Attempt To Bar Reporter From Press Conference

February 19, 2014

photo 3[Updated] Today’s [Feb 19] press conference hosted by Premier Craig Cannonier did not start off on a smooth note, with officials attempting to bar entry to reporter Ayo Johnson.

The issue caused a delay, with Mr. Johnson — a veteran journalist who works as a freelancer — standing his ground and maintaining his request for entry into the press conference.

It appeared the officials were trying to say that Mr Johnson did not have the proper “credentials,” to which Mr Johnson replied that he was a well known reporter who had worked in the local media for many years.

Outlets including the Bermuda Sun, ZBM and Bernews indicated that unless Mr Johnson was allowed access, we were prepared to leave the press conference. Officials relented, and Mr. Johnson was allowed to attend.

Government is expected to address this incident later today and we will update as able.

Update 4.08pm: Secretary to the Cabinet Dr. Derrick Binns said that “we used our discretion and allowed him to attend today’s press conference today once he confirmed with us that he intended to become a member of the Media Council this afternoon.”

Dr. Binns full statement is below:

First and foremost the Government of Bermuda values the contributions of all of Bermuda’s recognized media organizations.

We recognize the important role they play in ensuring that the public is properly informed about Government’s initiatives and programmes and other community and social matters.

That said, when we host Government press conferences and events, there are protocols that need to be upheld and followed – this applies to all members of the media – and all media understand this.

Furthermore, as the public can appreciate with any organisation, Government must ensure that any representative attending a scheduled press event is legitimate and genuine.

Recognized members of Bermuda’s media are registered to and/or governed by one of two entities, either the Bermuda Media Council or the Broadcast Commission.

As Think Media is an unknown organization to us, we had undertaken to understand its origins by ensuring that it was a legitimate media outfit. Hence we sought clarification from Mr. Johnson as to whether he was a member of the Media Council.

It should be clearly noted that at no point did we inhibit Mr. Johnson’s rights. In fact, we used our discretion and allowed him to attend today’s press conference today once he confirmed with us that he intended to become a member of the Media Council this afternoon.

That said, we continue to do our due diligence in assessing the validity of Mr. Johnson’s organisation in order to afford him media privileges.”

Update Feb 20th: Mr. Johnson is now “approved.” He said, via social media that he received the following email: “Please be advised that you have been added to DCI’s media distribution list with immediate effect.

“You will receive notifications of press conferences and press statements/releases and will be allowed to attend/cover government press conferences and events.”

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  1. cowpolly says:

    How bizarre!

    • Betty Trump says:

      Well done Media for standing together on this one. This is outrageous actions taken by the Premier.

      • Mazumbo says:

        And they called Dr. Brown a Dictator.
        O.B.A. are Pathetic and its Embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I wonder what happened to their pet word TRANSPARENCY.

        • ANTI PARTY POLITICS says:

          you 2 should go to Cuba or OPEN your ears and eyes. There was a valid reason however that does not phase you 2, plus it was sorted in the end yes or no????

    • SicknTired says:

      What do you expect? Same Premier that walked out with Ayo asked him questions about the secret document right before the election.

      Same Premier that is allowed Nandi to tape the opposition leader.

      Same Premier that laugh out loud when Dunkley cussed, insulting the thousand of us that signed the petition on casino gambling.

      Same Premier that told the bold faced lie about the 4th person on board jet gate.

      Same Premier that is allowing Minister of Transport to sign of on all TCD IT contacts, yes, except which one, You guess it if you guess right.


      • 21 BLACKJACK says:

        and when where and how do YOU know it was the premier that laughed??? I would have laughed as well. It is a waste of time and not worth the aggro.



      W E A R E T I R E D O F T H I S


      Tim Smith where is your voice in all this? Lou Peniston where is your voice. You both has to pay the price why should MD get off?

