Deloitte Bermuda Release Budget Infographic

February 20, 2015

Deloitte Bermuda has released their 2015 Budget Highlights infographic, that breaks down the major points of this year’s Bermuda Government Budget in an easy to read format. You can view all our coverage of the 2015/16 Budget here and our live blog covering the 2015/16 Budget and reactions here.

The Deloitte Bermuda 2015 Budget Infographic is below, click to enlarge [PDF here]

2015 Deloitte Bermuda Budget Snapshot (1)

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  1. San George says:

    No layoffs – more creative tax.
    Junkfood/sugar tax
    Cut rental subsidies – let rents find their own level
    Higher fuel tax
    Increase/double cell phone tax

    Much rather pay more tax and have work, then to see people without work.

  2. Claude says:

    That is a damning indictment of the PLP years. Wow. just, wow.

  3. Why Blame the PLP says:

    They did the best they could while governing the country.

    • brigadooner says:

      I agree with this.

      • brigadooner says:

        To clarify – when I say I agree with this I mean that I believe that the PLP was doing the best they could…which was woefully short of what was required. Hence their failure.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      *They did the best they could while governing the country.*

      And if that was in fact their best we better make sure they’re never returned to government , eh ?

      • Lebron says:

        Correct. The PLP are finished, too much mess, proved themselves as incompetent.

  4. FDR says:

    Ok. So everyone please look at the GDP growth chart and tell me again how the whole world has been In economic recession for 6 years like Bermuda and that nothing is our fault.

  5. serengetiperson says:

    The “GDP Growth” slide shows how much of a mess the PLP made of it.

  6. Civy Says says:

    No…this is a budget with no testicular fortitude. OBA is keeping BDA’s nose above water just in time for them to get voted out of office and everything collapse on the next party’s watch.

    • Lebron says:

      Jesus, I hope not. Please vote on performance not color or habit people.

  7. Perspective says:

    Please understand that the PLP did what they thought was good at the time. They are no different than any previous government world-wide.

    For example, George Bush started a war on terrorism. Was that a good idea? Yes, in a time of terror attacks on the country and more. Several years later, ummm…not so much because the core of the war was not substantiated and it created a lot of debt. Some can and do blame him, but he did what was best.

    PLP believed more jobs will boast economy…free student public transportation, and other things that now being questioned along with a few poor choices. No party is perfect!

    On that note, both parties have members whose names are in the “Despicable Behavior” or “What we’re you thinking?” hall of fame. Pride and arrogance will always be the downfall of any government and opposition. When people are not adhering to wisdom, they make themselves look foolish.

    Needless to say, the OBA is doing the same thing…doing what they think is best is for the island in their proposed budget. Do I agree? Not with everything. Is what the OBA proposing going to make things better? Maybe, but time will tell. Be interesting to see if we a far better off than where we are now. No one will know just like no one knew in the past. So, blaming or pointing fingers accomplishes what?

    Realistically, I may lose my job, along with my parents, and siblings…two generations of qualified workers without employment. What benefit is this to the economy, specifically, on a larger scale?

    Lastly, I do my best to keep up with world-wide current events. President Obama desires to increase jobs, increase minimum wage, and implement other measures to boast the economy that from what I remember, does not include taking any money from the poor and middle class. So far, it is working…steady, slowly, but surely is working. I’m not saying increase government workers salary, but merely taking money from out of people’s pockets does not help…everyone looses! Should people have money, then it would be spent….everyone wins!

    If POTUS sees value in that and it is slowly proving itself to be effective, why can’t the OBA?