Premier: Govt And BTUC Have Agreed To Meet

January 28, 2015

Premier Michael Dunkley spoke alongside leaders from the Bermuda Trade Union Congress [BTUC] this evening [Jan 28], saying that he was “pleased to announce tonight that the Government and the BTUC have agreed to meet to consider these additional cost savings.”

Premier Dunkley said, “The last few days have seen us expressing divided opinions on the issues at hand. We may not have agreed on everything and sometimes that is the nature of our democracy.

“It does not make us any less connected as a community; in fact it indicates that there is a deep and abiding desire among all Bermudians to ensure the best for our people.

“We may disagree on how to achieve the result but at the heart of this, I believe that we all have the wider interest of Bermuda at the forefront of our minds.

“As I indicated after Monday’s meeting, the Cabinet has identified a number of additional cost savings which brings us closer to the target budget figure that the Government needs to present a workable budget; a budget that allows us to continue the work of restoring the Government’s finances to a more solid footing.”

Premier and Union leaders outside Cabinet this evening:


“This is important so that we can do the things the people elected us to do….we must deliver services to the taxpayer and run a government that is efficient and cost conscious.

“We must continue to build confidence in Bermuda so that we can continue to grow and prosper.

“I am thus pleased to announce tonight that the Government and the BTUC have agreed to meet to consider these additional cost savings.

“Our disagreement has been centred on the continuation of the furlough day.

“With the savings identified by all parties it is clear that we continue to work towards the goal of reducing the operating cost of government in accordance with the strategy outlined by the Minister of Finance in his first budget.

“With that in mind, the Government and the BTUC agree that continuing the furlough day will be considered as a last resort.

“It is important that we now turn our attention to the work at hand which is demanded of us by the people we serve and to ensure that we continue to function; working together to restore the promise of Bermuda for all her citizens.”

For our live blog on the Govt/Union events click here, and for all our coverage of the matter click here.

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  1. Terry says:

    Glad they are having a meeting.
    That’s all it means.
    All the best.

    • sally says:

      History was made today,! It was a day that will forever be talked about for years to come. Thanks to the strong support and unity demonstrated by the Workers and Sisters Unions ! My heart was filled and over running with great pride and emotion. Thanks brothers and sisters for standing strong in soildadrity!!

      Unions leaders did well in the interest of the workers! Furlough days are pushed off the day as a last resort! I hope in the future government will take a better approach.

      Brothers and Sisters lets continue to stand together as this is the only way forward !!

      • Huh says:

        Feelings are facts, exactly how the greedy debt collector lays the trap for those who refuse to accept….the facts. Tonight He’s laughing all the way to the bank… Only the wise will understand…

      • Onion says:

        Furloughs have always been the almost last resort (ahead of pay cuts and layoffs).

        Nothing has changed.

        • shut up666 says:

          You people should be grateful your government backed down.

          • Ringmaster says:

            It is really very simple. Furloughs = people stay. No furloughs = people go. If the Unions understood anything they would have been supportive of furloughs.
            The savings without furloughs will need to be over $60million. Is that possible? Very unlikely so furloughs, or layoffs, will soon reappear. Probably beginning in April after the Budget drives more private sector tax payers away.

          • Politricks says:

            Union backed down. They said no negotiations until furlough was off the table. Then they held talks while stating furlough was last option if needed. But still an option.

          • “You people?” How’s the klan meeting going?

            • Anbu says:

              Yes because u people automatically means black people. Crawl back under that rock mate.

          • SMH says:

            Shut up666 You should be ashamed to call yourself Bermudian. Grow up

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            How has the government backed down, the public sector has gone back to work, which is what the government has been asking for, for the last 2 days. The union has come to the table with furlough as a last resort, which is what the government has been asking for, for the last 2 days. All parties are now working together to reach the saving that are required for government to keep functioning without firing anyone, and we all hope that they can do so without the furlough day, at least for those in the lower pay jobs as they are the worst hit by the furlough policy. It would be more accurate to say that government got what it wanted and the union stepped back.
            It is important to mention right now, the issue is not yet solved, the proposals from last nights meeting are being reviewed for feasibility by cabinet and their ministries. This is the reason the Premier didn’t want a big announcement about it, however, hot head Furbert and the rest of the unions’ leaderships have now sent out false message that everything is good to go. Course when you listen to what he himself said, they have yet to get the full amount of savings, not sure his exact words, but essential he said he felt they got close enough. It was reckless, irresponsible and confrontational for him to get up there last night and tell the membership they were successful in get furloughs off the table, when government may still need to meet with them further. It is also misleading to say that they could have solved this on Monday if the government had meet with them, those meeting were put off as government was doing work to ready for further options for the discussions. Had the unions’ leaderships parked their egos and meet with government either late Monday or first thing Tuesday morning, as they were invited to, we would have been much further along. Instead they pushed for this, in fact they had been pushing for what happened over the last 3 days since the weekend when they decided for their membership that they would have an illegal industrial action. What we have seen from the union leadership, and in particular Mr. Furbert and Mr. Hayward, is behaviour has been that of hotheaded union members, rather than true union leaders.
            In short, what happened over the last 2 days could have easily been avoided if we actually had true union leadership in the BTUC

