CRC Member Resigns, Cites “Ulterior Agenda”

January 22, 2014

Eron Hill Bermuda Jan 2014[Updated with video] Eron Hill — who was a member of the Cannabis Reform Collaborative [CRC] — announced today [Jan 22] that he has resigned from the group, saying that the “committee has an ulterior agenda to ultimately take a certain position on cannabis.”

Mr. Hill also noted that two other members of the committee have resigned for their “own personal reasons.”

He said one was Kamal Worrell, and declined to name the other individual saying he did not have permission to publicly state their name as of yet.

Last month the Government said that at the request of the Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley, the group began meeting to produce a paper on cannabis policy reform.

At that time the members of the group were announced as: Stratton Hatfield, Dr. Ernest Peets, Kamal Worrell, Julia van Beelen, Khomeini Taalib-Din, Cordell Riley, Krystl Assan, Lamar Caines, Eron Hill, Kyle Bridgewater, and Robyn Swan.

A statement from the Ministry at that time said the paper will “identify the benefits and consequences of reclassifying, legalizing, or decriminalizing Cannabis and investigate its medical uses,” and will be presented to the Minister once completed.

Speaking at the press conference today, Mr Hill said: “At the time of accepting to be a part of this group, I was under the impression that I was joining a committee that was going to critically review the current cannabis policies in Bermuda in an unbiased manner and provide recommendations to the government based in fact based and our dispassionate discussions. Regrettably, this has not been my experience thus far.

“Based on my experiences this far, I have come to the conclusion that this committee has an ulterior agenda to ultimately take a certain position on cannabis and we have been seeking relevant information to support that position. We have not engaged in a generic fact finding mission to consider all aspects and research in an unbiased manner.

“To my dismay, I have heard repeated calls for us to appear unbiased even though it’s clear we are not,” added Mr. Hill.

“Accepting that everyone has the right to have whatever view they choose, if it is the case that our members support one side only I respect that, however I believe that the public should be aware of that and not under the impression that we unbiased, and that’s I am compelled to alert the public so that there are no misconceptions about what the group are seeking to achieve.”

Mr Hill’s full statement follows below:

Good day ,

I was invited, and accepted an opportunity to serve on the Cannabis Reform Collaborative (“CRC”) committee that the government implemented in December 2013.

At the time of accepting to be a part of this group, I was under the impression that I was joining a committee that was going to critically review the current cannabis policies in Bermuda in an unbiased manner and provide recommendations to the government based in fact based and our dispassionate discussions. Regrettably, this has not been my experience thus far.

I joined this group to be a voice for young Bermudians and to advocate bringing about an end to criminalizing individuals over youthful decisions to experiment with cannabis.

Based on my experiences this far, I have come to the conclusion that this committee has an ulterior agenda to ultimately take a certain position on cannabis and we have been seeking relevant information to support that position. We have not engaged in a generic fact finding mission to consider all aspects and research in an unbiased manner.

To my dismay, I have heard repeated calls for us to appear unbiased even though it’s clear we are not.

Section 4 of the CRC’s Terms of Reference states that we are “responsible for fostering collaboration and providing an unbiased and critical review of the current Cannabis Policies in Bermuda”. However, sadly this aspect does not appear to be met.

Accepting that everyone has the right to have whatever view they choose, if it is the case that our members support one side only I respect that, however I believe that the public should be aware of that and not under the impression that we unbiased, and that’s I am compelled to alert the public so that there are no misconceptions about what the group are seeking to achieve.

The Hon. Michael Dunkley has publicly stated that he wanted any bill tabled to have the benefit of public input. The sole purpose of the CRC should be to acquire facts both for and against any legislative amendments and then seek public input on those unbiased facts, however the group’s composition does not appear to hold an open attitude to all facts.

The government has the power to either propose a bill and obtain a majority vote on the language or consult the people directly by holding a referendum, but such public consultation should occur if the government actually seeks to embrace it. In light of recent decisions pertaining to gaming, I am not certain that genuine consultation is being sought.

The reasons that I have given today are my own reasons for leaving the group. However I’m aware that 2 other members have resigned as of today for their personal reasons.

While I appreciate that my position will not sit well with the remainder of my former colleagues, and perhaps the Minister, my conscious and my integrity has led me to make the decision that I take today. To quote Fredrick Douglas: “I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence”.

For these reasons I must leave the group. I thank the Hon. Minister for commissioning this group despite my observations, and I thank my colleagues for the opportunity to learn and share my insight in what I consider to be an important national issue and one that will represent a hallmark in our history.


Update 4.36pm: CRC spokesperson Stratton Hatfield said that Mr Hill’s comments regarding the CRC having “an ulterior agenda in an unbiased manner are false and sadly misleading,” and noted that Mr. Hill was absent for two of the four meetings.

The CRC also confirmed that Kamal Worrell and Krys Assan resigned “due to personal and professional commitments.”

The full statement from the CRC is below:

Mr. Eron Hill’s comments regarding the CRC having “an ulterior agenda” in an unbiased manner” are false and sadly misleading.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Hill has elected to make such comments seeing as he has been absent for the past two (out of four) meetings. During both meetings, members have spoken at length of the need for the CRC to critically analyze our research and provide an unbiased perspective to the Government.

This perspective of being unbiased was originally stated in our mandate and something we will continue to implement into our research as we move ahead.

We can confirm that two other members [Kamal Worrell & Krys Assan] resigned due to personal and professional commitments. We wish to thank them for their dedication and commitment to date and trust we can rely on their input from time to time. By contrast, Mr. Hill’s resignation and false comments however have come as a surprise.

The CRC will continue our research and consultation with the public to provide recommendations for Bermuda to reform the Cannabis policies in a sensible and collaborative manner. The members look forward to working with the community and consulting stakeholders.

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  1. Will says:

    He makes a fair point. However, for the past thirty or so years when prohibition of cannabis has been at its zenith, most, if not all, reports conducted or committees set up have had the ulterior motive of only researching relevant facts pertaining to why cannabis should be illegal and never considered for legal status. The times have begun to change and it is now time for the other side of the fence to collaborate and figure out a new approach to regulating use. So in a way we are sorry for only using your tactics albeit with a different motive.

    • Pants on Fire says:

      So this whole CRC thing is just a scam for Michael Dunkley to get what he wants.

      Should have expected no less as it is run by the head of the OBA’s youth wing.

      I wish the OBA could be honest just for ONE day. Get young people like Mr. Hill involved, only to tell them that their voice doesn’t really matter its just for show.

