Naked Man In Ski Mask Seen Again In Warwick

December 26, 2013

organge-ski-mask-generic FBBBBA Warwick resident woke this Boxing Day morning to find a naked man wearing nothing but an orange ski mask in the bushes near her home.

He was described as being light skinned, very hairy and stocky with a “big belly.”

This follows after the initial sighting of a naked man in a ski mask which occurred on Sunday morning [Dec 22] at Warwick Long Bay.

A police spokesperson said, “On Thursday December 26th around 8:45am police attended a residence on South Road in Warwick.

“The complainant states she was standing in her yard when she saw what appeared to be man in the bushes near her home. The man was naked wearing only an orange ski mask.

“The male is described as stocky build with a big belly, very hairy and light complexioned. Police searched the area however no one was seen fitting the description.

“Police are appealing to anyone who may have any information on this incident, please call Western CIU on 234-1010,” concluded the police spokesperson.

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  1. terry says:

    Santa got robbed up country.
    Poor bastard.
    Give the guy a break. You got your presents, ate the reindeer…..
    I give up.

    • Sorry I don’t find it amusing and I know sometimes we all make jokes to make light of things, but this is no longer funny and never was to begin with, this person has to have a real physiological issue going on and needs to be stopped, before hurting someone one or he himself getting seriously hurt.

      If this is a daring attempt then I advise the next time he is sighted, that the person who sights him should try and capture him on a camera phone or some for of a camera and call the police immediately.

      It is sickening to say the least

      • Yo MAMA says:

        Oh relax and take a break, what somebody pissed in ya cereal this morning?

      • Tweedle Bug says:

        This is not the first time for a “STREAKER” to have been running around nekkid as a jail-bird in Bermy … last guy did this was white and didn’t cover his face years ago …. fastest thing on 2 feet … LOL

      • Mile High Club says:

        He is sane enough to know to hide and evade the police and persons of authority. He is sane enough to pick his victims. Its only when people get caught that they say , please don’t lock me up…I didn’t know what I was doing.

        If I remember correctly the same thing was happening a few years ago by a hairy man. But then suddenly it stopped. Who was locked up in Westgate / Mawi during that time?

      • Dr. No says:

        Duane – Why don’t you look for him yourself since your so uptight about it.
        This guy is getting the results that he’s he wants – attention!
        and a good laugh at you.

      • Gopher says:

        Yeah Duane, he has spoiled new years for me. I no longer want to see the big ball drop.

      • The Minister of Defense says:

        How do you know he has a physiological issue going on if you have never seen him. your comment is funny.

      • Gopher says:

        Physiological issue? Lol Don’t you mean psychological?

  2. buzz says:

    Police Please Catch this Dude or Copy Cat, or Both !

    • Goofer says:

      The last guy was (said Ber News) “light brown skinned”, this one is “light skinned”.

      It’s an epidemic.

  3. Karma says:

    “He was described as being light skinned, very hairy and stocky with a “big belly.””

    Ew. Dude, put your clothes back on.

  4. Well I neva says:

    Stocky with a big belly.Santa u are a day late aren’t

  5. Justice For All says:

    That big belly fella must be very cunning, agile and light on his feet!!! Because the police can’t (How long did the police take to get there and investigate???)catch him!!! LoL

    • Ruthless says:

      So you want the police to be outside everyone’s gate now?

  6. don't believe the hype says:

    I’m calling him the warwick long bay mask scot.

  7. Norman says:

    Far to clever for us…eh sarge?

  8. somuchless says:

    Guess he wanted to show everyone that the only gift he got was a ski mask

  9. SML says:

    Sounds like this little pervert is bored! Need to catch him as I live across the road and I don’t need him showing that big belly off. Sounds like that’s only thing ‘big’ on him. Poor sight.

  10. The Streak says:

    Don’t look Ethel!


  11. female says:

    Goo home Santa! Ya drunk.

  12. Kangoocar says:

    I wonder if his ” CASE “. Will stand up in court???

  13. Miguelito says:

    Definitely sounds like a sasquatch sighting to me.

  14. Come On Man says:

    Its Santa Claus out on a bender after all that hard work on Christmas Eve. LoL!

