Videos: Bye-Election Nomination Day Underway

October 28, 2014

[Updated with videos] The Nomination Day for the upcoming bye-election in Constituency #33 Sandys South is underway today [Oct 28], with the PLP and OBA candidates, and their supporters, making their way to the Somers Isles Lodge in Sandys. The bye-election will be held on November 18th and will see the PLP’s Jamahl Simmons match up against the OBA’s Georgia Marshall.

Both candidates pictured with their spouses at today’s Nomination Day

marshall simmons collage bye election FB

The retirement of Independent MP Terry Lister paved the way for the bye-election, with Mr. Lister — who has represented Sandys South since he was first elected in 1998 – announcing his retirement on September 23rd.

Past Election Results In Sandys South:

The 2012 General Election saw Terry Lister win 56.62% [516-397] of the vote against the OBA’s Toni Spring who received 43.48% of the vote.

The 2007 General Election saw Terry Lister win 60.96% [556-346] of the vote against the UBP’s Alvin Wilson who received 39.04% of the vote.

The 2003 General Election saw Terry Lister win 62.00% of the vote against the UBP’s Ted Gauntlett who received 38.00% of the vote.

The 1998 General Election saw the PLP’s Terry Lister and Walter Lister win with 1,304 and 1,285 votes – compared to 438 and 438 for the UBP’s Rita Grant and Ted Gauntlet.

The 1993 General Election saw the PLP’s Walter Lister and Walter Roberts win with 1,144 and 1,109 votes – compared to the 466 and 447 for the UBP’s Ralph Richardson and Ted Gauntlet.

The 1989 General Election saw the PLP’s Walter Lister and Walter Roberts win with 955 and 949 votes – compared to 411 and 428 for the UBP’s John Harvey and L. Scott, and 68 for the NLP’s Roseclair Evans.

The 1985 General Election saw the PLP’s Walter Lister and Walter Roberts win with 737 and 730 votes – compared to 486 and 489 for the UBP’s Lawrence Scott and John Harvey, and 84 for the NLP’s Rose Evans.

The 1983 General Election saw the PLP’s Walter Lister and Walter Roberts PLP win with 900 and 904 votes – compared to 579 and 602 for the UBP’s Kim Swan and John Harvey.

The 1980 General Election saw the PLP’s Walter Lister and Walter Roberts win with 873 and 892 votes – compared to 599 and 599 for the UBP’s Colin Pearman and Paul Leseur.

The 1976 General Election saw the PLP’s Walter Lister and Walter Roberts win with 744 and 771 votes – compared to 335 and 310 for the UBP’s Asquith Phillips and Marlene Butterfield.

The 1972 General Election saw the PLP’s Walter Roberts and Eugene Cox win with 677 and 668 votes – compared to 321 and 345 for the UBP’s Asquith Phillips and Junius Burrows.


We will post video interviews with both candidates later on today, and in the meantime for all our coverage on the upcoming Sandys South bye-election click here.

Update 12.29pm: PLP candidate Jamahl Simmons

OBA candidate Georgia Marshall

Update 1.18pm: The listed time for Nomination Day was from 11am – 1pm today, and just after 1pm the officials posted the candidates names on the door, and since we did not see any Independent candidates listed, we assume none threw their hat in the ring for this bye-election.


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  1. In quoting Albert Einstein: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”
    I can not see the future but, I do want to see them that are voting vote for Mrs. Georgia Marshall.

    • Black Soil says:

      In terms of who is more in touch with the people in #33 even the PLP know that is Mrs. Marshall. The PLP also believe that people will vote party. The PLP were told to give Jamahl a job, and they decided to do so.

      • Kunta says:

        Was she advocating Women’s Lib because that’s a high % in the voting blocks? Good strategy but poor choice for support, well any SURROGATE will do for now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • And I'm sticking to it says:

        I see a huge difference in each candidate’s response to what the people want or what their concerns are. I think Mrs Marshall talked about herself and her role as a woman just a little too much. A disconnect is already apparent.

        • Creamy says:

          Did Twitter Boy talk about his usual interests? Bullets in the head, burning things down, snapping people’s necks, thst type of thing?

          • Marge says:

            How desperate are the PLP ? to have Jamahl Simmons as a representative …….

    • Kunta says:

      Surrogates on each flank, very fitting.

    • Black Justice! says:

      Hell, what does Georgia know about politics? This island needs real leaders and rescuing from your DECADENT and DYSFUNCTIONAL UBP/OBA Government. She does not make the mark of a true leader. Ray you are a piece of work. I can see through you clearly, so much so that I can tell you what/who you are. I overstand, perfectly, why you always take the positions that you do.

