Video: Police Appeal For Help To Find Mr Grange

May 9, 2014

william grange missing in bermuda[Updated with video] Today [May 9] marks one week since Canadian visitor 67 year old William ‘Bill’ Grange went missing, and the police are appealing for community groups to come out tomorrow and support the search efforts.

Mr. Grange, who suffers from short term memory loss, arrived in Bermuda from Napanee, Canada earlier this month and has not been seen since approximately 10.00pm on the evening of May 2.

Mr. Grange’s son, John Grange, has traveled to Bermuda in order to aid in the search and, speaking at a press conference earlier this week, said that his father may have went for a walk and become confused.

There has already been a massive community effort to find Mr. Grange, and the police have commended the efforts of every volunteer who has helped to search.

Speaking today, Detective Inspector Mark Clarke, “Today marks one week since Canadian visitor 67 year old William ‘Bill’ Grange went missing in the Cambridge Beaches, Sandys parish area.

“As part of the ongoing search efforts, the Bermuda Police Service will be coordinating search groups in the western parishes, central parishes and eastern parishes on Saturday, May 10th.

“I am encouraging members of the public, particularly community groups including churches, social groups, sporting bodies, boy scouts and girl guides – to name a few – to come out on Saturday and support these search efforts.

“Interested community groups are asked to call 247-1776 or e-mail today to indicate the approximate size of their group and which section of the island – west, central or east – they can assist with searching. Other volunteers should assemble at Somerset, Hamilton or St. George’s Police Stations for 8am Saturday.

The police press conference today

“Members of the Grange family will also form an integral part of this island-wide search for their loved one. ‘Bill’ Grange, who suffers from short term memory loss, was last seen wearing beige pants, a blue shirt, brown jacket and brown shoes. He is described as a Caucasian male, 5’9″ tall with white hair and by now likely a few days beard growth.

“If someone fitting the description of Mr. Grange is seen, members of the public are urged to engage with the individual and contact police immediately.

“In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to commend the efforts of every volunteer searching for ‘Bill’ Grange and urge residents who have security cameras to check any recorded footage they may have since Saturday, May 3rd which might have captured images of Mr. Grange.

“Any person who believes that they have footage showing 67 year old William ‘Bill’ Grange should immediately call 295-0011, 717-0282 or e-mail

“Finally, anyone who may have seen or who may have any information on the whereabouts of missing 67 year old Canadian visitor Mr. William ‘Bill’ Grange is urged to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011 immediately, reporting all relevant information.”

Quick statement from Detective Clarke later on today:

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  1. oguh says:

    did they check the hotel property fully? That is probably the most likely place, and it is a big property with lots of places.

    think logically, the man is not crazy he just has a bad memory. He still thinks logically like any other person. He would not have hidden in a tree or bush like some people think, he is not an animal. He would have asked people for help or directions.

    • Memory says:

      Well, yes and no…

      With short term memory loss, it can become to sever that for all intents and purposes they are not sane… Its very surreal and hard to grasp, but I have withnessed it first hand.
      “Im hungry” “Go get food” – Then forget… And repeat… for days…
      Thats the process of the brain if your memory gets to that point… which I have witnessed.

      “I’m tired” -> “Go to sleep” -> But where am I? -> Loop back to I’m tired… and repeat… it never ends. He could literally be standing under a tree or sitting under a tree. Your body can give out before you can command yourself to go seek food or shelter. You forget to eat, sleep, where you are… everything.

      • T. says:

        Thanks Memory.
        That gives a better picture and provides a bit more clarity as to how and why a visiting man can go missing for a week, in 22 square miles.

      • BermyGal says:

        That is an excellent explanation, as I was wondering the same thing. So sad, I think of this man every day and wonder where he could be. I hope that he has found shelter somewhere, I would hate to think of him out in the elements, especially at night. I am physically unable to join the search party, I really wish I could join in. I pray that this is the last search party that has to be organized, and that he is found safe and well.

