PLP Call On Dunkley To “Address Allegations’

January 23, 2014

The Opposition PLP have called on Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley to address the allegations from Eron Hill, saying that his resignation from the Cannabis Reform Collaborative [CRC] is a “concerning development.”

Last month Government announced that work had begun to produce a paper on cannabis policy reform and announced the members of the CRC as Stratton Hatfield, Dr. Ernest Peets, Kamal Worrell, Julia van Beelen, Khomeini Taalib-Din, Cordell Riley, Krystl Assan, Lamar Caines, Eron Hill, Kyle Bridgewater, and Robyn Swan.

The Ministry said the paper will “identify the benefits and consequences of reclassifying, legalizing, or decriminalizing Cannabis and investigate its medical uses,” and will be presented to the Minister once completed.

Yesterday Eron Hill, an 18 year old legal understudy, announced that he had resigned from the group saying that the “committee has an ulterior agenda to ultimately take a certain position on cannabis.”

In response, CRC spokesperson Stratton Hatfield said that Mr Hill’s comments were “false and sadly misleading,” and noted that Mr. Hill was absent for two of the four meetings.

Video of Mr Hill’s press conference yesterday:

In a statement today, a PLP spokesperson said, “Last month, to much fanfare, Minister of National Security the Hon. Michael Dunkley, announced the formation of the Cannabis Reform Committee.

“Yesterday, we had a press conference from one member, Mr. Eron Hill, who has announced his resignation due to an ‘ulterior agenda’ present in the committee.

“Today, Minister Dunkley via Facebook has attempted to distance himself from the committee, claiming that it is an independent entity despite being appointed and announced by him late last year.

“To protect the credibility of this committee, it is imperative that Minister Dunkley answer the allegations of Mr. Hill, that this committee has been formed to rubber stamp his Party’s viewpoint on cannabis policy reform. The Minister needs to come clean and drop his current duck and hide approach.

“This issue of cannabis reform is much too important a topic to ‘play politics’ with. This resignation is a concerning development and we call on Minister Dunkley to address these allegations from Mr. Hill.”

Shadow Minister for Youth, Sport, Community & Culture Michael Weeks said, “The vicious and repugnant personal attacks on Mr. Eron Hill for choosing to remove himself from Minister Dunkley’s Cannabis Reform Committee should disturb and anger all Bermudians.

“Rather than examine the content of his message, as we have seen time and time again, the messenger is being attacked. I for one have no clue what Mr. Hill’s political affiliation is, nor do I care. It is wrong to engage in acts of character assassination and make implied threats against anyone’s reputation or livelihood.

“We were told that the OBA would do politics differently. Yet many people who claim to support their Party are prepared to verbalize the same hateful rhetoric and promote the same forms of economic terrorism that eventually made the UBP unelectable.

“Let’s agree to disagree. Let us loudly and strongly state our positions. We must not however lose sight of the fact that each of us are entitled to our opinions and that character assassination and the advocacy of economic retribution against those that don’t share our beliefs are simply unacceptable.”

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  1. Unbelievebale says:

    Uh…Eron Hill made the claim. I think it’s up to him to back it up.

    • jt says:

      Of course they called for it – it was the next line in the script.

      • Hmmm says:

        So Weeks says the public made vicious and repugnant attacks , which the public did not. It is time Weeks resigned. … Come on Bean, time to kick him out.

        • Black Soil says:

          Enrol Hill…the new (but not improved) political pawn. These PLP antics are so amateurish. The public is sooo uninspired.

    • Rob says:

      As the country moves higher, the PLP will stoop lower!

      • Hopefulness says:

        Well done young man, it is refreshing to see a young man take such bold step forward. I am most impressed with Mr. Hill. Mr. Hill do not let the nay sayers impact your position. Keep pushing as hard as you can. The reality is it does not take no more than one meeting to determine the purpose and agenda and objective of any committee. That is often set during the first meeting. A bright young man will in cases pick up on the real agenda during the first meeting. It does not require a Rock Scientist do determine something is not very right. Others also left the same committee citing other reasons as to avoid any controversy, or where not as brave as you to speak the truth.

        Stand strong Mr. Hill , what you have here today is those folks whom strongly support the OBA trying to cry down a young man whom has actually revealed the real agenda of Mr. Dunkley. This many do not like and so they will attempt to attack you as best they know how. Just ignore than, and keep standing up for other young people. Instead of supporting our young people when they stand on your integrity, the OBA are pulling them down. Is this what they mean by change, well looks like I made a big mistake on Dec 17, 2013.

        Hold on and stick to your position. You are indeed a shinning young star !!

        • Hopefulness says:

          Mr. Hill I am afraid to say what will follow below are comments by strong OBA supporters whom only objective is to attack you and more so attempt to discredit you. I suggest you overlook their comments, and hold your head up high. Your a bright young man with a lot to be proud of.

          These folks do this each day, their agenda is set, and this might be what your attempting to say in regards to this so called committee. It is not even about the issue by an attempt to attack one political party over another. I have taken noticed that the same folks write on most days with the same agenda. The OBA fans continue to insult folks daily, and seldom debate the real issue up for discussion in any intelligent manner.

          Continue on, as the distasteful OBA comments continue to flow from the disgruntled OBA club.

          Stand strong young man, you are indeed one to watch in the future. The mere fact folks are attacking you, speaks to this.

          • Hmmm says:

            No such thing as an OBA club. You continue to lie and make things up ….

            Folks aren’t attacking anyone.

            I think it was brilliant that he was involved. I’m sad that he didn’t stay the course and gain valuable experience from his committee peers.

