PLP To Hold East End Town Hall On Immigration

July 6, 2014

On Thursday [July 10], the PLP will be holding a third town hall meeting on the topic of immigration and Bermuda status for PRC holders at the Clearwater Middle School.

A spokesperson said, “The PLP will be taking its Immigration Reform presentation to the East End next week with a Town Hall meeting at the Clearwater Middle School on Thursday July 10 starting at 6:30.”

PLP Leader Marc Bean said, “The PLP’s message of Immigration Reform and closing the legal loophole that would allow thousands of PRCs to compete directly with Bermudians for jobs, opportunities and land is resonating with Bermudians.”

2 hour video showing the PLPs first Town Hall on immigration on June 26:

“The PLP’s position is that a balanced approach is needed on immigration reform leading to a policy that is fair, protects Bermudians and takes into account our limited space and resources,” Mr. Bean added.

“We encourage the public to attend our meeting at The Clearwater Middle School on Thursday July 10 starting at 6:30 and join with us as we push for Immigration reform.”

Moderated by MP Lovitta Foggo, Shadow Immigration Minister MP Walton Brown Jr. will lead a panel that includes Deputy PLP Leader Derrick Burgess and Wayne Furbert.

These meetings follow a recent Court ruling which allowed for a pathway to status for Permanent Residence Certificate [PRC] holders.

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  1. Creamy says:

    Of course, the issue of PRCs is nothing at all to do with immigration.

    But the ultra right-wing PLP don’t want you to know that.

    • Truuufff says:

      Nope, they like to keep their under-educated and unaware of reality populace in the dark. Easier to manipulate them that way. It’s sad really. They should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting their people this way but they are not. Oh well.

  2. Kunta says:

    Is de O.B.A/ubp gonna shout rhetoric again, sounds like FACTS DOCTORS DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Doctors like Dr. Brown, GP and Dr. Bean, THC. Or the spin doctors they hire to turn facts into lies.

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      WdeF is the O.B.A/ubp?…Schmuck!

  3. 32n64w says:

    - PLP Leader Marc Bean said, “The PLP’s message of Immigration Reform and closing the legal loophole that would allow thousands of PRCs to compete directly with Bermudians for jobs, opportunities and land is resonating with Bermudians.”

    There is no competition for jobs as PRCs have the same access to employment as Bermudians as they don’t require a work permit.

    There is no competition for housing as PRCs are already here and housed.

    This is about votes, pure and simple. Had the PLP not been so inhospitable and xenophobic perhaps they wouldn’t be so concerned about the issue. How ironic that a party that prides itself on justice and equality can’t seem to support compassion, reason and human rights.

    PLP – party before country since 1998.

    • Terry says:

      Irony is 32n64w that these meetings and the responses (yours, mine and others) are used as a distraction and are so repetitive.
      That’s what they want.
      Basically were helping them.

      The average person knows all of the above.


      • youainksers says:

        So they want people to talk complete and utter nonsensical nonsense? So basically you’re saying you feed the plp? On the rare…very rare occasion I say to myself “F***! Terry makes sense for once”…rarely though.

    • How dare you ... says:

      How dare you confuse the issue with facts?

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Try 1970′s, for them it’s always been a numbers game, messages to appeal to quantity rather than quality. Divide the country along racial lines to conquer. They are not interested in the white or Portuguese vote, and they know they can’t get all of the black vote, so they will try to appeal to the majority and label the rest as un-Bermudian, race traitors… the last election showed they are on the margins already, which is why they do not want anything that might mess up the status quo equation. Rolf confirmed this at the first meeting. One country, one people working together, empty words from a party that doesn’t believe it, more like PLP on top, fall inline and shut up unless you say the same thing we do.

  4. @ 36n64w Your description and what I believe is true! The Progressive Labour Party have one reason / intention. (e.g. to cause an up-roar here on the Island)By the way, your last paragraph is absolutely correct!
    “This is about votes, pure and simple. Had the P.L.P. not been so inhospitable and xenophobic perhaps they wouldn’t be so concerned about the issue. How ironic that a party that prides itself on justice and equality can’t seem to support compassion, reason and human rights.

