PLP: Premier’s Statement “Misleading, Divisive”

March 2, 2014


Shadow Finance Minister David Burt responded to the Premier’s comments this evening [Mar 2], saying that the Premier’s “divisive response” does nothing to help Bermudians, and that they “continue to rely on an outdated international business model which has been profoundly impacted by globalisation.”

Premier Craig Cannonier said the PLP Budget Reply “has taken an approach to the economy that is dangerous, irresponsible and a recipe for paralysis in the face of immense pressures…”

Mr. Burt said, “Last year Bermuda’s Economy lost 921 jobs. Last week more Bermudians lost their jobs as their positions were outsourced.

“The Premier’s divisive response to the PLP’s Budget Reply does nothing to help those Bermudians who have seen their jobs vanish under the OBA and provides no comfort that the Premier actually understands what is going on in the Bermuda economy.

“The Premier’s time would be better spent talking to Bermudians and understanding the struggles they are facing, not hiding behind press releases and ducking questions.

“Rather than the conciliatory approach taken by Minister of Finance Bob Richards, the Premier, who must be feeling the pressure of poor polling results, has taken to attacking the ideas we put forward instead of defending his own plan.

“Therein lies the problem; the OBA have no plan to diversify the economy, and continue to rely on an outdated international business model which has been profoundly impacted by globalisation.

“Every month, Bermudians continue to see their jobs outsourced and, rather than face the facts, the out of touch Premier attacks the PLP for proposing alternatives while the OBA has none.

“Nowhere did the PLP call for corporate income tax, but that didn’t stop the Premier from inventing this fiction and shamefully peddling it to the people of Bermuda.

“The Premier’s inability to keep his stories straight is laid bare in his own statement where he contradicts himself; in one sentence when he says the PLP are for spending cuts but want to spend more!

“The PLP’s alternative budget is a balanced approach that proposes $100 million in combined spending cuts over the next two years with smart investments in education, training, and alternative energy.

“We have proposed additional regulations for our banks to clamp down on unfair fees and the creation of a ‘Bermuda Fund’ to invest in new industries that will create new jobs in Bermuda.

“We encourage the people to read the reply [PDF] and judge for themselves. As the Opposition, we have taken the time to put forward ideas for debate and, while we do not expect the Premier to accept them all, he should at least give factual information to Bermudians.

The people of this country deserve a higher standard of leadership than what is being offered by our divisive Premier; they should expect that they can trust the Premier to issue a press release that contains the truth.

“We have big issues to deal with in the country, and the Premier’s misleading and divisive statement does nothing for the hundreds of Bermudians who have seen their jobs vanish under the OBA,” concluded Mr. Burt.

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  1. nuffin but the truth says:


    Shadow Finance Minister David Burt response is complete rubbish!
    He’s another amateur that hasn’t a clue what he’s gassing about.

    • Crazy Week says:

      Hmmm, do you really believe the tripe you write? Did you even read the reply to just gassing on your OBA talking points.

      • It's about time! says:

        I’m sorry…but I have to pull a “Bettty” here and jump to the top of the cue…LOFL!

        I just HAVE to address the “jobs lost” figure that Mr. Burt keeps referring to. Why has the number changed since he first quoted it in his unofficial response to the budget speech? It was 911 then and now it’s 921…he quoted a statistic provided in an economic survey and is now “padding” the number??? If you are going to quote FACTS then you cannot alter your figures! That is called LYING and totally discredits your argument!

        And speaking of FACTS…let’s stick to the number of 911 jobs lost since the previous survey…the previous number of jobs lost …from the VERY same survey…was 1956!! The year before that it was 698 and the year before that it was 1423!!! Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe I can say this for the majority…these numbers show that from just one year to the next there was OVER 1000 fewer jobs lost!! Let me be clear…ANY job losses are not a good thing but 1000 fewer is indicative of a job that is being done WELL!

        Now, the Betttty”s will have you believe that I am just harping on the PLP and not acknowledging the the OBA is “falling on their sword”…this could NOT be further from the truth! I am merely quoting FACTS and making a comparison between yearly statistics in order to indicate which way the figures are trending…something that is done in the REAL world on a regular basis!

        Also note that when I mentioned the numbers I did NOT attribute them to any particular party…the numbers speak for themselves…

        Rant over…have a wonderful day EVERYONE!

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:


          , “Last year Bermuda’s Economy lost 921 jobs. Last week more Bermudians lost their jobs as their positions were outsourced.

