Property Stolen From Unattended Vehicles

May 15, 2014

Following reports of property being stolen from unattended vehicles, the police asked anyone with information about “suspicious activity around garages, parking lots or general parking areas” to contact police on 295-0011.

A police spokesperson said, “Over the past week, the Bermuda Police Service has received reports of property stolen from unattended vehicles within the central parishes.

“Therefore the general public is advised to remove all valuables and secure their vehicles before leaving them unattended, either at garages for maintenance or parked on the street.

“Anyone who may have information regarding suspicious activity around garages, parking lots or general parking areas, should report it to the main police telephone number 295-0011 at the earliest opportunity.”

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  1. watcher55 says:

    Let me guess…the new expensive much talked about camera system doesn’t extend to “parking lots or general parking areas” great work guys!

    • Noob says:

      nah they just dont have it completely up running yet some are just there for show for now

  2. ABC says:

    geez what do u all want nsa in ur home then u bitc. bout privacy


  3. David says:

    Same guy as the last time as he is now out of jail.

  4. Sparky says:

    The parking lot CCTV was working but some fool clamped it !!

  5. Terry says:


    All vehicles are such when not driven.

    I need a double.

  6. nuffin but the truth says:

    Welcome to the REAL Bermuda!
    serves ya right for leaving ya vehicles unlocked and ya stuff on display!

    How many times do ya see keys left in car ignitions or in bikes!
    This is the REAL BERMUDA!

    • Terry says:

      Good one Nuffin.
      been sayhin det for 50 yerz buy….

  7. Effing crack heads…..paracites….