        • Dr. Doom says:

          The OBA have just bought back the passions of the PLP base. which would be the 15% that didn’t
          Vote at the last election and the other 15% that voted OBA.– the mistrust for the OBA by the common Black Bermudian
          has increased about 70% in the last 3 mounths.
          People want to know what is the real agenda of the OBA and who and what is the driving force behind the
          focus that they have for Bermuda.
          All I see is the 1970′s 1980′s to the early 1990′s returning.— opps there back!
          The OBA won the last election claiming that they had this magic wand to get the people back to work and to repair the
          ecconomy — it got the people fired up to remove the PLP out of Govt.–and it worked but were now seeing that it
          was a line of highly publicised rhetoric that got a victory for them – [ the wealthy, the White Bermudian, the anti Bermuda
          living here from another country.]
          From the Day that the OBA took over there is no improvment in the unemployment situation — that was part of there big promise.—- hasn’t happened.— all it has been is Chaos!
          Were looking at a one term Govt.for sure.— and they done it to themselves.

    • Mockingjay says:

      Hey Bob, the next time you threaten and bully, YOU BETTER ASK SOMEBODY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Super Bowl Bermuda says:

    First you stated no change in taking furlough days off now you you caved in oba. “furlough day will be considered as a last resort”

    It’s either one or the other.

    What a weak government.

    • St. D says:

      Finding a middle ground is not a weakness; it is both sides opening their eyes and minds up enough to see and understand that it was there all along.

      • RBC says:

        The only eyes that are open are mine. It seems if the Govt would have kept it on everything is fine. Now that they had a change of heart it’s ok. Looks like the doc took your Back bone and the sheep are following the spineless.

        • Creamy says:

          Um, it’s the unions that backed down. Furloughs are back on the table.

          • Django Unchained says:

            Furlough days is off the table boy oba is a weak govt.

            • Creamy says:

              Obviously ypu can’t read. Your unions gave up because they didn’t want another night in the rain.

            • Politricks says:

              Furloughs remain an option. Even the unions said that.

              On top of that government made them find additional savings.

            • stunned... says:

              um Django – when the government goes back to the unions to announce lay-offs, guess what will be back on the table – brought by the unions no less. right grasshopper – furloughs. the unions just got played LOL!

            • shut up666 says:

              That’s why you should not have voted for them

    • justin says:

      The furlough days are very much on the table. ‘Last resort’ doesn’t mean off the table, dummy.

    • ?? says:

      How is using them as a last resort taking them off the table? The important thing is to reduce the spending. Not about not paying people in particular. At the end of the day the government needs to pay off the debt. The savings need to go towards this. If it can’t be done the furloughs are there still!

      • shut up666 says:

        Well .if the government can spend on what frivolous events they wish. Then why is it a problem for the workers to receive their agreed terms. After they have fully cooperated and worked with the government.

    • Ski bunny says:

      Furlough days are still on the table. Furbert vowed not to go back to the table until furlough days where off the table, guess what there still on the table and Furbert is going back to the table. The OBA did not back down, this is the first time in a very long time that the government has stood strong against the union to build a better Bermuda. Keep up the good work OBA.

      • shut up666 says:

        Your name says it all ski bunny. I usually say snow bunny but for you just blow bunny blow you got a lot of mouth. I like that. Dumb dumb

        • Hate Ignorance says:

          Grow the **** up. You must be a miserable government worker.

    • bermy Bud says:

      so did the plp the caved in every time to! So does that mean the where a weak government?

