Police Release CCTV Images After Gun Murder

November 7, 2013

CCTV Image[Updated] The police have released CCTV images of a light coloured car driving up Glebe Road, saying they believe the driver of this car may be able to assist the police in their investigation into the murder of Jonathan Dill.

Mr Dill was fatally shot at around 10.20pm on September 2, 2013 at a residence in the Glebe Road and St Monica’s Mission area.

Acting Superintendent Nicholas Pedro said, “Detectives from the Serious Crime Unit continue to investigate the murder of Mr. Jonathan Dill, which occurred on the evening of 2nd September, 2013. Members of the public will recall that Mr. Dill was shot whilst he was at the residence of a friend.

“A number of witnesses and items of forensic evidence were collected from the scene. In the days following the incident, the following image from a local CCTV camera captured a light coloured car driving up The Glebe Road towards the old ‘Pepper Pot.’

“Detectives believe that the driver of this car may be able to assist the enquiry team. We are asking that if you were the driver of this vehicle that was driving up The Glebe Road at approximately 10:20pm on Monday 2nd September, 2013 – please call detectives from the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739. The Senior Investigating Officer is Detective Inspector Dave Greenidge.

“Alternatively you may call Crime Stoppers on 800-8477, but it is preferred that you make contact with detectives directly. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.”

Update 4.58pm: The police released a further two CCTV images attached; one of the same car mentioned above and the second of a motorcycle traveling along The Glebe Road that night.

A police spokesperson said, “Detectives are also interested in the rider of this motorcycle which passed the car in other photo, moments after Mr. Dill was murdered on The Glebe Road.

“If you were the rider of this cycle, or saw the rider of this cycle, we would like to speak with you. Please call the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739.”

First CCTV photo of car:

CCTV Image

Second CCTV photo of car:

CCTV Image of Car  2

CCTV photo of motorcycle:

CCTV Image of Motorcycle

- Note: We are aware the photos are very small, however this was the size released.

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  1. ABM says:

    How the H E L L is this litle image supposed to help???

    We all keep saying it, release the video footage!!!!

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      video footage would be less than a second as the car whizzes past.

      • Mazumbo says:

        This car could’ve turned down de Stables or could’ve turned on to Palmetto Rd, no guarantee if it went up de 2nd!

  2. Guy Carri says:

    Hold on. Are those the cameras that are supposed to catch people? It can hardly make out a car, I’m guessing can’t/isn’t positioned to capture the license plate and they were installed to get people’s faces??!!!

    • Mazumbo says:

      Those cameras are located at Victor Scott School for School security, the crime took place about 200 yards away up de hill and round de corner.

  3. D says:

    Looooooool i dont think that is going to help what the point!

  4. Micro says:

    Sept. 2, 2013, its now November… Driver probably won’t remember what, if anything they saw that night that may have been helpful.

  5. smh says:

    I am glad to see a CCTV is actually working in the area. But is this from one of the camera’s that government had installed not too long ago? If so, they should be ashamed. I hope they did not waste money on camera’s that take horrible footage like this. Looks like it was recorded on a crackberry.

    • ... says:

      looks like it the camera on victor scott school. .. that is their back entrance

      • Mazumbo says:

        Ya right, looks like de bike is comin down de hill on de wrong side of de road so he might be aware of de school camera and knew de cameras up de 2nd don’t work!!!!!!! SMFH

  6. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    that looks like the security cam for that particular driveway, hmmm…i thought cams were installed up that way because of the amount of gang style assassinations that was poppin off in that area at that time…i’m really just lost for words when it comes to our investigation teams…what is the problem..? i don’t know if it’s because of the bureaucracy and their hands are tied or the inability to be CSI personnel…personally i think it’s the burea…..

  7. The View. says:

    Excellent lead. Now all the police service have to do is do a line up of all white cars fitting that description.

  8. Y-Gurl says:

    Yet another desperate plea from the police as they seek to use a private individuals CCTV footage to try and catch someone, clearly the BPS are out of their depth on this whole crime solving thing!

  9. lmao!! says:

    so where looking for a white car and a bike with a big bright light…Gee that really narrows it down!! Good work bps at this rate you could probably solve this murder by February 31st!!

