Pimentel, Wollmann Fight Winds In ISAF Action

January 30, 2015

The talk around the boat park at the ISAF Sailing World Cup in Miami recently seemed more appropriate to downhill skiing than sailing. The wind was stronger than predicted, but it wasn’t the strength that humbled the fleet; rather it was the shifting winds.

The wind shifted again and again, unrelenting, and adding to the frustration, the velocity was on and off.

In the Laser Full Rig Gold Fleet, three of the top five sailors burned a throw-out as they navigated the difficult conditions. Wearn [AUS], Thompson [GBR], Scheidt [BRA], Buhl [GER] and Fontes [BRA] all demonstrated that even the best can stumble.

Scheidt, for example, won his first race of the day, then burned his throw-out race on a 27th. Matthew Wearn, went with him and burned his throw-out on a 20th. The top five are separated by only 12 points, with Wearn first but only one point ahead of Thompson.

In the Silver Fleet, [ISV] sailor Cy Thompson is currently leading after posting a first and a 12th in races six and seven. The top five sailors in this fleet are also very close with only 15 points separating the lot. Only three points separate Thompson and second place sailor, Stelmaszyk [POL].

Bermuda’s Cameron Pimentel is currently in 84th overall, but through the frustration he appeared pleased that he was holding his own amongst the world’s best.

Posting a 14th and then a 33rd in the two races of the day, Mr. Pimentel said, “I know I’ve left points on the race course which is frustrating. The wind shifts have gone from big and even across the course to smaller but never stopping. Going from the top 5 to 33rd in the last race today was pretty disheartening, but I’ll be back tomorrow.

“There are four races left and I’ll be putting it all on the line till the very end.”

Ceci Wollmann also sailed two races on the day, ending the day down 15 spots from her starting position of 47th to close at 62nd with 117 net points after recording finishes of 34th and 28th respectively.

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  1. stunned... says:

    Good Luck to you fellow Bermudians! Hang in there (literally). Most of all, be safe!!!