    • SF says:

      Using furlough days as a last resort and taking them off the table are two different scenarios and not backing down.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      I think you have misunderstood. The Union was the one refusing to even consider furlough days. Furlough days are now there in the mix as a last resort option. Union caved, sorry.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Government wanted the union to come to the table to figure out how to make the savings needed, but always wanted to keep furlough days as an option. The union were refusing to come to the table unless furlough days were not even going to be an option. Now the union has agreed to come to the table and furlough days will be a last resort… that makes them still on the table, on the edge, but not the table. I do hope they can find a way to not have to resort to them, but for the sake of the island, no idea can afford to be scrapped.

      OK, so let’s recap, the public sector has gone back to work, which is what the government has been asking for, for the last to days. The union has come to the table with furlough as a last resort, which is what the government has been asking for, for the last to days. All parties are now working together to reach the saving that are required for government to keep functioning without firing anyone, and we all hope that they can do so without the furlough day, at least for those in the lower pay jobs as they are the worst hit by the furlough policy.

  3. Marge says:

    Dunkley, you will go down as the worst Premier we have ever had…you said one thing on the Moreno show.. and today you caved in and reversed what you said on the show last night…..shame on you,I will never vote for the OBA ever again….as long as you are the Premier…. stick to milking your cows….and stay out of politics…

    • umok says:

      I’m sure you would too if you had thousands of people protesting against you. Welcome to democracy.

    • justin says:

      Since when does ‘last resort’ mean it is off the table?! You shouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway because you’re too stupid, imho.

      • shut up666 says:

        You are a ***** !

        • Anbu says:

          Oooohhh good comback. What r u 12?! Lmfao. Whats the matter? Runnin out of smart*** comments r we? Smh

          • SMH says:

            Anbu…give it up. shut up666 is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. He might be sharp enough a union shed but wouldn’t make it in the real world. Let him live in his sad little bubble

    • Rum Barrel says:

      Thats because you never voted OBA in the first place. You are a PLP supporter. He is one of the best leaders Bermuda has had in a long time.

    • lucky 7 says:

      He didn’t cave, pay attention. And he’s trying to help everyone out, but that doesn’t always work, someone usually gets the s**** end of the stick, so right now he is doing his duty as Premier and working WITH “the people” to try to find other solutions. If they can’t come up with any, oh well, furlough days remain on the table and ya’ll cry babies will have to deal with it.

      Hold Firm Premier Dunkley and Minister Richards, we’re with you!!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Not so fast there Marge. It really does not matter how the cuts are made. The BTUC, the leaders anyway, do not want furlough days. That is OK. Jobs will have to go. The government payroll grew in staff by 50% under the PLP. Meanwhile the Island population remained about the same. Bermuda has a much higher per capita number of people at the Government feeding trough than anywhere you care to name. 20% of those employed get a Government check these days.

      Jobs will have to go. Those who are loafing now spending their days online or on the phone will have to go or pick up the slack.

      There is no money to continue without drastic change. The party is over one way or another.

      • Onion says:

        Population was basically the same at the beginning of the PLP era, rose, then fell again.

        So now we have the same number of workers outside the government supporting the government plus huge debt payments.

      • Trulytruly says:

        Not really. The cabinet identified cuts to various depts. of around $16m. Now if those are acceptable to the union job losses will be avoided for now. The problem is that those dept. cuts will make for an even nastier budget than has been predicted. As Bob Richards said on lets talk last night. Nobody is going to like the budget. Hold onto your hats.

    • Terry says:

      Actually I was about to agree with you to a degree.

      Then I thought no after thinking for 10 seconds.

      I am sure he laid it all on the table and all agreed it was best to take this course and meet.

      Mikes got milk.

      He delivered.


      • mj says:

        “shalom” really? do you even know what that word is and where it came from .no! not if your siding with “mike got milk” wake up !

  4. Truedat says:

    Back ta work guys

    • Mockingjay says:

      Good I was getting bored anyway.

      • Creamy says:

        Didn’t like the rain, more like.

      • Jack says:

        when are you going to give it up , it was proven you were a troll looking for attention . Let people have real debate and discussion .

      • Mockingjay says:

        No I was sitting off home watching TV.

      • aceboy says:

        All about *you* isn’t it?

        The public school kids will, by the end of the year, be at least a week behind as a result of this action. The lost time effect is cumulative.

        Based on your comments school wasn’t important to you. Not so for others.

    • never never says:

      Can we believe anything this guy says hell no he will change his words again what a joke waste of effing film lol hahahahaha

      • Lois Frederick says:

        I assume you are talking about Chris Furbert or is it Jason Hayward maybe? They are the ones that would not even consider talking with the option of furlough days. Furlough days are back now they have not been removed. So the union changed its word. What a joke as you say. Now thrash it out around the table.