  2. Watchful Eye says:

    Why not use a police loud speaker and call out his name! use a copter to do the same! does he remeber his name or can he forget it?
    sniffer dogs should have been used day one.
    did anyone check the nearby pharmacy incase he went to look for meds?

    can the man survive without his meds? some seizure sufferers can die from one seizure.

    has a boat scanned all the shorelines?

    does anyone else have any ideas?

    walking around on foot is a nice thought but quite useless compared to the above methods.

    shoot, call in a psychic!!!!!!!!!!!!! police agencies in america use psychics with great success!!!!!!

    there is no camera footage from any hotel or building or home nearby to assist?

    With a bad memory like his, even in worst case memory, you still remember the current moment at that moment. He will at these moments realize he is NOT IN CANADA!!!!! surely he must continually realize he is not in canada and somehow be seeking verbal assistance from a bus or bus stop, taxi , or pedestrian!

    “where am i?”

    Tonight I will try to do remote-viewing and locate where he is, worth the try and cannot hurt! I just pray I can see where he is. Remote viewing by the way is a PROVEN method used by the US Military.

    GOD BLESS YOU MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. man says:

    Did any cruise ships leave the island that day? There’s a possibility he could have gotten on a ship if one left the same day…condolences to the family.

    • BermyGal says:

      That is highly unlikely. He would have to provide I.D. and have a cruise ship boarding card. I would thoroughly check all the boats in the area though. I think some years ago a fugitive was running from the police, and was found hiding in a boat weeks later.

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      He would NOT have got past either Ship Security and local Seaport Security.

  4. friend from Washington DC says:

    Bill is one of my family’s dearest friends and I can’t stop checking the news for updates. Bernews has been amazing – thank you. I am just blown away by the amazing support provided by the police and the entire Bermudan community. People were asking about his mental state – it’s so hard to know what state he was in at the time, or would be in now. He is extremely sharp and always hides his memory loss very well. Obviously he could be in a very different state now but I just want everyone to know how amazing this man is. It warms my heart to think that after one week so many Bermudians are still so committed to finding him. Thank you so much for all your efforts. Bill’s friends around the world are so appreciative and are still praying for good news.

    • IMCDN says:

      The police are asking all to come out to the 3 police departments and they are conducting searches at 8am… I will be there.. I hope you will all come out and LETS FIND Mr Grange.

  5. Shannon Banner says:

    I am a friend and co worker of the daughter in law of William Grange here in Victoria BC…the family is in severe dismay, I know second hand (sort of speak) of what is happening with the search for William…..please let this family carry on the search with the help and support of Bermuda police and local search and rescue without any negativity…William may have short term memory, and if he had asked for help from locals, they would’ve contacted officials by now…I do believe he is alive and well…but clearly just confused and frightened, if anyone has anything to add to this forum, please keep it positive for the family and friends of William Grange.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Adrienne and ALL of the Grange family – Shannon and Greg Banner – Victoria BC

  6. Kathy S. says:

    Maybe check the forts and boats in the boatyard up in dockyard. Goodness there are so many crevices n places he could be. Do you think he would wonder out of somerset? But who knows we are searching in devils hole too. Praying he is found. My papa had a touch of that too asking ” so how are you today” every 3 mins. Lol. Hopefully we get positive news today.

  7. James Rego says:

    8:47 am. I am searching Tom Morres from Blue Hole hill.

  8. James Rego says:

    No luck at Tom Morres, having a look at Stokes Point reserve.

  9. James Rego says:

    No one at Stokes Point, having a look at Ferry Reach Railway Trail starting from the east.

  10. James Rego says:

    From the Oil Docks along the Railway Trail to Martello Tower and back. No sign of Mr. Grange.

  11. IJS says:

    Why doesn’t his family call in the psychic lady in Bermuda she may be able to help IJS.

  12. Sean Casey says:

    John, Chris and their families… Although it has been many years when I heard about your dad I had to reach out and tell you my thoughts are with you and your families at this time… Give mom a hug and say everything will be okay….