          Often the data is not recorded quickly enough, but jobs loses have taken place since last week, as a result the numbers will change.

          MP BURT is not mis-leading you or not one for that matter. He is just smart and keeping on top of things.

          LOOKS like the UBPOba are falling on their sword. THe reality is more jobs loses are coming as well. WAKE UP.

          Well done Mr. Burt, an excellent reply to the budget.

          I love you too.

          • theothersidebda says:

            The number for last year is the number for last year…you can’t keep updating it for jobs lost last week or this week. Last week was February 2014 according to my calendar.

          • It's about time! says:

            Dear, dear Bettty…your response only serves to solidify the EXACT reason why you and your learned Mr. Burt should NEVER have control of the people’s finances!!! Your response is indicative of why and how the PLP destroyed our local economy!!

            Let me repeat it to you…maybe it will sink in (not likely)…you CANNOT just add numbers to a statistic just because more jobs have been lost since the previous statement!! What are you going to do to the figure the next time the information is gathered?? Are you going to subtract the number that you added…which, in theory, should happen if you are going to be accurate, or do you just tally up the number again??? IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY…..YOU IMBECILE!!!

            Your learned Mr. Burt also made the same sort of errors with regards to the 48% increase in travel expenditure that he CLAIMS took place…but that is another whole “kettle of fish” so to speak….you let me know if you need clarification about that which I speak.

            Have a nice day!

          • It's about time! says:

            Has everyone else noticed? There are three posts from Bettty so far today…highly unusual considering her normal quota!! Check the times on the posts…two in the morning and one around lunch time. Me thinks she might be a tad bit busy today!! Eight hours of debate in the House…not too hard to figure out.

            • Hopefulness says:

              Well done Mr Burt, on you reply to the budget. You are indeed a bright young man. I am most pleased with your response to the budget. You are indeed someone to watch.

              Bettty keep speaking up, they seem to love you a lot.

              • It's about time! says:

                Thankfully you’re on the outside looking in…

                ’nuff said!

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      WELL SAID MR. BURT. WHAT AN OUTSTANDING REPLY TO THE BUDGET. What was most impressive was your presentations of solutions to improve our overall economy. This is key moving forward.

      As I have said over and over again. The UBPoba promised us so much Pre-election. They even seemed to suggest that they had a plan to move our economy forward. But what we now see is that there was actually “NO PLAN and NO original ideas” to grow our economy.

      “Therein lies the problem; the OBA have no plan to diversify the economy, and continue to rely on an outdated international business model which has been profoundly impacted by globalization.

      “Every month, Bermudians continue to see their jobs outsourced and, rather than face the facts, the out of touch Premier attacks the PLP for proposing alternatives while the OBA has none…..MP. Burt

      My hope is that the UBPoba would work with the PLP to ensure ways to create JOBS as promised pre-election for the people of Bermuda, rather than continue to engage in a manner which is unproductive and “divisive and extremely mis-leading”. This does nothing to move Bermuda forward, more so to address the needs of the average Bermudian.

      Keep working hard Mr. Burt in the best interest of Bermuda and her people.

      • hmmm says:

        Betty, are you his mom?

        he can do no wrong in your eyes…

      • X man says:

        Ok BETTY you seem to know that there’s an unemployment problem but there are 3 unanswered
        questions that I the common man attached to no political Party wants to know.
        [1] were and who created the unemployment problem – because you seem to be trying to switch the blame on to
        the Govt. of the day by making a lot of noise.
        [2] and why nobody saw it coming or did they see it coming and just ignored it.
        [3] were is the PLP’S economic recovery plan – if your Political Party has the answer or some great idea
        on how to recover from this economic plight than we need to see it. — or does it exist.
        BETTY TRUMP you just seem to be interested in your Political Party but my main interest is Paying my
        Mortgage, Feeding my 2 Children, paying my bills and trying to maintain a good quality of life.
        You got it now!

        • Hopefulness says:

          Sounds like to me Bettty is interested in jobs for ALL. That is why she highlights that the OBA has failed to Expand our economy to grow. Growth of our economy would result in new jobs opportunities for Bermudians. Bettty is always singing and watching out for the average Bermudians, that seems to be her calling. What are you failing to get?

  2. Mike Hind says:

    Nothing but a thinly veiled ad hominem. Nothing addressing what the Premier actually said.