        • Mockingjay says:

          The joke is Bob came out growling and showing his teeth until he saw the MASSES he yelped and put tail between his legs.

        • Truth is killin' me... says:

          Speaking of trash…get crackin’! The roads are lookin’ like pig styes!!

  5. Ringmaster says:

    Well the BIU/BTUC/Chris Furbert blinked and caved. “We will stay until the furlough days are off the table”. They are not off the table and the parties will meet and talk which is good.
    The BIU/BTUC are so quick to condemn any employer in the private sector who does something in their minds “disrespects” yet they take people off their jobs for 3 days in clear breach of any contracts/agreements and think that’s OK.

    In the last 3 days they disrespected every person who has a child in the public school system; who relies on the bus; who has garbage collected; who needs the Post Office. Close the lot down, fire them all and start again.

    • sally says:

      Technically, the likelyhood of furlough days is dead, as govt has found additional monies as Dunkley indicated, and now they must considered the additional cost saving ideas as put forward by the Union first!

      • Creamy says:

        Furlough days are on the table. If the savings can’t be made another way, there will be furloughs. The union backed down because they didn’t want another night in the rain.

  6. Joonya says:

    Really? So we will continue to pay these people even though we know we have a bloated CS?
    As a taxpayer I demand a full audit to review overtime structure, sick days, vacation, etc.. and full audit of required staffing levels of each area. Make redundancies where employees are not needed. I will NOT agree to borrow any additional money solely for the sake of employing people just because they need employment.
    Play by the book for each and every damn last employee, where abuses will not be tolerated.
    You are an ungrateful bunch. I wish I can get full annual salary in a department where I know I am not needed.

  7. Pleasantly Pleased says:

    Actually the Unions caved. Furlough days as a last resort…… The two remaining furlough days before the March 31st will be considered taken today and yesterday.

  8. Sat Whaaat???? says:

    Super Bowl Bermuda you obviously have difficulty with comprehension. The OBA did not cave. The BTUC caved and the agreement was a way for the BTUC to save face. As a matter of fact the govt’s position is exactly where it was 3 days ago. The BTUC wanted furlough’s off the table…parked elsewhere. The BTUC refused to negotiate further with govt unless furloughs were taken off the agenda saying that furlough’s could be discussed at a later date. WELL….furlough’s are still on the table and will be implemented if the two sides cannot reach the targeted cuts in govt spending. Govt maintained its position and the BTUC caved.

    • Django Unchained says:

      First of all it’s say what and furloughs days are off.

    • shut up666 says:

      You just want to win at something. OK you win happy now.

      • aceboy says:

        What happened to “We won’t leave the grounds until furlough days are off the table”?

        Go back to work today….there’s a good chap.

  9. Jus Wonderin' says:

    Mr. Furbert : concern to get children back to school lmfao yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!! You could have done this two days ago. Bottom line: furlough days or firings, which one do you really want?

    • shut up666 says:

      Well let’s think about it if government had to fire or lay off let’s say half. How much would they would pay out. More then we have. Stop picking at the sore. We the people are the owners the elected members of the government is the board, then we have middle management and labour. Who’s fault is it when the board to middle management do not do their job?

  10. Dudle says:

    let’s keep the faith that the Union and the OBA will work together. We have heard both sides. let’s not be rude, let’s bring Bermuda back to what it use to be. Priemer Dunkley cannot do this alone, he needs all our help. He is working it out with others, be patient, it’s going to be a long road. All the best to both sides, I do believe that The Priemer wants the best for Bermuda. We have to get back to work and do your best at it. Stop calling in sick , make your time and Bring Bermuda back to what it was. Pray for our Government and Bermuda. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

    • shut up666 says:

      They were always to be taken any way dumb dumb.

    • shut up666 says:

      I would put my self against anybody in the world that is in a similar field of work circles around them. I can do your job better then you probably to but I guarantee you would Neva do any job as efficient and timely as I can and do.

      • Hate Ignorance says:

        As you can see, what you’re saying is IRRELEVANT and does not matter because there are 0 likes under your comments.

        Just shut the **** up. DUMB DUMB

      • Come Correct says:

        I take it you don’t proof read for a living.

  11. Mary says:

    Congratulations to all parties for coming together for the good of everyone. Blessings to the mediators for bringing peace.

  12. Paget says:

    I would dare any with such a negative attitude toward the Premier to try and do a better job themselves. Always criticizing but what are you doing to help?

