Photos & Audio: Bermuda Anzac Day Ceremony

April 25, 2014

Just past 6.00am this morning [Apr 25] at the Cenotaph on Front Street, about thirty people and Governor George Fergusson assembled for the observance of Anzac Day.

In Australia and New Zealand, this day is known as Anzac Day and the ceremony traditionally takes place at dawn every 25th of April.

Bermuda’s Australasian community has brought the tradition to the island, with residents gathering this morning to pay tribute to those served and died in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

Slideshow of this morning’s ceremony

It commemorates the 25th April 1915 dawn landing at Gallipoli in Turkey by the young men from Australia and New Zealand who formed part of the Anzac Corps of World War One.

As a component of the British force that launched that attack, the Anzac Corps bore the brunt of the frontline fighting and suffered thousands of casualties in that Gallipoli campaign.

In this morning’s commemoration a message from the Prime Minister of New Zealand was read out by New Zealander Ms Caroline Aberhart. A message from the Governor-General of New Zealand was read out Bermuda’s Governor, Mr George Fergusson.

For Bermuda, laying a wreath of poppies, was the Governor. For New Zealand, laying a custom-made wreath of Aspidistra leaves, was Ms Irene Richter who served as a medic in the Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps. For Australia, Ms Liz Sherry, laid a wreath, while Ms Carol Everson laid one for the Bermuda Branch of the Royal British Legion.

Major [Ret’d] Barrett Dill blew the traditional Last Post:

Australian sisters Lily Crofts, 10, and Bella Crofts, 9, also laid their own wreath which was handmade by them.

Major [Ret’d] Barrett Dill blew the traditional Last Post and Reveille, with a one minute silence between. Lt/Col M E Foster-Brown, CO of the Bermuda Regiment read the traditional Ode of Remembrance that ends: “… We will remember them.” Major Rev. W D Raths, Chaplain to the Bermuda Regiment, offered prayers.

Ms Jane Chapman, the organizer of this morning’s event made opening and closing remarks and thanked those that attended for coming out. The short ceremony ended with the playing of the national anthems of Australia, New Zealand, and Bermuda.

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  1. Jane Chapman says:

    Lest we forget.

  2. nuffin but the truth says:

    Nice shots Bernews,do you ever allow your cameramen to sleep

  3. Jane Trevarthen Traub says:

    Congratulations on your ceremony. I have memories of many past ceremonies
    in New Zealand and Britain and glad Bermuda is joining in 20014

  4. Future says:

    Speaking of deaths and wars, lets not forget the indigenous on the continent called Australia.