      Shameful Shameful OBA!

      • Bettty Trump says:

        YES. this reveals that folks can not stand on the words of the UBPoba, seldom are they living up to their promise of TRANSPARENCY < COLLABORATION AND REALNESS…

        If only the UBPoba and Dunkley could also live up to these great words of "Fredrick Douglas: “I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence”.

        • hmmm says:

          This has nothing to do with the OBA … please empty your bag of wind elsewhere Betty trump. What a vile creature you are.

        • 32n64w says:

          Betty – the group self organized. Members were not appointed by Mr. Dunkley.

          Betty – you previously offered “to list whom is on the UBPoba Friends and family contracts by this government” Can you please do so in detail, including the exact amounts paid, frequency, length of contract and counter party names?

          Please also provide at least five examples of sustainable, workable and realistic PLP suggestions to improve our economy for 2014.

      • markus says:

        Read the full transcript. If he was calling out the OBA, why would he thank Dunkley @ the end? The bias is in the group, not the construction of the group. Please read the article before reaching a conclusion

        • smh says:

          As a courtesy DUHH.

        • 91 NewCos says:

          ……you have the thank Dunkley to ensure that you are not blacklisted in the future from opportunity and jobs in your own country when you return from College

      • lolz says:

        I have written to Dunkley privately in regards to public opinion on Cannabis reform. I am not a user but am pro legalisation like make other people. he dismissed me and said our opinions differ.

        Correct me if I am wrong but he is not in power to impose his opinion but to represent PUBLIC opinion. He’ll get the message one day when he is unemployed come next election as I for one won’t be voting anything to do with him since he is clueless about what his role is.

        • Come Correct says:

          Funny, I get the same feeling.

        • Michael Dunkley says:

          lolz i disagree with your comment that I dismissed you. While our opinions might differ I will always endeavor to be open, understanding, respectful and tolerant of others and their views.This exercise is about getting people’s views and I take it very seriously.
          Happy to correct you, I was elected to listen, lead and make decisions for all Bermuda.
          Please feel free to call me at anytime as your input is valuable and since you used a pen name here I will not know it is you.
          Enjoy the evening.

          • Betty Trump says:

            Sounds like Dunkley is trying to clean up his image and save his own butt, to come on this blog and write a comment suggest he is sinking fast on this issue. REALLY

            • Kangoocar says:

              What’s the bet that Min Dunkley will never hear from Loiz??? I would be willing to bet she was just writing a big fat lie!!! Very similar to what the plp did for 14 yrs!!! Her nonsense sounds very similar to Rhonda spouting off on here about the. Min driving a GP car! She was corrected and exposed for her lies as well!! I guess it goes hand in hand! Plp and lies!!!

      • Jay Maloy says:

        Michael Dunkley and The OBA didn’t set it up. They just wanted a commission to find the facts on both sides of the issue. The the CRC having it’s own agenda has nothing to do with the OBA.

        • Kangoocar says:

          Totally agree with you, and once all the facts come out, there is going to be a whole lot of embarrassed people because of what they have said, and specifically about MIn Dunkley and the OBA!!!

          • Betty Trump says:

            Facts as twisted by you and Mr. Dunkley, as he is great at making something seem as it really is not, after all the OBAubp have hired expensive consultants to clean and mop up their mess….REALLY

          • Betty Trump says:

            Really guess those expensive consultant are now working hard to see how they can twist, spin, and shake this one off… still the truth according to OBAubp will not be real at all… this is how they operate, seldom talk to the public, only answer questions they deem they should…..TRANSPARENCY…I THINK NOT>…young man be careful they may be gunning for ya…

          • Betty Trump says:

            Facts according to the WHOM>..the UBPoba after they Twist, Spin and Shake it to make it appear a certain way. More likely attempt to decry and degrade this young man’s character all for what?

            So Dunkley can shine over an issue that he does not want to have critical debate on or accept. To win back favor from folks, yet deny them the right to vote on gambling. REALLY, REALLY …..please …let me hear the twisted version of this situation….

            Here is my advice, SAY nothing that is usually the common step of the UBPoba.

            Kangoocar stop defending the indefensible agenda of OBAupb, but I forgot your suffering from Blindfaithfulnessloyalist

          • Betty Trump says:

            Hey Kangoocar, you must admit it…this young man is brilliant. He did a press conference better than your Premier could do it…and some of your UBPoba MPS.

            This young man stood firm on what he believes, he is bold and very brilliant. I am impressed with how he handle himself, and no one was there to assist him. WOW

            I think Bermuda got some great talent moving forward !! Just gotta love him.

            • Kangoocar says:

              Betty, I am not surprised in the least that you are impressed by this young man!!! Anybody that follows instructions from Alaska hall, impresses you??? By the way what is the hourly pay you plp bloggers receive from your party??? It seems they are paying heavily lately with all you lot, may I suggest the money would be better spent taking care of the hungry children we now have because of your parties policies, it is the least your party should do?? Have a heart betty and do the rite thing!!!

              • Mazumbo says:

                Gotta give credit where credit is due even though de haters want to go all round de mulberry bush which shows ya immaturity or ya lack of intelligence or both, here it is a young Bermudian doing something positive with eloquence and class I must add and de best response you can come up is this, and when their doing negative things in society it’s the same response which shows your innermost feelings about our young males in Bermuda.
                Yo Bro. Hill keep it up ya doing alright just watch ya back and I hope de Oligarchy system don’t BLACKBALL you.

        • Hopefulness says:

          So who was in the news making the announcement about this committee, looking like a proud daddy. No one other than Mr. Dunkley. Now that some went wrong with picture, like usual the OBA are attempting to walk away with out a willing to accept responsibility. This is not unusually coming from Mr. Dunkley. Only accepting praise for things that are going well, but walks away from those things going wrong. He was the one whom that such a committee will be set up and running.

  2. Paradise Reclaimed says:

    That’s a shame. It’s time for meaningful dialogue. Save our children, end prohibition!

    • Betty Trump says:

      WELL This speaks to the FACT that MR Dunkley was not serious at all in regards to this issue. This is just an opening to the real discourse going on here.

      • Betty Trump says:

        “At the time of accepting to be a part of this group, I was under the impression that I was joining a committee that was going to critically review the current cannabis policies in Bermuda in an unbiased manner and provide recommendations to the government based in fact based and our dispassionate discussions. Regrettably, this has not been my experience thus far.”

