Colonial Insurance Backs Road Safety Initiatives

July 16, 2014

Colonial Insurance Company Limited said they are backing attempts by the police and Government to make Bermuda’s roads safer.

The Senate has just passed the Motor Car Amendment Act 2014 which gives police more powers to impound vehicles if the motorist is drinking and driving.

Paul Brierley, Colonial Insurance Company Limited’s Executive Vice President of Property and Casualty, said he welcomed the twin initiatives and said he hoped the community would take on board the messages.

“The number of road deaths on the Island’s roads is shocking and a tragic waste of life. I understand that the average age of those who have died is 35.

“But it’s the general behaviour that needs addressing as well. The other day a friend told me how a motorcyclist drove between him and a lady while they were walking on a pelican crossing. Apparently the rider was driving one-handed as well,” said Mr Brierley.

The Motor Car Amendment Act gives police powers to impound a vehicle if the driver is impaired, or is driving while disqualified or refuses to give an alcohol or drugs test. However, the vehicle could also be impounded if it is emitting obnoxious smells, unnecessary noise or is unsafe.

Announcing the forthcoming campaign, the police said statistics showed that collisions were on a downward trend, but that the rate of crashes resulting in death was consistent. Since 2008 there have been 76 fatal crashes on the Island’s roads – there were 40 murders in the same period.

Mr Brierley added: “We see the effects on people who are injured, who are off work for months and the issues it causes with their livelihoods and their families.

“As a company, we welcome initiatives such as roadside breath tests, increased numbers of speed bumps and community education if it improves road behaviour, reduces accidents and saves lives.”

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