Thursday: Buses, Ferries To Run & Schools Open

January 28, 2015

[Updated: Schools will open tomorrow, and buses and ferries will resume service]

The Ministry of Education this evening [Jan 28] said they are “happy to report that all public schools are back in session as of Thursday January 29th. Please be advised that classes should be operating as per usual for the remainder of the week.”

The Ministry of Education said they “would like to thank Principals, parents and all volunteers for the care and support they provided students on Monday, January 27th 2015.”

Update 9.05pm: Government confirms that the buses and ferries will “resume normal service tomorrow morning”

Note: All prior updates in this story have been deleted, just for clarity’s sake so that it can be easily seen that all schools and transportation will operate tomorrow without having to wade through three days of updates.

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  1. Guest27 says:

    Nice job people. This is no longer a meeting it’s a wildcat strike. All those that decided to march along to Cabinet House should be fired. Plan and simple.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Fire a person for sticking up for themselves, WOW :-(

      • Guest27 says:

        How is sticking up for themselves? Government needed an answer. They had their meeting and gave their Union Leaders an answer. Now get back to work and let their Union Leaders meet with the Government and continue talks.

      • Lebron says:

        Thank you BTUC, a half days holiday I can ill afford to spare because you aren’t doing your job. Thanks a bunch, and I’m sure hundreds like me feeling the same.

        • Mockingjay says:

          Aaahhh Shutdup

          • Double D says:

            If you don’t care about the worker above why the hell should we care about your public sector workers?

          • jt says:

            Eventually the employers of the public service sector (…those who pay their wages…the source of every cent they earn…the majority of Bermudians…those who have to pay down the debt… the private sector…) will have had enough.

            • One Up One Down says:

              I keep hearing this statement……what taxes do those in the private sector pay that those in the public sector don’t? This is a genuine question I am not trying to be confrontational.

              Here are the taxes and revenues I know of so far that individuals pay both private and public to the Government

              Hospital Levy
              Land Tax
              Customs Duty
              Fines for offences against the law
              Admission to the various museums
              Departure Tax
              Bus and Ferry fares
              Government water

              Are people talking about the taxes a business has to pay to operate in this country? If so what are those additional taxes called? Are those amounts listed on private sector employees pay stubs? Are people in the private sector saying that they are personally, individually paying these fees? Is that why they keep saying the private sector pays the public sector as if public employees don’t pay any taxes?

              By the way here are the monies that I know of that are spent in the private sector:
              GROCERY STORES
              HARDWARE STORES
              MOVIE THEATERS
              CLOTHING STORES
              SPAS AND SALONS
              WATER TRUCKING
              REAL ESTATE
              I’m sure I forgot some

              Thank you in advance for helping with the answers to these questions that proceed the list above……

              • Axelrod says:

                If you work for the government your salary, benefits, and,therefor, your taxes, are paid for by .1)taxers on private sector employees and 2.) by borrowing money from bondholders.

                Wake up! I know this is shocking to you and hurts but you need to get a grip and educate your self on how the financing of govt expenditure really works. I don’t blame you though our poor government (OBA and PLP) depend on people like you to make them feel wanted and needed.

                • One Up One Down says:

                  Thank you for responding……so are you saying that the government and the services they provide are not “needed”? Again a genuine question I am not trying to antagonize – as you say – trying to “educate” myself using this forum as a source.

                  By the way I am awake and it doesn’t “hurt” at all and if a grip is all I need than rest assured I’ll be fine. Thank you for your concern.

          • Huh says:

            Feelings are facts, exactly how the greedy debt collector lays the trap for those who refuse to accept….the facts. Tonight He’s laughing all the way to the bank… Only the wise will understand…

        • Will says:

          More like thousands

      • C says:

        Because they aren’t givin up a day without pay. Monthly

        • Alicia says:

          Some companies have had their employees work on reduced hours, while other companies aren’t replacing employees who retiree or leave the company and expect their salaried employees to put in many many hours for the same pay as before. This just isn’t government workers that are hurting financially, it’s everyone in the middle and lower classes regardless of employer.

        • Creamy says:

          Thousands of private co employees have lost their jobs. I think they would have preferred a furlough day.

      • 32n64w says:

        At the direct expense of a child? WOW indeed.

        • Save it! says:

          The ministry had ample time to close the schools beforehand. However, they were banking on teachers not leaving their students. Teachers have lives and rights they must fight for. SOOOOOOO blame the ministry!

      • Not a pilot, but nevertheless says:

        Sounds good to me, depending on the circumstances yes fire them.

    • nothing up my sleeve says:

      plan to be simple?

    • Eyecandy says:

      Well we all need teachers – plan or plain? Especially when being disrespectful!

    • Wisdom says:

      Maybe you should go back to school and learn to type and spell correctly. “Plan and simple”. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Plain and simple! We are planning for our future, listen to the facts, if you was affected you would not be posting such foolishness.

      • Guest27 says:

        If I “was” affected? I guess I’m not the only one of fingers occasionally slip on the keyboard.

        And I’m more affected by this situation then you think.

