PLP Congratulates College On 40th Anniversary

July 22, 2014

Shadow Education Minister Lovitta Foggo recently took the time to congratulate the Bermuda College for its 40 years of service within the community, representing the Progressive Labour Party [PLP] as a whole in her statement.

Ms. Foggo said, “On behalf of the Progressive Labour Party, I would like to congratulate the Bermuda College for its 40 years of service to this community. Bermuda College provides an invaluable service.

“The College we know today has emerged from what can only be considered an evolutionary process, which has currently molded it into the stellar institution it is.

“It has strived to be responsive to the community, whilst ensuring that it meets and maintains international standards and best practices. Accreditation by the New England Board of Schools and Colleges and the numerous programmes it now offers is a testament to such.

“We hope the College continues to expand its scope where it will, in the future, achieve full university status. We trust and are assured that in so doing, Bermuda College will continue to be the centre of excellence it is recognised as.

“We say well done for the first 40 years and continued success in the years to come.”

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  1. Dreary says:

    No help from the PLP.

  2. Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

    This is great!! Time for it to be a 4-year college!