        Well said MR. Hill this speaks volumes that UBPoba are got an hidden agenda and today our young people will not stand for such…this has put egg all over Mr. Dunkley’s face…WOW…

        This direction from Mr. Dunkley is a sad statement of the positions o the UBPoba government…REALLY ….just another example of “Do it my way or take the Highway by Mr. Dunkley….It has to be how I want it, or it is NO, NO…..Collaboration only if it is done as I deem it should….REALLY

        Dunkley does not seek to for honest and real consultation or collaboration….WOW….no surprise here…

        • Will says:

          you’ve missed the point entirely i’m afraid. He’s not backing down because the OBA have a hidden agenda (which i assume you think is to not legalise), he’s backing down because it isn’t looking at the issue from both sides. So please lets not have any more of your political rantings because we all know you are a diehard PLPer and they had the chance to do that during their 14 years.

          • Soooooo says:

            I agree….. What gets me is that this committee has be formed for barely 2 months. So given The Holidays etc, they have probably met 3-5 times. If someone was really interested in having their say (even if it’s not wanted) they would keep up the fight…. Fighting from the inside far outweighs the outside.

          • hmmm says:

            After further reading:

            he is saying that it should be unbiased and then you read this…

            “I joined this group to be a voice for young Bermudians and to advocate bringing about an end to criminalizing individuals over youthful decisions to experiment with cannabis.”….

            so he went in with a biased position. I’m sure he is a smart guy, but come on, he went in with a biased goal.

            • hmmm says:

              Not saying it isn’t a good goal… but it’s bias.

            • Pants on Fire says:

              It is “Cannabis REFORM Collective” Shouldn’t you want REFORM?

              • Sandy Bottom says:

                He’s blaming others for predetermined bias, yet he had one.

                • Hmmm says:

                  What…He only attended 2 out of the 4 meetings !!!!!!


                  • Sandy Bottom says:

                    In the article he admits his bias.

                  • Mazumbo says:

                    How many times do you have to attend a Klan meeting to know if their biased, some things don’t need process to figure out, he’s smart enough to figure it out.

                    • Hopefulness says:

                      Well said, it does not take a smart individual long to determine something is wrong. The agenda and objective of the meeting is set during the first meeting. It does not take a rock scientist to determine something is wrong with this picture. Looks like other also left, but cited other reasons as to avoid controversy such as Mr. Hill whom stood bold and outright stated his case.

                      Mr Hill a strong young man must be admired for taking such a bold step forward.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        No Eviednce as of yet on that but I think this guy or the CRC it self need to talk to us.


      • Trump Card says:

        I challenge Mr. Hill to show that the committee has an ulterior motive.

        How many times have the CRC met?

        How many times has Mr. Hill attended meetings?

        What specifically has happened for him to have this opinion?

        This is insulting the integrity of everyone else in this group!

        In my opinion, this is a ploy to unfairly discredit this INDEPENDANT NON PARTISAN group following the media circus press conference put on by the PLP yesterday. PURE POLITRICKS!!!

    • Just once says:

      Save our children by legalizing weed? Please!! A most distorted perspective on Paradise you have.

      • A.Smith says:

        Out of all the legal and illegal drugs out there Cannabis is by far the least harmful, the only reason it was made illegal was because the people in power were bias against cheep paper, rope, medicine, among other things(Mexicans and blacks getting their women LOL Joke!)

        No one wants their child to try drugs, but to be honest i would rather my child “try” cannabis then ecstasy, coke/crack, heroin, (over the counter/prescription drugs) which are also available in Bermuda and most times easier to find(Hopefully Meth doesn’t make its way here). And if my child were to try Cannabis an get caught by the law i would rather them get a fine then jail time (that goes for any other drug as well), if they got caught trafficking it then that’s a different story all together because they should have to face the consequences. If you are so worried about your children then teach them right from wrong, consequences of their actions, be more involved in your child’s life, don’t let society raise your children because we all know how that turns out these days, and best of all don’t be afraid to smack some sense into them if they do act up that’s all apart of knowing the consequence of your action. And no i don’t have children if you were wondering, i do remember my childhood though and all of these things were included especially the last one.

  3. Want to Assist the Committee says:

    If there are Committe vacancies, will they be fufilled?

    If so, can one apply for a position?

    • Betty Trump says:

      “Lack of Collaboration and Transparency by the UBPoba government”

      “While I appreciate that my position will not sit well with the remainder of my former colleagues, and perhaps the Minister, my conscious and my integrity has led me to make the decision that I take today. To quote Fredrick Douglas: “I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence”. WELL SAID MR. DILL, WELL SAID. What a great young man….

      This reveals that this was merely a showmanship idea to make it seem as if the government was indeed serious about this matter.

      It was merely an attempt to suggest the government was serious, but in reality it was nothing more than an appeasement by the government of Bermuda to in hopes to please some folks. The only thing Dunkley did not expect was that that young folks do not take this kind of nonsense and falsehoods today….Dunkley can not fool them…or twist them with his words….Folks are smarter than that today…..

      Well done Mr. Dill for standing up to HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY… the key buzz words that the UBPOba are failing to live by…. REAL TALK, REAL FACTS…

      WOW UBPoba EXPOSED …….

      I joined this group to be a voice for young Bermudians and to advocate bringing about an end to criminalizing individuals over youthful decisions to experiment with cannabis.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Like I said still no evidence yet on this.


  4. watching says:


    • Hmmm says:

      exactly 2 out of 4 meetings !!!! So he missed half of what had been talked about or discussed.

      • Not Good Enough? says:

        If a proper record was kept of the meetings that he missed, he might have been brought up to speed with what might have been missed – I would think.

        • Just once says:

          Probably came to the conclusion that the committee was biased after the first two meetings and didn’t bother to attend anymore. Makes sense.

  5. hmmm says:

    You have to consider, research and evaluate:

    All the reasons not to.
    All the reasons for.

    and all their implications….

    In terms of varying levels of legislative changes.

    A prudent position need to be adopted to ensure all bases are covered and any change introduced does not damage the country internally , extrenally, its people and its future.

    to do otherwise would be foolish

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Yes that is true but I can’t see how the CRC group would not or was not doing that. It is unfortunate that if he felt that way he should have stayed to do just that. Maybe the group should be a lobbyist style group if that is in fact what he is saying. I’m confused generally groups come together to look at an issue weight it out then present their argument in essence a bias was there from the start otherwise why look at the issue at all unless there is a majority that has an interest in this I say we put this to a vote the people should decide this do we want to decriminalize it or not. We all know it’s against the law and people still do it have for centuries. Is it more harmful, less harmful or the same as smoking a cigarette? Should it be allowed in public or not? Please present why not since smoke cigarettes is aloud see first question? Will we really lose the no visa for travel to the US yes or no does anyone even know ask the US? What restrictions should be placed on the plant? (Levels of potency, how much one can have at a time and so on) Is there anything unlawful internationally about this move? This really is not rocket science. So I repeat Mr. Hill WTF!!!!!!!!!