    • Pure Madness!!!! says:

      Its more than apparent they aren’t sticking their hand in your pocket, so yes I guess you can make that assinine comment.

    • Anonymous1928 says:

      You don’t understand how many people are there and how many of them are teachers so if you fire all those teachers who do you think is going to teach the future children of bermuda and most likely with that problem there just going to get teachers from overseas adding to the problem of bermudians not being able to get a job. Sooo what you saying will cause more problems ……..

    • MAKE MY DAY says:


    • A. Worker says:

      Well, I’ll like to see THAT happen. We will shut this island down.

      • rose says:

        Why would u want to shut your own island down
        That’s just stupid

      • Sky Pilot says:

        GO AHEAD!…we dont care if you shut the island down.!

      • Jack says:

        Go ahead and shut it down, the only people you will affect will be the poor and old you numpty

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        The BIU already tried that “tactic” back in 1981!! It worked for a while and also helped to destroy OUR tourism industry!!!

        BDA has constantly and consistently shot-itself-in-the-foot….Over and over – with regards to the BIU / PLP association!!

        NOW… The chickens have come home to roost!! I unfortunately, see many, many hard years ahead for the Island!!

        You had choices to make and the late and great Harry Viera (UBP) told you so – in NO uncertain terms!! You did NOT heed his advice!! Now you have to pay a very BIG price for your “ignorance”!!

    • jt says:

      Why would schools be closed Wednesday? 21 strike notice is mow required.

    • Observer says:

      Must be non-bermudian or does not understand the struggle. Next time check you spelling!!!

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        Most Bermudians would NEVER make it in the REAL world!! Do you think they would put up with this nonsense in other main-stream countries??

    • Bermudians says:

      There will be not one person working for government if those standing for their rights get fired. Use your brain DOPEY!

    • MT says:

      Guest27 I take it you’re an ex-pat so I GUEST (Guess) you need to do us all a favour and get out of our country! We won’t tolerate ppl like you here that hide behind a keyboard, type such foolishness and are just plain simple. WE hv every right to standup for what’s rightfully ours. You’re more than likely getting your pay cheque, which is all you’re probably here for, but find time to degrade a country and its ppl that was willing to give you a work permit to come here and make a better living for yourself. Take yo’ triflin’ a** out of our country before you are asked to leave!!

    • Mockingjay says:

      Hey Bob, the next time you threaten and bully, YOU BETTER ASK SOMEBODY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Right idea – but put it more STRONGLY!! You are in breach of your employment “agreement”… Take a hike – because you intentionally broke-the-rules!! Be more diplomatic or they will feel so much pain!! LOL!!

      OK… Listen-up!! There are right-to-work states in the USA – 25 of them presently (half the nation)!!

      Right to Work law secures the right of employees to decide for themselves whether or not to join or financially support a union. However, employees who work in the railway or airline industries are not protected by a Right to Work law, and employees who work on a federal enclave may not be. Moreover, a Right to Work law does not prohibit limitations on when a dues deduction authorization card can be revoked. Workers should carefully read the fine print before signing such a card.

      The point of the exercise is very simple!!

      We are NOT a union controlled business and we reserve-the-right to fire you “at will” – if we are NOT satisfied with your job performance – attitude – and think you are a “troublemaker” to the rest of our employees!!

      I worked for Honeywell Int’l for several years (AZ) – if you did NOT perform – used too many “sick days” – were a tardy person etc… You were immediately taken to the door – and told your services were NO longer required!! They did NOT have to give you any notice!! THIS IS WHAT IS REQUIRED IN BDA …. IF YOU ARE GOING TO SURVIVE!!

      This is how you manage a business. You have to “weed-out” the slackers and takers – before they get seriously out-of-line!! The “business” is NOT there for YOUR convenience (in the real world) – the business is there to manufacture products and make $$$ for their investors – if they are a public company!!

      No doubt these “facts” are going to be completely ignored by many Bermudians…. Simply because they think they can “blackmail” the Gov’t of the day – to do what they say!!!

      Unfortunately, BDA has been in “trouble” for the last 30+ yrs – and NO one has the *Cojones* to do what is necessary – to get the Island back on the right track!! It is nothing more than consistent BS talk!!

      Well… That won’t work anymore – because “real world” dynamics are in your back-yard!!

      Well OBA… What are YOU going to do to get the Island back on the-right-track!! If you let the dysfunctional BIU continually dictate to you… Then you have LOST – and so has BDA and Bermudians in general!!


  2. kat says:

    I knew this was going to be the final result ….. should have just closed the schools to begin with now paernts have to scramble around or take half day off last minute …..

    • Karma says:

      Many of those parents will also lose pay…this was (again) highly irresponsible on behalf of the unions…

  3. bluebird says:

    SO it is the public schools closing,not the PRIVATE SCHOOLS.
    The BTUC is going to have to “SUCK IT UP”the same as the private sector
    has to do for years.
    The ECCONOMY is not going to grow to support the size of Government.
    The rest can work in the private sectoras we have
    11,300 work permits issued.
    Therefore there are 11,300 jobs available to the Government workers.

    • Strike fund says:

      Once the furlough request was rejected the teachers should have gone back to work to educate the kids. Those that didn’t are in the wrong profession.

