Marlboro Man Remanded After Guilty Plea

September 9, 2013

Fifty-three year old Kevin Charles Robinson will learn his fate on 10th October after he pleaded guilty in Magistrates Court this morning [Sept 9] to five charges involving the theft of eight cartons of Marlboro cigarettes from five different shops.

The cartons of Marlboros were stolen from Woodbourne Chemist on 22nd August; Clarendon Pharmacy on 24th August; Collector’s Hill Apothecary on 28th August; Onion Jacks on 5th September; and Harrington Hundreds on 5th September. One attempt at Paget Pharmacy on 5th September failed when the duty cashier recognized Robinson as a result of his earlier Clarendon escapade. In this incident, Robinson ran off empty-handed.

In each case, Robinson had the cartons set up by cashiers and after fumbling with his pockets or with a credit or debit card and the card being declined, Robinson grabbed the cartons, ran out of the shop, jumped on his bike, and rode off.

Shop staff were able to chase after Robinson and provide police with the cycle licence plate number. Police checked the cycle number and later arrested Robinson at his Hamilton Parish home where he had ridden the cycle. CCTV evidence and an ID parade confirmed that Robinson was the culprit.

Before deciding, Senior Magistrate Archie Warner reviewed Robinson’s criminal record and noted that his record showed that Robinson had a “penchant for stealing Marlboro cigarettes.”

Through Duty Counsel, Robinson told the Magistrate that he was a heroin addict. Magistrate Warner set sentencing for 10th October and ordered a Social Inquiry Report and a Bermuda Assessment Referral Centre report. Robinson was remanded into custody until then.

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  1. E$ says:

    Heroin addict, more like a Marlboro addict LMFAO

  2. Malachi says:

    Reminds me of an old Richard Pryor comedy routine:

    “your Honor, my client is not a drug addict per se; so when he was caught with the 50kg of heroin, he was merely trying to raise money to help is sick grandmother who is in a hospital in the Bahamas”


  3. Giddyap says:

    The Malboro Man…He should have just ridden away on a horse, there are no license plates attached to a horse’s arse!! LMAO!!