Gordon Asks Jamaica For Ganja Oil Shipment

April 14, 2014

Medical ganja activist Alan Gordon — in an open letter to Jamaica’s Health Minister copied to The Jamaica Gleaner — asked for a permit to export enough medical ganja oil extract that he said would help over 300 Bermuda cancer patients to have 18,000 large doses over a 2-3 month period.

Mr. Gordon says that Bermuda’s Cabinet has previously approved import permits from elsewhere on a per-patient basis, but were experiencing trouble with availability, price and quality which Jamaica seems well suited to alleviate.

He also claims “medical tourists have already been quietly coming to Jamaica for illicit cancer treatments with cannabis oil, because it has shown great promise as a tumour-shrinking anti-cancer drug in hundreds of lab and live animal studies, and thousands of humans in the US, Canada, England, Australia, and elsewhere.

Mr. Gordon has also specified that the oil must be grown organically by Rastafarians, as a matter of social justice and “fair trade” principles. He says he is not a Rastafarian but says that “after the gravely ill patients, first consideration must be given to Rastafarians as a way of expressing society’s remorse for oppression of Rastafarians under the old laws.”

“I know people are already coming to Jamaica to treat cancer and other serious ailments with cannabis oil, under the table, and more will be coming soon,” says Mr. Gordon, adding ”but some people are too sick to travel, and could pay a worthwhile price for Rastafarian grown and processed organic cannabis oil, if it could be shipped. I believe this could be the best product of its kind in the world, and yet would still be affordable for Bermudians”.

Gordon provided The Gleaner with a copy of the letter, emailed to Opinions, at the same time it was sent to the Minister via email.

Mr. Gordon’s full letter to Jamaican Health Minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson is below:

Dear Hon. Dr. Fenton Ferguson, Minister of Health

Bermuda cancer patients are in need of ganja (cannabis) oil extract — “hash oil” — and not just for comfort, but as an actual cancer-killing drug. It is a safe and effective companion treatment to conventional medicines, and even as a stand-alone treatment, especially when other treatments fail. People people from many countries already quietly travel to Jamaica for this illicit medical tourism.

I write to enquire after an officially sanctioned export of medical quality Jamaican organic ganja oil, to be imported to Bermuda’s Chief Medical Officer under license, to be held for island-bound Bermudian patients. I feel this import license will be granted, because the relevant Bermudian Minister here has already offered such permits for lower-quality ganja oil imports, on a per-patient basis.

In order to be acceptable, this oil needs to be made from organic indica variety ganja, free of chemical impurities, yet with a high degree of potency/purity. The ganja must not come into contact with any solvent more toxic than ethanol and/or cold CO2, and would also be acceptable if it were made without any solvents at all, by rinsing flowers and “sugar leaves” (the resin-covered leaves closest to the flowers) in cold water to extract the resin glands with filters.

I initially wish to import 5 gallons (18.93 liters, which should weigh about 22.72 kg).

I must also insist only upon Rastafarian suppliers/manufacturers, even if their religion precludes the use of alcohol solvents. My Rasta-only requirement is because Rastafarians:

  • 1. shun toxic chemicals (which we wish to avoid in medicine); and
  • 2. have been a beacon of light and hope for Jamaica, drawing significant international appreciation for Jamaica via reggae music, respect for nature, and Biblical interpretation which brings the old faiths to life from across the globe and thousands of years — all while leaning away from lure of gang lifestyles.

Despite values which seem odd to us, Rastafarians are among Jamaica’s greatest riches, no less important than her soil and rain and sea and sun. Now that ganja laws are going to become sensible, the Rastafarian community deserves this compensation for decades-long ganja-related abuse suffered while we stood by and watched, slack-jawed. It is the right thing to do, expressing thanks and praise to those who stood the moral high ground during oppression.

I do not wish to diminish Jamaica’s upcoming medical tourism economy for cancer patients who will soon flock to Jamaica. Even still, with the price difference for ganja oil in Bermuda compared to Jamaica, we can help patients anywhere, while bringing jobs and revenue to Jamaica — patients too sick to travel can still benefit from Jamaica’s blessings. I humbly implore you to respond at the telephone or email address I have left with The Gleaner — it could save lives while bolstering Jamaica’s economy.


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  1. sage says:

    Nice work Mr. Gordon, I hope you are successful, this could make the difference for many people fighting for their lives.

    • Terry says:

      They don’t sell the material.
      They sell gunja.
      We smoke it right?

      • Come Correct says:

        We? Rum anyone? Terry got more than 5 gallons.

