Man Denies Sexually Assaulting Little Girl

October 24, 2013

A 21 year old appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Oct 24] where he pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting a little girl.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner was told by the Crown Prosecutor that the alleged offence was said to have occurred between January 2011 and December 2012 when the child was around 9 or 10 years old.

The defendant — who cannot legally be named at this stage of the proceedings — was granted $10,000 bail and was also ordered to stay away from the alleged victim and any witnesses.

He will stand trial in January 2014.

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  1. Mr. CLEAN says:

    Welcome to the Isle of Perverts!


  2. Charter says:

    Holy moses.

  3. a young bie says:

    If guilty, crucify him

  4. Next says:

    Do they ever admit to it? Of course they deny it. What possesses someone at 21 year old to allegedly do such a thing? Disgusting. I notice all the homophobes aren’t here ranting? I guess alleged sexual abuse against children is fine by them.

    It also still boggles my mind how those accused of sexual crimes are given the benefit of being innocent until proven guilty but everyone else is splashed all across the news, name and picture. Must have been some perverted person who made that law up.

    • Just One says:

      Yeah, that never made sense to me either… SMH

    • Mike Hind says:

      As far as I know, we’re ALL innocent until proven guilty.
      It’s part of, you know, JUSTICE.

    • What? says:

      Legally if it is a first offense (depending on the seriousness) the ‘accused’ can not be named. And if this accused is to be named it would make it easier for people to figure out who the child was.
      I was part of a case like this (have since grown and pushed it to the past) and they could not name the man because 1. I was under 18 (protection of the victim) and 2. Because the court had to discuss the case and decide on a consequence. And once that was looked over, they made his name aware.

      They will name him after his trial, and at that point, I doubt anyone will really pay attention anyway.

    • HumanComputer says:

      @Next: The reason is that Bermuda is a very small country. Anyone can spitefully make up an accusation against someone-it doesn’t make it true. This is one of the worst accusations one can make against a man and sometimes women make things up. Even a small child can be prompted to lie.

      Once the accused has gone through the full scrutiny of the court and then found guilty, he can be named. If found not guilty, he can go on with his life without that stigma attached to him. Again, Bermuda is a small country and everyone would be pointing fingers and saying the guy is a rapist when he could really be innocent.

      Once found guilty, the accused is named and shamed. However, if you really want to know who the accused id in a case, simply go up to the courts and find out for yourself.

      I think the system is fair the way it is. What I have a problem with is when the guy is found guilty and the media doesn’t show any photos of him so everyone knows who he is-that shouldn’t be. Once found guilty, we should all get a good look at him.

      • HumanComputer says:

        BTW, I have a relative who was falsely accused of rape after having consensual sex with a girl. She had regrets afterwards and cried rape…but regretting sleeping with someone doesn’t give you the right to say he raped you. He was found not guilty and the girl apologized to him and his family years later for lying and putting them through the ordeal. Sadly, until she admitted she lied and apologized, some family members had secret doubts about what really happened even though he got off-none of us were there so it was always a question of who was really telling the truth. Falsely accusing a man of rape is a really cruel thing to do. This does happen and it isn’t right for a guy to be slandered all over Bermuda if he’s really innocent.

  5. Seriously.... says:

    If guilty, HANG HIM or cut his nuts off

  6. Malachi says:

    Now that hanging is abolished, we need to invent a “Nut Cracker”!

  7. YADON says:

    Bail !!!! Are you kidding me. If someone allegedly did that to my daughter and got bail there would be no trial …. Well maybe mine.

  8. paul says:

    I agree with all comments..I think the father of this child should be allowed to have a gun and shoot this bastard if he is guilty !!
    Enough is enough of these perverts….and if they go before a certain judge they get a very light sentence, or no sentence.

    • Sheriff says:


    • Come Correct says:

      That would be way too quick and if guilty he isn’t worth the 75cents. Tattoo the crime on their forehead and let nature run its course.

  9. March Hare says:

    Whilst I do agree with ‘Next’ above, the reputation of a person accused of a sexual assult, especially on a minor can be irretrievably damaged, and should the defendant be found not guilty the ‘mud sticks’. We must be careful not to condemn this individual in advance of the verdict. A false accusation can be terrible for the accused. This of course goes for a lot of crimes, but especially crimes of this nature.

    However (and I speak as a parent of a nine year old girl) If he is guilty of this crime then I volunteer to be a court-appointed castrator.

  10. Really?? says:

    Do these men that do this type of foolishness realize what type of psychological affect this can hv on the child. If guilty he needs a good whipped a**…….seriously!!

  11. RawOnion says:

    OK peoples, let’s let justice run its course. If he is guilty I am for snatching him by the balls and having them removed as an example to anyone else looking to a juvenile for sexual activity. Some good street justice in needed in this case if convicted. I just hope if he goes to prison that he shares a cell with big bubba. He can be Bubba’s b*tch.

  12. cut azz is needed says:

    @ Raw Onion. Maybe that’s what he wanted to be with his Big Bubba. You do see these fools are breaking into westgate condos at will. But street justice sounds good.

  13. Well says:

    Notice that they did not state what he had ‘done’ to this little girl.
    For all we know, he may have looked at her the wrong way or may have helped her get dressed and the child told her parents who assumed the worst. I am not defending this young man but children these days know a lot more about how to get people in trouble or how to make stories. But for everyone to assume that his ‘balls’ were involved in this, well, that’s jumping to a conclusion. And as Mike Hind said ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Which is very true. This man is still innocent and could be your neighbor, your son, friend or co worker. Until then we can not assume.

  14. Mayan says:

    If true, he is a perverted slimebucket. What kind of sicko gets off on small children-what, he can’t get a grown woman? I’d really like to know what is wrong with the psyches of these perverted pedo freaks.

  15. fidel says:

    its safer for the public if they take his eyes out if guilty !!!!!!!!!