Reps Attend FIFA Referee Course In Barbados

April 9, 2015

The Bermuda Football Association [BFA] recently sent representatives to a FIFA Regional Referees Instructors Course [FUTURO III] in Barbados. Representing the BFA were Ronue Cann, Fitness Instructor, and C. Anthony Francis, Technical Instructor.

The BFA said, “FUTURO III is a program within the Referee Assistance Program [RAP] based on training referee instructors in technical and fitness related matters for referee development in the Member Associations [MA]. In addition, the program informs referees on theoretical updates on laws of the game interpretations and will be analyzing the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

“Those in attendance received new teaching materials, and were also given instruction on teaching methodology. In addition, they were exposed to new ideas concerning the use of technology to deliver information, as well as administrating tests.

“The BFA aims to implement Potential Elite Referee Training [PERT] as soon as possible with a number of local referees. The PERT course offers a focus on technical instruction, fitness, and integrated instruction. Potential Elite Referees will be 16-35, male or female, with a passion for football.”

There were no referees from the Caribbean at the recent 2014 World Cup, an issue that referee instructor C. Anthony Francis wishes to address: “We should focus our attention on developing referees to ensure we have them technically and physically ready for assignment in CFU, CONCACAF, IOC, and, eventually, FIFA Tournaments.

Mr. Francis went on to comment, “It is our hope that we will be able to offer FIFA eligible Bermudian candidates the opportunity for future international tournaments. It is not a stretch to believe that Bermuda could have candidates available for selection for Confederation Tournament within 18 months.”

Referee Training is held every Saturday from 5-6pm and will continue through the domestic off-season. Contact the BFA Office at 295-2199 or email C. Anthony Francis at for more information.

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  1. Jonah says:

    While I applaud the FA for making an attempt to improve an area of our game that needs improvement, I am more concerned that our national team is months away from a date with Guatemala.

    Actually it will be two dates and we couldn’t be less prepared. We haven’t packed sufficient experience in our boys bags for this encounter and their bags are light. How light is anyone’s guess and we won’t know the true extent until we get to the dance.

    I am praying that we won’t panic on the day. Being shy can be a curse when dating in that region. Not knowing is unforgiveable as it could have been avoided. The boys should have been allowed to date more. Should have gone out with others of similar style and stature. Should have been allowed to visit a few other Latin countries. Tried the food and mastered the salsa.

    It’s going to be hot in Guatemala and our boys are going to sweat. All the while ‘The Cedar Ave Suits’ proudly wear their nicely pressed black fire retardant apparel. They rigorously and consistently attempt to master the art of doing nothing in plain sight.