      • Sad says:

        Let me guess you think a man that has wished death upon fellow countrymen and wanting to burn BDA down is an exemplary leader just cause he is black?

        You guys are just nasty.

      • Good, then we don’t have any problems. You feel the way you do for whatever reasons you may feel that way and I, the same.

      • Marge says:

        black justice. you ask the question what does Georgia know about politics… what the hell does Simmons know about politics ?
        he has been in every political party that has existed in Bermuda !!!what does that say about this guy….. I think this guy needs a pay check .

  2. Onion says:

    Go Mrs. Marshall!

  3. Coffee says:

    To bad Toni Spring isn’t running .

  4. Before all the people who are planning to vote in constituency #33 do go out first remember this fact which has been presented by Mr.Larry Burchall. (I thank you Mr. L. Burchall because I don’t believe anyone on this Island could have explained our predicament more clearly than you have done.)
    “All Nanci payments are in foreign exchange – not Bermuda dollars. So those Nanci-paying dollars must first be earned. Who earns those dollars? IB brings in $85 out of every $100. Tourism brings in the remaining $15.
    Where do those dollars come from? They come from places north of North Rock; east of Five Fathom Hole; south of Argus; and west of Chub Head Beacon. Those dollars come from ‘foreign’. Nanci is a voracious spider that always gobbles up the first big chunk of our hard-earned foreign dollars.
    Nanci is the first and primary driver.

    • Ian says:

      So whats your point?? Vote OBA because they are more likely to accomodate foreigners which will in turn save Bermuda from certain peril?? You do realize you are making that appeal to many people that have watched the OBA accomodate foreign interests first and foremost while their livelihoods, as Bermudians, have deteriorated and/or at the very least been threatened – in some cases by the very government youre insinuating they should vote for in this bye-election…

      • James says:

        The only Party that has made this Island forever-dependent on foreign interests is the PLP—and they did so to the tune of $2.5 billion.

        And they talk about independence? Can’t be independent if you’re not financially independent.

        • Black Soil says:

          Dear Ian,

          It was the PLP who waived the 60/40 rule for BOTH Bank of Bermuda and BNTB. And who has suffered. More job losses for Bermudians. Pick up the phone and call Bank Of Bermuda and see who answers it!!!!!!!! Also Ian, because the PLP bled our treasury DRY, Bermuda is now (thanks to the PLP) at the mercy of FOREIGN banks to keep the govt ticking along. Do you understand this my dear sweet ignorant Ian????

          • SMH says:

            Ian. The PLP have been the most anti Bermudian government in the history of Bermuda. In 2010 they sold part of our country to foreign lenders. How’s that for anti-Bermudian. Let me know if you want be to make that clearer for you because you don’t seem to get and are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of less economically minded voters by praying on their emotions …with a constant barrage of lied

        • Ian says:

          Gotta love how the latest mantra out of the OBA die heart war chest is how the PLP has made Bermuda “slaves” to foreign lenders. Newsflash geniuses! Bermuda has ALWAYS borrowed (ultimately) from foreign lenders as “Bermuda” banks for the most part have been lending money they BORROWED long before the HSBC purchase. Will be a new day when you rocket scientists start making assertions that actually don’t fly in your faces… Spend some time focusing on the $800m your benevolent finance minister borrowed and how quickly THAT happened. “Oh but he had to! 14 years of PLP mismanagement forced his haaaaand!”, they say. Floppy shoes and big red noses would polish you guys off!

          • Creamy says:

            Crap Ian. Until 2003 we owed $130m. We could pay it back any time we wanted. But by 2012 we were billions in debt. The PLP sold us to foreign bankers. It will take us generations to get out of debt. They sold Bermuda into financial slavery.

            • Confirming what “Creamy” has written as the gospel truth!

            • Ian says:

              Cream for brains, are you suggesting that you KNOW for a fact that in the absence of the PLPs tenure, whilst still given one of the worst financial crisis in history, Bermuda would not be in a similar debt situation today? Are you furthermore suggesting that despite the fact that with one of the most ridiculously under-diversified economies on the face of the globe there is something magical we could have done to steer clear of the effects that downturn has had on everything here form tourism to reinsurance? And we would have dodged it despite the fact major sophisticated, diversified world economies couldn’t? Please say “yes” so that you can confirm once and for all you’re delusion if not borderline insane…

              • Creamy says:

                So you changed your story. Again. Any time you’re caught out with a total lie, you ignore it amd make up another one.
                You’re a total idiot.