  5. swing voter says:

    such a waste. really? time wasted on the big conversation, but no time wasted on strong arm tactics against ‘fronting’ and term-limits. funny how this loophole wasn’t recognized and shut in 14 yrs….unless the loophole worked in their favor perhaps. check who got status and who they were connected with since 2008.

  6. Sandgrownan says:

    Christ here we go again. What a bunch of insufferable a**holes they are….

  7. James Herald says:

    I live in the east end and would like to go – but nobody will be in the slightest bit interested. In fact they will likely heckle me to “Go beck herm veer u beeeloooong” thinking that since I’m white I am not Bermudian. The level of intellect that this meeting will appeal to, is below high school. Thats all PLP has left

    The PLP is hoping that the more times they tells lies, that they will actually become the truth. Pathetic, dishonest, dishonourable.

    This is nothing about immigration, or jobs, it is about votes pure and simple. Anything else is a lie and the PLP knows it.

    PLP should be courting these new potential voters. Instead, they are alienating and losing them

    F O R E V E R!

    PLP PR nightmare. One they will regret. Pride comes before a fall.

    • Evie says:

      Soooo the documented facts are lies I think you should go to the town hall meeting with an open mind maybe you will not be so ready to label people and insult them because they disagree with you. History no matter how ugly it is can not be changed You just might be surprised at their level of understanding just saying

      • aceboy says:

        The facts are that the PLP keep spewing lies in an effort to deny rights to those who deserve it. You seem to be fine with them dishing out the Big Gulps of Hateraide. Drink up.

      • James Herald says:

        What documented facts are you referring to? PLP lies, or actual facts? Please enlighten me.

    • Lynne Winfield says:

      I attended the presentation in Southampton last week. I am a status Bermudian. I was greeted cordially, thought the presentation excellent, and certainly didn’t experience any negativity.

      • Unbelievable says:

        well there is a reason for that, Ms. Winfield. You’re very vocal with the your ideas on social justice. That’s not a criticism. It’s a fact and nothing wrong with you advocating.

        But the PLP does not act like what a true politician should be doing. Even if I verbally disagreed with something that a PLP politician says the fear is that I will be told to sit down or my opinion represents the oligarchy or something like that. I’d like to at least see a PLP politician not get bent out of shape if I disagree with them. A true politician would at least let me have my view but still try to make me come over to their side without attitudes.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Can you really be that silly? Through your work you have a certin celeb-like status who would have said anything to you negativly there. Please your comment is silly as if you have no knowledge of human behaviour. Makes sence now though its that same human behaviour that hinders and makes CURE all at the same time.


  8. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    If the PLP’s message is ‘resonating with Bermudians’, then why did they barely get a 1/4 of the turn out at their second meeting than they did for their 1st one. Oh, cause those that went to the first one with some notion that it was going to be a discussion as advertised, realized it was nothing more than a PLP rally.
    The same misleading claims, statistics and message, no actual clue to fixing our country other than to point fingers at others and say it is their fault.

  9. Enough says:

    The issue is not about employment or housing. The PRCs already have these. The PLP should be honest about this. It is entirely about votes. Doing the right thing and observing human rights is the crux even if it is unpopular with some people.

  10. pure and simple, it is about votes THEY WONT GET so lets cause a stink? we will lie, cheat, and MISS REPRESENT the truth and lie to all dumb constituents till they believe our false truths. MB and party go get stuffed. Remember you reap whet you sow. You had 14 years to screw up and did a remarkable job at it, and you want another chance. When you represent ALL people of ALL races and All religions and personnel persuasions then I may listen till then be like an olive and get stuffed.

  11. James Herald says:

    PLP is being less than honest about this, in fact they are big fat liars. This could backfire on them in the worst way. As I said before, they should be courting these extra votes – instead they are alienating them forever.

    This could well finish PLP – but they are too blind and full of pride to see it.

    They will probably blame race in any case. So predictable.

  12. Young Voting Bermudian block says says:

    Evening fellow Bermudians,

    Young voting Bermudians have a wider world view and this constant pot stirring on issues that will not correct Bermuda’s current economic situation or the hypocritical human rights approach we take on some issues that tend to pander to some will cause a loss of voters.

    hello are you hearing the young people?

