60 People Attend Water Safety Boating Seminar

October 20, 2013

60 people participated in the Bermuda Water Safety Council’s first safety land and sea seminar this evening [Oct 20].

Participants attended a safety seminar at RBYC followed by a practical exercise in the use of rockets and flares aboard the MV Elizabeth which was donated by owner Aaron Simms for the evening.

Flare going off this evening:


Everyone on board had the opportunity to fire a rocket and a flare which most had never done before. Whilst the event was announced in the media, Bermuda Harbour Radio received several calls from the public.

A spokesperson for the Water Safety Council said the evening was a “great success.”

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  1. BBIRYC Commodore J. Boden says:

    Responsible yachting is a must. As the commodore of my yacht club, I commend the organisers for putting this event on.

  2. Vice Commodore Ret. Admiral S. Morris, Esq. says:

    I concur but I suggest next year that we have some SEPs put on a display for water sports safety.

  3. Rear Admiral Secretary of BBIRYC R. Bailey says:

    I have been abroad attending the Americas Cup in hopes of recruiting for our club. I have just logged onto my computer in my IT room at my mansion and seen these comments. Commodore Boden and Esquire Morris I believe your points to be extremely valid. YACHTING is an up and coming thing in Bermuda and things like this should be done more often. I have checked the accounts and we can hold a monthly exhibition at BB island for free and continue to make profit.

  4. Word for the day... says:


    I was in attendance and thought the seminar was very well presented and a great success. Too bad more people did not seize the opportunity to learn how to become more safe and knowledgeable about our waters.


  5. Word for the day... says:

    p.s. I am guessing that SEP = Standard Emergency Procedures