Police: Offence To Distribute Child Abuse Images

December 26, 2013

The police have issued a reminder that it is an offence to distribute child abuse images, and said that anyone who receives such images via social media, internet or their mobile phone should erase the image or report it.

A police spokesperson said, “The Police would like to remind the public that it is an offence to distribute any child abusive images, this includes but not limited to sexual images of anyone under the age of 16.

“Anyone coming into possession of video images or photographic images should report these images to the Police immediately.

“If you receive any child abuse images via social media, internet or your mobile phone, do not pass on the image or video no matter how good your intentions are, simply erase the image or report it.

“Anyone found in possession of an image by police are liable to arrest and prosecution.”

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  1. Time Shall Tell says:

    Certain recently circulated Facebook videos come to mind….

  2. Jim Jones says:

    Erase OR report it? How about just REPORT it? Erasing it and then doing nothing does not help things one bit. Why is that an option?

    • Mile High Club says:

      Was thinking the same – I feel if you don’t report it – you support it!

  3. asclearasmud says:

    I also agree, and shouldn’t it be under the age of 18 not 16?

  4. Whistling Frog says:

    So why is illegal child porn coming through the electronic media? Why the authorities don’t shot down the companies that channel this illegal activity through to its customers? If restrictions was to be applied at the very top, it would be harder for the consumer to get their hands on this material.
    It just shows you, that those who have the power, have no power at all…

  5. Arthur Raynor says:

    I agree with the police notice but I think some clarification needs to be made at to ‘child abuse’ photos and ‘child sexual abuse’ photos as there is a big difference between the two of them. As a graphic designer I can tell you that Child abuse photos are readily found and legally sold on the internet by the dozens of stock photo houses and they are used in the creation of ads for print & television commercials of which we have all viewed them at one time or another. They are images of children used to highlight, inform and stamp out the abuse of children by beatings, cigarette burns even verbal abuse.
    Even Google and Microsoft are working to use technology to try and tackle child ‘sexual’ abuse images with search and YouTube changes. Their efforts are aimed at stopping pedophiles from accessing and distributing the images.
    A legal gray area is also a challenge for them and that is things like the simple taking of a baby ‘bathtime’ photo, naked baby or very young child on the beach or running through the sprinklers, can also be included in the internet sweep, and in the past, numerous parents have gone before the courts for taking and posting those types of innocent photos online for family and friends to view. Google “Are bathtime photos child pornography?” to read of examples where parents have had their children taken away from them for posting bathtime photos. Again there is a difference in abuse and sexual abuse photos and they should not be both lumped together by the uninformed because one is legal and one is not.

    • Between de lines says:

      Mr. Raynor, like you, I too am a graphic designer and agree with you. However I think a little more explanation is needed. The photos/video of child abuse that are sold legally by stock houses have the difference of being ‘staged’. With makeup, proper lighting and a good photographer, child abuse can be depicted based on a real person/photo by using a model. Remember, STOCK PHOTO HOUSES HAVE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES, so I cannot imagine they are using actual victims. Plus, even if they were, use of those photos DO come with ‘terms of usage’ clause which describes HOW the photo may or may not be used to also protect the models. An image may be intended for a positive use (as you suggested), however stock houses can only try to prevent someone from using a pic in a negative light.

  6. mickmoran says:

    You should NEVER EVER DELETE it until after you have reported it. Every one of these images or movies are a potential crime scene and may lead to the rescue of an abused child. The police are mistaken here. Sure, it may be illegal but more importantly you could be deleting the chance for a child to be removed from harm.
    ALWAYS report. ALWAYS.

  7. Officer speaks his mind says:

    Point of Clarification:

    There has been recent images circulating of school girls performing sex acts on males. These images have been passed on via mobile devises. We are asking you to report it, however, equally as dangerous is to have the image on your phone. There have been cases in the past were an individual has lost the phone and an image was seen on the phone by an individual who found the phone and the owner was called into question. Or a police officer got a hold of a phone and saw a sex act and it was then noticed the child was under the age of consent.

    Now let’s be clear many individuals think it is cool to pass on images of females performing sex acts. The danger is, if that person is under the age of consent it is child pornography. Also boys who pass on images of girls performing sex acts, put themselves at risk because it is considered statutory rape particularly if the female is under the age of consent. It is not uncommon of boys/males to pass around the footage and it potentially exposing both the girl and the male.

    Let’s take off the blinders it is call sexting. It is very common, but it is very dangerous. SEXTING with a person under the age of 16 is considered child porn. Also someone asked why 16 and not 18 that is the legal age for consent.

  8. Officer speaks his mind says:

    again, it is our local girls and boys taping each other. the image is passed on and them we have a critical situation on hand. Many are thinking organized porn. that exist and it must be stopped too. however in this case and the critical problem in Bermuda is SEXTING girls and boys sending innapropriate images or communication over the web, internet or cellphone. Everyday girls and boys and eventually those images get in the wrong hands and then there is a problem.

  9. Boo says:

    Why is the age of consent 16 and not 18?