Two Shootings This Evening, No One Injured

December 10, 2014

[Updated with video. Two separate shootings took place overnight; the first one at approximately 11.15pm in Scenic Heights area of Southampton and the second took place at 12.15am in the Camp Hill area. Both involved the suspect[s] riding motorcycles, and no one appears to have been injured in either incident]

There was a firearm incident this evening [Dec 9], with police confirming that shots were fired in Southampton, while unofficial reports indicate a second shooting took place a short while later.

A police spokesperson said, “At around 11.15pm police responded to a confirmed firearm incident that took place in the area of Scenic Heights Pass in Southampton.

“Details are sketchy, however it appears that suspects were traveling on two separate motorcycles when shots were fired, with the suspects on both cycles making good their escape, one traveling north and one traveling south.”

Police confirm that no one was injured in the incident.

Update 12.39am: The police are now being seen in another area, with unofficial reports suggesting it may also be correlated with a firearm incident. We will update as able.

Update 12.59am: We continue to receive unofficial reports that some residents of the Warwick/Southampton area are reporting that shots were also heard at just past midnight in the Camp Hill area.

Update 1.11am: Police confirm a second shooting took place at around 12.15am in the Camp Hill area, and that no one was injured in the second incident, which followed around 60 minutes after the first one. We will update with the full video statement  on both shootings as able.

police tape dec 10 14

Update 1.29am: The full police statement is below

Police responded to a report of a confirmed firearms incident that took place at 11:15 pm on Tuesday night.

Details are sketchy but it appears that suspects were riding separate motorcycles in the area of Scenic Heights Pass when a firearm was discharged. Both cycles then left the area one travelling South on Scenic Heights Pass and the other travelling North, at this juncture it does not appear that anyone was injured in this incident.

At 12:30am, Police responded another firearms incident on Camp Hill 50 meters south of Spice Hill Road. It appears that a rider on a cycle discharged a firearm and then made good his escape travelling north on Camp Hill Road. No one was injured in this incident as well.

Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have heard or seen anything suspicious in the area of Horseshoe Road, Scenic Heights, or the Camp Hill please contact police on 2950011 or Crime Stoppers on 800 8477


These two shootings follow after five others in the past few weeks; the murder of Prince Edness on Dec 7th [link], a shooting on Dec 3rd in Warwick [link], a shooting in Pembroke on Nov 13th [link], a shooting in Sandys in Nov 11th which saw four men injured [link], and another shooting on that same day in Devonshire [link].

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the main police number at 295-0011, or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

Update Dec 10, 11.17am: Shadow Public Safety Minister Walter Roban said, “News of two firearm incidents last night on the heels of reports that the suspect in the murder earlier this week fired at Police, represents a clear escalation in gun violence and crime in Bermuda.

“What is disturbing about this recent escalation of gun violence is that many Bermudians are becoming desensitized to it and see no resolution in sight.

“All lives are precious and with the recent shootings at the Somerset Cricket Club, the shooting death of Prince Edness, officers of the law being fired upon and last night’s shootings this cannot be permitted to escalate further.

“The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party joins with our government in repudiating gun violence and encourage the public to do all they can to assist in helping to end this blight upon our island”

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  1. john doe says:


    • CHA cha CHA says:

      Recently a writer in reviewing what was happening in America with Blacks asked:”Is this what Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and others were working for”? In the Bermuda context, is this what L.F. Wade, Lois Browne Evans and Roosevelt Brown were working for? The answer is always NO. But then you realize they don’t have a clue who these people here. or in the USA, were. But what they do know, is what they have learned from their violent TV shows and also from the lack of a male elephant. Now do I have to tell you the story of how the baby elephants were out of control until they introduced a daddy elephant who calmed them down. But then again they think an elephant is a beer. I was just sayin’.

    • SS. says:

      This makes me extremely sad. The attitudes surrounding the latest death really speaks volumes for where our society is heading. Two wrongs don’t make it right, and now we read before our very eyes another sparked retaliation. I don’t have any solutions in mind, but I hope we all can take a closer look at our families and what we can contribute to society to make it better.

      We must not solely rely on government, the police, the persons involved for things to get better. But each role plays a part in a revolution. We each play a part by first looking within our own families, providing assistance whether its emotional or financial. Get involved Bermuda. We all have a part to play in changing the dynamics of our community. We must work together-government, police, families, friends. It’s OUR responsibility to make a difference.

      This Island is too small, SPEAK UP, if you know anything!

      • Umm.... says:

        The solution is to put pressure on the parents/relatives who are housing these suspected criminals. New laws need to be passed. How can a “household” of unemployed individuals afford to pay rent/mortgage. There need to be some pay stubs produced. Make these criminal individuals uncomfortable. Regular searches of self and property. We’re at that point. Some civil liberties may need to be bent. Those of us not living a life of crime won’t be affected. But I’m certain that we’ll convict quite a bit of these criminals.

