Ministry Clarifies 10% Grocery Shopping Discount

June 26, 2014

food calculator price shopping generic 23`1The Ministry of Home Affairs said they wish to clarify several matters relating to the grocery store discount initiative, which saw the island’s three major grocery store chains offer 10% off on Wednesdays.

The discount was announced in last year’s Throne Speech, which said: “The MarketPlace, Supermart and Lindo’s will expand food cost relief by introducing 10% discounted shopping on Wednesdays for one year with effect from 1 December 2013.”

A spokesperson said, “The grocery store discount initiative was put in place for one year only, as stated in the OBA Throne Speech of 2013.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs has been advised by certain stakeholders that the initiative may not be sustainable in the long-term. However, another solution may be possible and, as such, Ministry officials are meeting with grocers tomorrow to discuss possible solutions.

Last week’s statement in the Senate, delivered by the Minister of Home Affairs, was simply a case of the Ministry endeavoring to keep the public advised of the status of this initiative.

“The Ministry is hopeful of a positive outcome following tomorrow’s discussions – whether that be continuing the 10 per cent discount or finding another solution. The Ministry may have further comment following the meeting,” added the spokesperson.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Sounds like the Civil Service gave the Minister general information and not results of direct correspondence with all the major participating store owners.

    Come on people get your act together. This resulted in pointless dicussions, debate which wasted Bermuda’s time. We can ill afford to waste time.

    • What a joke says:

      Sounds like Minister Fahy dropped the ball again.

      • Anon says:

        Again? Sounds to me more like the press twisted his comments again.

  2. Chris Famous says:

    is this supposed to be an attempt at saving face? Last week the Minister was quite confident in sating that the scheme was over as of November. Today after the grocers have exposed that they had even been consulted the tune has changed.

    But that’s none of our Buisness..

    • Redo says:

      Zip it. If the grocers are so quick to point out that the Minister spoke too soon, then let’s see these grocers all prove him wrong AND CONTINUE THE 10% FOR ANOTHER YEAR!!!! If you guys aren’t hurting then do the right thig, by all means!

  3. clearasmud says:

    What a weak and pathetic response from the minister who did not acccept any responsibility for his own shortcommings. He was going to meet with the grocers so he simply should have waited before making any comment. That is his fault and his alone! He caused the confusion but wont admit it.

  4. unpaid day says:

    Do I get my unpaid day back now??

  5. bluebird says:

    With such a HUGE Goverment of 8,000 on the payroll at a cost of more than $750Million per year and you all want cheap Groceries.
    On average 8,000 into $750Million per year is $100,000 per year.
    plus all the benifits.
    And you think this “LITTLE ISLAND” can continue like that.
    One Hic-cup and believe me we are toast.

  6. Robert says:

    OBA, smh !!!!

  7. datlodgegal says:

    Why not look into introducing coupon shopping to Bermuda

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Introduce coupon shopping to Bermuda??? You must be young.

  8. mixitup says:

    Lmao… This Gov’t is up to tricks!

  9. Need Peace says:

    Minister Faey has time over time demonstrated how anti-Bermudian he is. It was stated at the time of inception that this initiative was for 1 year. This is June, why would he make such a statement without checking with the civil servants first? Trying to make it seem like its his handy work! The minister also was spouting of at the mouth saying that Bermudians need to be more professional, that our tourist demand that. That is a fair statement accept for the fact that that was the Bermudian way until the government imported cheap labor.

    Minister Faey, is so out of touch and does not know how this Island works! Our tourist want to see more Bermudians and do not want to feel guilt from beggars like in so much of the other islands. Keep on your course OBA and you’ll have just that!