    We deserve better than this.

    We DO deserve a higher standard of leadership, Mr. Burt.
    You aren’t providing it.

    Also, given your party’s history of divisive, racially hostile and occasionally completely vile statements, are you SURE you want to call ANYONE else “divisive”?

    Or is this just yet another example of what seems to be your party and its supporter’s base motto: “It’s ok when we do it”?

    • Crazy Week says:

      Hard to comment on what the premier said if it isn’t true.

      Also, I didn’t know that the government replied to the oppositions reply.

      If it was no good, one would assume they would ignore it. The fact they attacked it speaks volumes.

      • Benny Trump says:

        “Hard to comment on what the premier said if it isn’t true.” —- yet all you plp/biu fanboys were clambering at the bit when the Premier didn’t comment on marc bean and david burt’s allegations. Hard to comment on it if it isn’t true, right? ;)

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          Thanks for loving me so much, that you could not resist calling yourself after me, this seems to be common practice by the UBPoba fans. Using my surname is very interesting. I know your just in love with me !

          Spread the love around. Have a great day !!

          • Benny Trump says:

            What are you talking about? Have you ever played eucrhe??

            p.s. that isn’t your surname ;)

      • Mike Hind says:

        That makes no sense. “If it wasn’t true, they’d ignore it”? Huh? Seriously?

        And…. What part of it wasn’t true? What part of what the Premier said is false?
        And, if it is, why not say “this part is false” and show how? Why the ad hominems and the hypocritical “devisive” nonsense?

  3. Vote for Me says:

    MP Burt
    You clearly did a good job with the budget response. I am listening to the various MP comments from Feb 28. On balance the OBA responses are woefully lacking.

    Perhaps MP Richards will contact you for genuine collaboration.

  4. swing voter says:

    Sorry David, no cigar for you. I’ve seen you in action. You and so many others ain’t paid your dues, refused to emulate true statesmen and women that made the PLP the party of the people, and ignored the advice of the old skool freedom fighters that sacrificed so much….ya’ll will never match the likes of Lois, Freddy, Austin, David, Barbara etc.

  5. Coffee says:

    Misleading and divisiveness , two of the sharpest and most used tools in the OBAs toolbox , along with their prized talent of fear mongering . Besides all that Mr.Richards understands real talent when he’s exposed to it and the natural thing for him to do is to acknowledge that talent which , in spite of himself he had to after your cutting response to his thesis .

    • Al says:

      Yeah, the PLP started accusing Bob Richards of fear mongering in 2007.

      And he was 100℅ right on the deficit and economy and the PLP were 100% wrong.

      • Mike Hind says:

        As always, “it’s ok when we do it”…

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      How’s this for fear mongering–

      They will have you back in shakles working on the plantaion again..don’t go back there’ who said something very close to this was it the PLP …fearmongering indeed..


  6. Starting point says:

    I shall reserve judgement until I can get a response from the OBA to the response from the PLP who were responding to the response from the premier of the response by the PLP to the budget.

    • ABM says:

      LMAO!!! Best comment on this article by far!!!!!

  7. watching says:

    Well said MP Burt. Your response clearly outshined the Government Budget. Premier Cannonier is clearly grasping at straws. Cannonier is totally out of his depth. He needs not to even enter the financial debate.

    • hmmm says:

      PLP are AMAZING at using the media to manipulate people. That and putting a country on the verge of Bankruptcy.

      Lots of ideas…none of which they ever succesfully implemented.

      If you like being manipulated then PLP should get your vote.

    • inna says:

      clearly much?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Yes. God forbid the Leader of our country speak up!
      How dare he!

  8. Lone Wolf says:

    Anyone else (besides me) want to see the Premier and Burt put on boxing gloves and settle it once and for all in the ring? Or the Premier and Bean? These lot have turned themselves into complete jokes. I don’t believe a single word any of them say anymore.

  9. Page 26 ... says:

    “Nowhere did the PLP call for corporate income tax, but that didn’t stop the Premier from inventing this fiction and shamefully peddling it to the people of Bermuda.


    You have to ask if he actually read his party’s response. If he did he seems to have missed Page 26.