        Even if the economy gets back to prosperous times, these individuals will still choose this life of crime because of what it affords them. Fast money, silly women, drugs, and respect by fear. They don’t want a 9-5. We must face the fact that there are pockets in our community who will always choose this life of crime no matter how many other options they have. And it is for those individuals that we must stamp out with prejudice.

        We put our future at risk by being silent and allowing this to continue to happen. A lot of people are looking at this affecting AC2017, but it can be of immediate affect. A tourist should be able to go anywhere on the island and enjoy themselves. Many of us have been to Caribbean islands and gone to local bars (dives). Why shouldn’t a tourist on our shores feel safe to go there. It is their right. But what happens if they get shot instead of a local? Our tourism product is tarnished. This isn’t just an issue because of the upcoming America’s Cup. It’s an issue. Period.

        • Really? says:

          It’s not that people do not want a 9-5. Some people are unable to get one due to many reasons, health, qualifications , etc. it’s not always the men or women who grew up in qoute on qoute “broken home”, sometimes it’s the ones who have a solid foundation who was sheltered so much they don’t have a strong mind to want to make themselves better like these so called “ghetto youts”. Lots of times it’s the ones who want to be apart of the ghetto life know they didn’t grow up like that. I’m not defending no one who has did wrong but maybe you should stop thinking it’s only people who don’t have 9-5′s. Not everyone without a job sells drugs. That’s what jobbers and hustle trucks are for , to help.

    • Serious Though says:

      Time to bring outside help Bermuda?

      • BetttyTrump says:

        Maybe if the Governor would have allowed outside help when Dr. brown requested it, we might have been steps ahead in regards to Gang violence in Bermuda. Instead the OBA/UBP made it a political football, now we are reaping the outcomes. Now we must work hand in hand to resolve this problem that is killing our young black men! Stop the political scoring and get serious for real Dunkley!

        The Government and Opposition must work together and the People of Bermuda to make this problem of Gang Violence a big priority if not it will impact all of Bermuda sooner rather than later. No economic progress will take place regardless, if this problem continues to hinder and impact our black men.

        The Government must make use of local experts and folks in the community who have their hands on the matter. This issues continues to go unaddressed we will face some serious consequences as an Island!

  2. Devonshire Devils says:

    Okay really this is getting old guys… Enough already.

    • Eyes Rolled says:

      *As if the Shooters can hear you* Sigh!! Want to see a change?? I isn’t going to happen until our community Comes together with an aim to make a difference.. So Yea continue Talking to ur self..

      • And I'm sticking to it says:

        you really could have said that without being negative. and it’s a blog.


      • Anne says:

        Eyes Rolled: What does it mean for the community to ‘come together to make a difference’??? That is just rhetoric. There have been community marches and the like and they haven’t made a difference. I’m so sick of hearing this is society’s problem and that we can somehow fix this. I didn’t raise these guys to be thugs and hoodlums with no mercy, conscience or self-control so what am I to do about it? None of us can force these guys into therapy to get rid of whatever demons plague them and if any of us tried approaching any of them-even with good intentions-how do you think they’d react???

        Plenty of us grew up poor or in single parent households and we didn’t resort to any of this nonsense. I’m so tired of the excuses and the notion that we are somehow all responsible for this. Yes, I know that in the past we as black people had horrible things done to us and we got cheated out of a lot but our forefathers never acted like this, even when we were oppressed as a people. Our ancestors didn’t walk a round with their pants down around their backsides with scarfs sticking out of the pocket-we as a people always took pride in our appearance. What happened? When things got better for us, we got worse as a people. It makes no sense. It’s like these guys are so full of self-hate that they take it out on others who look like them.

        I don’t pretend to have the answers except that we need stiffer penalties for gun crime. We also need to charge EVERYONE associated with the relevant gang when a shooting occurs and not just the actual gunman because they all played a part in planning it-charge them as an accessory, accomplice or whatever you want to call it but they ALL need to be held accountable. I don’t understand why the police don’t want to make it an offence to actually be in a gang-it’s a start. Ban gang symbols, hand signs-all of it. That may sound radical but we need to start somewhere. Kick some doors in and make these guys’ lives so miserable that it’s not worth it to be in a gang. We need to do something but spout the same tired rhetoric about ‘coming together as a community’…these guys have already ‘come together as a community’-that’s why gangs are formed based on neighbourhoods; it’s their own version of community togetherness and they justify sticking together and defending each other to the death. We need real, tangible solutions to these problems and not just the same old talk, talk, talk.

    • Jo Blo says:

      Scary thing is its likely to continue trending in the wrong direction and hence may just be getting started.

      Hopefully the rest of Bermuda, particularly the likes of our guest workers, will recognize that this kind of activity tends to be in silo.

      The proverbial you-know-what hits the fan however if someone (innocent) catches a stray.

  3. 2012 says:

    Now didn’t the OBA tell everyone they had a plan to deal with this during the 2012 election. Well you better speed the plan up before the 2017 Americas Cup!!!!! Jeff can you repeat the plan again please.