      • Strike fund says:

        Can’t believe the teachers are taking another day off. They obviously have the backing of the other Unions and would garner so much more public support and respect if they put the children first.

        Government should have made the meeting or at least not kept the Union bosses dangling and now have to take some of the responsibility for tomorrow’s inconveniences.

        My main concern is the long term effect. All sides know that there is not enough money to maintain the current payroll. Does this mean as retirements gradually happen that these jobs will be made redundant? The recent Labour survey shows shockingly high youth unemployment and now we have diminishing opportunities in the public sector.

        Too many people putting now first before the future (both sides).

      • A. Worker says:

        Gov’t needs to be more open-minded and look at options besides the easy one of furlough days. Gov’t wastes so much money-there are tons of ways they can cut back. Cut back on the GP cars. Properly utilize Gov’t real estate (Gov’t has properties sitting empty yet are paying rent to landlords!), cut back on electricity, cut back on travel, cut back on consultants.

        The tax system in Bermuda needs to be re-evaluated and Gov’t shouldn’t be swayed by the notion that people will leave if they are taxed harder. I’m talking about private individuals here and businesses. Install capital gains taxes and some type of wealth tax. Raise the land tax on properties over a certain amount and those with multiple properties should be taxed extra. If Bermuda was good to you, you need to return the favour. The only people throwing hissy fits about this are the ones with tons of money who don;t want to pay their fair share but want to leave it to the ‘little people’.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      You need to be **QUALIFIED** for those jobs!!

  4. M.T. Pockets says:

    For the parents who rely on the bus service for the kids to get home , what now? No buses, perhaps no car .. so do they have to get a taxi to pick up the kids from school and take them home?

    • Reply. says:

      I agree with this. I am a parent who had to catch a taxi to collect my child then taxi back to work. Money wasted!!

      • Mockingjay says:

        Very unfortunate, but there are always casualties in WAR.

        • Varied says:

          This is not war. It’s something that could have been discussed and worked out a long time ago. Plenty of blame to go around, but yet again it’s the public that have to deal with the fallout.

        • A. Worker says:

          I agree, Mockingjay!

        • SMH says:

          Mockingjay. You seem to take great pride in being a thug. Trust me, that’s not something to be proud of.

  5. Family Man says:

    Once one closes, the rest want the day off too.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Remember that BDA is “another world”!!

      BDA is going to pay an even bigger price in the future – with ALL this BIU nonsense – which has been going on now for 50+ yrs!!

  6. Xaxa says:

    Hate to say this, but you cant eat your cake and have it too. If you are off marching in what can be loosely described as a wildcat strike, then your children ultimately pay the price of not having a teacher and being stranded at a bus stop. Poor kids!

    • Mockingjay says:

      The buses stopped running @ 9:15am, if they haven’t been school by then, they’re late.

      • School Kid says:

        Um hello, school got out and the buses nor ferries were running and some of us needed to get home to either the eastern side of the island or the western being late has nothing to do with it obviously if majority of school children catch the bus to school how else do you think they more than likely return home from school? Your common sense clearly disappeared when you tried to write that smart comment. Your comments are irrelevant as are you to this equation.

        • Mockingjay says:

          The same way things were inconvenienced 50 Years ago for a cause so we can benefit now, the same way it’s inconvenient TODAY so our children can benefit in the FUTURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Well... says:

            What future…. The PLP mortgaged it for their “good life”. The way I look at it is the workers continue the furlough day, or we see layoffs… Which would you prefer?

            • Mockingjay says:

              OOHHH the boogieman is coming.
              Just like International Business was supposed to jump up and leave when PLP won.

          • sandgrownan says:

            They have no future thanks to Cog and Brown you * moron.

          • Hmmm says:

            How does this help someones future… However you slice it, the PLP spent the money, there is no money, cuts, or furlough days have to happen.

            30 days later when the unions are broke, and essential services are covered and new employees working the jobs because you abandoned yours, what are you going to do?

      • aceboy says:

        It’s getting home that is the problem now though, isn’t it?

        Especially after being told that the Unions were calling the meeting for 10am so as not to disrupt transportation etc. lulling all of us into the assumption that some caring was involved and that things would be moving after the meeting.

        So much for caring about our children and their education. Public schools closed at noon, wasting half a day of every public school kids education.

        The private schools stayed open, btw. Bear this in mind the next time you are wondering why the public school kids don’t perform at the same level as the private school kids. The parents from these schools also had their day disrupted if they were unfortunate enough to rely on the buses and ferries to get home though. Congrats to the marchers there on accomplishing their “shut it down” goals.

        • Spoons says:

          Private schools are not unionized. Therefore they cannot go on strike.

  7. D says:

    School is out n its no buses poor kids plus its chilly outside

    • Mockingjay says:

      They’ll survive, they will thank us down the road, same as how we thank those 50 Years ago.

      • TSOL says:

        Your not even Bermudian, your a paid overseas blogger.

      • Creamy says:

        The PLP have ensured that generations of Bermudians will have to pay billions of dollars to foreign bankers. The PLP sold Bermuda, and sold our future.

