Ignition Launch New Rapid Technology Platform

June 11, 2014

Ignition said they have recognised a growing need in the marketplace to provide a fully managed product to offshore startup organizations to enable them to get their IT systems setup and operating quickly with minimal capital costs.

To address this need, Ignition has created a Rapid Technology Platform [RTP], a fully scalable product that provides all the key functionality required by startups and includes Ignition’s considerable experience with the needs of startup companies.

Among the many services provided by Ignition, the RTP provides clients with the IT functionality needed to commence and grow a company, such email, file storage, user directory, virtual desktops, security and backups, domain registration and a Bermuda hosted web page. Additional functionality can be added at any time for an incremental fee.

Rich James, Chief Technology Officer at Ignition believes, “By providing a startup RTP package to new firms locating to Bermuda, our technology professionals can help them get their technology environment functioning very quickly and can support them as they expand, while offering them the many benefits of working with an experienced offshore technology leader.

“This is a great product for ILS or similar offshore financial services companies that need to get operating very quickly. Given that it is fully hosted offshore, it can also help in the establishment of an offshore presence for firms that require data to not reside in the US or similar jurisdictions. ”

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