    • Surprised says:

      yes Jeff, can you share the plan. This I don’t think was address in the secret plan that got you guys into power, smh

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Why ask the One Bermuda Alliance silly questions, (as some have written above)Do anyone of you think they, One Bermuda Alliance can stop “de’igrance’ that these bies’ are doing? That’s the polices / publics work. Too much has taken place by people who are relatives of others and people must step forward with the information to capture them responsible for this crazy **** taking place with no consideration toward anyone else!
        Whether you support the Progressive Labour Party of the Govt. O.B.A. you or one of your love ones can be an innocent bystander that becomes Bermudas’ next statistic…Think about it :-(

      • Now who's sleep at the wheel OBA? says:

        Hey Surprise you mean this secret plan. Was this Mr. Baron or a clone start at 5:00 and listen to his promise about Operation Ceasefire. Also listen to 8:05 anyone have any questions.

        • serengeti says:

          Well, I listened to it. There’s no “promise” of a ceasefire.

      • Wake up Bie says:

        I remember Jeff Baron speaking on TV about cease fire.

        • Concerned says:

          Man can plan and say this is going to be – plans fail – no matter who it is or who they are. Only God’s Plans don’t fail and His warning to this Island over time has been this:
          …13″If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people,

          and His Promise:
          14and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 15″Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to the prayer offered in this place.… 2 Chronicles 7:14

          Bermuda pay attention families of the shooters make a stand communities make a stand Parliamentarians stop your foolishness and make a United stand against this spirit of confusion and hate that is causing the spirit of fear to take hold of our Communities, Churchs open your doors for prayer We are experiencing Warfare in our land

      • Young Person with Questions says:

        You mean the secret plan to place a surrogate as leader to win votes and then remove him? Craig couldn’t have did anything wrong because you still have the man in the spot light. Wasn’t he with Mrs. Marshall on the news smiling as if nothing happened a few weeks ago? The man was the Premier and everyone is hush hush about why he’s gone now. You even lost the former OBA Chairman Thad Hollis I assume due to some moral obligation on his part he didn’t want to part of the cover up?

        What man gives up $200,000.00 a year as Premier of Bermuda plus all the perks to make now $50,000.00 as a back bencher? When the OBA does something wrong people want to call it a error in judgement, but when the PLP do something wrong you call the police.

        Be honest you wouldn’t have won without Craig as the leader? All the surrogates, consultants and people of Bermuda know this. Now the 2017 election hopefully will not be based on the color of a leader’s face. The OBA and PLP are both equally guilty in using the race card last election. Now I understand Bermuda may score big in 2017 because of the Americas Cup World Class Sailing event, but what are you doing for 2015 and 2016? One event will not help any party win a 2017 election.

        • A Better Bermuda for All says:

          Y*A*W*N….can you please come up iwth some new diarrea?

    • sebring says:

      Once again you Green party supporters expect the OBA to remove the weeds and bush that you all pruned and protected and watched it grow !and did nothing! SO on another subject whats that 30 o so foot hole at the pier in dockyard!

    • Raw Onion says:

      At this rate, the gang bangers will kill themselves off by 2017. That’s the plan.

  4. dun says:

    flip hamma. Guys are carrying wayyyy on.

    • Indeed says:

      This is really p****** me off now! It hasn’t even much been a week WTF! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH FOOLS!! STOP IT!!

      • dun says:

        inna dun. I can’t even express how much these shootings are irking me. Needs to stop asap

  5. Doug says:


  6. Ramika says:

    I’m sorry but the shootings haven’t affected our tourism in any way….or maybe everyone has forgotten that Bermuda isn’t the only place in the world that has shootings. also these shootings are condensed to a group of people involved in criminal activity. Tourists still feel safe coming here because they are not targets. I don’t give a flying rats *** what the OBA or PLP has to say as far as solutions are concerned. At the end if it all its up to the community to make it stop. But everybody is looking at the government like they hold all the power. We the people are the real government. Take off the damn blinders!!

    • Indeed says:

      Ok RAMIKA! Let’s all follow your lead then. Cause it really sounds like you’re offering to lead some s***

    • dun says:


    • dun says:

      ramika, ya sers dun?

    • Jonah says:

      C’mon Rambo , surely it’s fair play to demand that this Govt sort out this mess – they had the answers pre taking over from the PLP and they are finding out this is not an easy fix – your comment regarding the shootings bring condensed to criminals only is off base babe – shooting into a crowd at Somerset is indiscriminate and surely shooting at a police car has changed the game in a massive way.

      I’m sorry Rambo, the shootings affect us all, to include our image abroad.

    • duh says:

      Actually many of my friends have seen the headlines and tourism is at a all time low…. pretty sure not many shootings in Hawaii our competitor..this needs to be dealt with..

      • Really says:

        That may be true . But how many shootings have we seen plastered on our televisions and we still go to America ! We still are quick to buy a ticket to NY on a seat sale when they have numerous murders! Everyone is so stuck on the OLD bermuda that we don’t know how to deal with the NEW times that have come about. Television , weapons , and 2-3day shipping. Oh let me not forget money is the root of all evil so let’s think about how easily these guns are gettin into Bermuda…..