  6. aceboy says:

    The agenda to which you refer needs to be articulated, otherwise you are not credible.

  7. Bum says:

    What a loser just giving up like that and exposing his co-members. Next time just don’t invite this kid in the circle.

    • watching says:

      Yet if he was supporting the OBA you would likely be posting him up on a pedestal!

      • Pants on Fire says:


        • Hypocrite says:

          And if was supporting the OBA you guys would call him a sell out, house *****, redneck lover, demonic and other derogatory term you could muster out of your hate filled mouths…

          • hmmm says:

            I didn’t paint him with any brush… Did he say somewhere and I missed it?

      • smh says:

        But when it was Magnus Henagulph “exposing his comembers” you OBArites called him a national HERO! Laughable , you people are.

        • Sad says:

          Magnus revealed facts not some unfounded statement without any clarifying facts or rationale.

          But we all know “you lot” (PLPers) only need unfounded statements and all rationale is out the window and emotions take over.

          So exactly what did this kid reveal?

          Please elongate on the so called set agenda

        • Barracuda says:

          Honestly , you are like a three year old.

        • tick tock says:

          Magnus regurgitated commonly known information as part of a Government sanctioned call to arms on inefficiencies

          Eron chose to assume an unpaid volunteer position as part of an advisory committee whose conclusion ultimately rested on the mood of legislators

          I just think Eron is flattering himself and glorifying his position

  8. O'Brien says:

    Who is this guy again?

  9. more than enough says:

    some of them will say dem love you
    but they’ve got an ulterior motive
    o what a shame

  10. Just for clarity says:

    Sorry…if you read what he said, it looks like Mr Hill himself had an ultimate position in mind (decriminalise) and could see some muddy waters getting there. Sad to see someone so young giving up on this.

    I happen to agree with his view…if that’s what I read in his press ststement….but thats no reason to cut and run.

  11. Just Wondering says:

    Sorry me being lazy again but what were his examples of bais? and leaning in what way??

  12. Harry says:

    I think he has raised an eye here. I admire his boldness. Stay firm in your beliefs and you will make it far

    • hmmm says:

      Stay firm in your beliefs is pPOOR advice. You should have beliefs and positions on things, BUT always be open to change and evolve those beliefs and positions as you grow and discover.

      Being pigheaded makes you erm….pigheaded

      • markus says:

        The whole reason he quit was because the people in the committee were not open to change their views or even see the other side of the spectrum.

        Did you even read the article???

        • Hmmm says:

          that was not the reason he quit…How about you read the article again .

          • markus says:

            no you read the article again

            • Hmmm says:

              Yawn… Here are his 2 reasons, nothing about other people changing views or other sides of spectrum, but as we now know..he only attended 2 out of 4 meetings

              ” however the group’s composition does not appear to hold an open attitude to all facts.”

              “The government has the power to either propose a bill and obtain a majority vote on the language or consult the people directly by holding a referendum, but such public consultation should occur if the government actually seeks to embrace it. In light of recent decisions pertaining to gaming, I am not certain that genuine consultation is being sought.”

        • jt says:

          Was he open to change his beliefs?

      • moms says:

        saying someone is pigheaded doesn’t make them pigheaded..If one has a firm belief the only thing that should shake it is if a knowledge confirmed higher than your own belief can be should never bow to a fixed idea, if he is not allowed to express his opinion or offer his input freely than what sense does it make if all parties are not free to collaborate.further more this issue of marijuana is pointless as it is obviously hiding a bigger issue on the horizons prolly in March,..hmmm we are arguing a natural plant that we cannot ever stop from growing worldwide, but we can stop them bringing all the unhealthy food products laced with soy, sugar and other poisonous substances allowed to kill us through food and drugs!!! marijuana has not to date been held responsible for killing anyone and the only experts are those who smoke or intake it.

        • Hmmm says:

          In that case perhaps he would have changed his stance to incorporate a “knowledge higher than your own”, but he didn’t. It’s a shame.

  13. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    This young mans got some big kahunas…oh what a story he could tell.

  14. No comment says:

    Well he has pointed out something that is a real issue in the OBA politics. Transparency!!! Keep on keeping on brother.

    • Hmmm says:

      This has nothing to do with the OBA….please catch up. Your OBA bashing has no home here.

    • Hmmm says:

      You post under at least 9 different names here. Please have some respect for other posters and readers and use the same name. It is disingenious to pretend there are more people with your views than just you.

  15. Yan says:

    A youth standing up for what he believes in. This is truly admirable.

    • jt says:

      Quitting is standing up for what you believe in? That’s the message to our youth?

  16. sage says:

    Mr. Hill is correct in standing firm for a balanced review of all facts,I am curious to hear what the predetermined position,ulterior motive or agenda is. The Minister quickly pointed out his opposition to legalization while calling for “meaningful discussion”,showing a bias, and Mr. Hill has stated he is an advocate for “de-criminalizing” the youth, and therefore has a position, but they did both say all aspects need to be explored. This is a shame.

    • hmmm says:

      Perhaps the evidence was stacking up against his position. Got to consider all the evidence, not just your personal preference.

    • Soooooo says:

      “Mr. Hill is correct in standing firm for a balanced review of all facts,”

      Isn’t leaving doing just the opposite?

      • Hmmm says:

        Bottom line…..he quit after only attending 50 percent of the meetings. He is a quitter. Granted , he got himself some publicity for very little effort, so in that regard he is smart.

  17. Joonya says:

    Sounds like someone didnt get his way.. PLP supporter by chance..?

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      doutbfull look at the membership I know at least two PLP members there and I know their stance. At the end of the day I suspect a higher power behind this trash.


    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Exactly. He was failing to get his predetermined position through, and wanted out.

  18. Unbelievebale says:

    Yes I also agree that Mr. Hill needs to articulate what that agenda might be and also articulate what his thoughts on legalisation is.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      In the article he states his position. He was clearly biased for legalising the drug.

      • sage says:

        Wrong as usual, the man supports decriminalization ” ending the criminalizing of young people”, not legalization, ending the criminalization of the plant and all users.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          You are such a f****** idiot.

          • Sara says:

            Unnecessary for REAL!