          • SMH says:

            Ian…sorry dude. In 2010 Bermuda was sold into financial slavery in the form of DEBT. End of story. When the PLP came into power Bermuda had a surplus, when they were voted out, Bermuda had $2B+ in DEBT owed to foreign lenders. Go play your well paid political bull crap elsewhere to the naïve who might want to believe otherwise.

      • SMH says:


        Shouldn’t you be pounding the pavement and visiting your constituents instead of blogging?

        • Ian says:

          I keep forgetting how my views somehow necessarily establish that I’m Jamal/Ewart/Bean/Betty etc. Apparently Ian just wasn’t good enough for them mom! lol

          • Creamy says:

            It’s an easy assumption. You’re a total idiot and liar, so we associate you with similar people.

            • Ian says:

              Considering the ONLY thing you seem good at is name calling… Guess that associates you with the other OBA biased/blind faithful that have convinced themselves anyone who doesnt share their views is a complete idiot… You people are sad and I suspect you know it.

              • LOL (Original TM*) says:

                Actually you started the name calling on this thread.

                LOL just thought I would point that out.

  5. drunken ursula says:

    Go PLP….Marshall so outta touch.

    • inna says:

      Maybe YOU should put down the drink, Urusla!

      OBA out of touch?

    • Mrs Marshall is more in touch then you think, she is very well versed in the community in this constituency, I do wish Mr. Simmons all the best but if I had to chose, I think the O.B.A made a choice that could have been better off for them if they would have chosen Ms. Toni Spring.

      I do believe that Mrs Marshall has a chance to win but also that is to be determine by the P.L.P supporters in the district if they are pleased with their party at this point, there is greater support for P.L.P and has been for a long time in this constituency, so the outcome will be based on if they still have the majority of the party faithfuls in place to bring them victory.

      I think the P.L.P would have had a serious issue to deal with had the O.B.A chosen Ms. Toni Spring to run o their behalf, but with the two candidates that are running it is a 50/50 chance and it can go either way, people mostly will not be running on the candidate but on party lines.both candidates are not totally connected to the constituency as the former candidate Mr. Lister and the entire Lister family, and this my people is facts, so in closing the outcome will be interesting.

    • kenick says:

      Stick with the facts. Georgia Marshall LIVES in the constituency. And is fully engaged & active there. Totally in touch. Mr. Simmons lives in St. George’s. HE CANT EVEN VOTE in the constituency. He certainly isn’t in touch there!!!!

      • #33 Area Voter says:

        “and is fully engaged & active there.” Really? That is such bs!!

        I have lived in the area for as long as she has been on the island AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN HER until last week.

        Where was she went we requested assistance with White Hill Field?
        Where was she went we asked about better lighting in the area?
        Where was she went we asked about that crosswalk near Maxi-mart?

        I will tell you – NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. MP Lister assisted with all those things mentioned above – so sell that crap to someone else.

        • ERJ says:

          And you saw Jahmal up there when??? Shall we presume he helped with those constituency projects you mentioned? And that he supports area businesses? Has relationships with neighbours etc…..

          • #33 Area Voter says:

            Again – deflection from my point. I wasn’t the one who claimed that Mrs. Marshall was “in touch” with the area!?!

            Nor did I say that Mr. Simmons was “in touch” either – - I spoke to the point that the “gospel truth” that Georgia Marshall is “a woman of the area and of the people in the area” is BS.

            Stick with it – -

            • SMH says:

              #33…sorry but it seems to me you’re the one that’s lost here and not ERJ.

          • Whaoooooooooo says:

            but we saw our PLP representative. The OBA has never paid any attention to somerset only during an election or bye election.

        • Tolerate says:

          Excellent points, which is why I question the PLP’s candidate (and NO I’m not an OBA member). Mr. Lister by what you have said has been brilliant in ALL the areas you have high-lighted. A true champion for #33; a deserving constituency.
          Now ask yourself, and this is not an attack on Mr. Simmons; why the PLP select an individual who is fresh off resigning due to comments WAY out of character for a future Minister/Leader; but they feel should now represent #33? Are they showing great care and concern for #33, or taking advantage of an area they see as safe?

          • #33 Area Voter says:


            You have a great question hence why I ASKED THE CANDIDATE THAT ACTUAL QUESTION – - I asked him why should I vote for him after his political flip-flopping, his outlandish comments via twitter, etc. YES – I asked him to his face.

