make up your mind and stay strong.

      • Refused Abused says:

        I truly hope that we do not do not get to see Chapter 2 of this story. I trust she doesn’t have brothers or a father that can beat the fear into him.

    • Meh says:

      its too late now, she should do what’s best for the kids not herself.

  2. Back-in-the-day-girl says:

    What is wrong with our young women? He allegedly threatens to kill you and you want to drop charges? If a person shows you who they really are, BELIEVE THEM!!!!

    • Youngster says:

      Let’s not be condenscending to this woman. We do not live in her shoes. Magistrate Warner I am sure that you could have used alternative sentencing in this report as it is likely that we will see this family in court again. Seperate and Couples Counseling, parenting classes etc would be a better judgement with the threat of incarceration/fines if not completed.

  3. Toodle-oo says:

    And the legacy of the totally dysfunctional ‘Bermudian’ family continues unabated. The very root of 98% of all of our social problems.

    He already has such a ‘love’ for her that he’s allegedly beating her up and threatening her life and she’s so dumb she accepts it and pleads for him back.

    If he’s so serious lets see him pull an engagement ring out of his pocket and get on his knee and propose !

    I bet he’ll be gone by the time the twins are born and he’ll evade paying support.

    Mom struggles , ends up hating him. Kids grow up struggling in a dysfunctional home. Education takes 2nd or 3rd place.

    Repeat cycle in 18 years time .

    • Looks like she already has a RING. However it appears to be around her neck with MR B tied to it..

      Did you make him vex to the point where he thinks that he can beat on you? I don’t think so… so what’s the problem? Go back home to ya mama girl and leave the low life alone. It he allegedly hit you once, he’ll do it again because you let him get away with it. Nah if you THINK that you love him and wanna give de bie a second chance follow these timely instructions.

      If you let him back into ya life and he raises his hand again to got up side ya head.. Chill out for 10 minutes while you boil some rice. Give him a drink of rum, beer will do too it’ll help him go to bed and sleep. And when he’s fast asleep dump the damn rice on him to wake him up. Start one set of screaming and tell him the twins made you do it.

      You have to learn how to fight back nice and easy so he’ll remember not to touch you ever again.

      • Been There Done That says:

        @ Nuff-is-Enuff, I’m sure your advice was meant tongue-in-cheek, but it was bad. If she does that, she is sure to seriously injure and/or kill him. Next thing you know, she’s the one hauled before the court facing charges. Your advice to “chill for ten minutes” is surely going to lessen her defense as this means she had time to calm down and think about what she is about to do.

        It’s so easy for people to say do this or do that, but as one that has been in this position I know that she won’t leave until she’s good and ready. There are many emotional and psychological factors that bind women to abusive men. Instead of criticizing her decisions, we need to feel pity for her and pray that she finds the will and strength to leave. If not for herself, at least for her children.

    • WOLF says:

      couldn’t agree more.

  4. A Real Woman says:

    Girl why are you settling for that? By you dropping the charges is showing him that it is ok and no matter what he does to you , you will stand by his side. He allegedly threatened your life and your unborn babies lives. Get away from him and fast!

  5. Whistling Frog says:

    As the world turns with the young and the worthless… Ace Girl, If your boyfriend has allegedly threatened while your pregnant what is he capable of doing after you have the children? It never fails, you women love your boys. Send that guy packing home to his momma…

  6. Sheriff says:

    SOME of these Bermudian men are freaks! They all want to drink heavy then throw their weight around. (not saying he was drinking) and yes, it will TRICKLE DOWN TO THE CHILDREN!! This small island is packed with angry men! Who all have something to prove! GO TO EAP!!! GET HELP!! I’M SURE NONE OF THEM THINK THEY HAVE PROBLEMS… and not to mention. they are all NICE… lil innocent bazztards! more like devil spawn!

    • Next says:

      Daddy issues. If more of them had decent male role models growing up we wouldn’t have so many social problems in Bermuda. It’s not just the men though, the women are just as bad in some cases.

      • Whistling Frog says:

        Yeah, keep blaming the man. As if they’re the ones putting all the bad shyt in these childrens heads… The women wants to run the household, then let the woman be the role models. Keep settling for the cute guys and the ones that say they’d support you and all the bad boys you all like hooking up with. That will only last until you get the wind up your azz’z then you realize what your men are all about when you put his a$$ out. Some of you women like to learn the hard way, by that time its tooOO late, you can’t push them babies back then. Protect yourselves because your man only wants you for one thing. But momma’s don’t teach you that because they are too embarrassed to tell you it happen to them too. Thats why its a continuing cycle.

        • Next says:

          Who are you talking to you? A hit dog hollering? I could have swore I said it isn’t just men, perhaps you should learn how to read. All the rest of what you wrote sounds personal, get a blog of a diary. You don’t know me.

      • Impressive says:

        exactly,, can’t just blame the men, as bad as they are

  7. Next says:

    Well next time don’t call the cops. It’s bad enough to allegedly assault a woman but a woman pregnant with twins? What a loser. They deserve each-other.