  10. bullett says:

    what a bunch of asinine comments. like the murder took place in direct view of a camera. even you lot need help at times, would like to see you do the polices job losers

    • Grizz says:

      @BULLET they are not asinine comments!! The murder took place up the hill in front of cameras that DON’T WORK!! Like someone said this is footage from someone’s personal security hookup or maybe Victor Scott has cameras but it surely isn’t Bermuda Police Service. They need to stop lying to the public and come clean about those cameras up the hill!!

  11. JOLLYRANCHER says:

    an I phone can take a clearer image ..#NOLIE

  12. D says:

    0mg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0MG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s such a dumb thing 2 do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. X man says:

    I would say that the CCTV footage image looks fair and Distorted – I’ve yet to see a very clear real digital shot and footage from a CCTV –
    especially the units on my job – and yes I have to agree with @ JOLLYRANCHER – I have seen Video footage from an I phone a lot clearer.
    Now the Police has to find the owner and operator of the white car. – for starter’s it looks like an SUV’

  14. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    Lol. X man and others that are making suggestions like you. These images are terrible and the timing of their release is nothing short of stupidity. We should retire the force and bring in professionals.

  15. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    I thought this officer Pedro went overseas and trained with the FBI? Maybe he sat at the back of the class because the FBI does not wait two months to show footage such as these images. Someone said it right, this vehicle may not even have made it as far as where the murder occurred. So maybe just maybe the force should have considered that and released these images right away. I can’t help but wonder if they really want the publics help or not.

  16. Sisu says:

    So for all of the above who make fun of the CCTV camera why don’t you help try identify the model of car, bike, etc.? People talk just to hear themselves sometimes… Opel Corsa? What do you all think?

  17. Grizz says:

    Okay so this CCTV footage is taken from waaaaay down by Victor Scott. There are a million cameras on the top of the hill across from the old Pepper Pot. Why no footage from there? Simple answer….THOSE CAMERAS UP THE HILL DON’T WORK!! Why would they show this picture and none from up the hill…simple they don’t have any to show. DAMN RIDICULOUS

  18. king of the hill says:

    The image has been put up to ask for assistance. .. the time of video is to coincide with the time either just before the murder or just after… it is a simple witness appeal. . Ppl need to think b4 they talk

  19. ex officer says:

    They are doing the best with what they have, the camera may not have been facing in an angle that could have caught anything, how do you know the camera is broken? Have you been to the police comops to see it yourself?

    This isnt a 30 min tv show, thats fake police work and it takes more than 48hrs to solve a crime SMH.

    I have an idea since you all think you can do better with no witness and a CSI lab overseas you become a Police officer.

    Everyone thinks they can do a better job, have you wore the blue? Have you had ppl shut their doors on you? Eye witnesses refuse to say what they saw?

    If not shut up, if your not part of the solution then your part of the problem….takes all kinds to make the world go round, smh.

    They are trying to bring a murderer to justice with what they have….what are you doing….oh yeah thats right belittling the only ppl who stand between you and justice if a crime ever happened to you.

    Since you think they are so horrible at their jobs dont call when a crime happens to you. I cant stand ppl who have no idea, watch CSI or Law and Order and you think youre experts SMH

    Put the uniform on and then tell me what you think….remember in a court of law its not what you know, its what you can prove without a shadow of a doubt. Thats a lot harder than you think and Bermuda’s success rate is alot higher than alot of other countries.

  20. Reverse Sweep says:

    All you need to know is the make of the car and it can be narrowed down. If a white car of a specific make is in the possession of a family member or girlfriend associated to gang members you might want to start there first.Someone knows what and whose car this is!!

  21. A.W.R. Jr. says:

    While ya worrying about Cameras, I just want the madness to end. I have witnessed and felt the harsh realities of loosing someone close and the effect it can have on a family and community. If anyone has any information that can help,  please speak up. You may save someone in the end. You would not like the feeling of loosing someone you care for.

    Otherwise use your ill fated comments somewhere else. At least they have narrowed it down to possibly a white VW, kia or something similar. Do you know Any one with a car that resembles? Start there and see what you can dig up. You never know unless you ask the questions…

    S.I.P./R.I.P to all the black brothers that no longer walk the earth with us or share the same breath. In Bermuda the last 3 years has seen an uprising in murders that has devastated the land. Kids scared to share 22 square miles equally. Born free on the very same land they inherited from birth. We have to do better. We must. We have no choice is more like it! We owe it to the generations yet not thought of in years to come.

    Pledge to make a difference is all I ask.