Digicel Launch ‘Smooth’ Switching/Postpaid Plan

March 3, 2014

As local number portability comes to Bermuda today [Mar 3], Digicel is promising mobile users a “smooth experience” when switching their numbers, and is also launching Digicel Postpaid Refresh, a brand new phone pricing plan which allows customers to pay in monthly instalments with no money down.

Joining Digicel  involves one of three steps:

  • 1. In-store option: Customers should visit any one of Digicel’s stores with a valid identification, a current debit or credit card, proof of their current address, the last bill from their existing carrier and their current mobile phone.
  • 2. The second method allows customers to request the switch to Digicel by calling its 24-hour Customer Care at 500-5000, or by emailing info.bermuda@digicelgroup.com, or by submitting a request online at www.digicelbermuda.com. Customers choosing this method will be invited to come into a Digicel to complete the process, choose their plan and collect their new SIM cards and phones.
  • 3. For both options, Digicel will deliver SIMs and devices to customers within the Hamilton and hospital areas. Customers will also receive a call on their Digicel SIM to confirm the switch is complete.

Digicel Bermuda CEO Wayne Caines, said; “Since Digicel’s launch in Bermuda, we have continuously worked to deliver on our promise of best service and the introduction of local number portability is no different.

“As the only wireless carrier in Bermuda with a local call centre, we are fully committed to providing extraordinary customer service delivered by a team of dedicated professionals trained and ready to make the switching experience a seamless one.”

Digicel Postpaid Refresh, also launching today, allows customers to purchase smartphones by paying small monthly instalments, starting at $10 per month. Customers pay nothing upfront and may upgrade their handsets at any time. A customer may have up to two Digicel Postpaid Refresh devices at one time.

“At a time when the entire telecommunications industry in Bermuda is being refreshed with local number portability, it is fitting that we introduce our Digicel Postpaid Refresh phone pricing,” continued Mr. Caines.

“Digicel is proud to deliver best value and best service to its customers across Bermuda and this pricing plan and upgrade feature is testament to that – allowing customers to access the latest and greatest handsets through a payment plan that suits their wallet.”

Both existing and new postpaid customers are eligible for Digicel Postpaid Refresh. An important aspect to note is that the handset is not tied to a mobile plan contract; there is a separate agreement for the handset which allows customers to enjoy greater flexibility.

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  1. system upgrade says:

    Fix your System so that people can put credit on their bill accounts when going on vacation. I came back and my phone was cut off so I could not call my ride home. I walked home from the airport. Guess what I did the next day.

  2. Umm.... says:

    Looks like the ante has been up’d! Waits to see what the other guys do.

  3. Sooooo says:

    “Digicel Postpaid Refresh” sounds just like Cellone’s Power Up Plan which has been available for months!

    • Alice M. Kingsleigh says:

      …Except the no money down bit. I’m already a Digicel customer, so I’m not looking to switch my number, but I will be going in to upgrade my phone! After the stories last week, Digicel looks *plenty* ready for number portability to me…

  4. racso says:

    Finally I can get a smartphone for nothing, not bad from Digicel! Looking forward to switching, ciao CellOne, wont miss your service.

  5. Well done says:

    I looking forward to moving to Digicel…

    • Paco says:

      No jump yet to Digicel! This new installment plan has more payments and higher payments than CellOne’s. Do your homevork…..

      • rinko says:

        Yah but its nothing to pay upfront – instead of, wait for it, $199…you need to do your revision ;)

        • Paco says:

          Yah but you pay more overall with them. Do the math….

  6. Patricia says:

    Don’t do it!!

  7. Brian says:

    Wish that digicel will make there service better so it works in ferry reach instead of always being copycats

  8. c1 or digi says:

    So if I want an Samsung s4 Active from Digi I pay $0 down and $40 a month. If I going with C1 I pay $199 down and $25 a month. After 24 months I would have paid $180 more in monthly payments with Digi. With C1 I can upgrade after 18 months, forgiving my last 4 months.

    ppl check out Digi monthly payments vs. C1 payments. ALL C1 payments are lower and ALL their smartphone over $199 are available.

    just saying!! Some ppl use Digi… Some ppl love C1! I’m Staying with C1!

    • c1 or digi says:

      Also they give new customers $200 off. So that FREE, $0 right??