Marsh Folly Tipping Fees Resume On Feb 1st

January 26, 2015

The Ministry of Public Works today [Jan 26] announced that tipping fees at the composting facility will resume on 1 February, 2015. Last year, the Ministry waived the nominal tipping fee of $25 per truck load to assist with the island’s post hurricane recovery.

A spokesperson said, “Hurricanes Fay and Gonzalo brought record amounts of horticultural waste to the Marsh Folly composting facility in October of 2014. Daily volumes of horticultural waste handled at the Pembroke facility went up from an average of 100 truck-loads a day to 1,200 per day.

“During the post storm period island landscaping companies and truckers worked diligently to clean-up and truck, while Marsh Folly’s composting team worked for extended hours to prepare the horticultural waste for the composting process. Tipping fees collected help to defray the cost of producing a high-grade compost product that is free and available for use by both commercial and residential users.

“To turn horticultural material into compost, the leaf and limb debris is first ground, then “windrows” or long piles of this ground material are created which in turn becomes a high grade compost. During the composting process, the windrows are monitored for temperature and the facility itself is monitored for potential impact on air, soil and groundwater quality.

“The facility operates under licensing agreement with the Environmental Authority [EA], an independent body that sets and monitors operational and environmental standards in Bermuda. Finished compost must meet or exceed EA standards for concentrations of heavy metals and pesticide contamination.

“Creating compost on island negates the need to use imported materials for soil improvement making Bermuda more sustainable in its agricultural needs. Compost created at Marsh Folly is widely used by landscapers, farmers and homeowners as a soil amendment and is available free of charge.”

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