  8. Jen says:

    So irresponsible ….. Kids being left unattended & parents finding out last minute … Like someone said prior schools should have just been closed. Shame …. Shame … Shame….

    • um just saying says:

      Your govt ministry of education decided to have public schools remain open, not the unions.

      • Soooo says:

        Um just sayin.. And teachers are paid to be at their place of employment to teach and care for those kids.. The union should hold these meetings out of school hours….But no Chris just wants to hold the island ransom… Soon gonna start piling my trash outside Chris’s house… Not gonna have the smell outside mine!!!

  9. D says:

    The people r standing up for their rights ok

    • Guest27 says:

      Yes, they have rights but there is a proper way to do things. And this isn’t it. They had their meeting and made their decision. After that it should have been left to their Union Leaders to deliver that decision to Government. There was no need whatsoever to march to Cabinet. They just wanted the morning off.

      • Grizz says:

        @Guest27 yes there is a proper way to do things and Government giving the Unions a letter on Friday asking for a response by Monday was HIGHLY IMPROPER!!!!!

        • Guest27 says:

          This issue has been on the table since October / November of last year.

          • tfs says:

            lets get it right this has been on the table since the original MOU was signed. you knew it had an end date even though there is not on e on the actual MOU. So this is not something new. should have been part of the discussion since original. it was a temporary reprieve from jobs being last 18 months ago. so the Public sector has not shrunk, cuts have not been made, posts still on the books that are not filled so bottom line is that there needs to be cuts somewhere. and it has to come from us. we need to make a decision on what is best for everyone instead of the few. so either take a pay cut and or furlough days and jobs be saved till contrition can be in place as we move to be more efficient or start now with the lost of jobs. come on people make a decision and stick to it and move forward.

        • Creamy says:

          Scared to death of losing your 14 weeks sick leave, are you?

      • bdaboy says:

        The government, which represents the majority, are standing up for their rights.
        Only an idiot, such as the typical greedy union member, doesn’t understand this.

    • aceboy says:

      So why are they trampling on the right of the children to be educated today? Why are they forcing parents and employers to change their day, lose time and generally be inconvenienced?

      The BIU called for a “meeting”. They claimed they called it at 10am to minimize distraction to Bermudians.

      What changed?

      What they are doing now is illegal.

  10. St. D says:

    This is a process that both the government and unions need to work through … and they both should have been realistic about the schools being open. The only way that the schools … the country … can stay open is for the meeting to be after hours. But as an employee, I can understand why it is during working hours. Catch 22 that we need to get past quickly. There must be a middle ground where both sides win a little and lose a little.:(

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    Hope these people are not getting paid for today. The taxis & minibuses must be loving it today. Parents, not so much as they have to scramble to take care of kids.

    Great job BTUC. This should really boost support for in from the general public who pay your wage.

    • Save it! says:

      Again, this was a call made by the ministry. The teachers knew they would be attending the meeting, hence the proposition to close the schools. HOWEVER, the ministry would not budge! Call them up!

  12. bermy onion says:

    And you wonder why people have resorted to home & private schools to educate their children???
    With numbers down in the public schools, in particular, perhaps the OBA Government should follow thru on what the PLP attempted to do in closing a few of the very small primary schools a few years ago . . . That would save some money & the buildings could be re-purposed for old folks homes (most are one storey buildings) or rented.

  13. Jus' Askin' says:

    OBA made the call to open the schools, knowing they will be under staffed!!!
    They are the REAL reason the students will be stranded!!!
    OBA is trying to play US against each other!!!
    We all should want “Better for All, All the Time”
    OBA made the call that has caused this to reach this point ,-)

    • aceboy says:

      What a load of hogwash.

      The Unions called for the meeting today. Could have done it on the weekend to avoid this. But now we’ll all be inconvenienced.

      Do you think this will endear people to the yunyun cause? Do you?


      • Jus' Askin' says:

        With the weekend to plan/meet and to give the public 48 hours plus notice, the union was not wrong in this one.
        Getting mad at the victims needs to STOP. These workers are fed up. Should they just keep quiet and let OBA do as they please?
        OBA wants everyone else to do their work for them while they continue to receive their hefty salaries.
        Government needs to “Step Up or Step Down” :-D

        • Rockfish#1 says:

          Did any full time umion staff, including the Executive, take any pay cuts. If so, when, and what percentage?

        • bdaboy says:

          ” the union was not wrong in this one.”

          But has been wrong many many times in the past?

      • Nuffin a gwan says:

        Do you have general meetings at your place of employment on the weekends or after work hours? Most likely not. Sorry for you inconvienice; but our families and lively hood have been inconvieniced even more. Pathetic, you are! You think we should be silent, uninformed, divided, deprived… Pathetic, you are!

        • Soooo says:

          I have no problem if the department of education arranges a staff meeting and gives reasonable notice to parents that the schools will be closed..

          And yes we have staff meetings called by the management during work hours.. However the same management ensures the business will continue to serve the customers during this time…. If for some reason the office must close then the meeting will be outside of hours…

          That said… The union is NOT the employer. IF they want to call a meeting then do it on their own time.