    • Betty Dump says:

      We Bermudians are so opinionated… We have partial facts and then go running up our mouths. Now there is an update and 90% of you posters look like dumb asses… The sad part is that instead of eating humble pie and accepting that we were plain wrong… we will continue to try and defend our wrong position. Thank you Dr. Binns for setting the record straight…

      • J Starling says:

        The Media Council does not have membership in the sense that every media outlet or journalist has to become a member of it.

        Nor is there are law or policy that I know of whereby one has to be registered with the Media Council in order to attend press conferences.

        The official explanation makes no sense whatsoever.

        • RawOnion says:

          Whether there is a law or not, if whomever is having a press conference or chicken show wants the media to be registered with the media council in order to attend, then they have a right to ban anyone who isn’t. Its that simple….Starling, you make everything seem difficult if it doesn’t go your way.

          • J Starling says:

            There is no registration procedure – go to the Media Council’s site if you like.

          • Impressive says:

            Some people will defend anything to support their biased position.. Wrong is wrong, there is no way he should have been banned initially. If you don’t support the PLP, fine, If you have problems with Marc Bean, fine, you have every right to have your position, but for God’s sake, how could anyone really support this and look at themselves in the mirror???

    • OBAUBP friendsnfamily says:

      Great for Gary Moreano, Bermuda Sun and Bernews.

  2. Well Done Bermuda's Youth says:

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless OMG!!

  3. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Freedom of the Press and Public is PARAMOUNT!

  4. J Starling says:

    I condemn this attempt to intimidate the media. There is no place for this in our democracy.

    • Ian Hunter says:

      Mr Johnston may very well be a reporter but obviously he can’t, won’t, denied in getting the proper credentials.
      One wonders why Mr. Johnson does not have the proper Media credentials?
      I guess then anyone could go to a press conference in Bermuda and claim they are a reporter. Only in Bda.

      • J Starling says:

        In Bermuda there are no ‘credentials’ – as the other reporters pointed out, they did not have to present credentials in order to attend.

        This is an unprecedented situation in modern Bermuda and something that should concern us all.

        All media should have a right to attend press conferences, and seeing as it was a National Address by our Premier, of the elected Government, ANY citizen of Bermuda, media or not, should have the right to attend.

        This is nothing but an attempt to silence and intimidate.

        • Unbelievebale says:

          There are credentials, J Starling. You are wrong. Anyone from the media in that room should have a valid Bermuda Govt press pass that is connected to his or her company and issued by DCI. If Ayo didn’t have one, I don’t see why he should be allowed in.

          What’s next? Johnny Barnes is going to attempt it?

          • Bettty Trump says:

            Most folks know MR Johnson from other media source his used to work with. It is not like he is an unknown entity in Bermuda. He is kinda well known in the media small world of Bermuda. So we know he is a journalist. I must say I enjoyed his reporting and stories, they were very informative. Keep up the good work Mr. Johnson.

            • RawOnion says:

              So what if he’s well known, he doesn’t have the right credentials and finally someone asked and he got caught out.

              In Bermuda it is all to common for people to say. “oh, all this time I though he/she was part of this organization because I see them here all the time.” Come to find out later that that person is not authorized to be there……SMH.

        • alsys says:

          Most countries have invite only press conferences. You aren’t an actual reporter, you don’t get in. Period.

          • Whistling Frog says:

            This is not most countries… Your talking about a dot on the map.

      • .am says:

        Exactly. He was denied on the grounds he didn’t have them, not based on who he was.

    • alsys says:

      As a freelance journalist not affiliated with any news outlet, is he actually considered media?

    • non political says:

      What democracy? Dunkley made anti-inflammatory remark about all signers of the referendum. Now lawsuits and muffling of the press. It’s the premier vindictive playback because Ayo Johnson don’t take sides, he ask real questions we the public want answered.

    • hmmm says:

      Probably a press conference, and security instructed to only allow press. Perhaps he didn’t have a press pass, therefore security assumed he was not allowed in.

      simple gaffe, should have worn a press pass or got one from one of the publications he submits to.

