Three Injured In Hamilton Parish Collision

August 22, 2014

[Updated] Three people were taken to hospital tonight [Aug 22] after a collision involving a car and two motorcycles occurred at approximately 12.40am on North Shore Road in Hamilton Parish near the junction with Coney Island Road.

Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service personnel responded to the scene and cared for the three injured people until two ambulances attended and transported the two males and one female to King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Traffic was restricted in the area while emergency services dealt with the accident and police investigated the accident scene. Fire service personnel cleared the road of debris and traffic was allowed to pass through Coney Island Road until the car could be removed.

Accident Bermuda, August 22 2014-1

Accident Bermuda, August 22 2014-2

Accident Bermuda, August 22 2014-3

Accident Bermuda, August 22 2014-4

Update 4.28pm: A police spokesperson said, “Around 12.40am on Friday, August 22, first responders were dispatched to a reported serious collision on North Shore Road in Hamilton parish near the junction with Coney Island Road.

“It appears that two motorcycles were being ridden along North Shore Road and a car was being driven along the same road when the vehicles collided.

“The male rider and male pillion passenger of one of the motorcycles involved, a 17-year-old and 41-year-old, both from Hamilton parish, were injured. The other motorcyclist involved, a 31-year-old Devonshire woman, was also injured. The car driver was not injured.

“The three injured persons were taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment. At last check the Hamilton parish teen was recovering in stable condition on the children’s ward while the Hamilton parish man and the Devonshire woman had apparently been subsequently discharged.

“Inquiries into this collision are ongoing and any witnesses are encouraged to contact PC Jonathan Talbot at the Southside Police Station on 293-2222.”

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  1. Mr.Speaker says:

    Lawd hope everyone is fine

  2. micro says:

    Lessons learned all around hopefully.

  3. Come on says:

    We pray that all involved will be fine and recover from their injuries. This is a small country with a limited speed limit. Why are we having so many accidents?

    • Ride says:

      Because so many do not adhere to the speed limit.


    • Yes 2 says:

      That is an easy question to answer. Select any of the following:

      Driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, any drug or any psychoactive substance, including prescribed or proprietary medication, so as to render the driver’s capacity to prevent creating a risk to themselves or other person.

      Driving with a sense of immortality – “accidents will not happen to me”. Thereby overtaking on bends etc.


      Combination of all three – accident and injury is guaranteed.

      Outcome – pain, death, loss, drain on taxpayers money, all insurance rates rise (even for defensive law abiding drivers)

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        All of the above is true however Bermuda roads themselves are dangerous.

        Sightlines at intersections: How many intersections are there where one cannot see traffic without pulling into the road because of a poorly placed sign, utility pole, untrimmed bush, high wall or some other structure.

        Road camber: Pick a corner, any corner on a Bermuda road. Are any of them banked at all? Nope. Usually they are flat or cambered AWAY from the turn. Corners cannot be straightned out so the way to make them safe is by banking.

        Prime example of a poorly engineered corner is behind Crow Lane Bakery. How many have been killed or injured there? You would think that a lightbulb would click on in some W&E road engineers head. But noo, the answer is to paint thick lines & erect a bunch of arrow signs.

        Utility poles: How many people are crashing into these things? Too often the poles ARE actually in the road, not in the hedge or behind the wall next to the road.

        • Get out of the Triangle says:


          As usual, you speak like you are knowledgeable; however, that is clearly untrue.

          Road camber and you cite the corner behind the old Crow Lane Bakery? Really? I can agree that the camber on SOME of Bermuda’s roads is contrary but did you ever think about your question:
          “How many have been killed or injured there?”

          I can tell you – there have been about 12 people killed there over the last 10 to 15 years – - but the more important question should be :

          “How many people drive through that same area every day and every night without a collision?”

          That answer is in the thousands, perhaps the tens of thousands.

          If you focus on the wrong number, you will always get what you get.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      @ Come on: Some of these bang-up are not accidents at all, they are suicide missions. From what I’ve seen on the roads people overtaking when they clearly see oncoming traffic ahead, not knowing when to break before corners and bends and just not paying attention to what’s up ahead. Bermuda needs a new and improved driving regulations program and more policing on the streets…

    • RU Kidding says:

      Because people don’t obey the speed limit.

  4. Oh no says:

    Oh no hope all involved are ok and recover soon.

  5. Interested says:

    I hope all are fine. That junction is unsafe as it is difficult to see oncoming traffic from the west.

  6. People can’t drive,and if your apt to pray onnit you might understand it this way;- de devil loves people he can distract.Or was is another damn phone issue….well….it’s real easy,but easily overlooked…..does training school teach policemen and women to confiscate phones after an accident?Don’t worry ,throwing it away won’t help,all cell phones in the family should be checked for calls at that general time slot,(time of accident)……….

  7. A telephone has a gps and time of call or text,this information is admissible in court.

    • Hurricane says:

      @ Sherlock Holmes, dayumm your smart PS need to hire you………..

  8. sswhite says:

    that looks scary. one of those bikes swiped the right side of the car hard enough to tear away the steering link…tons of force. Geez that looks bad. Sending positive thoughts their way for what it is worth…

  9. We Are Not Amused! says:

    wow,so ice on the roads again!

  10. Thisisgettingoutofhand says:

    What happened to last year when you would always see police on the roads. Now there are barely any, so people are driving wreckless thinking they won’t get caught or they can’t get in an accident.

  11. As much as some may disagree with my views I do have an opinion on these types of matters that involve motor vehicles / cycles as we continue to see like them seen above :-( One need not be the cause of an accident, only a victim…
    I’d suggested (not too long ago)to the One Bermuda Alliance Govt. and the Progressive Labour Party how we / they must agree to changing the Laws concerning all private motor vehicles / motor cycles. Have them fitted with a speed govern so as we will see less deaths on our roads. Also there will be less accidents as well.(As they use to say, “ride like lightening you crash like thunder”)Furthermore, do confiscate the individual vehicle and band them from owning one for x amount of months / years if they are to remove the speed govern off of a car / motorcycles. This will slow many people down. Driving / riding is a privilege and not a human right!

  12. To those involved speedy recovery ,drive defensively.

  13. Christopher Notoriouss says:

    Bermuda has far too many bends in the road. If OBA got rid of all the bends then crashes like this wouldn’t happen.

    I don’t expect them to do anything. PLP would fix it immediately of course – as would BIU.

    ….back to the hamster wheel – gotta keep the ‘lac-o-light’ going.

  14. filobedo21 says:

    Right front tyre ripped away, Hmmm Car was heading East… Hmm…. People need to use more care. Glad the cyclist are not too badly injured.

  15. Hamilton Parish says:

    Actually the 17 year old lost a foot and his other leg is crushed. I am family and I don’t know the full details. He is going to struggle with this so please hold off any negative comment. He only needs support during this time.