  15. jt says:

    ……….aaaannnddd if you live in the area this would be a good time to take the mistletoe down.

  16. The ski mask grinch!

  17. Bermy says:

    Nuff Bermudins left plenty of black seal and egg nog out this Christmas. Santa had a few to many and lost his way. Next will be a sighting of drunk rain deer only wearing red noses along south shore. Merry Christmas bermy! But on a proper note, catch ace boy and tell him to put his pants on! At least he can’t be carrying a gun!

  18. Ganja mon says:

    Light skinned or white..I can’t tell the difference

  19. Only in Bermuda says:

    Is this for real!!!! MAWI needs a mobile van for pick ups.

  20. Tweedle Bug says:

    This is not the first time for a “STREAKER” to have been running around nekkid as a jail-bird in Bermy … last guy did this was white and didn’t cover his face years ago …. fastest thing on 2 feet … LOL

  21. swing voter says:

    the jerk (pun intended) is probably cracking up at these comments and loves the undue attention. BPS screwed up again.

  22. X man says:

    This guys only doing it to amuse himself and get his freak on.
    He most likely a Blogger himself and just laughing at the comments.

    • sage says:

      He better not find himself prowling naked near my house, he certainly won’t be laughing, and to everyone who finds this creep funny, you’d better hope when this escalates to intruding on the privacy of a female it’s not your wife or daughter. This is no frat house streaker, this clown represents a clear potential for danger.

  23. Bermuda Boy says:

    Can’t be that cold if they knew it was a man!!!!! lol

  24. Yess sirr says:

    Lol They Need More Then One Van Because Half This Island Is nuts

  25. JustSayin says:

    If this guy is legally disturbed he wouldn’t hide his face. For him to hide his face he realises he is doing something wrong. I don’t think a real mentally disturbed person would hide his face. Catch him and shame him post his picture.

  26. u ank sers says:

    popped a molly….he sweatin!!!

  27. Ty says:

    Hopefully someone will find where he stashed the rest of his clothes and take them. He will have no choice but to use the ski mask as a pair of underwear.

    • terry says:

      Three holes…..
      He have to wear it upside down……………………….
      Now that would be a dead giveaway……………………….

  28. Gopher says:

    …….Chestnuts roasting on an open fire……

  29. Noway says:

    LOL wtf cereal naked guy walking around lol priceless

  30. terry says:

    Was this guy seen naked Bernews?

  31. Malachi says:

    Don’t be so sure. Last time I checked, there were a few mentally disturbed individuals showing their faces at City Hall!

  32. Concerned Citizen says:

    Seriously, the description sounds like the legendary Smuggla/er, well, just being Smuggla!

  33. foldgers says:

    Some people who are considered respectable and in postions of power, often display this kind of behaviour as a way of stress release. He could be in a place somewhere in his state of mind , between the need to get caught to alleviate the pressure of his postion.. or this is his really kinky side that appeals to him being reckless instead of responsible.. notall people who display this behaviour are uneducated or even mentally unstable. People have sexual perversions that they try to control in many ways. That is why bondages houses and dominitrix are still so prevelant and popular in other countries.Maybe this person could not get away for the holidays but needs his release.. so many different ways to view this

  34. U naked man is nasty u dont see girls doing that no afense

  35. overseas says:

    its obvious he popped a molly an started sweating ..

  36. Rude Mike B says:

    Me and my girlfriend were in the Warwick area on Wednesday off the beaten path beyond the crowded area of the beach.. when a tall slender man with a darker skin tone approached us and claimed he was from Germany and that the area we were in was a great place to take a nude dip on the ocean. Me and my lady just ignored him mostly.. he continued ahead saying that in Europe its ok to be nude on the beach… ok you arent in Europe.. and the guy did not have a German nor European accent. He was a local… Anyway on the way back to the Warwick area we passed him again.. he was buck naked and masturbating with a full boner. Saying its ok he’s European. What a sicko..being nude is one thing, playing with yourself is taking it too far. we didnt call the police… we didnt have a phone. It was we just hurried out of the area. By the time we would have gotten to a phone he would have been long gone.