Photos/Video/Results: Go-Kart Grand Prix Day 1

May 31, 2014

[Updated with video + results] The Bermuda Karting Club hosted the Hamilton Grand Prix today [May 31], with crowds lining the streets as racers zoomed around the streets of Hamilton.

The event continues tomorrow, with Bermudiana Road and Par-la-Ville Road from Church Street to Front Street to be closed to accommodate the sporting action. We will update with the results as able.

The slideshow below contains almost 200 photos from today’s action

Update: Scott Barnes won the first Heat in TAG Senior Class, while in the Junior Clones first Heat saw Zavier Smith drive to victory. Barnes drove to victory in the 125 Shifters Group A first Heat, while Shannon Caisey won the 125 Shifters Group B first Heat. In the Junior Cadets first Heat D’Niko Durrant drove to victory and Ryan Lopes won Heat One of the TAG Junior Class.

TAG Senior – Heat #1

1st – Scott Barnes
2nd – David Barbosa
3rd – Jeff Sousa
4th – Patrick Ingham
5th – Bobby DeCosta
6th – Kenneth Harrison
7th – Al. Seymour, Jr.
8th – Stephen Corrado
9th – Corey Lewis
10th – Tyler Smith

Junior Clones – Heat #1

1st – Zavier Smith
2nd – Blake Horseman
3rd – Zanardi Daley
4th – Matthew Ivo
5th – Lucas Bridges
6th – Ryan Burgess

125 Shifters – Group A, Heat #1

1st – Scott Barnes
2nd – Devon Durrant
3rd – Rian Lindo
4th – Stephen Corrado
5th – Kevin Daley
6th – Che Stowe
7th – Anthony Bean
8th – Edward Stowe, Jr.

125 Shifters – Group B, Heat #1

1st – Shannon Caisey
2nd – Mark/David Selley
3rd – Ben Savill
4th – Alexander Roque
5th – Jason Smith
6th – John Carreiro, Jr.
7th – Brandon Frank

Junior Cadets – Heat #1

1st – D’Niko Durrant
2nd – Jacob Pereira
3rd – Nile Bean
4th – Nathan Burgess

TAG Junior – Heat #1

1st – Ryan Lopes
2nd – Owen DeCosta
3rd – Lauryn Burgess

TAG Senior – Heat #2

1st – Scott Branes
2nd – Jeff Sousa
3rd – Patrick Ingham
4th – Bobby DeCosta
5th – Stephen Corrado
6th – Corey Lewis
7th – Kenneth Harrison
8th – Tyler Smith
9th – David Barbosa

Junior Clones – Heat #2

1st – Zavier Smith
2nd – Lucas Bridges
3rd – Blake Horseman
4th – Matthew Ivo
5th – Zanardi Daley

125 Shifters – Group A, Heat #2

1st – Scott Barnes
2nd – Stephen Corrado
3rd – Rian Lindo
4th – Edward Stowe, Jr
5th – Che Stowe
6th – Anthony Bean
7th – Devon Durrant
8th – Kevin Daley

125 Shifters – Group B, Heat #2

1st – Brandon Frank
2nd – Shannon Caisey
3rd – John Carreiro Jr.
4th – Mark/David Selley
5th – Alexander Roque
6th – Jason Smith
7th – Edward Stowe Jr.

Junior Cadets – Heat #2

1st – D’Niko Durrant
2nd – Nile Bean
3rd – Jacob Pereira
4th – Nathan DeCosta

TAG Junior – Heat #2

1st – Ryan Lopes
2nd – Owen DeCosta
3rd – Lauryn Burgess

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  1. Heidi says:

    Great pic Bernews! Hope to see you there again tomorrow. It’s going to be another awesome day of racing!

  2. Serious Though says:

    Expensive hobbies

  3. sage says:

    Motorcycles next year.

  4. Common Sense says:

    I cannot imagine who in their right mind thought this one up…. it has basically shut down Hamilton at a time when businesses cannot afford to lose customers.
    I hope that anyone staying at the hotels/guest houses in that area were advised before they booked. If it were me and I had to listen to that for 2 days I’d be very upset. We live in Paget and can hear it very very clearly :(
    My husband and I did not go anywhere near Hamilton yesterday and will not today due to the excessive noise and traffic/parking restrictions.
    Lets try something a little more appropriate. The carters have Southside to use – they don’t need to be in town.

  5. Sofie says:

    Next year in Dockyard could not even get into hamilton to exchange a gift.Well at Coopers came in handy for their bathrooms what a mess they were.

    • Hmmm says:

      That is nonsense…plenty of parking in town and full access to stores.

      You obviously got to Coopers.

  6. Kristen says:

    It was a great event! So many people turned out and even stuck around despite the rain! “common sense” clearly has no common sense because feedback from retailers said it was busier than normal for them. Restaurants on front street were full and people were nipping into the shops! I work in retail, didn’t hear anything at the shop (Reid St) on Saturday until I left work for the day so can’t imagine you actually heard anything in Paget. & I attended the event on Sunday and it was so much fun & I very easily got parked on Reid St! :)

    Good Job to all the racers and anyone who helped make this event happen & excellent photos Bernews!!!