            • Sandy Bottom says:

              And when sage calls people an “idiot” amd tells them to “shaddup” you say nothing.
              It’s ok when he does it I guess.

          • sage says:

            Why, because you can’t slip any of your BS by me?

            • Sandy Bottom says:

              Because you avoid the point that he is himself biased.

              • sage says:

                Look back, I pointed out Mr. Hill’s bias in my first post, then you (who don’t admit Dunkley is also biased) automatically misinterpret his bias to be “legalize” when he said ” decriminalize”, when I call you out on it, I am a f’n idiot.

  19. Jeff says:

    The view of bias that I understand Mr.Hill to be talking about is that the fact that there is a committee that has an agenda to take a certain course. Not the fact that members have a certain view that is bias but that the majority of members on the committee support a particular course. I could be mistaken, regardless I support Mr.Hill’s audacity and boldness. It is to be admired by a young lad.

    • Betty Trump says:

      THis young man is indeed very impressive. He did a great press-conference, I do admire him as well for his audacity and boldness. It is to be admired by a young lad. Well done !! I think our young people are just brilliant !!

      • Anbu says:

        U said that like 6 posts ago betty and then Like 6 posts before that and then again before that. We get it. Enough please. How about you go out and get a real job like the rest of us. Friggin trolls man. Too lazy to actually work. Lmao .

  20. Terry says:

    Why not just ask the motor mouth, know it all from the oBA site Van Bellan.
    Whats her motive for being there.
    A spy?

  21. aceboy says:

    How bold is it to hint at something but not come out and say it?

    Where is HIS transparency? What agenda is he talking about?

    • sage says:

      Your’e right, it reminds me of the Premier alluding to knowledge he was privy to, that could “get people gotten”, but never elaborated.

  22. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    cant wait for dunkleys retort….lol

  23. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    He is now Bermudas own Micheal Snowden…

  24. LOL (original TM*) says:

    WTF! Anyone care to wager that this group has been leaned on by some group? Why the f did this guy call a press release for the others did not. Or is this guy trying to volt himself as an upstanding politician? Sell out if you ask me. This is garbage everyone has biases towards or against everything. I think the remaining members need to tell us who is for and who is against it in the group not that that even matters. Fact people are being damaged criminally by a law that has consequences that far out weight the crime itself so much so that they are placed under travel restrictions for life where even in that country it is considered a mist-a- meaner depending on weight of course. These individuals have no real hope for a higher education and thus some of them fall prey to deeper criminal dealings just to survive here as our cost of living is amongst the highest in the world. Yes it is against the law for all those who oppose it on that stance but should not at the very least should the crime fit the punishment? People who assault others don’t have this crap over their head forever. They can still travel..

    LOL this is garbage someone or group is trying to stop this committee.
    Maybe those that stand to lose money if the criminality is removed or church group who is it?

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      this young man may have damaged his political career…he walked away from what he realized was a corrupted or contaminated battel…

  25. Rick S says:

    I think he has opened the floodgates for more transparency, I believe that was his purpose. If it in fact was, then he has succeeded and I respect his decision

    • Just Wondering says:

      Sorry for repeating myself but how did he open the floodgates? he gave no examples if what he saw.

      • Kangoocar says:

        Being he only attended 2 out of 4 meetings 50%, one can only assume he didn’t see or hear much??? This is certainly starting to smell a little funny! Sort of the smell of Alaska Hall ( plp ) influence!!!

    • If he is so intent on transparency why did he not challenge the committee on his thoughts before he made the decision to leave the committee? Sounds like he was not keen on seeing both sides of any argument and only wanted his view taken.

  26. BRAVE says:

    What he feels was the purpose was not fulfilled. I actually like his enormous amount of courage to come out to state that.

  27. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Can’t have your spliff and smoke it too!

  28. BRAVE says:

    Many people wouldn’t have the testicular fortitude to do what Mr.Hill has done. Kudos! Now lets await Dunkley’s rhetoric on the issue.

    • Billy Mays says:

      How much “testicular fortitude” does it take to quit? Zeeeeerrrroooo.
      He’s done nothing at all here except surrendered and failed to listen and learn with impartiality or fight for what he believes to be true. He’s shown no courage. He’s accomplished nothing.

      • Whistling Frog says:

        If one foresees no positive outcome in the matter, then why waste time in continuing?

        I personally think he spoke with good intentions…

  29. 1minute says:

    He said “to ultimately take a certain position on cannabis”. He did not say what the position was. For all you know it could be for decriminalising it.

  30. LIFE BUH!! says:

    Kudos to him for expressing what he believes. I happen to agree with him. This committee was something for the OBA to say they’ve considered the public votes. By the evidence of the gaming referendum as Mr.Hill had stated, the OBA don’t always stick to their word. Good job mate

  31. Biases says:

    “I joined this group to be a voice for young Bermudians and to advocate bringing about an end to criminalizing individuals over youthful decisions to experiment with cannabis.”

    Does anyone find it ironic that he he is quitting because of perceived bias, while his statement above indicates that he joined the Committee with his own biases and agenda?

  32. ON POINT says:

    This guy is on d ball. The OBA don’t care to hear the public view, ever heard of the gaming referendum. What happened to that?

    • Just Wondering says:

      same thing that seems to be happening here, PLP stand up and tell the OBA to hurry hurry, ‘why wait, we support it’ but when the OBA then does a 180 suddenly they and their supporters are screaming about flip flopping and backtracking and not wanting to listen to the people.

  33. Unbelievebale says:

    Ok so now we know that Mr Worrell had to resign because he is representing a potential lawsuit against Minister Dunkeley – that’s actually the right thing to do and the other person, Ms Assan, left to study overseas. The group has only been around for a few weeks. She must have known she was going away. In the end this is not as big as it’s been made out to be.

    So…Mr. Hill….what’s this agenda you were talking about?

    • Silly says:

      The rest of the Committee members apparently didn’t agree with his views.

      So he picked up his toys and went home.

      If political interference was such an issue then I highly doubt that someone such as Mr. Riley would stay on, given his feelings about this particular Government.

  34. ALL FAKE . says:

    Can’t wait till dunkley n they rest of the M.P hidden lies comes to light!

  35. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    this is just another typical Bermudian waste of time group!

  36. San George says:

    Why do we need to be drunk and/or high?
    It makes you less productive and we certainly don’t need that.

