Ministry: All Public Schools Open On Monday

January 25, 2015

[Updated] The Ministry of Education has this evening confirmed that all public schools will be open tomorrow [Monday, Jan 26].

A spokesperson said, “School Principals and administrators will be on site at each school. Students are to report to school at the normal time. The Ministry will keep the public and parents appraised of any updates or changes to the school schedule.”

The announcement was made in light of the membership meeting called for 10am on Monday morning by the Bermuda Trade Union Congress [BTUC], which they said is likely to disrupt some public services for residents.

Update 6.30pm: While it was not directly stated to be correlated with tomorrow’s Union meeting, an email sent out this afternoon to parents of one public school said, “Greetings Parents, This is a standby email requesting your support [tomorrow, 26 January 2015, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM] to assist with the supervision of our students – if needed.

“We will find out if your assistance is needed later tonight, but would like for any parents who are able to spend some time at our school [even if it is for 30 minutes] between the times listed above, to let us know by replying to this email. Once we find out if your assistance is needed, we will contact you.”

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Comments (16)

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  1. Varied says:

    Is there any reason why not having two meetings so that half the workers can be in attendance at one time, has ever been a feasible option in the eyes of the respective union bodies? Curious.

    • Varied says:

      For the people who took the time to “dislike”, please explain the reasons why staggering meeting times/etc isn’t feasible? Thanks.

      • Varied says:

        The people continuing to “dislike” without providing actual responses only add ammunition to Shmh’s theory. You’re only hurting yourselves.

        • PBanks says:

          Give it up. Most pro-union commentators can’t come up with a response that doesnt damage their own M.O.

    • Shmh says:

      Because the PLPIU love disrupting the country

  2. Tired says:

    So only principles and administrators are gonna be there, are they going to be teaching the classes? If not why send them, confused.

  3. thinker says:

    Please listen to the (BPSU) president’s dialogue. Finance Minister is looking for an answer by a certain time frame, not giving the Unions and the Union body much time to gather and make a decision..

    • RJ says:

      The unions have have since December last year to inform their members of the results of the Working Group meetings.

      • Politricks says:


        The meetings actually began at the end of October/beginning of November!

        This ‘ultimatum’ allegations are just pure unadulterated lies.

    • private sector says:

      why would the government do that when they know that all the unions have to vote and no executive can make any serious decisions without the entire body voting?

  4. Dear Bob says:

    Why hasn’t the finance minister told the people about this ultimatum? Come on Bobby, tell us what you told them. On another note, monday is the most unproductive day in the government. Perhaps the union rightly knew that and chose that day. now many members who would have called in sick, will just come to work late tomorrow.

    got my coffee ready for this one.

  5. Sky Pilot says:

    really,is the government going to be providing transport and teaching the kids…NO.

    Stupid bloody statement to put out by the Government.

  6. Bermy Bud says:

    Public Sector Sacrifice
    Furlough Day ( 1 day out of a month)

    Private Sector Sacrifice
    No work
    4 day work weeks (30hrs per week)

    Thats all i gotta say!

  7. Observor says:

    Any TEACHER who chooses to attend these meetings and not TEACH the children isn’t worth their MASSIVE salary anyways.

    Right here, in this simple action, we can see what is wrong with the public education system.

  8. Guest27 says:

    The Unions are a joke. And their members that go along with this crap i.e. holding meetings in the middle of the school day are a bigger joke! You want to know why our kids are failing? Look in the mirror!

  9. Ann says:

    Privatize, we are allowing the people that care the least how our country survives dictate. You can feel it in the air, trouble with the troublemakers is brewing, I really hope this time when they strike we fire and privatize!