    • Kiskadee says:

      It is just a matter of time before an innocent bystander/tourist/child is shot by these bullets flying around. It will not be contained to just bad guys shooting bad guys. There would then be international news about Bermuda and crime – and the repercussions of that could be devastating – not to mention the sorrow we would all experience.

    • But you're clueless says:

      I don’t know if you work in tourism, BUT don’t forget we are competing at a global scale. NO the shootings aren’t directly effecting tourism, but who’s to say it won’t. Sunday was the second time there was a shooting, or gun violence in a close proximity to one of our major hotels. And yes, Guests were frightened.Tourism in Bermuda is seasonal regardless.

  7. not rocket science says:

    People will continue to feud over drug territory and drug monopolies until the Government recodnizes that ALL drugs should be regulated through the Government like alchohol. Stop getting civilians to distribute uncontrolled drugs to the public.

    People will always get high. Some use junk food, some watch tv, some get high on church fairytales, and some do dope.

    Bermudas Government has no political backbone on drugs … BECAUSE THEY BENEFIT FROM THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS.

    Its really not neuro-surgery people.

  8. Coffee says:

    You guys are really getting ol’Dunkeley mad now!

    • dun says:

      all sorts of vex bird.

    • Hmmm says:

      Mr PLP, you need an intervention, just like these fools. Where are the families? Whole family intervention, if that fails, you present all the evidence you can on them to the police. Either that or you don’t love them.

      • Coffee says:

        We pay good money to the minister of photography to interven on our behalf ; furthermore it is up to YOU taxpayer to demand a safe society from the premier of this country … He needs to be held accountable for all events , good , bad and ugly ! Silence isn’t golden from Mr.Dunkeley or for that matter Mr.Baron …. Mr.Dunkeley was quite vocal when he WASN’T in a position to effect change ! Can you please explain to the Bermudian public what’s different now ?

        • hmmm says:

          It’s these criminals that don’t feel safe. Why do you not feel safe Coffee?

          Who do you know and why have you not gone to the police?

          • Coffee says:

            What a selfish mindset you portray . Is it not true that innocent law abiding citizens have been shot within the last few weeks .. But I do understand your point , if you are in possession of pertinent info please call crimestoppers . It is your civil duty .

        • inna says:

          Cuz DREB and Palua’s ‘Plan’ worked so well eh?

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          OK so what do you expect the Premier to do? Drive around in an armoured vehicle with a machine gun ontop mowing down all of these thugs as they hang out roadside everyday maybe?

          • Coffee says:

            I expect the premier to fulfill his election promises concerning gun violence. I would hope that would be a fairly reasonable expectation !

  9. Me says:

    What is our solution? What should we be doing? What are we doing wrong? What are we doing right?

    • involve says:

      becoming a mentor is the first step

      • Raymond Ray says:

        A Thought For Today:
        “Who overcomes by force hath overcome but half his foe”. -John Milton, poet (1608-1674)

      • Regina says:

        I think the first step starts at conception…and then its called “parenting.” Some may need to look that word up.

        • And I'm sticking to it says:

          We can consider parenting. But today, as these kids have already been conceived-what are you willing to do?

    • Opinions are like...... says:

      We allowed children to grow up fatherless, without discipline,usually by mothers that were not prepared to deal with a child to begin with. Society as a whole lost its values, and morals, and now when it is all going pear shaped, society wants to scream and shout that it’s someone elses fault. “Not my son”!!! YES YOUR son!!! You know, we all know it, yet we sit back and watch it unfold. This is a prime example of “What will be will be” Human nature at its finest left unnurtured, unloved, and unwanted; it hits back with anger and venom. The solution does involve all of society, but like charity it starts at HOME! Teach your children right from wrong, SHOW them the way, do not sit back and watch their life head down a path you yourself know is WRONG (no matter how much you are profitting from it).

  10. Prevention is key says:

    It’s time for a much heavier police presence plain and simple. Place officers with more routinely scheduled patrols through the particularly problematic areas and have them stationed throughout the island (in between calls) to be alert and possibly deter this or any other type of anti-social behavior before it begins. Yes we are far from the only nation that’s battling gun crime but a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    • Pop Up says:

      Nice idea. These guys have so much time on their hands. They will lay low for months knowing that the police will start off strong and then disappear. It happens all the time. I suggest we offer them a free pass to Westgate because that is where they are going. What I really like is the whole lack of leadership from the churches to the politicians. It is time to bring in the British secret service and 007.