      OF course the PLP trolls will make it sound like it is because they don’t like Bermuda or Bermudians…which is silly.

      • J Starling says:

        There are no ‘press passes’ in Bermuda.

        And no citizen should be barred from a public press conference to the nation by our elected government anyway.

        • Unbelievebale says:

          Yes there are press passes. I have one.

          • J Starling says:

            Then why do you hide behind a pen name? You say that you have one, but for all we know you’re just some random person behind a keyboard alleging to have one.

            To the best of my knowledge we have no formal press badges system, and the other reporters quite clearly pointed out they hadn’t been asked for credentials in order to attend either.

            • Unbelievebale says:

              Trust me…there are press passes. If Ayo was still working at the RG, he’d be cool. Maybe they’ll issue him one but they also have expiration dates too.

              And no, I don’t think anyone should be allowed to enter a press conference even if you are a citizen. There is a thing such as security of elected officials – whether you lil ether or not. If we allowed any person into press conferences, you’d have any old Tom, Dick and Harry in there and who knows what could happen.

              That’s why it is a “press conference” so that the Govt can use the “press/media” to “communicate” its message to the public.

              And another thing, who tried to bar him from entering? Was it the press secretary? Was it someone at DCI? Was it a Minister? The Premier? Or just the Regiment soldier? We clearly do not know the full story.

            • alsys says:

              I can assure you there are DCI issued press passes.

              • J Starling says:

                I trust you alsys – although the fact that none of the other reporters were required to present such in order to attend renders it a rather moot point, imho.

                I believe the attempt to bar Mr Johnson was absolutely wrong and indefensible.

                • alsys says:

                  I would surmise that the security has gotten really lax over the last couple of years but due to heightened tenseness of the last month, it was decided to strengthen those rules. And as most people know he is not with the RG anymore, the regiment guys probably thought he wasn’t allowed in.

                  Frankly, I’d agree with them. I’d like to see any non-affiliated freelance reporter get into a White House press conference. It’s not allowed, not only because it’s security, but also because the people that will actually report this were there. I’m not sure where the information he wrote on his pad will end up but it’s not going to be with any of the media outlets as we know it. And alternatively, if it is, then the blame should be squarely put on the media outlet for sending someone in that has no credentials (even if those “credentials” are as basic as “he now works for us”)

            • BlueFamiliar says:

              I don’t know if unbelieveable has a press pass or not, but I do know that in years past there were formal press passes issued by Government. I presume this would still be the case now.

    • 21 BLACKJACK says:

      I don’t because your petition is a WASTE. Go find something real to bitch about, or try and save a skink. The 4 of you that is. I gamble if I want to.

      • J Starling says:

        And feel free to gamble if you want to. The petition is not against casino gambling, nor is it for casino gambling. It is simply about the belief that a referendum is the best route to decide this controversial issue, is the best method to ensure the people understand all the pros and cons of casino gambling, settles the issue for a long time (providing stability for investors) and that as it was promised it is important to hold Governments accountable to their promises.

    • Sooooo says:

      There was no attempt to intimidate the media, and saying so is nothing but misleading! You should know better. The guy didn’t have the correct credentials and was refused entry! Hell, I could go and say I’m a journalist (I do post on Bernews). Regardless if the guy has been doing this for years or not he should have the right paperwork.

  5. watching says:

    Now they are trying to censor which members of the media can attend press conferences?
    Or was Premier Cannonier scared to answer questions from Ayo? We all recall when the Premier stormed out of the press conference prior to election 2012.

    • hmmm says:

      He left the press conference after saying he would if off topic questions were raised. They were at that conference to address particular candidates being presented (if I recall correctly). Press was warned, someone called him on it, and he delivered. excactly what he said he would do. the press who wanted to speak to him or the candidates on the subject at hand were invited to do so in another room.

