Girl Guides Award Senior Section Members

June 2, 2014

Bermuda’s Girl Guides awarded several members of their Senior Section last week, recognizing their achievements in a variety of fields and niches.

A spokesperson said, “The Chief Guide Challenge is the second highest award that members can work toward. It is open to Senior Section members over 14 and takes at least three years to complete. The award is presented following the completion of at least two of the three phases of the eight octants within the Girl Guide’s “Look Wider” program. These can be either experiencing new things or expanding an existing skill or hobby.

“Each of the awardees have been members of the Bermuda Senior Section for three years, with all having been involved in Guiding since they were seven. A very small percentage of girls within the Guiding movement worldwide ever reach this standard and pursue these goals. Each and every one of these girls has been fully involved and successful not only in the Guiding program, but also within their schools and other extra curriculum activities island-wide.

“The Senior Section Award winners included Rachel Soares, BHS class of 2013, who is now studying geography at the University of Guelph.

“Rachel gained numerous GCSE’s, was on the Dean’s List, and is an ABIC scholarship recipient. She was awarded the Constantine Medal and CAS Prize and had one of the highest baccalaureate scores in her diploma year. She holds the Bronze and Silver D of E awards and was also nominated for Young Philanthropist of the Year in 2013.

“Rachel represented the Global Young Leader Conference in Washington D.C. and New York. She says the hardest part of her Senior Section years was planning a camp at Government House and that the most fun was being a Young Leader with 1st Pembroke Brownies.”

“Guiding gave me a chance to meet people I might not have met otherwise and made me a more confident person in general,” said Rachel.

“Cassandra [Cassie] Roberts, Berkeley Academy class of 2014, will be attending Bermuda College in the fall. Cassandra is a prefect and has been on the school honour roll for the past four years. She has two Gold Community service awards, which include numerous hours at the Aquarium.

“Cassandra’s major challenge was travelling to China to attend the Global Young Leaders conference, where the language barrier and adapting to different cultures and viewpoints was both difficult and fun.”

“I would recommend Guiding to others because it helps us to develop our true selves, as well as make good choices in life. It is uplifting, enjoyable, and most of all fun,” said Cassandra.

“Aoife Rynne, BHS class of 2014 and Head Girl, House Captain, and Awardee, will attend the University of Dublin in September, studying Literature and Linguistics. She has represented Bermuda at the Round Square Conference in South Africa, has done international public speaking in Canada, and holds the Bronze and Silver D of E awards. Aoife attended the Guiding World Centennial Camp and Branch Out Camp in England.

“The most difficult part of the Guiding Challenge was going to Friday meetings even if I was tired from a long week at school or had a lot of homework. The meeting was always worth it and it was a great way to relieve stress,” said Aoife.

“Naimah Frith, Cedarbridge Academy class of 2014, has been accepted at the Bermuda College within the Liberal Arts program. While at CedarBridge Academy, Naimah was continually on the Honour Roll and earned the English Department Award, Social Studies Department Award, and the Friendship Award. She is presently a prefect and Head Girl.

“Naimah attended a two-week cultural exchange in Barcelona, Spain, and the Government Lead Conference in Washington DC. Like the others Naimah has been extremely active, being a Candy Striper since 2010 and a member of Youth Parliament.”

“The most interesting and fun experience while at a Senior Section was getting to know all of the other girls. They’re lives and ambitions have inspired me to pursue my dreams. One of my fondest memories was making pizza and going swimming in the winter. I also enjoyed learning new skills and adventures. This has contributed to my personal growth and development as a young woman in society,” said Naimah.

“Wendy Tuxworth, BHS Class of 2014, has also achieved numerous awards both within and outside the school, including the Merit, Latin, English, Biology, Commonwealth Essay Award, and Mathematics’ scholarships. Wendy was recently awarded the Bermuda Outstanding Teen Academic Award 2014 and she has been involved in numerous activities and is very much a part of the Youth of St. Marks Church.”

“The most interesting thing I did in Guiding was attending the World Centenary camp in 2010. The group from Bermuda was great to travel with and having so many activities and opportunities was fantastic. We met guides from across the globe and I am still in contact with some of the girls I met from India and England,” said Wendy.

“Zindzi Swan, Saltus Class of 2013, is now studying Politics and Law in the United Kingdom. Zindzi was on the honour roll at school and achieved all three Bronze, Silver, and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards. She was a member of the Youth Parliament and performed numerous community service hours. Zindzi was also chosen to attend the Centennial World Camp in Yorkshire and Branches Camp in Lancashire. She too has maintained numerous friendships gained and this has allowed her to gain independence and follow her dream of attending university in England.”

“Girls enrolled as a group and making their Guiding promise at the event included Tristan, Emily, Tasia, Storm, Amber, Kayley, Jessica, Sabria, and Ella. Missing were Alana and Cassie, who were attending a weekend church retreat camp in final preparation for their confirmation.”

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