            • Betty Trump says:

              Your blindfaithfulnessloyalist attitude would suggest he has made up lies, as a way not to acknowledge that something is wrong with CRC committee. That is the common steps of the UBPoba government always seeking to place blame on someone, something or something else. Now you move to place it on this young brilliant young man. Did you question your Mr. Dunkley and chairman of the CRC, as one can make the same assumptions, after all he is a strong UBPOba young chairman, and heads up the youth wing of the UBPoba.. bias …I think so…

              So praises should always be given to a young man that stands up, and stop with attempting to attack him.

              • Hmmm says:

                I don’t have “blindfaithfulnessloyalist attitude”
                Erm…..That is you Betty Trump

                • Choir Boy says:

                  Hey Betty, is that the same as ‘Dieheart’? HAHAHAHAHAAH

                  • Betty Trump says:

                    See article…Bernews Date:December 20, 2013

                    “At the request of the Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley,” on 5 December, 2013, a collaborative group began meeting to produce a paper on cannabis policy reform.

                    Members of the group include Stratton Hatfield, Dr. Ernest Peets, Kamal Worrell, Julia van Beelen, Khomeini Taalib-Din, Cordell Riley, Krystl Assan, Lamar Caines, Eron Hill, Kyle Bridgewater, and Robyn Swan.

                    A statement from the Ministry said, “The paper will identify the benefits and consequences of reclassifying, legalizing, or decriminalizing Cannabis and investigate its medical uses.

                    “Its members will look at cannabis and current cannabis policy from health, human rights, spiritual, cultural and economic perspectives in an effort to provide a fair and inclusive overview of policy options.

                    “Once complete, the document and its supportive research will be presented to the Minister.

                    “As stated in the November Throne Speech, the Government of Bermuda called for a public debate on Cannabis and stated their intent to produce a public consultation paper.

                    Looks like Dunkley hands are all over this one…

                    • Mazumbo says:

                      I think de part that says (At the request) is self explanatory it seems like de mans ice is colder after all.

        • Betty Trump says:

          Stand strong young man, it is true this is an attempt to make Mr. Dunkley look like he has nothing to do with this CRC committee, but in fact he does. Clearly as indicated by the chair of the committee….here is a direct quotation.

          “He added that Mr. Hill had only attended two out of four CRC meetings since the group was set up in December by National Security Minister Michael Dunkley.”

          It does not take long for any smart bright young man to determine that something is not right within the group. A P1 student can figure out his friends are up to something…really

        • Reveal says:

          Betty#2 (and yes, you need to change your writing styles to fool regular readers/posters).

          Please reveal the hidden agenda of Dunkley. Not even Mr. Hill did that, so what do you know?

          Please reveal if you truly love Bermuda.

          • Betty Trump says:

            Stop attacking this young brilliant man. He stands on his integrity and values, which is something that unfortunately Mr. Dunkley has failed to do.. if you want to spin this issue into something else, I will not take the bait, so move on.

            Young Man stand strong. Stand on your position. This is a brilliant young man, and it scares the heck out of the UBPoba fan Club.

            • Hmmm says:

              It’s great Eron stood up and joined the committee. I’m sad that he left. He could have learned much about the process of a committee that would serve him well in his career.

              Noone is attacking him as the PLP ranted in the article. why don’t you question Mr Weeks remarks

              “The vicious and repugnant personal attacks on Mr. Eron Hill for choosing to remove himself from Minister Dunkley’s Cannabis Reform Committee should disturb and anger all Bermudians.”

              That is a bold faced lie ! come on Betty step up to the plate and question Mr Weeks for making remarks concerning Eron that were entirely untrue!!!!!

            • Clive Spate says:

              If this is the Bermudian standard of brlliance no wonder we need so many guest workers here.

            • LOL (original TM*) says:

              Hey stupid he’s dirrecting the comment to you Betty not Hill.


    • **** u says:

      Who gives a f*** let’s jus legalise d weed n fast

  2. YADON says:

    This is getting out of hand. All we ask for is the TRUTH. All this political non-sense is helping no one. Please just weigh the facts on either side ( probably don’t need a scale as there is no valid argument to keep it illegal.)and get the law changed. Whilst our leaders bicker for their own selfish gain, the people continue to suffer. I will not forget this from either side come voting day.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      YADON…i feel you brah…don’t you feel that your voice of reason is falling on deaf ears…you produce World renown scientific facts which counter mainstream media propaganda but the sleeper cells are programmed for one thing only and that is to follow instructions…they are under the mind control and don’t even realize it. Agenda 21 in full effect!!.

    • Come Correct says:

      Know that.

  3. Story Teller says:

    How can the accused answer the allegations when he or Committee members are not aware of what Mr. Hill’s actual complaints are?

    • Story Teller says:

      Can someone please point out where anyone threatened economic retribution or economic terrorism (nice language PLP) against Mr. Hill?

      • Hmmm says:

        Where were the repugnant attacks???

        The PLP spokeperson makes this stuff up !

        The committee is not OBA

        I just can’t believe that the PLP could stoop so low to USE Eron for cheap and weak attempts at political point scoring !!!!!!!!!! Makes me sick !

        • I guess you must not have read the comments on the original story. Many were disgusting personal attacks. But I guess I just imagined reading them. The PLP must have made that up.

          And on another note, who formed the committee? The government right? The government is the OBA, so this is an OBA committee. No matter how much you try to claim that it’s not.

          • Hmmm says:

            I read it…there was nothing there like that …perhaps stuff has since been added to serve a purpose, but no I see nothing. You are making this up !!!!!!!

            Someone called him a quitter… he did quit.