      I really don’t believe this is a censorship issue… if that was the case, they could have just issued a press release video or letter to a selected newspaper.

  6. Terry says:

    It’s all coming together.
    Ayo, Johnathon et al.

    Arab Spring.
    Running out of sand to bury heads.

  7. jj says:

    another one of plp foot soldier to misrep.the sitting govt and create more conflict and inaccuracy..Jounalism meaning taking no sides and reporting truth and no coverup..Must uphold democracy without tribalism leanings..perhaps AJ has such tendencies..

    • Wil says:

      you are a real a@@ jj.
      you say perhaps AJ has such tendencies..
      do you even know this man?
      you sound like one of the lap dogs for the oba.

    • Impressive says:

      Seriously, how could you really defend this action, I mean serious? Not to mention you have the audacity to use the phrase “tribalism”. Being biased works both ways sir, just in case you thought that the way your feel, as irrational as it might be, is entirely objective and doesn’t have any subjective elements at all.

  8. campervan says:

    not cool.

  9. Mike says:

    It is bad enough that the premier even has to call a press conference to address this mire of a mess that the public has to endure. But then you want to curtail the freedom of a well known reporter and bring additional unflattering attention to the press.

    I wish the OBA and PLP would give the people of Bermuda a break already. We are sick of this manure. Please, just call it a freakin’ truce and be done with it.

    Can’t stand either party right now.

  10. Just Wondering says:

    This is more for Bernews but does any one know what these proper “credentials,” are? Are they like a press badge or some sort of id that identifies the person as a memember of the press?

    • Bernews says:

      Certain media outlets may have press badges, we aren’t sure, but there is no national press badge or anything like that at this time.

      We aren’t sure what they were referring to by credentials, they may [?] mean as he was not attached to a known media outlet, but we are expecting an update from Government which may clarify it.

      • Freelance Blogger says:

        Can anyone from the public that is not employed by any local media outlets simply attend a Government press conference?

        If I simply say I am a freelance journalist/blogger can I get entrance to these events?

        • Family Man says:

          If that’s your idea of a fun day, why not? They probably serve free coffee, not sure about the doughnuts.

      • hmmm says:

        Do Bernews have a Press Badge, pass or some credentials?

        • Bernews says:

          We don’t have any form of press pass for daily use, we just get them sometimes for special events like the PGA Grand Slam, or the Rugby Classic.

          But we are signed up to the Media Council, and have had the same cameraman do the bulk of all filming since 2010, so he is very well known and rarely required to even have to identify himself in any situation [small island!].

          Govt has clarified the situation, we are about to post the update.

          • hmmm says:

            Ah, so it was members of Media Council or of Broadcast commission.

            That makes sense.

            • J Starling says:

              Not really. There is no law or policy that I am aware of saying that one has to be a member or registered with the Media Council.

              The Media Council is not a membership body – it’s just a body set up to represent the media and rule on media complaints.

              One can volunteer to agree to their Code of Practice, but one doesn’t have to do so to be media, or to have the Media Council rule on your media.

              The official explanation makes no sense.

              • Chaos Theory says:

                Jonathan, why can’t you simply accept that you are wrong (again). Just like Betty Trump, you believe that if you say it enough times and beat down everyone, it will somehow become true.

                • Bettty Trump says:

                  He is correct. What I have observed about Mr. Starling is that is usually does his homework before speaking or taking a position on an issue, unlike many of the UBPoba fans that blindly follow and take ONE side only. Keep speaking Mr. Starling some folks just dislike the truth.

                • Impressive says:

                  Because something isn’t what you want to hear, or supports your position, that doesn’t mean it is wrong.

              • Tired of it all says:

                If the Media Council isn’t a membership body how did the Workers Voice pull out of the organization last year?

                Jan 30 2013:

                “The Workers Voice has pulled out as a member of Bermuda’s Media Council.”