    Will will inherit your mess. Time to start listening to us or you will never get our votes or support.

    Are you all mature enough to begin focusing on real issues and not your personal agenda??

    Good luck.

  13. nuffin but the truth says:

    plp = people’s LYING party

  14. Robert says:

    James, the fact that you chose to type your comment in ” bermudian speak” leads me to believe you are not bermudian, in fact as a bermudian i take great offense to you making fun of our dialect

    • James Herald says:

      I am Bermudian, and didn’t mean to offended. Of course you could always get a sense of humour.

    • Put pupils first says:

      You failed to capitalise Bermudian. Twice! No, three times!

      I am triply offended!!

  15. Huh says:

    The Titanic is sinking and the PLP want to hold a long winded discussion on who can & who can’t “man the pumps”. These PRCs are already here working amongst all us Bermudians. All Bermudian politicians should be focused upon improving: our economy (which will naturally provide employment & business opportunities for Bermudians), education system, reducing carbon foot print, improving the environment and public sector transparency & openness, reducing crime & unemployment, reducing our public spending, borrowing & debt, etc., etc.. It is quite obvious that the PLP wants to create a very closed Bermudian society where people can only become Bermudian by birth. With this xenophobic policy over a long period of time, Bermuda will naturally become a shriveling little indebted group of Islands ruled by an uncaring, over-paid, unethical elite driven by pure self interest while the unknowing masses wallow in a stench of massive debt, systemic unemployment & abject poverty.

  16. Coffee says:

    At which point does a guest worker become eligible to run for office ?

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      when the guest worker marries a ‘true bermudian’…MWHaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

      • Coffee says:

        Right answer … Either marry a Bermudian or be born here to at least one Bermudian parent .

  17. Ringmaster says:

    To set the stage for these meetings, each panel member, and the PLP Leader, should declare their own heritage. It only needs to start with their parents, themselves and their spouse (current or past to include any changes). See how many have 100% roots to Bermuda, yet want to restrict future generations of Bermudians.
    Since the purpose of these meetings is said to be comprehensive reform, what are the PLP’s recommendations? So far it appears these meetings are merely used to spread fear of vast numbers of PRC receiving status, and as pointed out so many times in comments, PRC are already here and do not need work permits. Also many are retired, have left the Island or deceased.

  18. Poor guy says:

    Man,the PLP do not want the truth to get in the way of a good story.

  19. You Seein says:

    Now all of a sudden PLP policies now need to be reformed !! Unbelievable !!! The talent pool in the PLP is at – ZERO!
    Nothing but a bunch of empty barrels!

  20. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    If many feel that the PLP is espousing nothing more than misinformation and propaganda then the fault lies with the OBA for not – at bear minimum – taking the initiative to engage in these town hall meetings to counter any misdirected information set out by the PLP.

    Moreover, what the OBA should be doing as the government of the day – is to conduct town hall meetings to education, inform, debate, exchange ideas, dispel rumours and/or eliminate spin. It is the duty of the government to do so, yet the OBA seems to be very lacking in wanting to engage directly with the public who are keenly interested in learning more about what are the issues of PRCs, hence, a very good reason why the PLP is gaining political ground. Even if the OBA assumes that it is nothing more than spin, where is the OBA to dispel it? Releasing an after-the-fact press release?

    The OBA cannot assume that it can simply perch itself high on a mountain top and look down, occasionally and/or when protests hits its front door – parliament; the OBA must be proactive.

    Any good media lawyer will tell you that you cannot allow your opponents to take charge of the story and dominate it as it becomes that much harder to correct a political story riddled with spin than it is to direct it from the start.

    And very importantly, those members of the public who took the time, energy and interest to go to the meeting seeking answers have only a one-sided point of view, as the OBA could not be bothered to engage and/or respect their willingness to seek a balanced argument so that they can make up their minds on the issue.

    Rather than insult PLP members who seek answers, why not ask the question, why hasn’t the government taken the initiative and held town hall meetings on vital issues of public interest?

    An inside tip, town hall meetings have always been the vehicle that the PLP has used to inform, educate and advance hot bottom issues. And it’s an excellent way of retaining and/or gaining new supporters, and the OBA does not think that they cannot make similar gains?