            Someone named “bum” said “What a loser just giving up like that and exposing his co-members. Next time just don’t invite this kid in the circle.”

            • Hmmm says:

              I don’t see :

              “The vicious and repugnant personal attacks” that the PLP claim

              • LOL (original TM*) says:

                There aren’t any you realize your talking to the PLP PR machine right.

                LOL just can’t beleive Komani is allowing him self to used like this wait ago PLP.

          • Hopefulness says:

            Personal attacks coming from the OBA supporters whom are trying to attack this young man. Here is a young man trying to stand up for what he believes is something of real importance, and what do we see today and yesterday. Negative, distasteful remarks by OBA supporters. This is not good and does not bold well for our young people. This is far not required or necessary. This also suggest they are not willing to accept something is not right in regards to Mr. Dunkley’s position in regards to the issue. Folks need to address the issue, not attack this bright young man whom has found that something is not right with this picture.

            We have many young people whom we should be supporting today, to encourage them to do well, but instead certain folks make fun out our young people.

            • Hmmm says:

              Please show the examples

              • Hmmm says:

                and if you do actually manage to find any, please provide proof that they are OBA supporters and not just Bermuda supporters.

      • James Rego says:

        Don’t pay any attention to Weeks. He will shout fire in the middle of torrential rain.

  4. wow says:

    The guy is bold. I’m sure we will here from this young man. I think this time he is going to call a spade a spade, so I hope the committee are prepared to answer questions he may bring.

    • Just Wondering says:

      If he was so bold and going to call a spade a spade why didn’t he do it in his press release? why didn’t he when asked about the bias say what he saw and who it was coming from? Why didn’t he nail them then and there so that would have to answer?

      • Kangoocar says:

        Just wondering, I guess you have noticed by now that, whenever you ask the sheeple anything, the only thing you get is, a bunch of “disagree numbers” but no answers??? I am shocked every time, NOT!!!!?!

        • Just Wondering says:

          I have noticed that is why I ask questions, because in my view right or wrong you should be able to back what you say. Sadly is it seems not all that many are able or willing to back their comments.

        • Hopefulness says:

          I have also notice that whenever the public demands information from the OBA, seldom is a real answer provided. I am for one am growing tired of this, and believe it is used as scapegoat approach by the OBA to avoid taking responsibility for anything. Now they claim they had nothing to do with this committee. But whom set it up, who was in the news making announcement about the members of the committee? Mr. Dunkley was the one that made the announcement, and was very proud of it.

          Stop attacking the young man, and put the real responsibility in regards this matter where it belongs, and that is with Mr. Dunkley. Looks like OBA are attempting to move the issue in a direction that does nothing to solve it, but rather play politics with our young people’s lives.

          • Betty Trump says:

            A direct quote from the CRC Chairman…..”He added that Mr Hill had only attended two out of four CRC meetings since the group was set up in December by National Security Minister Michael Dunkley.”

            Despite this Mr. Dunkley continues to suggest that he had had nothing to do with setting up this Committee. Here the CRC clearly outlines that the group was set up by Mr. Dunkley. Now it looks as if Mr. Dunkley OBAubp are trying to distance themselves from putting this group together.

            Always the UBPoba trying to escape taking responsibility for something.

  5. Bermail says:

    I would also like to know the actual gripe and ulterior agenda that Mr. Hill has spoken about.

    We as the public have a right to know the details as opposed to simple allegations. By revealing these facts not only would enhance Mr. Hill’s allegations and the credibility of them, but also achieve the transparency that he champions.

    So until that is clarified by Mr. Hill then there really is no message content to address Mr. Weeks.

    I would sincerely like to hear from the other Committee members if they believe this to be the case as well.

    Here’s to hoping.

  6. Sooooo says:

    Here we have a 18 year old kid who has his own agenda, he ends up with a bunch of people that don’t have the same views… so instead of fighting for his opinion he bails and tries to make a name for himself in the press….

    • Hmmm says:

      Some of them may have the same views as Eron. I’m sure some do.

    • Barracuda says:


    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      That just it I know for a fact that some on the CRC are pro decriminalization if not fully support legalization so wtf does that mean Mr. Hill is against as his statements suggest he is for decriminalzation. So what’s the problem? That’s why I said in the original story that someone or group is interfering and it does not look like the OBA are the one’s doing it.

      LOL prove me wrong.

  7. YADON says:

    My fellow Bermudians it is time to wake up and see the real enemy to us all. That enemy is party politics. Time to abolish the two most powerful gangs on this island ( OBA & PLP ). We should elect ministers based on who is best for each position and the premier based on who WE would like to run our country. Any affiliation besides independent needs to be out-lawed ( including the U.S. style of dems vs republicans). There is too much conflict of interest. A person cannot serve 2 masters i.e the people and their gang (party).

    • Unbelievebale says:

      I shall co-sign to this statement.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:


        LOL parties getting in the people’s way to real progress. Maybe eliminating parties would diminish the power of the racists in the system system?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      That would be very nice but surely you don’t want to go back to politics pre politial partys of the 1960s even though the Island was very well run at the time. MPs were almost all successful business people in their own right. The Senate was a place of older wise MPs & retired business people not the political kindergarden for wanna bees that it is today.

      A form of proportional representation would be nice.

      • Andrew says:

        So what was the point of your first paragraph then??

        Proportional representation is a system that we should seriously consider on the island. Say 6-10 representatives from each parish that make up the law making body of the government, with separate elections for the executive committee: so Prime Minister, Deputy PM and their cabinet be 8 ministers or our current 10. We can keep the Constitution, just ammend it where necessary, starting with the bleddy Misuse of Drugs Act! The new House of Assembly will deal with passing laws etc, while the executive branch of the government run the day to day.

