Bermuda Post Office Online Survey Extended

January 12, 2015

The Bermuda Post Office [BPO] said they would like to advise that the BPO’s online customer awareness survey has been extended until March 31, 2015.

“The BPO is conducting the survey, launched in November 2014, to help assess customer awareness of Post Office postal products and services,” a spokesperson said.

“The survey takes about five minutes and the public can access the survey via the link on the main home page under the Announcements section of the BPO website – or through the BPO Facebook page.

“Alternatively, hard copies of the survey can be manually completed and handed in at any post office. These forms are also available at the General Post Office in Hamilton and all parish post offices.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    5 months for the BPO to do a survey. That says an awful lot about their efficiency.

  2. Posted says:

    It has probably taken 5 months as some people probably mailed in their surveys!
    I have often wondered if I took a letter to every post box on the island how long it would take to get them delivered. i have never ever seen a post box being emptied. I notice they have changed signs on them from specific times to just ‘emptied daily’. Their delivery is a joke. When you get a parcel and it has a customs date stamp on it that means that is the day it cleared customs and entered the post office system. It can take a week to get to Devonshire from the airport.

  3. TomTom says:

    I must say the ladies at Warwick are very sweet and friendly. Helpful too. But the delivery time is poor – I always say a parcal will take a month from Canada or the US. My family abroad find it strange as it really should take 2 weeks. The turn around time needs to be addressed else people will use DHL etc. I get parcals in days, not months!

  4. Ricko Chez says:

    I have always been amused by the addressing system:

    ABC123 Selling Co Ltd

    P.O. Box HM123 (meaning it’s a post box in Hamilton)

    Hamilton (meaning it’s in Hamilton)

    HMBX (meaning it’s a Hamilton post box)