    • inna says:

      Mr. Speaker, when we talk about breaking the cycle – we need to look at who uses Bermuda and for
      what. Last week the Minister said , “Bermuda is not a Tax Haven!” – Mr. Speaker, I agree with the
      Minister, we have our own tax system, a system that has worked for us since the 1800s. But here is the
      challenge Mr. Speaker, Bermuda is one of a handful of countries in the world that do not charge a direct
      corporate tax. Thus, no matter the volume of our vociferous protestations, as long as we continue to
      have no corporate tax, and as long as multinationals use the rules at their disposal to use Bermuda to
      legally reduce their tax bills in other places – while paying NO TAX to Bermuda – we will continue to be
      labelled a tax haven. We will not change how people look at us, unless we are willing to change how we

      • Dinosaurmedia says:

        This is true and is why we are held hostage by them and coincidentally why we need another economic pillar of support – no not GAMING – that is a trash solution for trashy people -

        The moment our tax code changes they will run off to the next jurisdiction willing to amend theirs…

        • inna says:

          So the suggestion to change our system is valid because…??

        • hmmm says:


          How are we held hostage by them?

          Much of the reinsurance industry is here due to the regulatory framework, speed to market and established industry players.

          There are a considerable number of offshore locations which have no direct Corp taxation.

  10. bluebird says:

    VOTE FOR THE PLP…….The have a “BRIDGE” to sell to you

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      that’s right they really do..a bridge to NOWHERE!

  11. Benny Trump says:

    Why all the hard-ons for david burt? He’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed yet people post on here all day about how he is the second coming of Sir David Gibbons… If he’s the best the plp/biu have to offer we are seriously scr****. Somebody pass me a swizzle!

    • X man says:

      Thats because Mr.Burt has a lot to say on behalf of the

    • X man says:

      Thats because Mr.Burt has a lot to say on behalf of the

    • swing voter says:

      forget the swizzle….if we are stupid enough to entrust them the government, may as well change my drink of choice to a screwdriver…..for obvious reasons. Sadly many young voters don’t understand or care how economically stable the island was 20 years ago, when even a gopher hole apartment was occupied by a single parent hotel worker making $5000/month in season

  12. Dinosaurmedia says:

    Who actualy read the pdf? or are we to continue arguing on like little children – it is ture the OBA’s idea of economic diversification is lacklustre at best – and economists have agreed and laid outr the reasons why.

    I get it we all have our “party” to defend one way or the next but thoise of you on here that did’t at least read the PDF will never understand what the Opposition leader refers to…our see the spin our dear “leader” applied to the remarks.

    Read it then comment -

    • Mike Hind says:

      And when we’ve read it and show that Mr. Burt is wrong… Then what?

      • Question says:

        Why would he be wrong? It is their response to the Budget – their ideas which they believe with assist with the country’s economic recovery. Take the ideas that you believe will help – - leave those you don’t – - how is that difficult?

        The Premier’s statement is useless as it is a response to the response – seriously?

        The OBA is the government – - I believe it is time they act like it.


        • Page 26 ... says:

          It’s pretty clear that Mr. Burt didn’t even read his own party’s response to the budget. Or, if he did, he didn’t understand it. Turn to Page 26, read it, and then try to keep a straight face while claimin that the PLP did not recommend corporate income tax.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Oh, “Question”… Her we go again.

          See Page 26.

          He was wrong. THAT is how he could be wrong.

          You’ve GOT to do better than this.

  13. Take it Easy! says:

    How do u just let 800mil go missing? O ya just let the PLP be government!!

  14. Legal Eagle says:

    BOTH parties seem MORE interested in blame game petty personal attacks + political sniping-than co-operatively implimenting measures to dig BDA out of the economic mess that we are in! Perhaps unproductive acrimony’s entrenched in BDN politians DNA–but if both sides don’t get it under control–it’s the people who suffer!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

  15. Alvin Williams says:

    The replies of the OBA government and their herd mentality supporters are never going to give any credit to any thing voice by the PLP political opposition even though they have shamelessly claim PLP policies as their own.
    In that they are walking in the shoes of their UBP forefathers who used to
    regularly claim PLP ideas and policies as their own.

    • Ringmaster says:

      The UBP in late 1990′s. Was that when Bermudians had a job, no a choice of job and more than one if wanted? Is that when the economy ran at a surplus (continued by the PLP until 2004)? Is that when there was no unemployment? Is that when Bermudians could afford a house? Yes, they were really bad times and the PLP continued with those bad times until the new guard took over in 2006. Why did the PLP derail and push the Island into the state it’s in today?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Yet another completely meaningless post from Mr. Williams, with bizarre, off-topic claims and ridiculous accusations.