          • Nuffin a Gwan says:

            My mortgage is due now, so that my children and family can have a sound future. I put your and other people’s children first all the time! Not many say thank you. I bust my backside 7:30 – 5:30 only getting paid for 8:30 – -3:30, so when the need comes for me to protect my livelihood you just want me to stand down and go work. SURE! You must be mad…

          • Nuffin a Gwan says:

            Do you realise that You as well as Government knew about this meeting on Friday. The government should have made the decision the close schools. Clearly your establishment does not have general meeting that the entire firm attends which allows the business to run.

            That said… No the union is NOT our employer, but they ensure that we stay employed. If given proper notice on when the government wanted an answer we could have met as individual unions. But no they wanted an answer in less than one business day. Unions have to meet with there membership. When would you have suggested that take place? Teacher were notified at 3:20 on Friday about this URGENT matter, which needed an answer by Monday at noon! Please tell me when we should have met?

            Rarely do establishments hold meetings outside of working hours! sell off!

            • Strike fund says:

              You gave your answer at 10am Monday morning and have not been back to work since.

              No wonder public school teachers have such a bad reputation.

            • Hmmm says:

              Of course they, don’t be so ridiculous.

        • Karma says:


    • Unbelievable says:

      oh stop it and grow up.

  14. bermudaglobetrottersdotcom says:

    Yet another reason we home shcool.

  15. bermudaglobetrottersdotcom says:

    Yet another reason we home school.

    Pretty messed up to leave the school children without teachers, and without transportation.

  16. seascape says:

    Children and seniors rely on public transportation. How are they going to get home? Very selfish and inconsiderate! Get over it! Cry me a river. Be grateful you have a job. Hope you do not get paid for not working today.

  17. Lone Wolf says:

    I kept my kids home today anyway because I knew this would happen. Thankfully Monday is my scheduled day off anyway. I feel for those of you who have to scramble.

    As for public transport, my family boycotted all of it last year when all these strikes were taking place so we will no longer ever support any form of public transportation. We will walk first.

    I hope all public transport loses so much revenue that they have to close them all permanently. Effectively placing all public transport employees on the UNemployed list. Public schools here are a joke anyway so I’m not even going to bother going into that. As soon as I can find appropriate home-schooling, we will boycott public schools too.

    I keep reading the union supporters commenting, and I quote, “Shut de Island down!” So let’s do it! Let’s shut THEM down, permanently!

    • PettyBDAthinking says:

      Lone wolf, you and your boycotting family sound like you need to relocate with your negativity. You sound like the Grinch who stole Xmas..

  18. Arrapaho says:

    that show our IQ .
    if more people go to school and get a better parenting maybe there would be less firing in the future

  19. Vanessa says:

    The government needs to do the job they are getting paid for

  20. Bermudian says:

    One word. Privatization.

    • Wisdom says:

      You say that, but are you willing to pay for your trash to be collected, are you willing to pay for the seniors in your families medical bills! Be wise in what you ask for! With privatization you as the people no longer have a say in what goes on your country. Do you not pay attention to what goes on in the rest of the world! Privatize you say? Go lay down! Just because your pockets are not being hurt by the demands of the government!

      • Ann says:

        Where do you think all our tax dollars go, they pay civil servants, YES I would much prefer to give some of my tax money to a private company, not to a bunch of bullies that think we the working people owe them!!!!

  21. Hey says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this in advance. I went to school today only to be stranded there. It would have made sense to close school altogether instead of having parents scrambling to get their kids in the middle of the day. Smh

    • Guest27 says:

      I think we must remember that the schools would not have had to close if the teachers (and everyone else) went back to work after the meeting. There was no need to march to Cabinet. So why don’t we show a little maturity and blame the people actually responsible? Namely the teachers for not going back to work.

      Oh, wait…this is Bermuda…we don’t take personal responsibility for our actions we just blame someone else.

    • aceboy says:

      Schools should close every time the Union calls a meeting.


      Holy smokes….who is running what around here? Ridiculous.

  22. school says:

    is school close tomorrrow or open

  23. Student says:

    Sucks how we, the students have to suffer from this ..

    • Wisdom says:

      My dear student! Did you use the time wisely and study?I hope so!

  24. shutthemdown says:


    get out!!!!

  25. aceboy says:


    So public school kids miss a day and half of school?

    The lunatics are running the asylum.

    Wasn’t Marc Bean talking about the importance of education a little while ago?

    Tossing that to the side to go follow Bro Chris and the kids be damned huh?


  26. Letiwas says:

    You, the students, should make sure you learn from this.

  27. disgusted says:

    I honestly hope you all get fired for acting like idiots. Everyone is making sacrifices and budgeting, any excuse to attract attention and cry like children.Kids are missing school over one day a month loss, ridiculous and selfish. You don’t want to cooperate with one day a month then you should be FIRED then let’s see what you do. We are all struggling, sacrificing, and taking cuts at work, get over it!