        End to party pileotricks!!!

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Pre party politics in the 60s was not proportional. It was more about who could afford to become an MP.

          The proportional system was a suggestion. I have ideas on how to make it possible for the common person to run but that would take some space to write.

    • Andrew says:

      I will be there as well, party politics have got to go! I refuse to get involved with politics because of that exact reason. We need the best people representing us to the best of their abilities, with no affiliation to any party; rather the best interest of our island home at heart! We have too much to lose to allow Bermuda and her people to sink any lower than we currently are.. we are in a sad state of affairs. For a country as prosperous and affluent as us, (and yes i said it! We enjoy quite a high standard of living compared to rest of the world) we should be a model for the world! Just think if we had the best: education system, transport system, goverment structure, waste management, construction codes use of alternative energy, the list could go on and on! Lets go on with it Bermuda! Things need to change, and they need to change quick!

      End to party pileoftricks!!!

      • Elizabeth Gamble says:

        Why not start a “Petition” to abolish Party Politics, for Bermuda being only 21 sq. miles We should be the Envy of the World!

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Would have to be carefull not to repeat the French revolution here lets iron out the legistics first then act.

          LOL otherwise some idot will be saying “let them eat cake”

  8. Jim Bean says:

    This is a scripted plp game. Hill attends two of four meetings. He does get his way and then throws stones. Suspicious that Marc Daniels lays a flawed bill on the same week. Do hill and Daniels know each other? I think so. Truth will come quickly. Now they deflect nd trash oba supporters quoting anonymous bloggers who are probably paid party plp hacks. We all know Betty trump is…..

    • Ex Mea Sententia says:

      I totally agree with Jim Bean. This has played out like a scripted scenario. It never ceases to amaze me the depths to which people will stoop when it comes to politics.

  9. Yahoo says:

    Sounds like Mr Hill is just a quitter. He attended TWO meetings and then quit?

    Tell Mr Hill to give daddy back his suit, put on his own big boy pants and put an effort in.


  10. haha says:

    PLP you are so WEAK! You just outed ya puppet lmfao!

  11. Kangoocar says:

    Does the plp politricking ever end??? Please min Dunkley deal with this plp stunt as soon as possible!! Bermuda is in dire straits and we no longer have the time for their nonsense!! Everyday it is either the plp hand picked COH clowns or the plp getting in the way of of us moving forward!! This is the perfect time to expose these grandstanders for what they really are!!! This Mr Hill without a doubt is being used as a tool by the plp nonsense machine, funny how tool rhymes with fool!!!

    • Kangoocar says:

      I feel honored every time the plp nonsense machine devotes their time entirely on me, 14 disagree clicks in less than 10 minutes has got to be a record on these blogs!!! I know it angers them to know end that I am never fooled by their nonsense!!!!

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Shucks Bye, ya got me beat by a long way. I am humbled.

        Too bad the site allows multiple likes or dislikes from same source.

        • Kangoocar says:

          Was not aware of that?? You have spoiled my day LOL. I really was feeling honored!!

          • Bernews says:

            Like anything, if someone is tech savvy enough they can get around it, but the system is designed to generally allow one “like” per computer!

            • Kangoocar says:

              Thanks for clearing that up

              • sage says:

                Wish I was more savvy, I can only get one like/ dislike per story.

                • LOL (original TM*) says:

                  Seen this to just come back later and you can like or dislike again. Don’t have to be tech savy just enraged enough to want to click a button a millon times and accedently you would have found out ever wounder why anything the PLP PR machine does not agree with the dislike column goes up by three to four vote until it just beats or is atleast equal to the likes.


  12. Common Sense says:

    Let me get this straight.

    Shadow Minister for Youth, Sport, Community & Culture, Michael Weeks is alleging that, “vicious and repugnant personal attacks” are being made on Mr. Eron Hill for choosing to remove himself from Minister Dunkley’s Cannabis Reform Committee.

    An unnamed PLP spokesman also alleges that someone is using “character assassination and the advocacy of economic retribution against those that don’t share our beliefs.”

    Okay you have my undivided attention and I can assure you that I will be mad as hell if anyone in the OBA Government used such tactics against Mr. Hill.

    So all I need to know is THE FACTS. Please quote even one “vicious and repugnant attack” made against Mr. Hill by anyone in the Government. Please quote the “character assassination” and some evidence to indicate that someone, anyone, has advocated “economic retribution” against Mr. Hill. I’ve searched the media reports high and low and cannot find a single word that could be described as vicious, repugnant or character assassination.

    I really want to get to the bottom of these allegations. Are they true, or are they perfect examples of the sort of hot air so often emanating from some of our politicians?

    I wait with bated breath for the proof of these allegations.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Don’t try to hold your breath while you wait. You will be dead.

      The PLP is out there desperately running around the hay field looking for straws.

      How can the OBA respond to something when nothing has been presented to respond to?

      • Betty Trump says:

        I continue to hold my breathe for the UBPoba to answer many Questions, especially to hold true to the many pre-election promises they put to the people, but so far have failed to live up to them. SO far they have failed to live up to their key Buzz words..TRANSPARENCY, HONESTY, COLLABORATION….no show so far.

        Let me continue to hold my breathe……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • Common Sense says:

          Betty, Any chance you could try not to change the subject for a moment and address the questions I asked in my last post. It should be very easy with your inside track on the PLP.

          Please quote even one “vicious and repugnant attack” made against Mr. Hill by anyone in the Government. Please quote the “character assassination” and some evidence to indicate that someone, anyone, has advocated “economic retribution” against Mr. Hill. I’ve searched the media reports high and low and cannot find a single word that could be described as vicious, repugnant or character assassination.

