Slideshow: HMS Argyll Ship In Dockyard

October 20, 2014

A helicopter was seen flying over Bermuda after Hurricane Gonzalo, having been provided by the UK Royal Navy vessel HMS Argyll, which traveled to Bermuda to stand-by in case we needed assistance.

Crew members off the Royal Naval ship joined with the Bermuda Regiment in order to help the island’s hurricane clear up progress, with the joint teams visiting hospitals, schools, churches, youth training centres and private homes to help patch up the damage caused by Hurricane Gonzalo.

For all our coverage of Hurricane Gonzalo click here, and for our live blog where we are bringing you continuous live coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Gonzalo click here.

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  1. Dependant territory citizen says:

    Thankyou Britain,for coming to our aid.

  2. PBanks says:

    Seeing the chopper fly overhead was like a reassurance that others are available and able to help. Hats off to the Navy crewmembers.

  3. Cleancut says:

    Britain is Bermuda’s landlord, and the Governor is the custodian. There will always be a British presence close by to protect its territory and citizens.