Simmons, PLP Thank Meet & Greet Attendees

October 27, 2014

Jamahl Simmons and the PLP Constituency 33 team has thanked constituents for coming out to the “Meet and Greet” event held at Dalton E. Tucker School on Saturday.

Mr. Simmons, the PLP candidate for the November 18 bye-election remarked, “I am grateful to everyone who came out and joined us for a wondeful evening. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you in an informal setting and demonstrate my commitment to not just the area, but to building a Bermuda that works for Bermudians.”

“It is critical that we come together on November 18th and send the OBA a clear message that their pattern of broken promises, deception and anti-Bermudian policies are taking our country in the wrong direction. The PLP’s constituency 33 team and I will be out on the doorstep and hosting a number of events in our community as we head towards Election Day and we look forward to your participation and support”


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  1. LickMyChicken says:

    …building a Bermuda that works for Bermudians.” The plp don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. In order for Bermuda to move forward we need foreign investment and people. Yes locals want jobs but Bermuda can not sustain itself alone but the plp continues to think so and that is just sad.

    Create a Bermuda that works for everyone otherwise we will sink.

    • Rhonda says:

      if Bermuda works for Bermudian, does that statement mean we are against the world.
      or does it simply mean creating an environment where Bermudian are happy to welcome guest.

  2. Creamy says:

    Yeah, I think that’s about 3,000 people there.

    • kangoocar says:

      I am sure the parking lot had a hard time fitting all those cars in there??? You would think by now the plp would learn their lesson and actually work for their support??

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Good estimate based on the pic.

  3. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    The inaccessible Politicians only knock on your door when they are looking for your vote.

  4. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    If 10,000 people got out there
    with 10,000 grass rakes
    with 10,000 green plastic bags
    we would have 10,000 bags of leaves

  5. Just a matter of time says:

    Yes keep up the nasty rhetoric and comments which are a mindset the OBA followers are now known for which pulls your candidate in the mix. Didn’t the People Power of the Pier 6 Townhall teach anything to any of you? Major changes have already happened as a result. And there’s more to come. Voters in #33 read the blogs too. By the way standing up for Bermudians is not a mutually exclusive mantra nor does it mean anti foreign investment. We can walk and chew at the same time to get that right balance. Stop spreading the lies. It means fair play in a system that clearly favours the foreigner sometimes in a gross fashion through manipulation over the Bermudian. Hence the need for a proper work permit policy (definitely not this current one). Comments like these are very anti Bermudian and one has to wonder if the OBA bloggers here are Bermudian or not. This is about the betterment of Bermudians for our country, Bermuda!

    • Creamy says:

      The PLP only stands for one thing these days – anti-foreigner hate.
      But guess what. Hating foreigners won’t create one single job.

    • Short Term thinking killed Bermuda says:

      Just a matter of time….and how did the PLP policies improve your lot in life? It didn’t, they mind life worse for ALL of us. What part of their 14 years experiment that had left us $2B in debt and record unemployment, no funds left for those that now need them the most are you looking forward to reliving. I actually a non-political person but I tell economic damage when hitting me in the face. Wake up man! PLP were horrible

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Bermuda has no idea of what hardball politcs look & sound like.

      The PLPis pretty good at mud slinging. The OBA is way too polite.

      One should see & hear the campaigning going on in the US right now.

      • Elaine Faber says:

        @Triangle Drifter…And you want to emulate the US?

        You (OBA bloggers) claim that the PLP espouses an anti-foreigner brand of politics, yet rather than cast an eye to healing Bermuda you want to rev up the political toxicity by emulating the US?

        @Creamy…And let’s be crystal clear, there is a distinct difference between strong sentiments on a policy that is a carbon copy of the old UBP immigration policy (that failed this island and caused deep social unrest)and this current OBA immigration policy, as BOTH make allowances for ‘key employees’ who will not need immigration approval to step into a job, over a Bermudian and that Bermudian be forced to train that ‘key employee’. But I stand corrected, the ONLY difference in the policy is that ‘key employees’ under the UBP still needed immigration approval whereas today they do NOT. Great advancement for professional, accredited Bermudians under the OBA government. We could NOT have asked for more, as your humble servants.

        So, we are against the policy and YOU attempt to ‘white-wash’ the issue by claiming that we are anti-foreigner. You put out an immigration policy designed to cause social unrest by its very nature, then you sit back and blame Bermudians who strongly oppose it. I guess we are as dumb as we look to OBA, eh?

        Try building up your country rather than tearing it down, then stop blaming the PLP for your propaganda as it can only travel so far then dissipate like hurricane Gonzalo.

        • Politricks says:

          You obviously haven’t read the stipulations and criteria that these companies must meet in order to qualify for these new work permit categories. Each and every one of them ensures that the company applying for these permits create programs for Bermudians to be trained and the like.

          But then again that is the apporahc of the the PLP and their supporters. Omit important details while trying to rile up nationalist sentiment.

          Keep calm and rant on with your half truths and misrepresentations as it appears the truth is an offense to many of you PLP supporters.

          • Elaine Faber says:

            I have read each stipulation and the criterions for these companies, so let’s not try a slight of hand or rather a spin in thinking, PoliTRICKS.

            We are NOT addressing Bermudians who are NOT qualified here. We are addressing professional, qualified, accredited Bermudians. Your thinking is that professional Bermuians are UNqualified and you maintain that level in distortive thinking irrespective of any evidence to the contrary.

            A ‘key employee’ does not have to hold a qualification in the area of which s/he is placed, just being designated a ‘key employee’ by the company suffices the immigration LITMUS TEST.

            The company meets the stipulations and criterions AND THEN is allowed have have up to ‘eight’ non-immigration senior employees AND that includes ‘key employees’ category. That is the vital componenet of the policy, that is the LITMUS TEST.

            Why would I need to rant? Do you understand the meaning of the word? Please spare us the back-handed insults. If you want to debate then debate, name calling is not debating, just attempting to deflect the debate into the gutter.

            The point is, and I stand by my point, it is a VERY flawed policy that causes anti-sentiments against foreginers, so the pressure point should be placed squarely at the feet of the OBA for advancing it.

            OBA gets to claim that PLP supporters are anti-foreginer as they (OBA government) advances a policy that pits professional Bermudians against foreign professionals.

            This is an old UBP policy that has been re-worked, re-tooled, tweaked and re-cast into a modern day immigration policy. It caused social unreast then and it will cause social unrest in the future.

            Perhaps, you should spend more time and energy in developing an immigration policy that brings forth balance, fairness and direct opportunties to place QUALIFIED Bermudians in senior boardroom positions where merited, NOT sneak foreigners in the back door under the umbrella of ‘key employees’.

    • Politricks says:

      So you have no issue with potential politicians wishing death upon their fellow citizens and talking about burning down society?

      Do you honestly think that a man with such a mindset should be placed anywhere near a position of power?

      And yet despite what this man said you have the nerve to claim OBA supporters rtaien a nasty rhetoric and mindset?

      You are just as disgusting as the new PLP candidate.