          I’m sure that with your sense of fair play, transparency, honesty and collaboration you will be happy to oblige.

          But please do me a favour. On this occasion don’t delve back into history and avoid answering a straight and easy question. These allegations have just been made and it is only fair that the public be appraised of the truth as to whether they are true – or false.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            You can’t get a responce to your question when asking it to a pre recorded machine.


  13. Srsly? says:

    WTF this is all so dumb. Smoke weed and don’t get caught and STFU about it

  14. Ringmaster says:

    Did the unnamed PLP spokesperson read and understand the statement from Stratton Hatfield? He is one of the Committee members. Why does everything become PLP vs OBA vs PLP? Why can’t the factions work for the benefit of Bermudians and Bermuda?

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      The PLP can’t afford to be seen as colaborating with the evil white party as it makes them look weak to their older support which is a large part of the vote.

      LOL prove me wrong.

  15. Hudson says:

    So wait – this guy admits he has his own agenda (ie to have cannabis legalized) and says he quit because he thought the others in the group had their own agenda? And the PLP want Dunkley to answer that? wow – politics at its best…

    But that said, about two weeks ago, I had a conversation with one of these members and I can say whole heartedly that I was speaking to a person who could see all sides of the argument and the pros and cons.. that’s what we want.. a balanced viewpoint and a paper at the end that the public can then vote on… I don’t want somebody to write a biased paper which is clearly what this man wanted and wasn’t going to get.. There is nothing for Dunkley to answer to imo – wait for the paper to come out, and then ask the questions. If the PLP wanted weed legalized, why did they wait 14 years and do nothing?

  16. Jesse says:

    I personally know 3 of the current members and one now ex-member of the CRC. And I know all of them to be honest as well as being honestly passionate about this topic. I find it very hard to believe that these individuals are part of some nefarious ulterior agenda as insinuated by this young man.

    I think Mr. Hill needs to come clean about his accusations and not for the sake of Minister Dunkley. But for the benefit of the remaining CRC members as his press conference seems to have impugned their reputations and motivations. He owes it to these people who at least will understand his issue and respond in kind to his allegations against them. Until that point there is really nothing to answer.

  17. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    watch this then comment…

    • Hudson says:

      I watched your link and it doesn’t do the legalization of marijuana argument justice if that is where you were trying to go with this… Just a few questions to ponder:

      Decriminalize or legalize? Medicinal purposes only or for general use? Will GB allow us to legalize?
      If you legalize, what happens to those that are currently benefiting as a seller or supplier in our underground market? Will unemployment rates go up or down? Will the social costs associated with legalization go up or down?
      What should the govt tax be if it’s legalized? What is the anticipated revenue if it is legalized? What do the short, medium and long term projections for revenue look like?
      What age should people be allowed to smoke pot – 16? 18? 21? Who can sell? How does Govt police suppliers? How do we police quality? Where can people smoke pot if it’s legal? What about the unintended consequences of teenage weed addicts?

      These are the types of questions I want answers to beyond the science of “is weed more addictive than heroin” or is weed bad for you… I think that this young man wanted a 30 minute debate to arrive at an answer of “let’s legalize” and didn’t want to ponder both sides of all the questions surrounding this issue…

      • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

        well… i dont know if its your first day on line here…but each and every one of your questions have been pondered and discussed…so maybe instead of gabberflapping and holding us back do some work and find the answers to your petty questions by researching…you’re way behind lets go catch up or drop out. If you didn’t get the point of the video then obviously it went way over and beyond your ability to be part of this discussion…

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          The usual response. If anyone brings up questions, the stock answer is “look on the internet. Google it”. No answers. No consideration of possible downsides. Just a rush to get your hands on weed.

          • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

            i will tell you as i told him ….all of his questions have been asked and answered…how many times must we repeat ourselves, thats why i told him to research the answers that he needs to hear…i myself already know the down sides presented by the opposition on this matter BUT i also have done my own research which counteracts everything i have been indoctrinated since birth just as you have been…geesh you naysayers have a gripe wit everything. As for the video you saw how the DEA official was dumbfounded and fumble her words …she doesnt even know why its illegal!! Go lay

          • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

            i will tell you as i told him ….all of his questions have been asked and answered…how many times must we repeat ourselves, thats why i told him to research the answers that he needs to hear…i myself already know the down sides presented by the opposition on this matter BUT i also have done my own research which counteracts everything i have been indoctrinated since birth just as you have been…geesh you naysayers have a gripe wit everything. As for the video you saw how the DEA official was dumbfounded and fumble her words …she doesnt even know why its illegal!! Go lay down.

          • Sara says:

            You really are something Sandy. I am pretty sure that people who want to consume weed can already find it so your assumption is ridiculous. Why do we have to keep repeating and educating on things that are easily and probably better explained doing your own research? I really don’t understand what you are doing here in these discussions.

      • sage says:

        Hudson, the man did not state any position on “legalization”, he did admit his bias, which he described as ending the criminalization of young offenders, which is commonly known as “decriminalization”. The group was formed to look into all aspects, legalization, decriminalization, medical use, yet no one finds it biased when Dunkley stated his his opposition to legalizing herb, effectively framing the “meaningful discussion” from jump. Mr. Hill has to come out and elaborate on hidden agendas, if they do exist. Every member(and ex) has a personal view and bias, they’re human, it just shouldn’t affect the impartiality of the group as a whole.

  18. HERBALIFE says:

    4 meetings attend 2 then quit. Lets look at that for a second. PLP and Betty T try again.