  13. torri d says:

    Thought im still young I understand that the goverment is weak I understant that furlough days are still on the table and that the oba needs to elect a new premier we as bermudain need to realized that we a a unit need to stand up for what we want NO FURLOUGH DAYS RIGHT AS I SAY ATHOUGHT IM YOUNG IM THONKS THAT THEM GOING TO THE TABLE IS A BIT EARLY THEY SHOULD HAVE WAITED …..



    • Onion says:

      Bermuda is indeed tragically weak. The previous government chose to increase spending to over 1.2 billion dollars a year without having money to pay for it. Now Bermuda is being crushed under the weight of that debt and there are no good ways out, only bad ones.

      Bravo for the Unions and Government for working together to find a way out that doesn’t mean catastrophe for Bermuda.

    • Jack says:

      As an employer, I see that you have anger issues , and you don’t speak English as a first language . I know you are still young, so I suggest you further your education . If you would like a job with your hands,
      [that is what I do] , seek out the many skilled Bermudian, [black and white] tradesman and get an apprenticeship. Learning is the key

      • shut up666 says:

        I would not enjoy working for a boss like you.

        • stunned... says:

          Anti-learning are you? Here is someone giving you free good advice. But no, you’re the best and yet from appearance, you have difficulty stringing a simple sentence.

          Keep striving to be the best at what you do and the benefits and rewards will follow.

          • JUNK YARD DOG says:


            Advice is only as good as what you pay for and I am not talking about money here.

            I have been doing my best for years and that has got me no where.

            It is called they flog the willing horse.

            Don’t you know that the greedy will never be satisfied.

          • shut up666 says:

            I still make more money then you so pay me

        • e says:

          You probably don’t enjoy working.

          There’s a lot of that going around Cabinet, inside and out.

    • Unbelievable says:

      What are you even saying, torri d?

  14. As bermudains were a unit and think is believing

    • Anbu says:

      Bermudians r a unit?! Ha! Dont make me laugh. Since when exactly?

  15. The right decision says:

    Dunkley has made the right decision. I believe he is putting Bermuda first by extending an olive branch and realizing that a further stand off will only put the island in a further disarray. I can only imagine how hard it is to be a leader. A good leader makes decisions based on what will work for all people. Since this situation has started, I have seen and heard people from both sides use this as an opportunity to devide and spit hate, but I am glad that the majority of people including many of the leaders have decided to take the hide road and do what is in the best interest of us all. Talkers can talk, but if you are not feeling the hardship, it is hard for others to understand. Private sector has had hardship and so has the civil service. Stop wishing demise on your fellow brethren. Let’s all unite and work together for the betterment of Bermuda. Leaders do not allow people with self interest cause you to have that devide and conquer mentality, it is 2015 and we are all one. Let’s build a better future for our children. I have been watching politics closely for the last few years. My vote will always be based on the truth and the positive things the parties are putting forward rather than being based on color or this is how such and such votes. I am sick and tired of racism, classism and everything else. It happens but it does not have to define us. I must credit Dunkley, for two things, that I have recognized recently, he gave one of his colleagues a second chance and it now seems that he has put Bermuda first by going back to the tables and putting furloughs as a last resort. I would hope he has been genuine with these two moves. But they are moves that caught my attention and would make me consider my vote carefully and genuinely with no strings attached. To me, this shows some good character, for there is good in us all. How genuine it is, we shall see. Lets move forward and work together Bermuda.

  16. sebring says:

    oh yeah! to the union ! furlough was never a good Idea !the Government looked stupid trying to push it on any way ! good work !

  17. Ann says:

    Super Bowl Bermuda- unless you know something that the rest don’t, I would not count the furlough days out yet, the premier has not been weak by any means, anyone put in the position that he has been put into, with remember NO MONEY, he has done an awesome job. We will reap the benefits of new Hotels and more guests, and yes the Americas Cup, please try to see a future for all of our children. These last three days have to some degree taken us backward, there is so much anger, that is not what I want for my children, and hope others feel the same

  18. How are we to achieve anything if we,(our Govnt. etc.) don’t “reason”? Not all problems can be solved by ranting and raving :-( Bottomline,there has to be a time to face facts and make changes where and when necessary

  19. Triangle Drifter says:

    Don’t want the furlough day? Fine, make at least one of every twenty on the Government payroll redundant.

    Who wants to be first? Start with last hired first fired? Maybe do it based purely on ones value as a contributor to their department no matter how long they have had the job.

    The Civil Service was overstaffed in 1998. The PLP promised to cut the fat back then so there should be no objection from them when the reductions come.

