Search For William Grange In St David’s Area

May 16, 2014

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa are advising the public that they will be holding searches for Mr. William Grange today [May 16] and Saturday in the St. David’s area.

This is not an organized search, but if residents and volunteers are in the area or would like to help, the Cambridge Beaches Team and The Grange Family ask that all areas of St. David’s be searched from the Boat Yard to Coopers Island.

A spokesperson said, “The Cambridge Beaches Team and The Grange Family are asking for residents of St. David’s and any volunteers to assist in the search of Mr. Grange in the St. David’s area. We are currently conducting searches in this area today and tomorrow, therefore additional eyes would be greatly appreciated.

“This isn’t an organized search, but if you are in the area or would like to help, we ask that all areas of St. David’s be searched [from the Boat Yard to Coopers Island], if you spot a man fitting Mr. Grange’s description, please contact Police Head Quarters at 295-0011.

“As a reminder Mr. Grange is 67 years old, white, 5ft 9in tall, has white hair and beard. He was last seen wearing a blue shirt, brown jacket, beige pants and brown shoes.

“A heartfelt thanks to everyone in the Community for their continued support and efforts. It is sincerely appreciated by all involved.”

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  1. Prayers Up says:

    It should have been an island wide search to begin with being there were possible sightings in the east… I ran into a guy yesterday on a rental bike who resembled Bill and he stopped and asked me for Blue Hole Park but before giving him directions i asked him for his ID to make sure it wasnt him… I was so prayin it was him but this man was a bit younger n had a birth mark of some sort on his face once i got closer to him… I pray he is found unharmed but as the days n weeks go on it seems unlikely that he is still with us…. I urge anyone who may come in contact with him or a look a like to ask for ID or if they have none to talk to him while on the phone with the police (if they decide to answer)… We need to find this man so that his family can go on with their lives… I also applaud all who have taken time out of their day to search for him… Prayers Up Bermuda.. United we stand Divided we fall

    • flikel says:

      I do not mean to be insensitive, but we cannot ask anyone to show us an ID as we are not the police.

      Besides, if this individual was on a rental bike or doing something else, then he must have a place to stay, food to eat and extra clothes to wear…which would indicate that he is not really ‘missing’, which would lead one to ask the reason behind his disappearance.

    • Smiths says:

      “If they decide to answer”…. get a life and i hope you dont ever need the Police that comment was uncalled for

      • Prayers Up says:

        I said if they answer bcause i kno a few ppl who have called in sightings n have had to leave a message n have yet to recieve a call back so how bout u stfu n get a life thx

        • Joan SImmons says:

          I have Rudy Smith’s picture on my refridgerator since his disapparence two years ago, praying for someone to talk about what has happen to this young man whom I have never met. But I have a burden in my heart to find the perpetrators who know about his whereabout. God You where what happened to Rudy Smith.

      • Steve Biko says:

        Would’ve been nice to have this type of response for Rudy Smith too, just sayin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Justice! says:

          Steve Biko,

          I’ve got an annoying feeling that this is going to be one of those ‘Middleton’ cases that never die. Those same people have the gall to tell us to forget about our pass and move on. They are this world’s most selfish and insensitive beings.

  2. flikel says:

    Are we, the public, being told the full story behind this man’s disappearance?

    How could a man just disappear, without a trace, in Bermuda and foul play not be suspected?

    If he fell and ‘hit his head’, the hundreds of volunteers would have found him by now. He cannot be walking around Bermuda undetected as this is impossible to do so,especially with so many people looking for you.
    Bermuda is not big enough to remain hidden for such a long time.

    I suppose he could tripped and went into the ocean, but I have never heard of anyone ever just falling into the ocean by accident. Please correct if I am wrong.

  3. Coffee says:

    Beyond Bermuda . Interpol , yes !

  4. terry says:

    If some of these accounts are reliable, he must be wearing the same clothes or has other means to change, shower, have a crap et a.

    Something is amiss.

  5. James Rego says:

    Does Mr. Grange have survivalist training? Is he a hunter? Is he an outdoors man? Any of these talents can enhance his survival. If he is Sundowning, it would explain why he is not seen during the day when everyone is searching.

    • Justice! says:

      James Rego,

      You are being ridiculous! The man isn’t in his right mind.

      • James Rego says:

        I agree his mental capabilities isn’t what they what were but if he has experience in the above situations, it would enhance his chances of survival. Plus the authorities would have a better idea of the type of person they need to find.

  6. Onlooker says:

    Just a thought… Could he have rented a kayak or boat and drifted offshore?

  7. squirt says:

    Maybe he landed on a yacht and hasn’t reached land yet, Possibly another Carribean Island????? How many yachts leave here looking for deck help? Oh well that’s my other thought……

  8. itsme! says:

    Maybe he left bermuda already without his wife cause he forgot where he was on vacation. Check the airlines. Orrrrr maybe an insurance scam and im sorry if I sound insensitive but how does this man just disappear when the island is on alert . Hope he isnt harmed or not a scam and truly wish that he is found ASAP.

    • Lucille Griffiths says:

      The Grange family is well-respected, upstanding people. It is NOT a scam! We know the family. Prayers for them all.

  9. I agree with Steve Biko.They didn’t bring out the sniffer dogs or the helicopters to search for Rudy. Take care of home first.

    • Justice! says:

      Mary Bradshaw,

      In Bermuda it still holds true: It is WHO YOU ARE! You will understand what I mean.

      Color Code!

  10. laurin says:

    Honestly, I believe that he was abducted by aliens. Where else could this dude be?

  11. Have all Bermuda beaches been checked? Cause you know its lots of beaches ppl don’t even know are there IJS check them!!!

  12. Kindley says:

    I know that Rudy’s family is having a hard time. I can not imagine the pain and stress they have suffered. If everyone has checked their own residence and the area around their property and Mr. Grange has not shown up, where could the man be? My heart goes out to anyone who has missing family members.

  13. SMH says:

    Hi Bernews,

    Can you give us an update on this story. I have watched the documentary of the Rebecca M. and noticed that the footage is very current despite the fact that the film crew was not allowed to work on the island as at April 2014. Did this gentleman fake his disappearance to get the film and leave on a boat. He did arrive on the island right after their permit was denied. I just find it strange that his family has not made any additional appeals nor has their government pressured Bermuda to do any further investigation especially with this film being release.
    If he really is missing wouldn’t the release give the family more leverage to force our country to do another extensive search.