    • bitnosenowfaceugly says:

      Its a case of the blind leading the people who look the other way and act like sheep while putting their trust in a person with more mouth than brains……..dont blame them…..if I was in the union i would be really mad at the union bosses for not telling me to go back to work. If they could not come to an agreement they should have sent everyone back to work and put in their 30 day strike notice. This is illegal, the union members should send a message to the world and fire the union leaders for leading them astray. Poor union members being lead by the blind. Those teachers are hardworking dedicated individuals…..Didnt meet one that didnt give their all…

  28. Family Man says:

    It’s time Bermudian parents and children STOOD UP for their right to a quality education.

    If that means firing under-performing, no-show teachers and replacing them with quality staff, whether Bermudian or not, so be it. Education is not a privilege, it’s a right.

  29. School Girl says:

    Yes! School is closed! Gives me time to read my book. Yeah!

  30. Kim Smith says:

    Absolutely unbelievable! The Government should not waste money on education reform… or on any other reforms until they can improve relations with the unions otherwise it will be wasted money all around. Shame on you all for your inability to establish your priorities. Negotiations in a first-world country should not come at the expense of the education of our children… not even for one day… but that comment will no doubt fall on your deaf ears!

  31. sugar and spice says:

    thank you government for showing us that time and time again the people who put you in power, believing that you will do what is best for all peoples of this island, whom we entrusted to set the right example, mean absolutely nothing to you. congratulations. you have successfully pissed off the masses and showed us we were wrong. (note I’m speaking to both parties not just the current one)

  32. Sandgrownan says:

    Fire. Them. All.

  33. Kiskadee says:

    The teachers who left their students to attend the meeting are not the dedicated ones. They are the ones who are in it for the money, the holidays, leaving school early, taking sick days when they are not etc , Dedicated teachers think of their students first. This is why parents struggle to pay fees in private schools because the teachers there do not go on strike.,

    • Student says:

      They are also the ones who are trying to get back what the give in, they arent trying to work long hard hours just to get their pay deducted. Half of these teachers are so committed to their students, many teachers i know give tutorials for free, give up so much time for their students for free. so do not say that these teachers are not dedicated. half of these teachers cannot even pay rent, don’t you think they deserve a little more then this? I’m sure if you were in this predicament you would do the exact same thing, if you know in your heart that what these people are doing to you is wrong, i believe you should fight for what is right, regardless of what people think of you.

  34. Jenny says:

    Private schools have NOTHING to do with the union. They are NOT unionized!! The government has no control over their pay and benefits. That is why you never see the private schools in the industrial action. That would be the same as expecting all the private sector company’s to strike with the union when the a government service such as Public Works strikes. They are not part of the union and do not pay union dues. They are therefore also not under the protection of the union. Their employers can make them redundant and reduce their pay…give a salary freeze or change their work responsibilities as they see fit. You did not see the private sector striking when employees were laid off and many many have been. Saying all this to show they are not unionized and not under their protection and that is WHY they don’t strike with the public schools.

  35. Terry says:

    Fruit don’t fall far from the tree.
    Look at who’s pruning and fertilizing it.

    GOOD LUCK Bda.

    Scools out.
    Free lunch at the Cabinet Building….(courtesy of the BIU/bailout monies that Ewart gave em).

  36. aceboy says:

    The poor kids.

  37. Southampton says:

    BIU, Get back to work.

  38. Creamy says:

    I’d like us to hire the best teachers in the world, rather than the best Bermudians. I’d also like proper evaluations of teachers, so that we keep the best ones and ditch the dumbos.
    Our children deserve the best, not mediocrity.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      You had better use Saltus or Mt. Saint Agnes…Because the “public system” is crap!!

  39. Really says:

    So yet again i have to pay $50.00 for someone to watch my kids. Really this is really sad…. Poor kids… im a single parent working pay check to pay check and i now have to spend $50.00 today and $50.00 tomorrow. I lost half a day at work due to having to collect my kids. Really sad. We all are having a lost in this. BERMUDA IS GONE!!!!!!!

    • X says:

      Yes, I agree, and they are saying private sector is not hurting! I feel for you.

  40. stay strong says:

    We need to stand strong and BOYCOTT !!!!!!!! any place that the government owns like the gas stations. The only gas station we should get gas from is Raynor’s and the BIU only. It’s time to stand together Bermuda as one and let this government know that enough is enough we will not go down without a fight.

    • Creamy says:

      You think the government owns gas stations?
      Go back to your comic books. That’s where you get your news, by the look of things.

  41. stay strong says:

    Better yet let’s shot down the whole island and then see what they say because they can’t fire everybody they need use more than we need them.

    • Guest27 says:

      Really? Do you not realize that there are a lot more civilians on this island than there are Civil Servants?

      No they can’t fire every CS and they won’t have to. Did you not take into account how many CS’s were not at yesterday or today’s “meetings”?

      Small minds…Good luck in life beloved.

  42. tom cooke says:

    So while my 9 yr old son is in what I think is one of the better primery schools. .IMHO. a teacher makes between at the low end 72K. ..a high of 120K. ..really…join the real world guys….

  43. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Hubert Smith got it right a long time ago – when he said…. BDA “is another world”!!