    • Betty Trump says:

      It does take a Rocket Scientist to figure out something is wrong after attending the first meeting. The agenda and objectives of a committee are often set during the first meeting. A elementary student can determine something is not right during a first meeting, it not difficult. This smart bright budding young man knows what he is doing, and pick up on what is going on after the first meeting. He is much smarter than the average young person…guess your not based upon your comment. REALLY

  19. Bermuda boy says:

    Plp / BIU get lost, you are no longer the govt. thanks be to ……

  20. Unbelievebale says:

    The PLP is asking the Minister to address the allegation of there being an agenda. See how silly that is???

    So the Minister is going to walk out in the national spotlight and go “Uh yes, there is an agenda.”

    Sorry PLP but this ain’t your week. Talk about straw men.

  21. Rock Watcher says:

    Legal Understudy straight out of high school! He should go to College and get a Law Degree!
    Who wrote that Press Release I wonder as he had trouble reading it!!

  22. Lois Frederick says:

    This could be seen as a way to malign the Committee and in so doing discredit the whole process, embarrassing the OBA as the end result. The Opposition are then seen in a better light by those sympathetic to legalisation of the drug, although not having to thoroughly consider any consequences to their quickly penned Bill, which will never be passed anyway. Politics at its lowest.

    As for the issue I have no real interest in it. I imagine the best move to make would be to decriminalise small amounts and allow for medical use in cases of real need. Anything beyond that at this time would seem somewhat unlikely.

    • Betty Trump says:

      SURPRISE…the UBPoba have embarrassed themselves by being so dishonest over this entire matter… the sad thing is they are not aware of

      • Keegan Stirling says:

        Hey Betty Trump. Do you contribute anything useful to Bermuda or its economy? Or do you just sit on a computer all day with a fake name and go between Bernews & RG and complain about everything? Please keep your racist and bias comments to yourself. No one cares what you have to say anymore.

        P.S. I’m not sure if you are aware of this but the party is called OBA. Not UPBoba. Please educate yourself on this.

        Thanks and have a great day!

        • Betty Trump says:

          A rose is still a rose by any other name.. OBA is only the UBP dressed up in fake name.. UBPoba… If your blind to it, well be but others are not. SO continue to defend your party regardless if right or wrong, yet condemn others ..>REALLY
          hold the government accountable…call it what you like but guess this was not your position pre-election nor the other fans of the UBPoba. Funny you fail to call out the supporters of the UBPoba for writing such comments> Hypocritical I think you are..big time.

          • Ringmaster says:

            You are so clearly not a person but the PLP mouthpiece. You suck up to everything the PLP says or does. All you do with your posts is remind everyone why the PLP lost the last election, and what it would be like if the PLP win the next. Enjoy Bermuda while you can.

          • Common Sense says:

            Betty, I’ve asked this already but sincerely hope nthat you can answer a straight and very simple question.

            Please quote even one “vicious and repugnant attack” made against Mr. Hill by anyone in the Government. Please quote the “character assassination” and some evidence to indicate that someone, anyone, has advocated “economic retribution” against Mr. Hill. I’ve searched the media reports high and low and cannot find a single word that could be described as vicious, repugnant or character assassination.

            But please do me a favour. On this occasion don’t delve back into history and avoid answering such a simple factual question. These allegations have just been made and it is only fair that the public be appraised of the truth as to whether they are true – or false.

          • Keegan Stirling says:

            Hypocrite – ‘continue to defend your party regardless if right or wrong, yet condemn others’

            Good one. I see you never held the PLP accountable for their actions or lack thereof. Funny how after 12 years in power they only decide to bring forward what Bermudians want when they were no longer in power (ie. end to conscription, gaming referendum, cannabis reform, etc.).

            By the way. Why is Eron Hill making a big deal out of this? He was an unpaid volunteer on an advisory board. His job was to collect information on the topic. He is acting like he is making the final decision on this matter. Hardly worth a press conference to announce his resignation…

            Have a great day!

  23. blahblah says:

    The plp is yelping again. …..this bunch of inept.reckless and

  24. blahblah says:

    Liars,liars,plp pants on fire

  25. Voter says:

    This guy did not go to the last 2 meetings,and then resigned.Obviously not a team player,my way or the highway.He took the highway.Mr.Dunkley,keep up the work of the people,the old govt just took care of you know who.

  26. 32n64w says:

    So is this what the PLP have now become? A two bit hack of a political party that devotes the electorates time and attention to an issue between a disgruntled, unproven and biased operator who chose to launch an unsubstantiated verbal assault against an apolitical body tasked with gathering information on the public’s behalf?

    The PLP are no longer scraping the bottom of the sound bite barrel. They’ve chewed clear through the bottom oak of reasonability and are now competing to subsist on the same crumbs worms live off in the harshest of times.

  27. Most of the comments made under this article show that the contributors never even read the story.

  28. Malachi says:

    Maybe I’m just not in the loop, but until now, I have never heard of the “Cannabis Reform Collaborative (CRC)”. Is this a group officially sanctioned by the Government?

    If yes, then maybe Mr. Dunkley should get involved.

    If no, then it’s nobody’s business but the group’s.

  29. Take it Easy! says:

    Maybe the OBA wants to legalize while the PLP wants it decriminalized! So the PLP still wants people locked up (decriminalize) for de herbs while the OBA doesn’t want 2 make NO criminals (legalize) from de herbs right? Thats why he resigned? Come on PLP the man is 18 years old ( not that it really matters) but to use him as a “platform” for a political assault is a disgrace! The PLP have the nerve to even use the word “allegations”.