  2. Family Man says:

    Was the letter dated April 1st?

    (Bermuda post office standard delivery time to Jamaica – 14 days).

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      April 1st…some April Fool Joke!

  3. Mr. Speaker says:


  4. Toodle-oo says:

    Your concern for for people who could benefit from medical uses for the product are admirable but what if government tells you ‘that’s it’ .
    Still no legalization of herb.
    What will be going through your mind then ?

    • Come Correct says:

      I can’t get an electronic cigarette on the island without jumping through flaming hoops simply because, and told by a pharmasist, because the government can’t figure out a way to capitalize on it. They don’t give a rats buttock about the people, just themselves. You don’t honestly think legalization is even on the table do you? In any form or regulation…

      • ABM says:

        I think these are already available at the several smoke shops on the island. I’ve even seen them being sold at various other shops in Hamilton. Just need to go out and look my friend.

  5. Unbelievable says:

    I’m all for legalisation but for once I wish the more serious proponents of legalisation would just say they just want to get high.

    • Come Correct says:

      You’re so knowledgable on the subject aren’t you?

      • Unbelievable says:

        Actually, no I am not. I don’t smoke marijuana nor have I ever.

  6. Yes billy bye!

  7. Researchers have shown and proven that medical marijuana has many benefits to one’s healing process, not just cancer victims. The Idea of legalizing for medical purpose makes more sense then most of the crap that comes out of the pharmaceutical market.

  8. Common Sense says:

    Not sure which doctors would be willing to prescribe such a shipment of medical marijuana if it manages to pass through all the hoops and hurdles, but what an opportunity it would provide for Bermuda to closely monitor those who are prescribed it to patients with serious pain and illnesses. Why not have a small professional committee track the users to assess whether or not they have benefited from its use.

    Perhaps we could even invite Dr. Sanjay Gupta to come to Bermuda to provide his independent assessment, and report his findings on CNN. As a long time opponent of medical marijuana he has now come full circle and his recent TV special blew the lid off some of the myths about marijuana.

    We need to think outside the box about the legalization of marijuana and now is the time to do so.

    • drewskie says:

      180 mate. Full circle and he would be right back where he had begin from.

  9. SMH says:

    The Government needs to look into why there is only ONE oncologist on this island with the large numbers of cancer patients. It’s a disgrace as the care is sub-standard!

  10. Cannabis has been proven to kill cancer in humans. View CannabisExtractReport.com for medical documentation of terminal cancer patients in remission with cannabis oil, along with an intimate analysis of the scientific evidence.

  11. jt says:

    I know several regular marijuana users who have had cancer. Some have survived. They received mainstream treatment. Others did not survive.
    More research is required. Simply saying pot cures cancer is irresponsible. It may be that certain chemical components of marijuana have beneficial effects but these need to be isolated and tested so that they might be enhanced and targeted to specific cancers if indeed they are proved effective.
    Marijuana clearly has some benefit in pain management and should be available to patients for that purpose.
    Generally speaking, I believe marijuana should be legalized. That being the case cancer patients would of course be free to use at their discretion, but would want to know that its use did not detract from the effectiveness of current mainstream treatment options.
    Presently, and as an ‘out of options’ approach, there is no reason not to try marijuana along with the multitude of other treatments that have shown potentially beneficial results but,as yet, have not demonstrated their effectiveness through rigorous and repeatable scientific testing.

    • justin barnes says:

      smoking it doesn’t cure cancer….eating about a gram of RAW cannabis OIL DOES cure cancer…..IVE seen it work, personally….it causes “apoptis” in cancer cells, meaning it reprograms them to die……my brother in law beat his prostate cancer using cannabis oil……a 2 to one CBD to THC ratio is recommended???……..How’s that irresponsible, I might just save someone’s life with this post!!

  12. thinking says:

    I’m a local grower myself,but the number’s he’s asking for in quantity is outragouse. Jamaica would be THE LAST place i would look to shop for any type of medical product. They have poor proccessing when it comes to the overall handling of marijuana. It takes one pound of bud leaf, bud or bud leaf matter just to make 8oz of oil. Jamaican aren’t going to go through this proccess. How about Uraguy where it is now COMPLETELY legal? Just a thought from a 18plus year Bermudian gorrilla farmer.

  13. thinking says:

    The only thing dangerous about marijuana is that it’s illegal!

    • justin barnes says:

      exactly, prohibition is the real evil !!!!…..all the violence that we hear about from the border is associated with the fact that it is prohibited…..