  8. Albert says:

    They deserve each other.. I feel bad for the children…..

  9. Smart Ideas says:

    What is wrong with you young MEN. She may not accept his ways, but has probably fogiven him. She is having twins and she probably wants to move past this situation and hope there is a better solution were both parents are in their lives. This is her giivng him another chance to correct his ways.

    But by no means shall she put up with his actions. Instead of people walking away so quickly, maybe they should find a way to resolve the issues. How do you think that these people make it to 50 years of marriage.

    But I do suggest that if he ever lays a hand on her again, that she throw the book at him, along with some handcuffs and a police arrest.

  10. Kim Smith says:

    What a terrible situation for these soon-to-be born children. The adults have a say in how they live their lives; innocent children do not.

  11. Terry says:

    Back to the Young and the restless and the Bermudian syndrome.
    You get it yet?
    Look out your window and see nothing.

  12. Amma Punk says:

    Our young women need to develop self worth and not settle for the “Bad Boy” type.

  13. Refused Abused says:

    The power to press charges and prosecute should not be left to any victim. In other parts of the world, victims of certain crimes can not drop charges. The abused do no not make the decision to press charges and they do not have the power to request that charges be dropped. This prevents criminals, and abusers from targeting the victims again by influencing them, threatening them or manipulating them into dropping charges.


    • Refused Abused says:

      Sad thing is, that the next time, if he beats her (or someone else) it will still be his first offence in the eyes of the law since she is dropping charges. SAD.
      Lets Fix this loophole so that others can be punished or at leased counseled and the pressure to press charges can be controlled by the police and taken away from the frightened and abused.

  14. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    wow.what a loser!…only cowards threaten women…come threaten me boyo,bring a body bag ‘cos I aint getting yo one.

  15. Truth is killin' me... says:

    @Nuffin If this guy gets off with this ace girl may end up in a body bag later and all will be saying he should have been locked up!!

  16. Come On Man says:

    The problem with some of these young girls is that they sometimes don’t have a father figure in their life so the scum bag that BEATS them is it. Her dropping the charges and not standing up to him is why she is in the predicament she is in. Some of these girls you just cannot talk any sense into them. They just continue to make bad choices because they won’t listen to any advice is a sad situation. Fathers look out for your daughters. Mothers look out for your sons.

  17. Let's Think About This... says:

    Instead of insulting the young woman, how about everyone send words if support or links to someone she can talk to about this situation? You have no idea the dynamics going on, and calling her stupid or saying they deserve each other will make her retreat even more instead of seeking help. She’s been allegedly attacked by her boyfriend who she lives with, is pregnant with his twins, may not have the support of her family, and doesn’t know where else to go. Send help! Don’t bash her.

    • Youngster says:

      AGREED!!! Women’s Resource Centre 295-3882, Crisis Hotline 295-7273.

  18. why says:

    This is so so sad. you mean to tell me she stayed sad on all levels, unborn twins family step in and get this young lady the help that she needs. ..he should have to stay away from all 3!!!!! Its a given she doesn’t care about those babies that didn’t ask for any off this and at this stage they can feel all what mommy feels…he will continue to abuse THEM….

  19. Meeee says:

    Use Bernews’s search and put in the name Mikhail Butterfield. You’ll learn something.

    • Darwin's Child says:

      Having done that I urge the young lady to heed the advice given in other comments

  20. Raymond Ray says:

    I recall hearing this;”Life is 10% of whats happening to us and 90% of how we respond to it” My advice to this young girl is to stop kicking the tin further down the road and come to the conclusion she should / needs to get out while she is capable and also, healthy and alive!

  21. Topaz says:

    To the young lady: PLEASE call the Woman’s Resource Centre and find out what your options are. I don’t know you or the young man Butterfield, however I did read the various incidents as reported by Bernews on the various charges Mr Butterfield has faced this past year.

    Mr Butterfield, I am not judging you but would encourage you to seek help as well. In my opinion the road you are traveling is not one which will bring you to a good end.

    Young lady, Mr Butterfield, you are both going to be parents soon and have the responsibility and care for twins. You both have the opportunity to do right by your children. Prove yourselves.

  22. BermudaGirl says:

    This woman and her children have a lackluster future. She is afraid of him, which is why she dropped the charges. He is a bully, which is defined as someone who is habitually cruel to others who are weaker. Their children will grow up thinking that it is normal for a woman to live in fear, for a couple to be constantly fighting and arguing, and for a man to beat on his wife. God forbid Bully Butterfield abuses his babies as well, which leaves major scars. Those poor children will repeat the cycle. And so it goes on and on, until and unless a strong woman stands up and says, NO MORE! and takes her children and does everything she can to legally protect herself and those kids. EVERYTHING she can. It can start right now, if this is a STRONG woman. Only she knows.

  23. i wish i knew says:

    please put your kids first, these twins will be born into a stressful environment. i wish i knew how to help but these girls that will not listen, they prefer to feel.