    London, England

    • aceboy says:

      Yea, it’s all the OBA’s fault for not calling the PLP on their lies. The OBA should rock up at the various Workmen Clubs and yell from the rooftops that the PLP are lying.

      Good ideas but I doubt they will get many volunteers.

      • James Herald says:

        aceboy: you are correct since, as i said above, we would very likley be heckled and told in no uncertain terms to “go back home” (not meaning Bermuda). Such is the PLP way.

        “Lie to the public its accepted,
        Long as it gets you re-elected”.

    • hmmm says:

      “An inside tip, town hall meetings have always been the vehicle that the PLP has used to inform, educate and advance hot bottom issues.”

      Spin and brainwash using prepared questioners, questions.

      It’s a show !

      It was even reported that they didn’t require the PRC holder who spoke at the one to be at the next town hall.

    • John E. Thorne says:

      The OBA is too busy trying to clean up the PLP’s mess and do not have time to allow the PLP to distract them from their number one priority which is trying to find jobs for all Bermudians (OBA and PLP alike).

  21. bermudaboy says:

    Just in case you wanted to know! There is a cure for this PLP/BIU verbal diarrhea, it’s called DUCT TAPE!!!

  22. Onion says:

    So in paragraph 2 we learn that the PLP is still lying to the public since the PRCs already compete on equal footing for Bermudians for jobs.


    • Put pupils first says:

      It’s called deceiving and, apparently, it is something they have to do.

  23. James Herald says:

    The PLP obviously thinks that if they tell this lie enough times it will become the truth. It is a lie and we all know it – and they know it too. PRCs are already here and they already compete equaly for jobs. PLP is holding a meeting this week to lie about this YET AGAIN. They are liars and that is all there is to it.

    This is a about votes and nothing else. Anything else is a lie and they know it.

    As I said above, they should be trying to attract these new voters not alienate them.

    So to people like Evie above – do not blame me. These are not facts as you say – they are lies. They will be proven to be lies too.

  24. Young Voting Bermudian block says says:

    We are not interested in listening to politicans who are stuck on issues that are not crtical (future altering) problems facing this country.

    the economy–basic human rights for all and equality to name a few are things we care about and want to see our country address and in doing so act like a first world country that is operating in the 21st century!

    It is amazing to watch our local political practitioners manipulate and obfuscate to satisfy their political agendas.

    News flash–young voting Bermudians have a wider world view and we are seeing through this beahviour.

    Either the real issues begin to get worked on–or votes will be lost.

    Your choice!!!

    Have a blessed day.

  25. Legal Eagle says:

    YES,notwithstanding the PLP’s misleading propaganda the underlying issue is ONLY about votes-that for whatever paranoid reason(re the diversity of PRCs),the PLP fear will not go their way-as PRCs may vote on merit-not simply long existing family or social attitudes!! But the PLP is currently alienating ALL PRCs that would vote for them(if embraced),AND also PLP BDA Status children with PRC parents! How foolish!! And if rejected this time, how many PRCs-contributing to the economy -will join the current exodus overseas? Again, how foolish!!

  26. cromwell says:

    I do not believe the OBA or the PLP have any idea for a long term policy on immigration to protect the racial and cultural heritage of the island.

    After all this debate it looks like to me its an issue of justice for non Bermudians living among us.

    It appears the present system promotes at least three classes of Bermudians; and we all know that paper Bermudians are not real Bermudians, not even under the law where a status Bermudian can have their status taken away. so much for equal constitutional rights for everyone.

    The Bermudian entitlements such as tax breaks and benefits are denied to all those other people living here under a government policy of discrimination.

    What about the responsibility of Bermudians such paying off the debt and things like regimental service! Many generational Bermudians do not want to see conscription abolished. We will end up with a bunch of foreign soldiers who have no loyalty to Bermudian families.

    This issue is deep and just making it a racial issue just will confuses and take away from figuring out how we can build a new economy and model society for all of us that will succeed in the modern world.

  27. campervan says:

    Every time I hear this utter xenophobic tosh I slide some more $$ out of Bermuda and double down on NOT investing in my current home. I’d love to , but its waaaaay to risky with these extremists barking hatespeak all the time.

