Digicel On Track To Be 100% By End Of Week

October 22, 2014

At close of business today [Oct 22] Digicel confirmed that their network recovery from Hurricane Gonzalo has exceeded 95% and said it is “on track to be at 100% capacity by end of week.”

Digicel said that not only are many sites are back online, but that “customers can expect improved coverage in many locations island wide including Somerset, Southampton, Hamilton Parish and St. George’s.”

Alistair Beak, CEO of Digicel Bermuda comments; “With teams out addressing every site, we’ve had the opportunity to enhance our product in Bermuda with many upgrades an new equipment being installed amongst repairs so that customers will notice optimised coverage throughout the island.

“Today’s progress was widespread and will see more improvements overnight as our teams continue. Our focus at the moment is Smith’s and the Gibb’s Hill areas which we aim to have sorted for customers there. We will continue to update customers through our social media channels including the Digicel In Bermuda Facebook page as well as Twitter and Instagram via @DigicelBermuda.

“Digicel is most appreciative for the patience received thus far and is working thoroughly with all of our customers in mind. Please note that local Customer Care continues via 500-5000,” ends Alistair Beak.

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  1. lolol says:

    100% of poor coverage is still poor!!

    • Umm.... says:

      Lol! I’m usually very critical of Digicel but I can’t help but be impressed with their service during the storm. I never lost voice or data service. And in visiting friends/family in areas that had no service after the storm, I can say that within a day or so, those areas had service. I’m sure its no small task. I think they should be commended for once.

  2. Mark O says:

    My calls keep dropping out – especially in Town. Anyone else?

  3. PEARL says:

    My service is terrible i must be apart of that 5% not fixed, especially in town as well!