BHB Oncologist Out On ‘Unplanned Sick Leave’

June 12, 2014

dr paul cotyThe Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB] oncologist Dr Paul Coty [pictured left] is currently on unplanned sick leave, leaving two physicians to provide part time locum coverage.

Dr Coty is due to leave BHB in September, and the Board said they will hopefully have good news about his replacement in the near future.

We asked BHB for a clarification about the oncology department after a reader contacted Bernews expressing concern over the ability of  their loved one to receive care due to Dr Coty’s absence.

A BHB spokesperson said: “BHB’s current Oncologist, Dr Coty, is on unplanned sick leave.

“We apologise to our oncology patients for this unexpected disruption and for any rearrangement of their consultations.

“We are very grateful to Dr Tutu Aung-Hillman and Dr Jean Walters, who have both worked at BHB before, and who are assisting us with part time locum coverage during this time.

“We are also working closely with our clinical associate to ensure appropriate coverage. We are very grateful for the assistance of Partners Healthcare System in ensuring Oncology services in Bermuda.

“New oncology patients are individually assessed and, between our locums and the ability to refer overseas in urgent cases, oncology needs are being met, meaning that patients continue receive effective consults and treatments.

“As many may be aware, Dr Coty is due to leave BHB in September. We will hopefully have good news about his replacement in the near future, but until details are finalized we cannot provide further details.

“We can assure the Bermuda community, however, that we remain committed to ensuring our oncology patients are cared for and will do all that is necessary to ensure that consultations and treatments are not interrupted during this time of transition.”

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  1. Catherine Greet says:

    Whatever you do BHB, DO NOT bring Dr. Sparling back…….he was only here for the golf and the dosh!
    Many of us survived in spite of him not because of him!

  2. campervan says:

    If we need to bring an expat in as cover lets make sure we run the job ad for several months, have multiple meetings with the union before finally allowing them to practice in Bermuda sometime in 2019.

  3. sage says:

    Imagine if we found a plant that could help prevent cancer from occurring, prevent metastases, kill tumors through apoptosis among other anti tumor properties and also be used to relieve suffering and greatly improve the quality of life of late stage cancer patients basically for free…

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      A plant that does all that…do tell?

  4. Shell says:

    I was only able to see an oncologist twice before she retired. Then, when I called for a follow up I was told that the 2nd part-time oncologist was also leaving and that Dr. Coty had too many patients!

    I was finally able to see someone and was told that while 1 oncologist had retired, the remaining 2 (including Dr. Coti) were leaving because the work load was too much for them. If the work load is too much for 1 full time and 1 part time oncologist then how can they expect to get another full time oncologist to agree to take this on?

    I had to wait for 3 months before I could go in for my follow up and that is because they asked the retired oncologist to “fill in”.

    Not good.

  5. BlueFamiliar says:

    Dr Coty’s illness aside, there is a bigger problem at play here that needs to be dealt with, and it’s not the oncologists. Though, I have to agree that Dr. Sparling let some things to be desired.

    Gratitude to Drs Aung and Walters for being willing to locum. I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Aung.

  6. Just Me says:

    So my mother is currently a patient of Dr. Cody’s and I was not informed he was leaving…this rather upsets me as I am the point of contact for her and I would think keeping me in the loop would be a priority. And no I don’t accept that they expected my mother to fill me in because she has memory issues (which they know) so obviously relying on her to communicate wouldn’t be efficient. Sigh…come on KEMH

  7. Health Care Professional says:

    I work for the Dept of Health. Last summer two of my summer students, Akeila Richardson & Jebu Swan, expressed that they were currently pursuing degrees in science and will ultimatly study oncology! Give it a few years and we WILL have Bermudians on the scene!!

    • jt says:

      That is potentially good news, but let’s make sure our cancer patients are getting the best oncologists we can offer them. If they are bermudian that is a bonus, but by no means should we settle for a bermudian if a more talented doctor can be hired. I mean no disrespect but it is the most serious of issues.

  8. SMH says:

    As a current cancer patient it is disgusting that KEMH has such haphazard care for the leading cause of death in Bermuda….CANCER! Part time help is not good enough nor is having one full time oncologist. Dr. Coty was always unprepared when I visited him, reading my chart once I got there. Patients who want a fighting chance against cancer need to DEMAND overseas care from their insurance providers. Time delayed for appointments is ridiculous and appropriate care is not happening at KEMH. All this soliciting of money for a shiny building but skimping on quality care seems to be the priority. Come on Health Minister get on this!