  37. Silly says:

    “Accepting that everyone has the right to have whatever view they choose, if it is the case that OUR MEMBERS support one side only I respect that, however I believe that the public should be aware of that and not under the impression that we unbiased”

    So essentially since the rest of his Committee colleagues didn’t agree with his particular position they are the biased ones?

    • sage says:

      The guy accused the committee of not wanting to weigh all the facts in an unbiased manner, and that they were encouraged to appear unbiased when there is a predetermined outcome. He needs to elaborate then Dunkley can respond along with the others.

  38. aceboy says:

    A recent tweet:

    Update: CRC said Hill’s comments about “ulterior agenda” in “unbiased manner” are “false & sadly misleading”

  39. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    There is without a doubt, more Pros than Cons when debating cannabis hands down…i don’t know where the committee gathered their research but they sure know now the truths but still remain committed to the false…it will be legal when Corporate is ready…the govts. frontline or puppets as some call them are just that…they are doing as they have been instructed.

    • Just Wondering says:

      Um they haven’t released any findings yet, they haven’t presented any reports yet. How can you slamming findings that haven’t been released yet? For all you know they could come out and say that weed need to be legalised. What would you say then??

  40. O'Brien says:

    So now it turns out he couldn’t be bothered to attend half of the meetings. And we should listen to him…why?

    • Sad says:

      Because e is trying to discredit the OBA with convenient sound bites an no evidence.

      Maybe he should be our 2014 National Hero. At least to some.

  41. Terry says:

    The crap will hit the fan soon.
    Too much PLP propaganda going on.
    Everything is turning into a Cannabis thing and related.

    It seems to be working very well on the net and is being used to curry favour.

    Sad days ahead for the ones that wasted so much in the past 14 years, lost it, did not help the people that they had back them.

    Irony is a beach and some could not even open a hut on one.

    • swing voter says:

      very true. 14 yrs of nothing and alla sudden you come out supporting decriminalization for no other reason than to beat your opponents to the starting line…its true….ya’ll very transparent now…clear as day ;-( shame on you!

  42. Much love says:

    Mad respect for the young man. It’s controversial yet he still had the integrity to state his very bold decision. Smh at the OBA

    • Bermuda Male says:

      Respect for what?

      He didn’t clarify his points and his gripe was with his fellow Committee members for bit agreeing with him. He didn’t state this bias that he sees and somehow you have mad respect for him?

      He quit because he didn’t get his way after only attending 50% of the meetings held thus far.

      This is not an admirable gesture or action.

  43. in the know says:

    What mr. hill fails to mention is as a youth member of the plp he begged the minister to be invited on the crc, & then once on there he try force his position on the group instead of being unbiased. He also fails to mention that he’s only resigning in light of his parties(plp) press statement yesterday on their proposed bill.

    • AlsoKnows says:

      Thanks goodness someone else knows the truth as well!

      If only the posters above knew these facts and Mr. Hill’s and by extension the PLP’s motives were for this announcement.

      We are becoming one sick country when this type of stunt is attempted.

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      But unfortunately the truth won’t be heeded by many as it won’t fit into their narrative.

      Shame on you PLP for using a young Bermudian in this manner!

      • Kangoocar says:

        It didn’t fool me for one second!! I never put anything past that desperate plp!! It is sad that they put us in the deep stuff they did when in power, and now they continue to be a hindrance to any recovery?? And their supporters are too dense to see it??? They continue to vote for the plp even though the plp are solely responsible for their hunger!! Unbelievable??

    • Bermuda Male says:

      I must say that I had my suspicions. It is not too often that some obscure Government Committee member, which there have and are many, has the pull to call a press conference where all media attended.

      And then the injection of the reference to the gambling vote within his statement raised them further.

      This is a very sick stunt if true.

  44. blackbird says:

    OBA will most likely be a one hit wonder!

  45. PASA!!! says:

    The guy makes a point. Whether or not he is a member of any political party I don’t know. However, the guy has a point. Fact is fact. Truth is truth. Lets be transparent here.

    • Bermuda Male says:


      Let’s be transparent.

      Let’s start with Mr. Hill. He can begin with articulating his accusations as opposed to doing a simple media hit and run. Let’s hear it. Let’s be transparent.

      And do you lot really think the remaining members would simply sit there and be an accomplice to some secret agenda? Do you really believe a gentleman like Mr. Riley would stand by and let a topic that he has obviously had a passion to address for sometime just be hijacked for political interest?

      So let’s be transparent. Mr. Hill, you first.

  46. Politrix says:

    I personally rate d guy

  47. WOW! says:


  48. WOW! says:

    OBA supporters will find a way to blame everything on the PLP. Smh it’s a shame. This guy didn’t say that he was a member of any political parties. Let’s not make assumptions. Look at the first three letters in ASSumption. Thats what you make yourself look like when you ASSume.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      An A** is someone who changes their name every time they post.

      The training at PLP HQ must be crap these days.

  49. haha says:

    To everyone hating on the OBA right now and think it’s to do with the OBA YOU ALL ARE SUCKAS for thinking what the PLP want you to think. GO LAY DOWN!!

    Being real this isn’t a governenmt agenda or group, put together by some people who call themselves “activists.” GTFOH!!


  50. Alvin Williams says:

    Once again the anti-Bermudian one term OBA government has proven itself to be the emperor without clothes and true to the sentiment of it’s political supporters with their herd mentality; they would rather dash off a cliff rather than acknowledge a truth.

    • jt says:

      What exactly is the truth Mr. Williams? Did we hear it? Did you?

  51. Triangle Drifter says:

    Ok, so what is this “ulterior motive”? If he is not prepared to spit it out with some sort of verification all he is doing is blowing smoke so to speak.

    Put up or shut up.

  52. Legalize!!! says:


  53. Legalize!!! says:

    Let no man depise thy youth. Good job little man. Free up d herbs, stop locking the youth fi a likkle herb

  54. K. Smith says:

    There has got to be some truth to this. I wish he would have stated exactly what he was referring to but none the less he had a belief and he spoke on it, can’t knock him for that.

  55. Joanne says:

    FREE UP D HERBS, n ease up d regulations!

  56. Whoknowsbest? says:

    Well hey, youth that choose to express themselves in such a manner as this young man has deserve to be applauded. Integrity is important. He was very well spoken to say the least. Now let’s take another look at this committee.

    • Bermuda Male says:

      The guy went to only two meetings. After only two meetings he deems the Committee to be biased despite not knowing what was discussed in the two meetings he didn’t bother to attend despite volunteering for the position.