                “The withdrawal came after the Bermuda Industrial Union publication was ordered to issue an apology for “inaccurate” comments by columnist Alvin Williams that KFC “made a recent attempt to decertify the union”.

                Not everything is a conspiracy or some underhanded deed mate, no matter how much you want to believe.

                And I don’t know one country where any all of Joe Public can attend Government press conferences. Pretty sure not even Maduro allows for that.

                • J Starling says:

                  Perhaps they were appointed members for the formal structure (see here: or it means they simply ceased being a voluntary member (and thus paying costs to maintain it) or associated member (again voluntary and with a nominal contribution) or simply signatories to the Code of Practice.

                  All that being said, there is nothing in the Media Council literature that states one has to be associated with it in order to practice journalism or attend press conferences.

          • Bermudabie says:

            Have things changed? When I was a reporter, you went to Govt Offices with an application signed by your editor/news director, and you were given a press card with your picture on it, organisation that you worked for, with PRESS on it and “issued by the Bermuda Government” on the face of it….

            • Bernews says:

              Maybe other outlets have that [we don't know] but we don’t have any form of Government press pass, and have never been asked for one. We pretty much just launched in 2010, and started arriving at events.

  11. with freedom come responsiblity says:

    Question??? just suppose every former journalist, freelance, or person that writes for a blog, or website (e-journalist) showed up to a press conference should they just be let in?

    Should that be monitored?

    should it be simply enough to say he is a freelance journalist and veteran and he should be let into a government press conference??

    Are most of you aware that in most countries you can not get into a any government press area unless you work for a news outlet and if you are a freelance journalist one should have documentation saying so.

    or a press pass.

    • Get it done says:

      While that is true, Bermuda has no national ‘press badge’. Therefore you can’t change the rules in the middle of the game.

      This would be a good time for it to be established

    • Family Man says:

      Was the room full? Was it an issue of space?

      Did he have a recording device? Lets hope so.

      If there’s room, let them in. We could have LaVerne and Alvin from the Verkers Voice, Jonny from the Marxist Pink Sheets and Swan and Swan from the racist UBP White Sheets.

  12. Hot Button says:

    Let him in. Ayo rarely ask provocative mind boggling questions like “What is self-determination?” Something the premier never heard of but is politics 101. So let him in.

  13. Suzie Quattro says:

    Hey, I write a journal. So I’m a journalist. Can I get into these things?

    Do they do nice sandwiches?

    • me says:

      no Suzi, they don’t serve sandwiches at a press conference it is strictly to disceminate information to the public via all media and to invite a certain amount of feedback which makes it a conference..unless it is a banquet, or other i.e.Lions club ect no food or alcohol is generally served..( been there)..and past governments have issued passes for various events..(had one).

    • Bettty Trump says:

      Thank God it would not be balance and it would only add to some of the bias media we already have in Bermuda…REALLY

  14. Greed Killed Bermuda says:

    This is a new low.

  15. watchfuleyes says:

    Well done to the media who stood up for democracy!!!! Craig cannot continue to think he can control every situation to his benefit. Stop it. Government don’t bother to respond and give your spin on the situation, people are tired of hearing you make excuses when you don’t get your way.

    • more than enough says:

      i am pleasantly surprised by the media outlets collective stand.
      who does this clown think he is?
      i don’t know why you would have a press conference ever if there was never any intention to confer.
      this could have cost much less via press release.
      i’m presuming shawn wasn’t there. because he was telling us about your buddy, the golf pro. and how he attended a meeting with foreign investors after simply ‘bumming’ a ride. although he doesn’t recollect how long he was in the meeting for, whether he was there for five minutes or five hours. this is in direct contradiction of the premier’s claims.
      these guys have no scruples.

    • Come Correct says:

      Where does it say Craig attempted to barr him?