  20. Truedat says:

    When they gonna discuss a gomint weigh loss program for its employees just saying ..I mean shocking sights out there in the last few days and with health care costs rising gonna be a bottle neck at King Edward

    • PBanks says:

      You realize putting “just saying” at the end of a rude remark doesn’t make it any less insulting?

  21. Truedat says:

    Layoffs and redundancys are eminent now

  22. bluebird says:

    I think many of you are forgetting the “GOLDEN RULE “.
    We have no money and we have no gold.
    Bermuda at this time is BROKE and in DEBT thanks to the previous Administration.
    Our economy is still going “DOWN” and wont come back till we get rid of the DEBT and a smaller government.

  23. bluebird says:

    The Bermuda Government Blood Suckers are still living “LARGE”on other peoples money.
    What does the Government “PRODUCE”.
    Does please help me with this .
    What does the Government PRODUCE…………NOTHING

  24. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    We all need to be innovative, more efficient,cut the red tape.

    Become multinational and international.

    Sell max 5 year Bermuda Government bonds.

    Become an international monetary exchange market.

    Social assistance should be a contributory fund.

    Limit social assistants pay outs to 6 months max and issue food stamps.

    Why should the tax payer be penalized to support the career idle.

    Who are those ,who were never entitled?

    Audit charities.

    There are insufficient working people to support the Government.

    Increasing the working mans tax burden will not eliminate the debt.

    Stop purchasing government vehicles.

    Review the bank act and interest rate spread.

    Stop siphoning.

    Look for cost cutting alternatives.

    $2.8 B is not correct, the prior surplus should be factored in.

    Change the retirement age to increase the work force population.

    Price control on staple foods.

    increase sin taxes.

    Increase departure tax.

    Reduce the prison population and deport foreign inmates.

    People need to conserve where ever possible.

    limit T.C.D. to vehicle registrations.

    Out source vehicle examinations to garages.

    Be careful who and what you tax.

    Establish a national lottery.

    Hotels, last night free after 5 days.

    Livery bikes last day free after 5 days.

    Rent class “A” & “B” cars to visitors.

  25. ** says:

    Question to the union members, for the people who did not get paid yesterday are you going to the Union demanding payment for yesterdays lost wages?

  26. stunned... says:

    let’s face it – despite the hype – the unions got played! outmaneuvered.
    when the government announces that there will be LAY-OFFS, guess who will bring back furloughs to the table – yup you guessed: the unions.

    old adage: many ways to skin a cat.

    pay attention.

    • Following is a letter of suggestions that should be considered…

      “Here are some quick fixes that are so outrageous and out of line with the private sector that they absolutely should be done first:
      (1) Signiificantly reduce Government Health Insurance Benefits (GEHI) to all Government Workers and their families (the richest, densest health insurance benefit plan in Bermuda which are life long benefits for their whole famlies at a fraction of the cost- and a huge money loser)
      (2) Strongly enforce the hiring freeze *under penalty
      (3) Reduce the exorbitant amount of sick days (done years ago everywhere else)
      (4) Reduce the exorbitant amount of vacation days (20-25 max in the private sector, fyi)
      (5) Look to move out several of the Government Deparments on the quango or privitization list faster – the process has been too slow!
      (6) Find ways to motivate employees with performance metrics and thorough/harsh performance evaluations (as in the private sector) so that some deparments may see better productivity and need less resources (there is very little accountability from a productivity/performance perspective and I know this first hand)
      If all else fails, and just like the private sector, a certain percentage of Government jobs will have to be eliminated. It was very hard to go through myself and to watch hundreds of my fellow Bermudians lose their jobs at the banks, insurance companies, accounting firms, local businesses, etc but it was the only way they would remain solvent. There are no short cuts, there is no easy way out. The furlough days were actually the easy way out. Had I been given that option at my previous job in the private sector and had been able to KEEP my position after having worked their for 14 years, I would have said yes and thank you! I would much rather have kept my job and had a furlough day than to be unemployed. This is all too outrageous to fathom :-(

  27. PANGAEA says:

    The value of the dollar !

    The value of the human mind !

    Why don’t they teach the game of monopoly and chess in schools and / or on CITV.

  28. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Bermuda has learned a very valuable lesson …..this week………for all

    Successive Governments…….who wish to be Successful……Do not …..try and

    ..gouge the people…..that you seek to Govern…! again Eventually the People

    …will ….gouge you right out of power and you will find your butts back on the

    Back Benches again……..Poetic Justice……Peace…./!