Extent Of MRSA Outbreak Still Being Uncovered

October 13, 2013

Regarding the recently reported increase in the number of community acquired Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus [MRSA] skin infections, the Department of Health has confirmed the fact that a ‘point source’ has been identified and that exposure from that source was believed to be limited to August and September of this year.

The extent of the outbreak is still being uncovered. The Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit has deployed other Department of Health staff to assist in the contact tracing and follow up.

The Department of Health reaffirms the message that, “if you suspect you have an MRSA skin infection, please see your private physician.

“However, it should be noted that you only need to seek medical treatment if you have symptoms which can include unexplained itchy or painful skin lesions which spread rapidly or may appear to be a spider bite.

“If you have any open lesions please do not attend any public facilities such as spas, pools or gyms as these environments make transmission more likely.”

A spokesperson said, “We ask that members of the public with any questions on MRSA refer to the department’s website [under the FAQ section] rather than calling the Department of Health as full resources are presently going into contact tracing at this point.

“MRSA is spread by direct contact, skin to skin or skin to contaminated object. These bacteria grow and spread especially well in crowded environments. Any persons suspecting they have such a skin infection should promptly consult their doctor. Early diagnosis is important so that treatment can be provided.

“Clinicians are encouraged to collect specimens for culture and antimicrobial susceptibility testing from all patients with abscesses and purulent skin lesions. A history of attendance at public facilities such as gyms and spas should be sought from individuals. Positive MRSA results should be reported to the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit at fax number 296-3283.”

Anyone who has a MRSA skin infection should do the following:

  • Cover your wound. Keep wounds that are draining or have pus covered with clean, dry bandages until healed. Follow your healthcare provider’s instructions on proper care of the wound. Pus from infected wounds can contain staph, including MRSA, so keeping the infection covered will help prevent the spread to others. Bandages and tape can be discarded with the regular trash.
  • Clean your hands frequently. You, your family, and others in close contact should wash their hands frequently with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, especially after changing the bandage or touching the infected wound.
  • Do not share personal items. Avoid sharing personal items, such as towels, washcloths, razors, clothing, or uniforms, that may have had contact with the infected wound or bandage. Wash sheets, towels, and clothes that become soiled with water and laundry detergent. Use a dryer to dry clothes completely.

For more information or if you suspect an MRSA infection please notify your doctor immediately for assessment.

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  1. Raaz says:

    Tell us what the mutha f****** source is

  2. mixitup says:

    Yes Health Dept. Enlighten us! Are you hiding something?

  3. Golden child says:

    The sad thing is that this could turn into somthing bad if
    Someone has it then visit a spa that spa then passes it on to anorther person that person takes it on home to their family and on and on the healt dept knows where the source got started and they need to come clean if they would have from jump then so many people would not have been effected we are a small island and this could spread like wildfire but they don’t care one thing for sure they the players it the dept will not go to the source for any relaxation