            His answer is between himself and I – will not discuss it here. I am satisfied with his answer and that’s all that matters.

            In regards to the other part of your question – if the PLP look at it as a “safe seat” and if they are showing “great care and concern for #33″? You and I are similar – at the meeting on Saturday, I asked the PLP Leader a similar question.

            He indicated that there is no safe seat and they are willing to work for the seat, hence why he choose a very hard worker for the PLP, Mr. Simmons. More detail was provided, of course, but I will not go into that.

            The PLP are not looking at Const #33 as a safe seat and are willing to put in the work for it – - as evident by their meetings scheduled and other activities within the area leading up to the bye-election. I, for one, will be making sure that whomever wins the election CONSTANTLY WORKS for the people and the area – WAY AFTER THE ELECTION. Or they will have to go – period.

            • Sad says:

              Do you honestly think a man that promotes such violence and hate is a suitable candidate for any political organization?

              He’s a wannabe politician so of course he will give you the answer that he thinks he wants you to hear.

              There are much more deserving PLP members which could have been placed as a candidate instead of relying on a political journeyman who appears to promote the killing of others and wanting to burn down his own country.

              Seriously what type of example is the PLP setting for our youth by promoting such an individual to a position of power. That is even more true given the rise of gun violence in this island in recent times.

            • Tolerate says:

              Good to hear you take great concern in your selection on who to vote for, that you address the candidate to their face as you said.
              What was discussed I guess is truly between him and yourself; however on the bases of ” why should I vote for him after his political flip-flopping, his outlandish comments via twitter, etc”. One would think the response could be shared as a true gauge as to the direction the candidate is coming from? Especially if you was satisfied. But hey, that’s your right and you was satisfied.
              I wish you the best on making sure whomever (and I’m sure you mean both candidates up for the election) wins, CONSTANTLY WORKS for the people and the area WAY AFTER THE ELECTION.
              Good luck with that.

            • SMH says:

              #33 area voter… are you ever gullible. So you asked some “tough” questions and he made sure to tell you exactly what you wanted to hear to get your vote. Politics 101. …did he also say he’d still love you in the morning too. Leopards don’t change their spots but it sounds like you would rather learn that the hard way. Geez

            • 32n64w says:

              Mr. Simmons and hard work do not go hand in hand.

              As someone seeking public office why not share his comments regarding his multiple flip flops and online hate speech?

        • Politricks says:

          So did Jahmal help with all these issues before he was appointed?

          If you support him then you are simply part of the problem.

          PS: White Hill still doesn’t have a club house. So how much did Lister truly help and how much has your dear PLP leader helped given the fact that I believe he is still President of the club?

        • SMH says:

          ahhhh…..she wasn’t there because she wasn’t your MP. Take that up with Mr. Lister. You honestly can’t make stuff like this up. SMH

          • #33 Area Voter says:


            The claim was that she has been involved in our community for years – - – and I clearly stated that I have NEVER SEEN HER until last week IN THE AREA.

            You are funny – - you, a paid blogger for the OBA, clearly love to spin crap into steak.

      • Somerset Voter says:

        Jamahl may not currently live in Somerset, but his family is a well known and respected in Somerset and he will get the support. Everyone in cont 33 is looking forward to election day. I have never met or seen the OBA candidate in Someset.

        • Sandys bie says:

          Where do you stay?? I’ve seen OBA canvassers in my neighbourhood 3 times

          • @ sandy’s bye,um um sure your rite mate, and um um sure your _ _ _ _ _ fill in the blanks.Sandy’s bye who hell else speaks like dat, surely not de byes down de road just past the suber rat. Lister was the best for the area and now Sally sue got a lot of work to do if she think’s she can fill dem shoes.

      • Onion says:

        He wasn’t able to show up when he was an MP in Pembroke. I don’t think he’s going to be able to make it to Somerset.

        Even if he wins this election he’ll lose the next one if Mrs. Marshall sticks to the wicket.

      • And I'm sticking to it says:

        just because you live in a certain consistency doesn’t mean you are in touch LOL. sigh

  6. Jo Blo says:

    Marshall seems nice. But why is Craig there?

    • pay as you go says:

      Craig spoils the picture.