  16. What an effin joke says:

    The Premier needs to step down! Shawn Crockwell just threw the premier under the bus on the Sherry J show now this. He said in an interview that the person on the plane was “bumming a ride” and that he is a friend of the owner.Now we have come to find out that he is a friend of the Premier on a Government business trip and allowed to sit in on the meeting.Crockwell also goes on to state that he doesn’t know how long he was in the meeting or if he was there for the whole meeting.What advice on golfcourse development could this man have provided that Mr Kim Swan couldn’t provide? St Georges golf course is Mr Swans back yard!!! Mr Crockwell you have lost what little respect I had for you.

  17. watching says:

    if Craig would at least do some interviewing with local media then he would get used to answering questions. Oh well, his time is up soon for this Premiership.

  18. Alvin Williams says:

    Good grief is Bermuda now Russia; China or even Cuba? With this attempt to bar a reporter from the premier’s press conference; it appears that this premier has a black list of media persons who under no circumstances will be allowed into a press conference conducted by himself. What’ you have what looks like a soldier guarding the door to the press conference conducted by the leader of Bermuda’s government? What would the British think of this; one of it’s overseas territories acting like it is North Korea by denying the freedom of the press by military force? Well if the rest of the media took a stand over this issue; than I do have a little measure of respect for the local media which heretofore gave me very little reason to do so.
    Talk about what the international community thinks of Bermuda; the question what does the people of Bermuda think about their country and the OBA government?

  19. Unbelievebale says:

    If a reporter has a valid press pass from DCI then he or she should be allowed in and cover any press conference.

    If Mr. Johnson did not, then why should be allowed in? These are just people looking to AGAIN embarrass this government.

    OBA, grow some testicles!

    • Born Yesterday says:

      Yeah but they are the same people that embarrassed the last Government!Dont you remember??

    • LMAO says:

      Can’t embarrass them, they embarr-ass themselves to the max already.

  20. more than enough says:

    is this going along with the ‘singapore model’
    military police at the door?

  21. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    ANYONE can be a Free Lance Reporter…they sell or give their stories to a local media like the TV Stations or newspapers…

    I say again..FREEDOM is PARAMOUNT!

    this is NOT old Germany,the world went to War to uphold Freedom.

  22. watching says:

    What is the fear with letting Ayo in? I remember Ayo asking the PLP government some cheeky and hard questions at times. That’s what many reporters do. Why should a press conference be restricted to only reporters that will ask the easy questions. The Premier should be able to answer questions from all reporters if he wants to have the highest job in the land.

  23. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    I also have to question WHY a man in a Soldier’s Uniform was doing Security.
    … should have been a Private Security Officer in a uniform with SECURITY clearly marked on him or her with a Police Officer in Uniform to one side to observe and make sure no breaches of the peace occurred.

  24. watchfuleyes says:

    @Unbelievable… contrary to your belief, this Government does not need Mr. Johnson’s help in embarrassing themselves, they do an outstanding job all by themselves. In fact I would give them the highest of marks for their ability to embarrass themselves on a weekly basis. Congratulations to the OBA for that!

    • Unbelievebale says:

      I’m not disagreeing with you. You may be right but others do have a hand in it.

  25. Hmm... says:

    But hold on, the press conference was recorded and no one was allowed to ask questions, so what difference does it make if he was there?

  26. Hmm... says:

    Furthermore, if no reporters were allowed to ask questions, why not just put out a press release and save everyone some time.

    Craig likes a little drama…

  27. Lauren Bell says:

    Hats off to Bermuda Sun, ZBM and Bernews for standing united on the principle of the freedom of the press. You represented your profession well.

    There is symbolism in that display of unity.

  28. Coffee says:

    Our most cowardice Premier . Unprecedented , undemocratic and an affront to the freedom loving people of this country .