      Then he somehow manages to gather all of Bermuda’s media despite being nothing but a Government Committee member. He then accuses his fellow Committee members of being biased (but against who?) and doesn’t even attempt to provide any examples or clarify his accusations. He accuses and then runs away. Why? If he truly wanted to enhance transparency then he should have no qualms with clearly articulating what he means.

      Then it is revealed his true impartiality, with his announcement coming less than one day after his Party tries their usual political stunt with this topic.

      That’s integrity to you? Don’t think you know what the word actually means.

  57. Unbelievebale says:

    I don’t know how anyone can support what Mr. Hill says when he has not given any evidence to his claims. He’s already alleged that two other members resigned in dramatic fashion when no it’s already been revealed they had professional and personal motives for leaving the group.

    I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but now he’s just showing himself to be the one with an agenda. I really doubt this is an OBA issue.

  58. stop d eegrance says:

    Oba supprters buh. I bet this committee is nothing buta joke to the government. To say they consulted the “people”. Who are the people? Their Own? Riddle me that

    • Bermuda Male says:

      The list of Committee members is in the above article.

      Riddle solved.

  59. PLP says:

    To be fair to the guy he did state that the reasons were his own. He said the other two resigned for their own reasons .

  60. Harris M says:

    If the guy stayed in the committee and he didn’t agree with what was happening then we would call him a punk for not standing up. I would have. But if he speaks on how he feels then our OBA political naysayers will criticize him heavily. Either way he was going to get criticized so I admire his courage

  61. Faith says:

    Interesting thing about the truth is it will always surface eventually. This will be the case for the story of Mr. Hill and for that of Cannabis.

    Since we can only assume facts and he says they don’t seek to investigate both pros and cons – why not it be only pros, that they all agree with his point of view thus him not being needed? It’s hard for me to believe he would quit if he’s really felt strongly about being a proponent of change but it does make me believe their are other issues within this committee.

    On a professionally level I’d be interested to know if meeting minutes exist.

    • Truth says:

      I’m sure they do. But will they be available to us? I’m not sure they will be and if they are thenone must ask yourself how reliable will they be knowing that they have to submit notes to be public. I think that’s what the young brother was saying that they are going to seem to “appear” unbias when I’m actual fact they are not. Who knows? But he certainly has assured that they will now look at both sides. Raising an eyebrow is all it takes sometimes

  62. Robert says:

    The young guy has some serious balls

  63. Unbiased says:

    The young fella gets my vote

  64. Keepitreal says:

    Put ya boy in my constituency!! He’s going to keep it real with me and make some serious decisions. One ding doe, dat bie right deaa is exercising some serz audacity. We need it. I always thought that these commitees were a way for the government to say to the people ‘We’ve heard you but we decided to….” SMH

  65. Big D says:

    Chaba. Finally someone is brave enough to call the people out. Lol its funny cause he’s actually gonna cause the people to become more transparent cause we are watching them now. Let’s keep an eye open. I got my eye on this herb committee. Vote d plp back in buh

    • Just Wondering says:

      Who he call out?? Not once in that statement did he any ones name except for one of the two people who had stepped down as well. He did not present any examples of how the committe were bais. He gave his ‘view’ on the two meetings he went to and then tried to bolt the moment he was done. When he was given questions most of them he refused to answer.

  66. Could it be? says:

    Stratton came out and said that Mr.Hill missed the last two meetings. He probably attended the first two meetings and it was so blatantly clear they had an agenda and didn’t attend the last two.

    OR LOL is Stratton saying that the committee all of a sudden became unbias in the 3rd and 4th meeting?

    I can’t call it buh! This committee probably had no real pull anyway. Just another way for the OBA to say they consulted the people then make whatever decision they were gonna make

  67. C'mon says:

    I don’t blame the guy for removing himself. This CRC was just another OBA ploy to say they consulted the people. I like how he vas talkin bout how they didn’t do d referendum for gaming. He is right! LOL d guy is pretty good

    • swing voter says:

      r u high or drunk? This CRC was an independent group that approached Dunkerly with the idea….IDIOT!

  68. Bermuda Boy says:

    I really don’t know why everyone is getting upset. The young people this may save from the stop list, will be retired before we stop talking about it and actually do something!!

  69. bda chick says:

    The PLP is using you….LMFAO! Hope you see it bra

  70. player says:

    You guys are hilarious.

    When the PLP was in power and all sorts of reports issued by the AG, Ombudsman et al. highlighting political interference, breaches of financial instructions, misappropriated funds, outright corruption, abuse of power on Government boards and so on, you all called these independent professionals all sorts of names under the sun.

    You even cheered when they had the AG arrested despite the fact that the report he revealed showed massive corruption and cronyism, qualified audits etc. You called these people house ******, sell outs, rednecks and racists.

    You all dismissed the evidence presented to you and refused to focus on the facts and simply attacked the integrity of anyone who dared to highlight such malfeasance.

    Now that one your own political zealots runs to the media and claims the CRC has some mysterious ‘ulterior agenda’ while refusing to elaborate you praise him as some sort of revolutionary despite the fact that not one iota or shred of evidence was put forward. He is a coward for making such allegations without backing up his accusations with evidence.

    Just goes to show that facts mean nothing to you guys and that all is needed is conjecture to get your emotions boiling while all forms of critical thinking goes out the window.

    You are being played and you don’t even know it, or even worse you don’t even care.

    • Notunderstanding says:

      so um guessin ya OBA inna? smh don’t make it any better

      • Giving you Knowledge to Understand says:

        How can you compare the post above and allegations made by the young man yesterday?

        The above poster highlighted evidenced that was put forth by independent sources which indicated a high level of corruption, cronyism and blatant breaches of established rules/regulations by the former Government.

        On the other hand Mr. Hill runs to the media and accuses his fellow Committee members of some ulterior motive, but does not have the decency to articulate these allegations. By not articulating his accusations the Committee members have no way of defending themselves against Mr. Hill’s claims which are an attempt to sulyl the integrity of these individuals. He essentiallythrows a hand grenade inm the name of ‘transparency’ and then runs away. He is the least transparent of all the Committee members thus far.

        Your screen name is apt. Keep it.

  71. Sign Up says:

    I find it odd that someone who attended only two of the group meetings can come out and speak on the groups motives. An attempt to cast a huge cloud of doubt over the whole group. I’m curious to see the minutes of those meetings to see exactly what was Hill’s involvement.

    I also find it to be very coincidental that this guy would speak out right on the heels of recent press releases made by PLP and OBA on the subject matter. Seems to me like someone has influenced him in an attempt to damage the groups credibility. Just another reason why I dislike politics. All smoke and mirrors, like watching a damn magic show.