  28. Poor guy says:

    More attempts to brainwash !

  29. Be Fair says:

    So what are going to be the ramifications of giving status to these people who have given 25,30, 40 years of service to Bermuda and its people going to be ? There seems to be alot of underlying threats bandied around e.g ‘taking back our country” . What are the people that oppose this going to do ,should I warn my PRC friends that their safety is at risk ? enquiring minds want to know !

  30. Yeti says:

    You must have your Bermuda passports with you when you go plp,I am sorry but the 14 years you were in made one thing abundantly clear….you let all sorts of people in,and we just want to make sure your representatives are from here….especially since you pretty much eegnored St.Geo foah awwwww doze yeahz!Yes and a duplicate photo id, we can’t be too careful….good thing colonel B isn’t in chawgadat permit boonk….

  31. Yeti says:

    Honestly…your lunky I’m not mayor down deah….I would close de causway to you lot,you couldn’t spend one dollar on one bucket of paint for those bridges….but you want to traverse them?Oh well…there goes the neighborhood!

  32. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    Instead of defining the issues of PRC holders, a lion share of comments on this blog have expanded the issue into the territory of the bizarre and/or irrelevant.

    @ John E. Thorne, if the Government can only work on jobs, a single issue, and nothing more, then you should be very concerned. Multi-tasking demonstrates efficiency and a higher level of productivity. Based upon your comments, how can the Government demand or even expect a high level of productivity from public servants if they cannot or will not commit to the same?

    Moreover, I have yet to read where a single commentator, PLP or OBA supporter, has asked the question, what is the OBA’s position on this issue? And more importantly, why has Trevor Moniz, the Attorney General of Bermuda, filed a writ to nullify the decision of the Supreme Court to grant status to the qualifying PRC holders?

    Has it not occurred to many that both political parties need to explain their positions on this matter?

    Because if I were a PRC holder I would be very concerned that the Government of the day is going into Court to nullify my opportunity and/or right to be granted status. Precisely why is the Government attempting to overturn the decision of the Supreme Court – have you not EARNED your strips? Furthermore, if the Government wins their case, then HOW and WHO will be granted status under their (OBA’s) method? Will candidates be cherry picked for status based upon some type of political score card?

    And let’s be clear, an amendment to the legislation will correct the loophole, but if the Government wins their case it overturns your opportunity and/or right to be granted status. So, you have a lot more to be concerned about from the OBA then the PLP. Hence, why town hall meetings bring to light very obscure issues.

    But is the Government too busy growing jobs or too busy ducking the answers to real concerns? And, to add insult to injury, commentators come on the blog to obscure the OBA’s position by throwing mud at the PLP for hosting town hall meetings? At the very least YOU have the opportunity to witness what they (PLP) are saying and who is saying it – rare; and you will have countless opportunities to dispel spin and/or propaganda.

    But the stone cold silence of the OBA on this matter is deafening, especially since their position appears to move PRC holders further from your goal of obtaining status based upon the hard work that you have already put into Bermuda.

    London, England

    • cromwell says:

      You raise serious issues.

      The debate the PLP wants may not be the debate the country wants but the questions arising may reveal more serious issues.

      If the PRC holders came about because of the PLP attempt to solve the immigration issue (as stated in 1998) and the debate is about immigration then that deals directly with foreign governments and our international legal obligations to other countries.

      It immigration and its resulting PRC ramifications deals with other nationals it could conceivably fall under the Governors remit for external relations!

      If PRC holders are foreign nationals then their governments have a vested interest in their citizens in Bermuda!

      Bermuda should be careful not to continue to become more entangled in foreign treaties and agreements which lead to global commitments made with much more powerful governments than our own.

      Heads in the sand wont do us any good.

      • Ringmaster says:

        I expect the silence from the OBA is simple. Let the Court rule first. I would anticipate that in view of the law as it stands the result will be that the law cannot be changed retroactively so anyone who can comply with the law as it stands will qualify to become Bermudian. The Grandfather Clause.
        Now onto the so called “Facts” in the PLP propaganda pamphlet. There is no Immigration Policy regarding preference between Bermudians, Spouses of and PRC. A lie pure and simple to stir emotions.