  29. Serious Though says:

    OBA govt BS!!
    give me a break

  30. watchfuleyes says:

    Mr.Premier, we do not subscribe to censorship- this was a ridiculous act and unacceptable to any right thinking Bermudian. Boy the OBA continue to make life hard for themselves by stunts like this. How are you going to impede this reporter’s right to be in a press conference? You need now to answer questions regarding your reasoning for this. Bermuda is watching and listening…

    • George says:

      It would help if you actually read the entire article then you wouldn’t sound like a numpty when posting i.e. its explained in full why he was originally barred entry!

  31. $oldier says:

    For all the dummies out there.. he is Craigs driver. plain n simple, he weren’t barring de door!

  32. George says:

    You all need a vacation to get your heads outta the small town political smog your big heads have gotten stuck in! It is clouding your judgement and ability to reason – talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill?! Your exaggerated expressions of disgust and contempt are farcical – Alvin you get today’s top award for most Farcical posting with Jonathan S a close second! Those who know Ayo know he likes to try it on so we shouldn’t be surprised they tried to bar him entry. Can I suggest you all direct all that negative pent up energy to something more useful, like crocheting or knitting?! I am a size large, woolen sweater or hat will do as its still a bit chilly outside – prefer Alpaca wool myself – allergies!

  33. Kismet says:

    I have been nauseated by many of the above ‘comments’. Gross exageration and downright fiction in some cases. How some people love to twist the truth. We have sunk to a new low in Bermuda – callous people bent on destruction of this government and subsequently this country. It is sickening.

  34. Triangle Drifter says:

    All bloggers should show up to press conferences. They all contribute to the media. Who needs credentials. Don’t you know who we are? Try it. See if you get in the door.

    No matter that he has been a reporter for many years. He was not there representing any perticular media outlet. He did not have the required credentials. He should have been locked out. Thats it.

    • me says:

      no thats not it, unless gov. has established new credentials Ayo is well known journalists who was previously given entry without having to produce i.d. why the sudden change and why keeping tabs on where regularjournalist/reporters work? especially if it is an island wide known fact who he is,. as his articles appeared in the daily paper.. he could be doing something private, he is still a journalist and in bermuda a press conference could actually include magazine writers,.. its just one thing after another, we are in freefall with these cats,.. The Premier is at an obvious lost for words and this is the leadership we have, so who’s going to follow this leader. Just because a nurse doesn’t work at a hospital doesn’t say shes/he’s not a nurse..could be working private..

      • Tired of it all says:

        If one is not part of the stated organizations and doesn’t possess the proper identification/passes then they should them first. It appears that this was the case and it was subsequently resolved by Dr. Binns via the registration of Mr. Johnson’s media company.

        Simply knowing a person doesn’t mean they should get special privileges. That is already an issue in this island.

        • Meeee says:

          Let’s inject some common sense here.

          A major Bermuda Press Conference as was called today attracts reporters from Bernews, RG, BdaSun, ZBM, VSB. Used to include Worker’s Voice. So the maximum number of press people (writers and camera people) would normally be 12. Might be 14.

          That’s 12 or 14. Not 120 or 1,200. Twelve!

          Every person in that dozen is well-known and their media connection is always easily verified.

          Why ban Ayo? Why does a well known Bermudian reporter/journalist who’s been around in the media world for over ten years have to produce ‘credentials’.

          Let’s recognize the fact that some big Government worm made another damn stupid decision and is now worming off their self-created hook.

  35. Brian says:

    I would love to see n article why Premiere Connonier would want to limit the participation of any individual and of Mr. Johnson specifically.

    I thought the objective of a press conference would be to “get the word out” to the most people possible. The more people reporting on it the merrier. Is Premiere Connonier trying to control the media and/or Mr. Johnson?

    It sounds personal the he doesn’t want Mr. Johnson present because he feels threatened. Does Mr. Johnson ask tough questions that Premiere Connonier doesn’t want to answer?

  36. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    maybe they didn’t like his hair style!

  37. MAKE MY DAY says:

    BDA is getting like the USA…. Especially with BHO trying to operate / manage ANYTHING!!! (HIS DAYS ARE “NUMBERED”!!!)