  72. swing voter says:

    he made accusations that are not backed up…if he was genuine, he wudda named and shamed….certainly not helping his cause by blurting out serious inner workings after only attending a few meetings, then not being brave enough to tell the whole story.

  73. swing voter says:

    he made accusations that are not backed up…if he was genuine, he wudda named and shamed….certainly not helping his cause by blurting out initial discussions after only attending a few meetings, then not being brave enough to tell the whole story.

  74. lady says:


  75. Muhammad Goldberg says:

    “How not to be a committee member 101″, by Eron Whatshisface

  76. LOL(original TM*) says:

    Eron Hill = PLPer who attended 2 out of 4 meetings
    This was a PLP set up – full of innuendo and no facts.
    2 members resigned for entirely different reasons.
    PLP is excellent at trying to undermine. Like their so called conscription bill – when they had years to do it and did not have the balls. No weed – again no collaboration – just more wind!!!

    We see thru the political tactics…….

  77. real talk says:

    nothing more than a coward, only LOSERS QUIT!

  78. Alison says:

    I find it so sad that this young man is being used a political pawn in an attempt to discredit the governing opposition. It was of little surprise to me to find out that Mr. Hill has been recently shadowing Senator Daniels, and all of a sudden he pulls together a major press conference with little or no detailed accusations geared towards casting a shadow over the CRC. There is just no regard for integrity here, I can’t believe a young person would be used in this way. It’s not acceptable, coming from either side of the fence.

    • Kangoocar says:

      You are absolutely correct!! It took me a nano second to figure out what is going on here, and yes it is shameful!!! The truth always makes it way to the top and when it does all these plp haters should first apologize for their nasty statements and then hide their faces in shame!! This was nothing more than a sick plp stunt!! We have huge problems in this Island because of the plp and they only continue to hinder any progress being made, disgusting !!
      The plop party has not learned their lesson yet and this is just another shining example of my point!!!!

  79. Gladys says:

    I don’t blame d guy. He saw that he was getting on d bus to dockyard. He didn’t wanna go cause thats not what d sign on the bus said. So he got off. (thats a metaphor)

    Would you stay on that bus if that wasn’t your destination?

  80. John J says:

    I was listening on d radio at work and heard about the comments. Its amazing how you people act. D guy is got kahoonas. All you guys wouldn’t have dared to stand up for what you believed by evident by ya comments, and that’s sad

    • Fraudster says:

      What exactly did he reveal and stand up for? What’s sad is that you assume he is telling the truth without any evidence.

      What was the ‘ulterior agenda’ and if he was truly interested in transparency and the Bermudian public being informed, why didn’t he state what his concernes were/are?

      It does not take kahoonas to accuse people of something without presenting the evidence to justify his allegations.

      You lots hatred of anything that is not PLP doesn’t allow you to discern fact from fiction. As evidenced by the dopey comments above.

      He is an absolute fraud until he actually backs up his accusations. A big PLP fraud.

      Tell that to your dopey radio station host and their even dopier callers.

  81. Notunderstanding says:

    vur d guy state he vas PLP? or is dat jus cause he sounded awesome?

  82. KG says:

    All you OBA supporters should think twice about attacking this man. Calling for evidence. He obviously is very bold and I wouldn’t br surprised if the negative comments by Stratton continue that hr decides to provide that evidence. Then what will you naysayers do?

  83. Eron looking for Attention! says:

    Please do me a favor and put Eron Hill’s name in Bernews search engine you will see just a year ago, he was missing and his family was looking for him. (he was very troubled)……Don’t get me wrong he is an intelligent young man that speaks well and writes well. This is evidenced by his letters to the Editor when he was 14 and 15 years of age. However a press conference yesterday was just too much. I believe that he must develop a track record for service and a commitment for justice before he calls a press conference to speak of injustice. He speaks of an agenda, but he does not articulate what the agenda is. That is like calling a fire in theater and when the fire people come and say where you respond I don’t know someone told me there was one.

    He is now 18 and working at a law firm, let’s be clear he has not set foot in a legal class yet. What is happening is, Eron is associating with movers, shakers, and he is listening to the voices around him and desperately trying to be relevant without understanding before you speak you should have all the facts, and do your research and have a position.

    …. The people around Eron, need to help him develop his character and be a more balanced young man. He must know that being important is not more important than being honorable. He must take the time to build a good reputation and shape his character positively.

    Eron with the right supervision will go a long way, as he has the intrinsic characteristics to be one of the great ones. But he must stay humble and do the right thing and not allow the ability to want to be seen and heard overshadow the ability to be a person that builds, develops, and understands. A man/woman is not known for what they tear down but what they build up.

    Again NOTHING Eron said was about The Marijuana debate, it was all about a platform of relevance. It is a pity that this young man is being pimped by people around him with agendas. We can not allow our political interest supersede the responsibility to train and shape our young people.

    A real close family member

    • C'mon says:

      I’d run away too if I had family members like you. Me nah sell out mi fren dem. Now he’s being successful and you attempt to bring him down. Smh

  84. theburningbush says:

    from this prattle here I can clearly see that political parties don’t care about the Bermuda people. because of illegal cannabis the medical community has been shamed lately so we cant trust them. illegal cannabis has repeatedly exposed govts as corrupted and outright liars. illegal cannabis is corruption. illegal cannabis is selective prosecution and persecution of the politically poor. legalize cannabis cultivation so you can put your money in the bank and you wont need a casino to launder it. the Bermudian people want a boom too. take cannabis out of the misuse of drugs act you scumbag politicians. we the people shall war you back until you do

  85. azillionjunkies says:

    when the sea venture came around Bermuda the heaviest thing on her was water. the next heaviest thing was wood. it is written that the water and the wood both failed the sea venture. the third heaviest thing on the sea venture was cannabis, tons of it, all the rope and sails. the cannabis did not fail the sea venture in the tempest. nothing was written about torn sails or falling masts. those ropes and sails flogged in the hurricane for 3 days and were still serviceable for the patience and our deliverance. on the old engraving of the deliverance you can see those cannabis ropes and sails. on our coat of arms and our flag you can clearly see cannabis ropes holding tight in the shipwreck. I make my own rope is what the advertisement said. Bermudian people have had enough patience for their deliverance

    • sage says:

      If it wasn’t for cannabis, Europeans may have never reached the west.

  86. Bermykicks says:

    Wait till I see this guyim gonna shake his hand. He displayed the courage and boldness we need to see more of in the name of integrity