  30. When will Brown address allegations?

  31. Tsol says:

    This Eron Hill guy was a PLP plant, he quite when he was told to and is now making “allegations” so the PLP can try and whip up some controversy.

  32. Tolerate says:

    This is really too silly to comment on. Young man, don’t allow yourself to be a tool. Come out with what your accusations are truly about. You fellow ex-group members deserve that.
    PLP; go sleep, like every damn thing in Bermuda you got to make it an OBA issue. Try encouraging the young man to just openly say what he means. This is not a soap opera where we have to tune in next week while bloggers go back and forth making accusations on a statement that had no plot.
    Hell, I’m not even sure what he is implying exactly. You have a press conference giving bits and piece and want people to support you for standing up to whom?
    Sad, every afford that is made to address challenges in Bermuda go this way. What the hell you have to do to be on these boards anyway? At this rate s*** will never get addressed.

  33. Miguelito says:

    Let me get this straight…he attended only two meetings and then resigned? And there’s all this fuss?

  34. Jimmy says:

    To demonize The 18 year old Mr. Hill was the wrong move by the Chairman of this committee. A mature leader should have respectfully disagreed with his position and educated the people of Bermuda on where the committee is in regard the their mandated objective. They have had four meetings and should have a basic structure of how they wish to analyses the issues. As the committee is doing their research on behalf of the people of Bermuda there should be no harm in providing this information. The legalization or decriminalizing of marijuana is not an issue of National Security. It is a Health, Social, Legal and Ecomonic Issue. Unfortunatey, to have this issue lead by the Minister whose present portfolio gives him responsibility for the enforcers of the existing legislation it is easy for one to mistakenly or otherwise form the opinion that there could be an ulterior motive. I agree on the position taken by the PLP. The Minister should encourage the Chairman to provide the information and hopefully this would put an end to this political nonsense in these blogs.

    • Please Explain says:

      How exactly did the CRC Chairman ‘demonize’ Mr. Hill? All that was stated is that the CRC is not acting in a biased manner and that Mr. Hill’s accusations caught all other members by surprise and then stated the FACT that Mr. Hill only could be bothered to attend 2 out of 4 meetings held thus far.

      It was actually Mr. Hill who has tried and ‘demonize’ the CRC and its members by claiming there is some sort of underhanded ulterior agenda without actually providing any evidence to justify his claims. Therefore, by doing so he has tried to denigrate the integrity and motivations of the CRC members. On top of that he doesn’t have the decency and/or courage to provide evidence so that these remaining members can rebut his claims or provide some sort of explanation. That is cowardly, no matter how you try and spin it.

      So please, if you don’t mind, clearly articulate as to why you believe, and provide evidence, that the simple statement from the CRC Chairman was an attempt to demonize Mr. Hill.

    • Just Wondering says:

      Tell me Jimmy where did MR. Hill say he was demonized? Where did he say that the Chairman or any one on the committee did that? Where did MR. Hill say anything about the bias that he ‘saw’? How would you or MR. Hill know about the structure of the analyses the issues? You were not there MR. Hill never said anyhting about it in his press release and he missed two of the four meetings.

  35. Bermuda says:

    This guy is going to be a star. It very is difficult to be a young voice in Bermuda. In Bermuda you could be preaching wisdom beyond your year however in Bermuda it will be taken for not because of your age.
    I am in my 30s now but I figured out early not to tell anybody my age.

  36. Voter says:

    The PLP continuing to destabilize the country to regain power!

  37. swing voter says:

    Hills behavior is the reason why young adults are not seriously considered when it comes to positions of trust that require sound decisions and analytically skills. Yes Mr. Hill run along and go play in street.

  38. Walter Burgess says:

    @ Mr Hill,

    Your entitled to your opinion. But, based on your recent press release comments 2 & 2 are not adding up. So if you are aware of supportable facts then don’t dance around the issue and come to the point, other wise keep your opinion to yourself.

    Just the way i see it………

    -FWB Jr

  39. I smell a rat… 18 year old Mr. Hill only attends 50% of meetings, announces what HIS agenda is, then takes his marbles home because others have a different view, then PLP jumps on his bandwagon. Too many coincidences here.. looks like Alaska Hall has a new young puppet who they have just thrown under the bus…Come clean PLP…stop using young Bermudians for your own political gain.

    • swing voter says:

      talk about amateur hour…I’m not much on conspiracy theory but on the face of it, the PLP appear ludicrous at best to call for an investigation based on this kids unsubstantiated ramblings. He should have quietly walked away. Instead he chose to blow it up into a media circus…yes its a circus now that the clowns have shown up to support this kid. I mean, c’mon Weeks, you know that the CRC was an independently formed group of private citizens who banded together and offered their services to the Minister. Dunkerly doesn’t need defending as there is nothing to defend. Boy talk about stepping in a load of horse-shyte with both feet before realizing that Hill is a joker, must feel pretty inapt now don’t you?

  40. Truth? says:

    Is is true that Mr. Hill is a legal understudy at certain law firm in which a particular political neophyte is a founding partner?

  41. Scaoalsy says:


  42. aceboy says:

    Even Ashfield and Delaey are saying “Don’t rush in” and Ashfield claims it is a PLP attempt to attract young voters.

    Boy, even former MPs of the PLP can see right through this debacle.

    I hope Ashfield keeps a close eye on his car, don’t want another fire or anything.