      • Prevention is key says:

        I agree the police have a nasty habit of relaxing once things have seemed to calm down, but as we are all to aware crime never sleeps. Its never something that will simply go away, regardless of how much free time they have its the sole responsibility of police forces to ensure the community’s safety. A large part of policing is simple prevention, place a presence to show the criminals this won’t be tolerated and we are here to respond in a moments notice when you think you can get away with anything. Everyone thinks this starts at home or church or politicians sadly it doesn’t regardless of where someone comes from or the up bringing they were instilled with, they will make their own decisions and act regardless of how anyone attempts to teach them, this generation (as I am) are very hard headed and will do as they please no matter who or what forces tells them otherwise. Sadly we have been resorted to our brave men and women in blue to now become the force that stands strong and hopefully prevents not only lives being lost but lives being ruined by this poor decision making simply because the police were in the right place and the right time to deter this. But I do agree not with 007 or secret service lol, but perhaps a gang tactical unit from the UK to bolster our forces “firepower” and create that heavy presence that we’ve been needing.

  11. Guess Who says:

    To move forward it has to start now. We have an education system that passes kids that can not read to their age standard. Kids on the honour roll with a 2.3 GPA, REDICULOUS. You encourage your kid that is not good enough, but you are fighting the system. Mind you, these kids at 2.3GPA generally have family support.

    We can generally identify a child at 5 years old and know the path in life they will generally take. We watch it escalate and expect them at 16 to be big enough to change. that will not happen.

    Our children need life lessons to survive to be taught responsibility and the importance of the quality of life. Special programs in school would help, as we know our kids are subjected to peer pressures.

    Kids get into confrontations that is life. But now we are subjected to gang like violence and once your kid is saved from a fight with another by a gang member. He is now a member by default for life or for death.

    We have parents who are teaching their children how to survive without working and we have a system in place which enables it. Understanding we can not save them all, but at 5 yrs old we must get to them first, before they get to us, hence the our present living conditions. I say five because they are under obligation to be in the school system.

    A program titled “Life Skills”

    Just Saying!

    • Sickofantz says:

      I agree. The failing public education system is the single biggest problem that Bermuda faces and impacts every other problem:- Gang Violence, need to import foreign workers etc.

      I would really like to hear from some of the public school teachers about what is causing this abject failure?

      • Grizz says:

        There are some who can’t go TCD to take a driver’s test because they can barely read and write but they are being passed to the next grade in school. WTF!!

    • Regina says:

      WAIT, What? A 2.3 GPA is Honour Roll? I am sorry but THERE IS NO HONOUR IN A 2.3 GPA!!! That is DISHONOUR in my opinion! That is barely mediocre! Unbelievable! Are you serious? Please tell me that was a typo. Please.

  12. D says:

    I’m tired of hearing about these shootings! Let’s have a turn ya life around story and get a degree

  13. San George says:

    It’s tough for educated people in this country – you can’t imagine what these people are feeling. Share the pie or we will all be fishing and farming again. OBA is well aware of not allowing people to have an opportunity to participate in this economy.

  14. where they at though says:

    What i dont understand is how the hell are there 2 shootings in the same area in the space of an hour where were the police at though??

    But then again these fools are brazen enough to shoot at them so….(i guess i answered my own question)

    Its only going to get worst these idiots have shown they aren’t afraid of the police. Its only a matter of time before a cop or an innocent bystander is shot. Then maybe they will toughen up on crime like they have been claiming to do for the last 100 years (thats how long it feels like its been cause i have yet to see action).

  15. So sad says:

    as if you all throught it going to stop really !!

  16. Wyatt Earp says:

    These fools think this is the Wild West SMH

  17. Ameboa says:

    All these band aid solutions……..The shooters are not the problem. The problem is who is supplying these people with the guns and ammunition? The guns and ammo are not produced here cause Bermuda is not an Industrialised nation. When the police go after those people who supply/import then we will see some type of result.

    • Prevention is key says:

      I’m afraid the illegal arms trade is far bigger than your attempting to rationalize, its one of the worlds largest markets for a reason, the sheer vastness of how arms and ammunition travel this globe will blow you away. Yes that is the real problem but attempting to find these “suppliers” is borderline impossible, and as with any illegal trade if theres money to be made theres far more than a handful of people involved its a lucrative market thats estimated at nearly 8 billion a year on small arms alone.

      • hmmm says:

        How about all guns to be GPS chipped in multiple spots on the gun, where removal of GPS element would render the gun useless.

        Why monitor the criminals when you can directly monitor the guns that pass into our borders.

        Once a gang member had been convicted, he should be chipped too.

        All data from this can be recorded and analysed.

        • Grizz says:

          @hmmmm I understand the GPS chips in guns but after you find the gun that still won’t tell you who shot it. Guns don’t kill people…people do. And as far as chipping gang members I am quite sure that will infringe on human rights…that will never fly

        • Impressive says:

          Chaos leads to fear and fear leads the abolishment of freedom. I don’t in any form support any of this violence, but who and what is exactly is causing the chaos should be the aim.. Microchipping the population?? Mercy, hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we go,

    • Indeed says:

      Thank you! I totally agree. I’ve always said this!

    • And I'm sticking to it says:

      guns or not-the issue is deeper. I support you 100% on tracing the gun supply- however that will not disband violence overall- the shooters are actually the problem, if they didn’t have a problem there wouldn’t be a reason to shoot

    • rs says:

      The real question is why do these guys need guns in the first place? Follow the money! Gangs get their income from the drug trade. Let’s legalize, tax and regulate the drug trade then these gangsters will be out of work with no income to purchase these weapons. They would have to go out and find a real job! Portugal implemented a similar system and it seems to be working. Just a thought!

