Photos: Hostages Taken By Pirates Of Bermuda

March 9, 2014

[Updated] The Pirates of Bermuda took a few dozen people “hostage”  today [Mar 9] — but all in the name of a good cause.

Organised by the Bermuda Sloop Foundation as part of its fundraising for the “Spirit of Bermuda” sail training programmes, friends and family can choose to donate towards a hostage’s ransom — or towards him/her having to “‘Walk the Plank” into the waters of the Hamilton Harbour.

Some participants did manage to raise enough money to avoid walking the plank, however most did not and were summarily “forced” to jump into the Harbour.

The Bishop of Bermuda Nicholas Dill being taken “hostage” and brought to the ship:

Pirates of Bermuda 2014 (21)

Members of the public descended on Front Street in order to witness the fate of the hostages, with each either being freed with their charitable ransom paid, or being made to walk the plank.

The group of “hostages” listed as taking part in this year’s fundraising event include Karen McDonald, Alan Burland, Juan Prado, David Goodwin, Dr. Michael Ashton, Kirk Kitson, Paul Markey, Patrick Dill, Charles Penruddocke, Martha Kirkland, Jesse Kirkland, Tom Hebert-Evans, Andrew Mendonca, David Kendell, Mark Clarke, Alexis Swan, Mark Berry, and David Skinner.

The Bishop being forced to “walk the plank”

Pirates of Bermuda hostage 2014 (2)

Also listed was Scott Pearman, Rebecca Roberts & Justin O’Keefe, Glenn Clinton, Somers Cooper, Blythe Walker, Rikki Hornett, George Hayward Jr., Kevin O’Donnell, Ambrose Gosling, Bishop Nick Dill, James Watlington, Morris O’Brien, Greg Wojciechowski, Christian Dunleavy, Christian Dunleavy, Bill Pollett, Bonnie McGlynn, Stephen Outerbridge, Graham Pewter, Peter Frith, Captain Clifford Powell, Kiernan Bell, Josh Bento, Terry Pimentel, Monica Dunstan, Layton Outerbridge, Joel Duffy, Hugh Conyers, Jenny Goodwin, Sharon Beesley, and Patrick Outerbridge.

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Update 7.54pm: An additional 81 photos are in the slideshow below


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  1. Bishop Dill. Best Bishop ever!! A very important fund-raising event. Well done every one.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Any hot headed politicians thrown over? There are some who could benefit from that cold water. BRRRRRRRRRR.

  3. Erasmus says:

    Pirates of Bermuda reckoned politicians not enough value.

    Bishop Nick is rivalling Pope Francis