  44. Somerset Girl says:

    If you notice most of the Teachers in the public school sector put their children in private schooling. Go figure. LOL!!!

    • nuffin a gwan says:

      Check you information. That is folly. Perhaps what you mean is that many of the Heads of the ministry have their children in private schools.

  45. X says:

    I keep seeing and hear that the private sector don’t have it bad. Well, the private sector pays alright.
    We pay twice in fact. If we are ‘fortunate’ enough to pay for our kids to go to private school, it also forgotten that we also pay for public school kids education. We pay for people to strike/meet/lay about at work/we don’t get paid to sit and be kept waiting at Immigration for over an hour to pick up a document, we don’t get paid more than 8 days sick in a year (or carry it over indefinitely), we DO pay for Govt employees to do all of this. I also pay my staff if they have to take time off work to collect kids during this wild cat strike.

    I cannot run my business when I go to the post office and see a sign saying “Closed Until Further Notice”, when they have a parcel for me. So, I turn away clients as I cannot serve them properly without the items in the parcel.

    Do not say that private sector does not pay.

    Where does everyone think the money to pay the inflated govt workforce is actually coming from? Trees? It is very simple … There. Is. No. Money. To. Pay. So. Many. People. Solution: Furloughs or major job losses. Take your choice.

    • sebring says:

      furloughs will not fix the problem ! example the only reason the police dep has been the only one doing it right is because of the reserves they fill in and get nothing not even a thank you ! so every other dep when short when someone takes that furlough day ends up having to pay over time to somebody else to come fill in at twice the cost what benefit is that? and you are still in business? or running a Gov sub business?

      • Guest27 says:

        You are mistaken. In almost all cases when a CS has their Furlough Day there is no replacement. That’s the whole point.

  46. Fire and Rehire 4Less says:

    Enough is enough. I could understand if the fight was over a weeks pay or money they have earned which is being taken. However that’s not the case. The furlough day was a small compromise to keep most fellow workers employed. The only other alternative was to fire a few. Take the hit as one for the team. There is no way to beat Parliament nor the Queen. If you guys think putting up a subtle march will bully them to do what you want, don’t be surprised at their response. If in turn they decide to start firing and then give companies rights to seek foreign workers , grant work permits for your same position, for lesser pay…..don’t complain. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that the economy continues to run. Parliaments job is to assure we are functional as a country, and will do so by any means necessary. For every action, there’s a reaction. Yes united we stand, but when we fall in unity it may not be worth it in the end in some cases.

  47. mom says:

    Sounds to me that lovely mid-term break should be cancelled.

  48. Sandgrownan says:

    SHAME. i doubt they feel it, comprehend it. Shame on them all, disgusting, stupid, selfish behaviour

  49. Miguelito says:

    In the beginning, the labour union premise was a good idea. In Bermuda, it has now become lunacy. You’ve had your fun…now get back to work if you still have a job to get back to. Teachers and the rest of you losers should be sacked immediately. This is NOT what you’re being paid for. A “meeting” does not last days.

  50. over seas says:

    Don’t u just hate Bermudians following the BIU!

  51. D says:

    Keep it up!

  52. D says:

    See alot of haters if u are not supporting MYOB and go 2 ya job

  53. Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

    Just goes to show where the teachers heads are at !! And its not with the students !!! Shame on all of them !!!

  54. Concerned parent says:

    Here is a selfish act – you receive an email to come collect your kids.
    No buses are running, thankfully you own a car.
    Then you get to school to find classes have been abandoned and no adult in sight.
    My child is in P1 – this is very disturbing. If I was a teacher, unionized or not, I would not leave my small ones like that.
    Many thanks to a parent whom upon collection decided to stay in one class until all kids had been collected!

    Teachers let not money dictate the right thing!

  55. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Absolute nonsense!! Hubert Smith was definitely right when he sang… BDA is another world!!

    Try pulling this nonsense in the REAL world!!

    Looks like the BIU and other unions still “control” the operations of the Island!! How embarrassing from an International standpoint!!

    Hope ALL you *America’s Cup* countries are paying attention – as to how things “operate” on this Island!!

  56. Joonya says:

    One minute you have Labour (union and party-lets face it they are the same) companing about the state of eduction. Then they pull this crap and children are out for 3 days?! Pathetic. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Hypocrites!
    Enough of your selfishness. 12 days a year unpaid is better than all unpaid. Bunch of spoiled children. I know people that were laid off from IB and still have no job for over a year.
    Consider yourself damn lucky with my tax dollar!

  57. Axelrod says:

    There are 18….that’s right 18 public primary schools in Bermuda! Crazeeee! We need to close 8….immediately! Most of these schools in the same parishes are less than one mile apart from each other. This is known as a SCAM! IN St. Georges for example there are 3 primary schools! all less than 1 mile apart! Fleecing the tax payer and providing poor educational outcomes on top of that! Lets close the 8 schools we have that are redundant and lay of the teachers that are redundant and achieve economies of scale and efficiencies that can pay for improvements.

    Bermuda Union of Teachers……stop gaming the system and put forward a plan to rationalize primary schools costs and achieve savings. the teachers that loose their jobs are educated and can easily retrain for new careers or go and teach overseas where teachers are in short supply!

