Kevin Warner Eligible For Parole After 25 Yrs

September 19, 2014

kevin warner bermuda murdetConvicted murderer Kevin Warner was today re-sentenced to life in prison with the condition he must serve 25 years before being eligible for parole.

His original sentence had mandated that he must remain jailed for 35 years before being eligible for parole.

Warner had been convicted of the May 2010 premeditated murder of Dekimo “Purple” Martin, however following a Privy Council ruling after an appeal, his 35 year sentence had to be altered.

In Supreme Court this morning [Sept 19], Justice Carlyle Greaves reduced Warner’s minimum time to be served before being considered for parole from 35 years to 25 years. Warner’s sentence of ten years on a firearms use charge was not changed and will run concurrent with the reduced 25 year sentence.

In July of 2011 he was sentenced to life in prison, with a stipulation he must serve 35 years before being eligible for parole. Mr Warner, then 21, would have been eligible for parole in 2046 when he would be 56 years old. The new ruling means he will be eligible for parole in 2036, when he will be 46 years old.

At around 1am on May 28th 2010, 24-year-old Dekimo “Purple” Martin was hit by multiple gunshots at his Sandys residence. In June 2010 Mr Warner was charged with the murder, with his trial starting in May 2011.

During the trial the jury heard that Mr Warner and Mr Martin — who were friends — had spent time together during the day and were seen outside talking together the night of the murder. Various witnesses were called who testified that Mr Warner had been with the victim just prior to the time he was shot, and the jury also heard that the Police found bullet casings and a driver’s license belonging to Mr Warner at the scene.

The re-sentencing follows a ruling from the Privy Council in London last year [PDF], which stated that Bermuda laws do not allow for a minimum sentence over 25 years for premeditated murder and 15 years for murder, resulting in some convicted murderers having their sentences reduced.

Warner’s reduction in time before being eligible for parole follows after Antonio Myers eligibility [murder of Kumi Harford] was reduced by 23 years, David Cox’s [murder of Troy “Yankee” Rawlins] was reduced by 13 years, Ze Selassie’s [murder of Rhiana Moore] was reduced by 10 years, while Jermaine Pearman’s [murder of Shakeya DeRoza] was also reduced by 10 years.

Warner’s life sentence still stands, with the change being that before he was eligible for parole after 35 years, and now he is eligible after 25 years.

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  1. We Are Not Amused! says:

    another Murderer that should have been HUNG!

    There is a growing demand in Bermuda(and in the UK) for Murderers to be HUNG,it’s about time the Government started listening to the Voters.

  2. Allan says:

    Growing demand? where is this evidence? has there been a poll?

    stop talking rubbish – you believe in the death penalty. That is all we need to know.

    • We Are Not Amused! says:

      you clearly do not follow the news or you woud’nt type such crap!

  3. The Truth says:

    HANGING is still on the books LETS USE IT.

    • dedicated Girlfriend says:

      Hanging is not on the books so know the truth

      • We Are Not Amused! says:

        dedicated Girlfriend will have to wait for 25 years..old n gray by then…

        • dedicated girlfriend says:

          Havent u heard of appeals…. but ppl need to keep they negative comments to themselves

  4. Fair says:

    They ALL need to do their whole sentence. When they appeal their sentence it should be denied. They took a life, they need to suffer the consquences.

  5. JohnBoy says:

    That can’t be the right guy. He wears nice suits and ties….sarcasm

  6. X man says:

    Are we promoting Justice or more Murders — whats the deal here ! – non of them should have had any time taken off there original sentences.

  7. Mr.Speaker says:

    Dedicated Girl friend hanging is still on the books and so is the cat n nine tail. If a person kills somone they should be hung. If a someone is raped fingers should be chopped off n locked up.

    • dedicated girlfriend says:

      U sure about that cause last time i checked it was taken off… n if u want i can get u the date

  8. Need Peace says:

    IMO I think in some cases there was a rush to convict and the evidence manufactured to fit. That was done to calm and restore the community. If the Hanging legislation is restored, we will find that innocent people will be executed and the dangerous ones will still exist among us. IJS

  9. Need Peace says:

    Kevin Warner, you deserve more than the time given! You are a dangerous person that our community can well do without! Peace be unto you and lay down son!

    • dedicated girlfriend says:

      He cant get more if u dont have nothin positive to say keep it to urself

  10. Ray says:

    They should just keep him behind Bars. Why let him out. He has been behind bars for almost the majority of his life. What will he contribute to society once out, I’ll tell you what Nothing. No education, no work experience. All this guy knows is Prison.

    • dedicated girlfriend says:

      N how u kno he hasnt changed ppl can change n ppl deserve second chances

      • Creamy says:

        Nah. Brutal cold-blooded murderers don’t deserve second chances. The rest of us should be protected from violent sick thugs like this. I hope he rots there for decades.

  11. Puma says:

    and the question is…and this is the question…where are you going to spend the best years of your lives…at the end your left with good memories or regrets…which would you rather?westgate (westbutt) facility or freedom…all freedom requires is that you live well with others….

  12. The Truth says:

    until the government/police/governor or the queen say its ok to hang again in Bermuda their will be more senseless killings. Prison is to east for some of these guys and they just don’t care.

  13. Need Peace says:

    Dedicated girlfriend? He’ll treat you as he has everyone that gave a rats @ss about him! Leopards can’t change their spots and snake shed their skin but they are still snakes!

  14. Mr.Speaker says:

    Dedicated girlfriend lol i found out who you r thats funny.