Video: Plastic Pollution In Bermuda’s Waters

April 9, 2015

The Race for Water Odyssey crew visited Bermuda recently, having traveled from the Azores as part of their 300-day expedition that is studying the impact of plastic pollution in the ocean globally. That study continued on the island, with the crews work captured on camera and released to the public.

A video released by the team features Anne Hyde of Keep Bermuda Beautiful, who says, “Bottle caps: that’s the most pervasive item that you’ll find of the evidence of littering.

“Not the bottle so much – some of the bottles sink or break into smaller pieces – but the caps are the things that are lasting and durable and that float for a thousands of miles.”

“We’re finding big pieces as well as micro plastics. We don’t produce any plastic products here in Bermuda, so I don’t know why they’re around. [It] looks just like fish eggs when its floating out in the ocean because they are being transported from one place to the other.

“So, the countries that manufacture plastic transport the resin pellets. They put the resin pellets into the mold and then they make the plastic object in their own country but it’s shipped by ocean frieght container, and obviously these escape into the environment. They mimic fish eggs and when they’re that tiny, they look pretty yummy to the fish. And so plastic is getting into the food chain.

“[Golf] is popular here in Bermuda, we have a lot of golf courses, and people practice by hitting their balls into the water without the consequences of what they’re really doing.”

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