  43. Sideliner says:

    Impressive 18 year old

    • swing voter says:

      how is it impressive to shoot off your mouth, make irresponsible comments that are questionable, and malign an independent group of individuals who have absolutely no political connection nor agenda? This kid blew it…his actions are immature. And after watching him ‘read’ a press statement that seemed to follow a familiar style of political press release in tone and wording, his credibility is shot. IMHO he was manipulated.

      yup very transparent, clear as day….SMDH

  44. Prayerful says:

    I agree with “norf rock cakes”. Nice suit Mr. Hill, is it your daddy’s? PLP you should be ashamed!

  45. bluebird says:

    I think mr Hill read that prepared statement very well and he only stumbled a couple of times.
    When you write your own speech you don’t make “MISTAKES LIKE THAT”

  46. bluebird says:

    The PLP should change its name to the PDP as it is not a “LABOUR” party anymore.They are the PROGRESIVE DESTRUCTIVE PARTY or for short the PDP.
    They appear to be just like Me Oboma (the president) they are not responsible for anything and Mr Hill has had his moment of fame.
    And we as TAX PAYERS are paying for these people to do mischief with money that is borrowed at $300million dollars per year a DEBT of $2.324 (B)illion with and interest per year of $120Million.
    Does Mr Hill or the “PDP” have any suggestion for us to take care of this DEBT?????????????

  47. Tell the Truth Weeks says:

    Personally I believe that Mr. Weeks has a responsibility to highlight where anyone threatened ‘econonic terrorism’ against Mr. Hill. I have read through the comments on this thread, on the original article as well as in the other media, and still have not seen one such threat.

    That is a serious allegation against someone and Mr. Weeks should evidence his claims. But then again this is the same MP who claimed Bermudians were lining up in droves to get financing to purchase the Grand Atlantic condos. The same development that has only sold one unit so far.

    Deflection and politics at their absolute worst. But these type of underhanded actions have now become the hallmark of the now Opposition.

    • Kangoocar says:

      @ tell the truth weeks, that is why the plp letters stand for, progressive lying party!!!!!

  48. Jimmy says:

    To Just Wandering and Please Explain:

    I will except that Demonize was a poorly chosen word. Therefore I will apologize for that portion of my comments. My position on the other portions remains the same.

    • Family Man says:

      “except” in this case, is another poorly chosen word.

  49. Choir Boy says:

    “Let’s agree to disagree. Let us loudly and strongly state our positions. We must not however lose sight of the fact that each of us are entitled to our opinions and that character assassination and the advocacy of economic retribution against those that don’t share our beliefs are simply unacceptable.”

    This coming from a PLP official??

    Excuse me: Pot – Kettle.

    Remember calling the race card everytime anyone disagreed with PLP?

    I guess this is another case of “Its OK when we do it”.

  50. Jimmy says:

    Except was equally poorly chosen. It should have been accept. :)

  51. bs says:

    What lowlife. Pop..stooping low to discredit anyone or group who want to improve Bda…disgusting and worthless

  52. enough says:

    Please Mr Hill, If you feel that you have something to offer, then stay the course. Quitting when things stop being easy makes you appear weak. I refer to other aspects of life also. It is a pity that Mr Hill only attended half of the meetings.

  53. Edmond Spenser says:

    PLP Planning Committee agenda, editorial opinions to publish week of Jan 27th. Given call to Minister Dunkley to respond to bias in CRC.

    A. Minister Dunkley responds, publish opinion piece on need for independence of CRC and how Minister seems to know too much about the inner workings of CRC. Stress collaboration and transparency and the need to be unbiased.

    B. Minister Dunkley does not respond, publish opinion piece on the lack of knowledge on the status of this legislation, “deafening” silence proves conspiracy and bias. Stress lack of a plan and the “Fact” that Minister Dunkley is not keeping himself informed of the work the CRC is doing.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone.

  54. Voter says:

    The PLP are like Arsene Wangker ,always whining!

  55. getonwithit says:

    You lost the war on drugs the cannibis users on the island except your surrender.Now you suggest medical cannibis ,whos going to supply it if you cant grow it, the goverment wants to be my drug dealer.You suggest decrimilization ,more selective prosicution and only your friends get licence to grow what was put on earth for us.LISTEN UP here are my condidtions full legal cannibis ,go through all your law books and cross out the word cannibis u can do it in 1 day with a broken pencil .Stop kicking peoples doors in ,assulting peoples dogs ,insulting peoples mothers and dragging people off to court and jail .Stop making our children criminals who hate the police .The people who are screaming against this are making money outta drugs one way or another .When i was 18 i said cannibis should be legal to a young black man .He looked at me in horror and replyed how am i to make my money ,2 years later he was a police officer.In Denver cannibis is not legal in all the districts of the city .The disticts that it is legal are booming all the realestate is rented and just down the road is like a ghost town .Is Bermuda going to wait another 30 years talking like we did with gambling ?Maybe we need a expert from another country to tell us what to do phone the Portuguese embassy

  56. David G says:

    How brave is it for us to come on a blog such as this and attempt to discredit someone who had the audacity and was brave enough to state what he felt. If anyone is a coward it’s he who feels an injustice is being done and stands by and lets it happen. He did not. I don’t even support the plp but I definitely wont be voting for the Oba after these antics as well as the fact that their supporters are a reflection of them and the inappropriate comments I see against someone standing on principle. None the less we must rethink this crc thing now.

    • swing voter says:

      oh please spare me. Hills antics which have now been supported by politicians has caused the reaction in the blogs. CRC was above politics until Hill chose to make unsubstantiated accusations in public media and as such exposed himself to public criticism.

      • tristan says:

        Vell we aint heard from d crc. d silence is deafening. OBA antics as usual doe

  57. Voter says:

    OBA will lead the way and help Bermudians.The former govt only helped themselves!

  58. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Mr. Dunkley .
    Don’t waste your time.