    Don’t be afraid… are talented and worthy success. Take the first step on the journey of 1000 miles Bermuda!

    • Johnny says:

      Not to mention the way too many to Private schools in Pembroke. We should close some of them too inna.

  58. Lisa says:

    So what happens if schools are out tomorrow….that’s another day our children are not learning and getting the proper education that our government and teachers preach on about. But wait they have a mid term break coming up in another 2 – 3 weeks more time from school.

  59. school says:

    will there be no school tomorrow bernews!!

    • Sky Pilot says:

      another one that dosnt read but ask stooooooooopid questions

  60. Lewis says:

    Y open schools kno on a thursday its only two days away from the weekend it makes no sense to go back to school wen its only two days left

    • realist says:

      Lewis…you speak like you are part of the problem. Did you give any thought to the parents who have had to find other alternatives for their children during this time? I am pleased to know that schools are reopening. I can finally refocus on my job and not have to worry about what I’m going to do with my 4 yr old. And who cares if there’s only two days left in the week? How are our children benefiting from these extra days off? Two days this week is better than none. Wake up ppl cause some of you think this a time for partying. Reality is…this is no joke. We need to get back to work

    • Hey says:

      I agree but lets face it…It’s Bermuda boo!

  61. ohno says:

    selfish people, they need to be fired…get back to work

  62. ohno says:

    These bermudians are selfish; what world do they live in??. i blame them ( the selfish people)how dare they march and strike??. There is no money okay….NO MONEY . WAKE UP DOPEY
    The world is in terrible shape…. but these people want THEIR money. There is NO MONEY. What is the gov supposed to do? pull a rabbit out of its rear end ( i.e money)????
    if theres NO MONEY ….THERE IS NO MONEY. Get it through your heads. i think in this day and age we need to understand that just as economies go up and everyones a winner….and when they deflate and paypackets shrink we complain. maybe bermudians have had it too good and they simply refuse to give up their fancy cars and and hi-heels. bermudians want the best ‘i want um a apple ipod” i want my hair done”… and i want new rims and i want i want i want

  63. Preview says:

    The Unions are doing exactly what they are supposed to do….they are looking out for the best interests of their members.

    They are not looking out for the best interests of the general population. They are not a charity. They are paid lobbyists who are pursuing the best possible outcome for their membership. Seems quite rational to me.

    My confusion with all of this is that it is being romanticized as a peoples movement. This action is in no way a peoples movement. It was never designed to address the needs of those beyond the unions’ membership. By design, the unions’ represent a segment of the population who are gainfully employed and enjoying benefits.

    The true underprivileged…those who are the most in need…are those who have fallen off the economic ladder, those who are unemployed or underemployed, without medical insurance, who are fighting each day for basic sustenance. Despite the fact that this group has no organized voice, I would like to feel that they too come under the heading of “the people”. I see no rallies on their behalf. The unions do not represent this segment. They are not paid members.

  64. MAKE MY DAY says:

    OK… Listen-up!! There are right-to-work states in the USA – 25 of them presently (half the nation)!!

    Right to Work law secures the right of employees to decide for themselves whether or not to join or financially support a union. However, employees who work in the railway or airline industries are not protected by a Right to Work law, and employees who work on a federal enclave may not be. Moreover, a Right to Work law does not prohibit limitations on when a dues deduction authorization card can be revoked. Workers should carefully read the fine print before signing such a card.

    The point of the exercise is very simple!!

    We are NOT a union controlled business and we reserve-the-right to fire you “at will” – if we are NOT satisfied with your job performance – attitude – and think you are a “troublemaker” to the rest of our employees!!

    I worked for Honeywell Int’l for several years (AZ) – if you did NOT perform – used too many “sick days” – were a tardy person etc… You were immediately taken to the door – and told your services were NO longer required!! They did NOT have to give you any notice!! THIS IS WHAT IS REQUIRED IN BDA …. IF YOU ARE GOING TO SURVIVE!!

    This is how you manage a business. You have to “weed-out” the slackers and takers – before they get seriously out-of-line!! The “business” is NOT there for YOUR convenience (in the real world) – the business is there to manufacture products and make $$$ for their investors – if they are a public company!!

    No doubt these “facts” are going to be completely ignored by many Bermudians…. Simply because they think they can “blackmail” the Gov’t of the day – to do what they say!!!

    Unfortunately, BDA has been in “trouble” for the last 30+ yrs – and NO one has the *Cojones* to do what is necessary – to get the Island back on the right track!! It is nothing more than consistent BS talk!!

    Well… That won’t work anymore – because “real world” dynamics are in your back-yard!!

    Well OBA… What are YOU going to do to get the Island back on the-right-track!! If you let the dysfunctional BIU continually dictate to you… Then you have LOST – and so has BDA and Bermudians in general!!


    We thankfully never experienced ALL this trouble-making garbage – that the BIU / PLP have been “shoving-down” Bermudians throats for 50+ yrs – courtesy of Ottiwell Simmons + Furbert + Lois Browne etc!!!

  65. Roxie says:

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