      At least this time he didn’t lash out with a racist attack, as he’s done so many times before.

    • It's about time! says:

      Sir Alvin…I’m sorry but you do NOT get a free pass on this!! The “herd mentality” is for the PLP and her “sheeple”…believing everything that comes out of their mouthes JUST because they said it!! The bulk of the support for the OBA is comprised of free thinking individuals who DO NOT buy into the B*** S**T that this current crop of PLP politicians are spewing forth at an alarming rate!!

      This man that states the Premier is being misleading and divisive is a perfect example of the “pot calling the kettle black!” What a total hypocrite!! He is purposely misleading the people when he states that 921 jobs were lost last year….his earlier statement, after the budget was announced, was that 911 jobs were lost! How is he “padding” the number??? Furthermore…his tirade about 911 jobs being lost is misleading also due to the fact that he provided no comparison to the previous statistical number. Do you know why? It’s rather simple…because the previous number gleaned from the National Economic Survey stated that 1956 jobs were lost!!! This trend in numbers actually shows that the OBA has taken steps in the right direction!! Over 1000 fewer jobs lost from one year to the next!!

      Another misleading statement by this Mr. Burt….government increased spending on travel by 48%!!! I’m sorry but this is utter BULLS**T!! He gleaned a “revised” number from this year’s Budget and compared it to the “actual” number for the 2012/13 term….I’m sorry but this does not work for several reasons! First, statistics show that the “revised” numbers are always higher that the “actual” numbers…year over year…SO, to be completely accurate he should compare “revised” with “revised” or “actual” with “actual in order to indicate spending trends accurately. Why wouldn’t he do this? Again, it’s SIMPLE…the revised estimate for the 2012/13 term was $5.2 million!!! It ain’t rocket science!

      Furthermore, the $3.4mil “actual” number for the year2012/13 is misleading in itself due to the fact that it was an election year and there were several mitigating factors involved in the unusually LOW figure for the annual travel expense. For one, the PLP lost the election and therefore were not able to carry out through the remainder of the fiscal year…4 months short, actually…another is the fact that neither party was doing much travelling leading up to the election…and yet another factor is that the OBA did not travel much in the months after the election as they were busy doing housekeeping!! According to the figures so far the OBA is only 8.2% higher in travel expenses than their original budgeted estimate and this number, according to statistics, will DECREASE!!! Again,…It ain’t rocket science! Who is misleading who??

      While I’m at it…just for kicks….lets look at Mr. Burt’s rant about the Government overspending their budget by $45 million dollars!!! I’m sorry but this is seriously misleading the people as well!!! Yes the numbers are correct…they were over by $45 million…but where was the BULK of that overspending??? $30 million dollars was towards GRANTS AND CONTRIBUTIONS!!! What would you have them do??? Pull the contributions?? Seriously…the BS has got to stop!!

      Mr. Burt’s entire response to the budget article printed on Feb 21st is nothing more than propaganda speak aimed solely at misleading the people and creating a false sense of emotions based on one-sided statements cherry picked to incite false beliefs in what the government is actually accomplishing.

      And just so you know…ain’t none of this come from no HERD MENTALITY!!

      • Edmund Spenser says:

        Just to add some numbers to the above. If you look at everything and give a full, honest and transparent account of the overspend by the OBA as found in line 25 of the consolidated accounts, the actual overspend is 1.4 mill. When you look at all the lines and all the pluses and minuses instead of cherry picking line items based on political agendas, the total difference between planned and actual is 1.4 mill.
        The PLP budget adds 30 mill in debt above the OBA budget for 14/15. Adds 43 mill above the OBA budget for 15/16 and adds 45 mil above the OBA budget for 16/17. The PLP budget, instead of reducing debt from the OBA budget actually increases it by an additional 119 mill over the next three years.

        • It's about time! says:

          EXACTLY!! Are you aware of the figures regarding the debt increase during the last 5 years of the PLP administration? I believe they increased the debt by over $500 million!!! All this because they had NO CLUE on how to reduce the debt!! Are you also aware of how much the OBA increased the debt in one year of administration? I believe it was just about $1 million!!!

          Give Bob another year or two and he will have those figures showing a decrease in debt!!

          I honestly believe that the majority of sheeple have NO idea how very close we were to being turned down for loans and how VERY MUCH that would impact our economic stability!!