Artist Sarai Hines Supervises Youth Mural

August 19, 2014

Teen artist Sarai Hines, who recently held a fundraising exhibit in order to help her to procure the funds necessary to further her education, is currently supervising a group of young campers as they work to enliven a local bus shelter.

Ms. Hines and her young proteges have been painting a mural in the bus shelter opposite Francis Patton School; this work of beautifying art follows up on the painting of a mural in the bus shelter at the school’s gates last year, another project spearheaded by Ms. Hines.


“Art continues to be a part of my life each and every day,” said Ms. Hines. “Over the summer I work at Adventurer camp and influence a lot of the arts and crafts that happens throughout the months. Since a lot of our children go to Francis Patton School, we decided last year to start an art project which included painting the bus stops.

“Our bus stop idea consists of the main principle of the school, which is the seven habits. Last Friday, I took a small group of the older children to start the second bus stop, even though only half of the children helped me with the main part of the mural, I always include all the children in this project.”


“They look forward to seeing it finished and they take great pride in our bus stop mural. I believe that this is a great opportunity for the children, especially because it opens their eyes to see the great things you can do for your community and for your school.

“We also would like to thank the school for letting us go on with this project and for Bermuda Paint for help in sponsoring us to paint the bus stop.”


“My love for art, combined with my love for children, lets me accomplish great things in my life, which is why I look forward to returning to school in the fall as a senior at the school at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to graduate in May with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a minor in Child Development in reaching to get my teaching degree the following year.

“I hope that everyone can see the good that can come out of this project and I hope that everyone goes down to look at our beautiful artwork.”


In 2013, Ms. Hines was the recipient of the Peter Leitner Arts Scholarship, an award given to creative young Bermudians who have chosen to pursue a career in the arts.

The young artist will be leaving the island next month to complete her final year at The School and Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

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  1. Wonderful says:

    Great job Sarai. Chelsea & Shaun are sad they missed helping this year. Continue with your great work as always it looks amazing. :)

  2. sage says:

    Nice work youngsters!

  3. mj says:

    Great work Sarai, I’m sure you will do great in Boston it is the placefor an upcoming artist.. Love the animation. Combining art with child education is a winner! All the best!

  4. WhistleBlower says:

    Well Done Sarai!!!

    Wishing you ALL the BEST!!!

  5. It’s good seeing children doing things that are constructive and yes, advantageous as well. The art works do look great :-) yet, I do have a point to make. Please restrict the “art works” to the school bus shelters so as we may keep our traditional Bermuda stone walls that are in their own way, extremely unique.

    • sage says:

      Please restrict your comments to yourself.

    • jahguide says:

      Raymond, you have a point regarding the natural beauty of our limestone bus shelters, however this shelter is made of cement block and most shelters these days are painted white over the limestone. It would be wonderful to see more of Sarai’s artwork on our bus shelters.

    • Anne Hines says:

      The outside can remain the same – limestone that is crumbling, ugly, and weather-worn whilst work on the interior will put smiles on the faces of all who stand waiting for public transport. Wonderful work, Sarai and company!

  6. Sheila Aguiar says:

    Excellent work Sarai.
    All the best in your upcoming year at school. It is great that you are giving back to help the children to be creative . You are going to be an excellent teacher as you are already an amazing artist.

  7. Adventurer Camp says:

    As a leader in Adventurer camp I am proud of the work that Sarai has done with our children. Not only have they seen a plain bus stop transform into a work of art but they have earn community service hours. Our program always thinks of ways we can teach our children about community work and being responsible/productive citizen even as children. Therefore Raymond Ray, they ALL know what they can and cannot paint on. The is a positive story and I do appreciate your positive remarks but sometimes a drop of negativity can ruin any positivity given. These children are proud of the work they have done in the community this summer. We also had a day of giving away free water, fruit, and juice to people passing our campsite. Well done Sarai and all of our campers! I have enjoyed my summer with all of you! Aunt Lisa

  8. Ruthless says:

    Strange how things affect people in different ways. I have noticed that a lot of the graffiti that used to be in these bus stops have been replaced by these types of paintings. Maybe even the guys spraying the graffiti like the bus stops and don’t want to ruin the bus stops anymore.