      • Raymond Ray says:

        @ rs: I totally agree, take the $ value out of the drug trade and 90% of crimes will cease.

        • Raymond Ray says:

          Before some take me literal :-( I’d metaphorically used the 90%. (@ rs: I totally agree, take the $ value out of the drug trade and 90% of crimes will cease.)

      • But you're clueless says:

        This island is way too small to handle anything legalized. Do you understand what this means. Decriminalize would be the proper thing to do if it came to that.

        • rs says:

          The key here is to regulate and bring the drug trade out of the black market. Decriminalization does not do that, in fact it would help the gangs as possession would now be legal, but no legal way of obtaining the drugs.

    • dun says:

      hamma. We realistically will not be able to stop the guns and ammo coming into berm. Its more of a DEEP social issue with young adults. I bet a lot of the guns have been here for many years but only used in the past few.

  18. bermuda born says:

    bunch of uneducated idiot thugs. bring back the death penalty show these little pricks who is boss. HANG the next one convicted set an example for these little pricks

  19. Scenic Heights Resident says:

    These shootings need to stop. This used to be the quietest neighborhood around. Now it seems like this area is known for shootings, Riviera and Scenic Heights,and Camp Road.

    This stupid OBA government seems like they made a lot of promises so they can get in, and then left those promises at the front door of cabinet or parliment.


    • Politricks says:

      Blah, blah, blah…

      Blame the idiots that are acting up and the families that protect them in your neighborhood…i bet you know of a few as well, but don’t want to be known as the snitch of your area…much easier to blame someone else isn’t it?

      And there were plenty of shootings under the previous Govt’s reign…but it appears you didn’t care because they weren’t occuring in your neighborhood.

      the people that are doing this nonsense don’t care about politics…

      • Scenic Heights says:

        You don’t know me or what I know. I do not know of any guys in this area who are affiliated with gangs, if you haven’t been in this area maybe you should take a drive by this area and see that it is very quiet and a family oriented environment.Most people in this area of Scenic Heights are hard working business people and also this area has a lot of children. Children who shouldn’t have to experience this gun violence in any way shape or form.

        You don’t know how it feels to lose sleep at night over hearing guns popping off and scared for your own families safety.

        And when things occur, the residents in this area call the cops and they say little to nothing when they show up for minor matters.

        You don’t recall because you probably have a job so when OBA promised more jobs to this island, that didn’t matter. People voted so they can see those changes.. Has not happened.

        You probably don’t remember that they said they had a solution for all this gang violence, and once elected they will rectify those issues. You probably don’t care about that either because you’re not in a gang either right?

        Say what you like I’ve lived both in Back of town and Southampton and although I have never been affiliated with gangs or friends with the trouble makers, this affects all of us.

        • Politricks says:

          So again it appears you are only concerned as of now due to it being in your backyard. Your post above exemplifies that point perfectly.

          I am pretty sure they aren’t going into Scenic Heights and shootign at the birds. The neighborhood must know what house or persons they are targetting.

          The unemployment rate has decreased while the number of on island jobs have increased albeit marginally. The America’s Cup will boost this momentum greatly and with it will come plenty of new job opportunities across the board. I find it funny that you rail against the OBA for this but proudly proclaim in caplocks that you voted for the Party that oversaw the decimation of our economy and Govt. finances. You support a Party vehemently that played a major role in the loss of jobs over the span of a decade, but you rail against a Party that has been in power for TWO years for not rectifying their inherited problems.

          Very strange logic indeed, but one that seems to be ingrained in many on this island.

          Either way I hope you and your family stay safe and that someone finally comes forward to speak out against any unruly elements that might be attracting such nonsense to your neighborhood.

          • Scenic Heights says:

            You’re an idiot. In case you don’t know Scenic Heights is a pass (Scenic Heights Pass) that goes from Middle to Southshore. Maybe you don’t know the area at all. So it doesn’t have to be the neighbors they are shooting at you idiot. The road is used as an escape for people, just like Camp road. Go and drive that way and educate yourself. If you had an escape route to get from Dockyard to Hamilton without using the main roads to get there you would.

            Get over yourself… And the whole America’s Cup will only play a small part in boosting this island again and what happens when that series is over?

            I’m guessing you are of the majority race, not the minority. Keep your eyes on your side of the fence and don’t worry about what goes on in our community. You’re so opininunated and really lack knowledge. Go and do your research about the neighborhoods that sometimes become affected by this, and I am not referring to the well known areas either, before you make ambiguous statements that you cannot back up.

            • Politricks says:


              There it is.

              When you can’t defend your logic start calling the other person names and then make it a racial thing.

              A true PLP supporter I see. Good on you for staying the course.