    • frank says:

      graig is there because he likes to be usedddd

    • Kunta says:

      He was summoned to make an appearance to let everyone now that you can survive after being run under de bus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @ Jo Blo, come on now you been round de bend enough times to know how dis vorks, the Canon is in de picture cause they brought his lame horse out from being mended, so you people can get use to him being back in de lime light, so they can give him a portfolio down de road for saving face for de other byes.just go out to the servants quarters and you will see the polishing him up again to take the other Jack in the bean stalk’s place, maybe Scott’s horse getting a little tired over transport and social assistance.

    • Impressive says:

      Good Question,, This is the first time I have seen him since his fiasco,, He looks timid in that video.

  7. CBA says:

    With all due respect, Mr Simmons tweeted about putting bullets in heads and watching society burn, while Bermuda suffers from gun violence. He is now running for the PLP to become a member of parliament. What is going on with the PLP?

    • Kunta says:

      That’s not appropriate for Bermuda but in some countries that’s the only way the people get HEARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sad says:

        If that type of talk isn’t appropriate for BDA, then Mr. Simmons is not an appropriate candidate for BDA.

        He is not leadership material and shouldn’t be promoting gun violence when our youth are experiencing a rise in such violence in the last few years.

        There are much better candidates the PLP could put forward in this constituency.

  8. Just a matter of time says:

    The PLP were never against foreign investments and tourism and have never been. It’s the manipulative work policies against proper Bermudianization in these workforces which causes the problem. Stop spreading the lies. Before the financial crash, IB’s and tourism flourished under a PLP Govt. Stop it.

    • inna says:

      And these manipulative work permit policies were instituted by which party again?

      • Kunta says:

        Ooohhhh, so they were labeled as XENOPHOBIC because of ……………………………………

      • @ inna, obviously still no change under the O.B.A as they are rubber stamping them in just as quickly as they are pushing through the Bermuda Status application back log, before they close the lop hole to stopping any of aunt Hagee’s children from getting in down de road.

    • Sad says:

      Tourism hasn’t flourished in decades.

      IB did well with the assistance of a few global man made and natural disasters and lack of Government overreach. Then came the enforcement of term limits and the general harsh rhetoric aimed at these firms..Government did no create the strength of those companies. The Govt are there simply to provide the environment in which the private sector can operate efficiently and effectively with no unnecessary interference and unpredictability.

      Other than the overreach regarding term limits they then showed their dissatisfaction with their leaving Bermuda when a payroll tax and foreign currency purchase tax was placed on the people and businesses of Bermuda with absolutely no consultation taking place beforehand. This should have never happened during what turned out to be our longest recession (depression?).

  9. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    All she was talking about was helping to up keep the scenery and environment looking nice but what about the boys that are sitting out the street that have no jobs, could she help them with job skills or assist them with getting a job…would she even have a conversation with any of them. At least Jahmal was talking bout helping the people in the community and not some trees and a bridge. I mean we need to fix those things but people in the community need lots of help too, especially our young people that feel disengaged already.

    • Enquiring Minds says:

      “not some trees and a bridge”. 1. You’d be missing that bridge a whole lot if it wasn’t there! and 2. Fixing the bridge will provide jobs. Perhaps some of those “boys” need to be getting up off their behinds and helping the rest of us clean up after the hurricane.

    • Unbelievable says:

      There are mechanisms out there for those bies sitting on the wall to go to and bring themselves up and out of that situation. I run a very small business and am doing what I can to keep it floating. I don’t have any legacy money at my disposal nor will I inherit much. I also have the choice to go and sit on a wall but I don’t. I choose to get on with building my business.

      You can lead a horse to water…you cannot make it drink.

    • SMH says:

      Jamahl caring about anything other than Jamahl….and what’s for lunch…HA

  10. ERJ says:

    Jamahl has a contradictory, bi-polar political history. He is not a quality candidate for the PLP or Sandys South!

  11. Justin says:

    I can’t believe Marc Bean actually used the word ‘loyal’ to describe Jamahl Simmons lol. The only person these guys are loyal to is Ewart Brown, believe that.

    • Impressive says:

      Ewart Brown?? What the hell?? I mean, some people must really have some type of twisted fear of this man, for people to think that these PLP members are all working for Ewart Brown,, what next,, cheesh

  12. watchfuleyes says:

    Best wishes Jamahl.

  13. Question says:

    Ok, did I miss something? Why is Craig Canonized there?!

  14. Question says:


    • Coffee says:

      Well if you must know , he is there to congratulate and at the same time offer condolences to the ill fated embarkation by Mrs. Marshall to lawyer up #33 . Didya notice the parachute on his back ? He wears it so well ! It’s a pity he can’t lend it to Mrs.Marshall to help break her fall !
      November 18 will positively be the last time Bermuda hears of the political aspirations of this weak candidate , like Ms.Toni Spring she’ll slink away back behind the bar .