              As I said before these idiots have been shooting at each other way before this Government, but now you want to issue your faux outrage based on the fact that it is now affecting your neighborhood directly. So because it didn’t affect you before you didn’t care and you didn’t resort to calling the PLP stupid because of the actions of these fools (as you did with the OBA in your first post).

              Anyways, keep on hating my friend and trying to justify your selfishness. Par for the course really.

    • sebring says:

      well? if you keep on eating the food from a a bad chef you only have yourself to blame! plp did nothing but let the divisiness and recentment grow! smarten up and stop eating food that makes you sick!

    • dun says:

      oh, didn’t realize when the PLP was in power there were no shootings.

      There is some deep social issue, it cant be corrected overnight.

    • Embarassed for you says:

      …scary, considering their abysmal track record?? SMH

  20. Just One says:

    Pass gang legislation making it illegal to be a gangster. Lock up all gang members in a boot camp type facility where they have to do hard labor and take obedience classes. Keep them all there until they can all hug each other with love and affection. It just might work, and one thing is for sure; there will be less shootings while they ALL are there…

    • dun says:

      guys ship them to Siberia.

    • Impressive says:

      I find it amazing that people think that they can really legislate themselves out of all the problems on earth..

  21. its so sad, all i have to say is if you know something, say something, what happen to our island, where has all the love gone,its a crying shame. so sick & tired of these punk a** shooters, where did it all start from, i would really love to know where & how these punks got the guns from (stop & think about it people)sick & tired of it all. its to late for bermy, the good old days are GONE.

  22. Neutral says:

    There is no stopping these shootings. The Damage has already been done. These young man don’t care, don’t want to listen to anyone and don’t have a conscience. Revenge is the ONLY thing on their minds.

  23. Paul Revere says:

    So where all those CCTV cameras that the OBA promised?
    I heard through the grapevine that most of them don’t even record back to the centre or even watched for that matter.
    But hey friends and family plan in full effect
    Can you here that bike speeding Mr OBA, oh wait snap, you can’t cause it’s NOT in your backyard, so business as usual

  24. sebring says:

    in other countries the church gets involved ! reaching out to the agressors family members to cool things down ! and show a way out!

  25. nok says:

    Bullets and guns are coming in two ways!!!Somebodies is aiding or dropping the ball somehow!!!

  26. filobedo21 says:

    Ameboa… Go after the people who are supplying the guns to the shooters? Huh? Please!!! Why would the shooters need anyone to supply them with their guns. Surely they know how to get what they want and need, they have the means.

  27. keep it real says:

    Everytime it is a shooting ya’ll say the same thing over and over. Everybody jumps on the lets be positive, we are community bandwagon for like a week and that’s where it stops. These boys gave you plenty of warnings for years that this was goin to escalate to this point. Keep it real. We all sat and watched and now want to cry about it. Is it sad, yes, is it senseless yes, but, at rthe end of the day it is what it is.

    • and I'm sticking to it says:

      And with attitudes like that…things will never change

  28. Joey-Bag-O'Doughnuts says:

    For a safer Bermuda, all neighbors and family members have to stiffen their backs, pick up the phone and call the police. If that is not done, sooner or later you will be caught up in cross fire or even with the white sheets covering your lifeless body. Bermuda is small enough and many people know one another. If you really are bothered by it please go to the authorities and help yourselves and family first and by doing so you are also helping Bermuda as a whole.

  29. stef says:

    Do your ******* job police. Whatever it takes

    • Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

      The police are doing their job. In this they need to help of the community as well. I am certain there are those who know the people involved who don’t agree with what they’re doing, they’re just not yet willing to step up.

      We all know how this goes now. Wouldn’t it be better to have your loved one in jail instead of being out here as a constant target or taking a near daily chance at hurting or killing someone who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

      If you know… contact the authorities. Sure it’ll hurt, but it’ll hurt less than if you see another dead and know you could have stopped it.

  30. Oh,I see now says:

    I say again when they end up at Westgate put the burden of housing them on their families everything from feeding,clothing,medical care whatever.Every month send a bill home instead of to John Q Public and witness how fast parents start raising their kids again.Let the incarcerated get a taste of the burden they are heaping on their families when parents are late on their own electric bill because they are also trying to foot that jail bill as well.

    These young men need accountability and I think some of you parents do too.

  31. Triangle Drifter says:

    Sure would be nice if all the thugs could be rounded up, put in a cage together, then come back in a day, a few days, maybe a week, & see who is left. If they want to behave like animals, treat them like animals.

    Just think how much taxpayer money would be saved to spend on better things than policing & housing this bunch at $80,000 each a year up at Westgate.

    I know, I know. It could never happen. We baby the criminals. The poor dears need talking to & find out what their issues are.

    • Embarassed for you says:

      You sound like Jamahl tweeting about foreigners

  32. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    So ….all of you nuts who want decriminalization of Marijuana…..and relaxed laws on the association of drugs trafficking and its association with….guns…..murder…..stealing..and other underworld crime….are now opening your eyes…..bang bang …bang…and your ears too……now…..pop..pop…….pop……whats that….???….just me popping my bubble gum…! Yikes…!