  15. Proud Canadian says:

    Ms. Marshall pointed out that Mr. Simmons now lives in St. George’s. What she doesn’t mention is that he grew up in Somerset and his family is from Somerset. Ms. Marshall was born and raised in Canada.

    • Creamy says:

      As was Paula Cox born in Canada. What relevance is it? None.

      I guess you lot are now arguing that whether a candidate lives in the constituency or not is irrrelevent. You’re saying that the candidate can live the other end of the island, and it makes no difference. Fine. That argument will be used against you in the future, I would guess.

      • Kunta says:

        Dr. E.F. Gordon was born in Trinidad, but he gave his life for de oppressed and down trodden and helped to make a better life for US today.
        So the moral of the story is, even though your not a pedigree citizen or parish born, its the CAUSE that you dedicate your life too that you will be known for.
        And just to squash any race comments, there were Good abolitionist and F!@#ed up SURROGATES, as we see much has not changed today.

      • Kunta says:

        Dr. E.F. Gordon was born in Trinidad but he gave his life for de oppressed and down trodden, so regardless of your Ethnic Pedigree or Parish birth, its your conviction of your PASSION that will stand.

        • SMH says:

          Kunta…since you like to fight and march so much, why not move to Liberia and march for the rights of citizens against ebola?

          • Kunta says:

            My cousins are over there doing that, in the mean time um here continuing the cause from my Heroes.

            • Starting point says:

              “even though your not a pedigree citizen or parish born, its the CAUSE that you dedicate your life too that you will be known for.”

              So your statements confirms you are in favour of economic immigration where we provide status and rights to people of foreign birth who provide exceptional skills, dedication and intellectual property to Bermuda.

              Finally we agree on something. the OBA is pleased to have you as a new convert.

              backtrack in 5,4,3,2…….

    • Seeking Justice says:

      Have you not heard? She was actually born in Greece – another fact the OBA has been silent on.

  16. SMH says:

    Proud Canadian…thanks for your narrow minded xenophobic comment. So the fact that Ms. Marshal was born in Canada somehow offsets that Jamahl currently lives at the other end of the island from the constituency he is currently running in? Let’s just face, the real issue here as far as your concerned is the Ms. Marshall, is not a REAL Bermudian. SMH

  17. O'Brien says:

    “@JamahlSimmons: Saw limey in bermuda on the bus resisted the urge to snap his neck like a pencil #BeingGood #BusTales”

    - PLP candidate Jamahl Simmons, November 4, 2013 via his now-deleted twitter account

  18. Chris Famous says:

    G Marshall Speaks of Jamahl Living In St Georges

    Nandi does not live in C2
    Craig does not live in C12
    Susan does not live in C20
    Bob does not live in C11
    Dunkley does not live in C10
    Pamplin does not live in C23
    Sylvan does not live in C7

    So what exactly is her point?

    Jamahl born and bred in Somerset family about 20 generations deep

  19. Warship says:

    Mr.Simmons lives in St Georges,how can he represent people in Somerset,he cannot even vote in constituency 33. Those people in Somerset must be some kind of gullible.

  20. Boarders says:

    But Jahmal was UBP! Wasn’t he? Bie u lot are funny!! LMAO!!

    • Self says:

      He was also NLP.
      So in the span of his political career, he has been a member of all parties except for the Gombey Liberal Party.
      This is a man that is called “loyal”?

      • More like a damn lizard. He is able to change his colour, depending on what type of surface he is standing on :-(

  21. bluebird says:

    and you are concerned about whom lives where.
    What we going to do ? GO FOR ANOTHER $300MILLION Dollars loan to keep the Goverment going ???
    Soon the TAXES we collect will only cover the “INTEREST” that we have to pay for the Increadable “DEBT”.
    Income is $800Million and Goverment is spending $1100Million,move the decimal point and that is 1.1BILLION dollars each year.

    • SMH says:

      bluebird….that’s the PLP plan. To BORROW more money to stimulate our economy. They have NO idea how to reduce debt and if you notice they never, ever acknowledge that there is even a problem. Scary stuff indeed

  22. Christopher James says:

    This will be a true test for the PLP, for if they are willing to vote in JS with his appalling tri-partisan record and uncomfortable political exit earlier this year, it means they would vote in absolutely anyone – a paper bag perhaps.