    • Grizz says:

      good day Mr. Sharrieff, I don’t recall ever hearing anyone say to relax the laws on association of drug trafficking or association with guns and murder. Decriminalizion of marijuana and those I just mentioned are two different things. Sorry if I didn’t understand what you meant.

  33. Steve says:

    Ship them abroad to a proper prison.

  34. Terry says:

    If we “put in a cage together” nothing would happen except bonding and wanting to get out.

    Move out of the Triangle……..

  35. I'm just sayin... says:

    It has been said above and before…..there is only one way to stop this and it isn’t more armed police (how many crimes have armed police in Bermuda come across and stopped or resolved?)and lets be real for a second, the first time a police officer shoots a well deserving thug that cop is done both by public opinion and by his/her bosses.
    FOLLOW THE MONEY…..FOLLOW THE MONEY…..FOLLOW THE MONEY, you can’t hide in 2014 Bermuda undocumented cash of any great sums.

  36. Just a matter of time says:

    Why not go after the real thugs up the food chain? The drug dealers not wearing the baggy pants and baseball caps. I mean those parasites wearing the suits or wearing the uniforms enabling drugs and weapons to come in which is this root cause of all this nonsense as they fight for crumbs and square yards of ‘turf’ on this tiny island. Don’t tell me that these folks are not known. I read a blog earlier to hang these small time thugs. Well how about hanging the suit wearing ones too. This elephant grows bigger still. Smh.

  37. Sky Pilot says:

    bring back hanging and lets start executing them!

  38. Oh,I see now says:

    Steve says:
    December 10, 2014
    Ship them abroad to a proper prison.

    We can’t …period

  39. Terry says:

    Spot on “Just a matter”.
    “uniforms” covers a lot.
    Cruise Ship anyone?

  40. haha says:

    People r funny sayin stop the guns n bullets n drugs coming through. they been here before this s*** started lmao…big boys aink even been out yet. money talks tho…

  41. Unus sed leo says:

    sharrieff…this violence and crime is “exactly” why…..exactly why ….we have to legalise it…marijuanna…

  42. Tell the Truth says:

    What are you doing about it? Are any of you mentors? Apart of Big Brothers Big Sisters? No because anytime volunteers are called for it’s all quiet but a shooting really gets you gossip queens going! Bermuda is for the rich and the rest of us float by and then the bottom are in poverty. You made it that way. What else are these young black men to do? They do what they do to survive and these shootings are just a by product of that lifestyle. Until you all pull your heads out of the sand and stop pretending things don’t exist then this will go on. There is no “BERMUDIAN DREAM” like the “AMERICAN DREAM”. What do these boys have to look forward to living in this expensive hell hole? Of course they want MONEY!! You all in your fancy offices typing away all day pretending to be outraged aren’t looking to hire any young Bermudians trying to better themselves. They are simply products of the environment you created…but hey at least those rich guys from the America Cup are coming, maybe these hooligans can get a job for $12 an hour serving the rich cocktails! Ahhh what a dream!

  43. SMH says:

    SOOOO frustrating? What is the solution to all this madness?

  44. Oh,I see now says:

    filobedo21 says:
    December 10, 2014
    Ameboa… Go after the people who are supplying the guns to the shooters? Huh? Please!!! Why would the shooters need anyone to supply them with their guns. Surely they know how to get what they want and need, they have the means.

    The day of the middle man is over I agree.

  45. Debbie says:

    This is happening in the area of my neighbourhood. My children are going to sleep to the sounds of gun fire and are being awoken by the sounds of gun fire.

    What is it going to take – an innocent child actually gets shot – for there to be a public outcry. Why are we waiting until this is a national crisis! The Police and Government need to give the Community some guidance on what we can be doing NOW!

    In the meantime my children are no longer allowed to walk Camp Hill to the #8 bus for fear they will lose their life. Sad!

    • Scenic Heights says:

      But wait someone above said we Scenic Heights residents know why they are doing this and who they are targeting and WE SHOULD SPEAK UP!

      Residents from this area must be stupid.. because we should speak of things we don’t know to the police.

  46. Oh,I see now says:

    In fact putting the onus on the so called gun and drug supplier aka Mr Big diverts the responsibility away from the shooter.

    Stop babying these killers…….STOP IT !

  47. OH VEY! says:

    Ganglife is an aspiration amongst a vast portion of youth and older generations. In school everyone is pressured to be gangster or be like one. That was my generation and I am 30 now. Pathetic. I was bullied every day for being nerdy and weird, because I did not try to be a gangster loser.

    Being in a gang and a gangster means you are a dumber creature following the flock mentality. Individuals rise above, and are intellectually led, not dictated what to do and how to look by the flock.

    Gangster way of life is sex, abuse, crime, dealing narcotics,fighting dogs, etc. Children of Pride.

    This culture is the VIRUS causing these symtpoms of our society, and this VIRUS must be cleansed out! The vaccine is what? Figure it out!

    Grown men too immature to grow up, acting like teens. Teens trying to grow up, but acting like the immature!